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Old and New My EC

On the chat a member was  saying  to write  a blog about the  two  periods  of  My English   Club naming another  member .

I gave a solution on the mains  that all of  us put   together  can  bring  it back to the same standard, Hey  presto he  did no

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How could  one access  to the created groups . It seems  bit tedious in finding  so as  to add in contents  to  them .

For  instance  the  audio  groups which i was once active am unable  to find .....

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What is your  favorite  dish  and  would you like to share with us how  you prepare it , 

Pictures  too  would  be an added  bonus 


Cheese Toast

ingredients (per 02 servings ) 

04 slices of bread 
100g grated cheese
01 egg yolk
01 tbsp onion finely c

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Valentine's day

What  are your   thoughts of  Valentine  day?

It is a special day  indeed  for  those  who are young  and  young  at  heart !

 Should  there  be attention   only  on this  day  or  every day  to keep a relationship  healthy 

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Winter's Tale - William Shakespeare (Summary)

  This is  tragic  and  comedy work of   Williams  Shakespeare . The plots starts  during  winter  where the story is  tragic  and  after  a  lapse of many years  a  happy ending at the burst of  of  spring (Where  every things  come  to life  )


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How often do you practice your  speech in English

what are  the problem you encounter  in the grammatical  structure,   pronunciation ,  and  fluency 

How can you be better at  them ?

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Hadiths and Ayat a Day

Hadiths A Day (208)

The Human heart, like iron is liable to turn rusty . Remembrance of death and recitation of the Quran protects the heart form getting tarnished.

Mishkat al Masabih
Sayings of the Holy Prophet (sal)
Abdur Rahman Kidwai

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