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Expressions of thoughts

We were born free , sadly we do not live  free!

Yet  we are  blessed  with expression of thoughts and the will to do why  we  wish! or else we will be like   jailed birds muffeld in our very own clothings!


In todays context of a fast and free world  we are able to exercise and  voice our rights and  enjoy what would have been un thinakable in an era's gone by

Voicing  ones  feelings  are  very good as long as it is not sickly and hurt people in the  long run. Good critiscism is very appreciative for ones self  growth and  development . Usually people do not like  to  be labeled or critiscized, good freinds or relative do it  as  much as of concern and care.

Through  expression  of thoughts  we are  able to interact , thus developing our individuality and being focussed

We may not  agree, but  we learn to get along in society in general.

Suppressing ones  emotions  are not  good , as long as one knows  how to voice out  ones  feeelings  and thoughts.

Demeaning people  will not create  a bondage but hate, anger anguish and pain

We  do not  need  hate in our lives we  were  born to be loved , appreciated  both by the young and older generations.  

Through love much could be conquered, through hate and greed one inherits anguish, frustration and loss of unity amongst family and friendhip among freinds


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Chat holic

How  would you describe your  self  addicted  on line 

Do you rush  to your favourite chat  room at My EC  to rewind your selves  with your  friends ?

I am sure you do while  enjoying  your  self  with  care free banter, you may come  across  a minority of  chatters  who wish to be  rude  or think  they rule 

Never  keep away from the chat  room  due  to those who want  to make some  noise ! Make  use  of the IGNORE BUTTON. It is all made  easy  so make  the  best of it  and  enjoy your time  here at the moderated chat http:/

For  some time  I have observed  mainly good  friendship at  the chat developing  further  through voice chat through  skype

Do share  your experiences  with us ,  how useful  the  IGNORE  BUTTON  is  and the experiences  of acquiring English  in a fun way with no hassle 

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 Sri lanka celebrated-her 66th Anniversary from the colonial British Empire  today 4th February 2014

Sri Lanka celebrates 66th National Independence Day today


We got our independence and sovereignty on February 4th 1948, with no blood shed, the transaction was peaceful and the Island was handed to the first Prime Minister of Ceylon(as It was known formerly) Mr D.S,Senenayake amidst much pomp and splendor.

Up to  this day the celebrations are held  as grandeur and with  religious blessings  from all communities  over the soverignity of our country. 

We became a republic in 1972 under  the Governance of Mrs Srimavo Bandarnayake.  Internationally the  first ever  Lady Prime Minister .Ceylon which was known in the British period, thus became Sri Lanka.




Sri lanka geographically nestles  in the Indian Ocean at the tip of mother India

It is a small tropical Island which attracted travellars all over the world time immemorial.

Period of  four centuries we  were under foriegn dominance Portugease, Dutch and finally the British for alomost a century.

The country was a haven for ancient traders who came in to purchase spices , elephants  Ivory,plumbago and  more modern day to day exports of Tea rubber coconut not  forgetting precious stones.

Or soil is rich for cultivation so we are blessed with  a tropical climate and  abundance of vegetation which is cultivated for our countries consumption.


As Sr i LAnka is an Island it is perfect get away for tourists  during winter; to our sunny shores

There  are natural scenic beauty  in our beaches.

We  boast of an ancient civilizaation with rich cultural heritage. They are of course now heritage  and are  perfect toursists  destinations.

Way up in the hills it has cooler climate wiwth many wonderful sites worth visiting  amidst steep mountains gushing out with water, thus creating water falls






Colombo is Colombo is the commercial city of Sri lanka and SriJayawardenepura Kotte the capital city, where our modern day Parliament is housed.the commercial city of Sri lanka and SriJayawardenepura Kotte the capital city, where our modern day Parliament is housed.

Finally I will penn off, by saying our country is predominantly Buddhists living  amicably with  Tamils , Muslims and Christians, under the present leadership of President Mahinda Rajapakshe,


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Voice recording Challenge

Voice recording and sharing the  different ways of  voice  presentation is  fun for the learner and the fluent  speaker! You may be wondering how it  could  be done at My English club ,especially the new members.

Take a peep at  this  group link

This  opens to many interesting discussion links which  one could  voice  record  and share . 
this  enables  the learner  to be more  confident in practicing   their  speech 

There are many discussions , more  popular Tara's  news  reading , the  latest through Interesting Facts podcast

 If your a poetry  lover or wish to read prose  you could  share  with us on my discussions  and share them with us

You could further add a discussion and share  it with us  here at English Club

Further  browse  over  the many other  voice  recording  discussions and enjoy learning English in a most enjoyable way 

It is a challenge do give it a try 

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Practicing English Online

Gone are  the days when it was difficult for the non native speaker to get good without a good background   where one  could  acquire  this language: Good teacher ,  good  books and  the circle of friends and acquaintances  who spoke  good English 

In my day we did not have the computer (as an addition )to assist to acquire a language .  We had  good teachers and the environment  was  such we spoke English :at home  at school at work and at play and  not forgetiiing  we read a lot . 

Of course  that changed  thirty five years ago in my country  when  the education system and  the medium of language was  changed to the  natiohnal language 

Through online  one  can  achieve ones  goal on getting the best as there are excellent  sites  one  can rely on such  as English Club , British  Council  learning links .

Through a social and educational link one gets  motivated and  focussed   that  ther e are people  who are there to help you ,takes  away your fears that your not the only one with difficulties in fluency,  pronounciation  and communication .

These many social  links  gather multitude of people ,gender race under one beautiful umbrella sharing ones  experiences and learning all the way in an awesome  way 

Listening on line 

listening to fluent  speakers  we are able to correct our selves  and  acquire  the correct  pronounciaton and  further  develop  our vocabulary and understanding 

Listening while speaking  makes us less conscious of our selves in making mistakes , especially online  . well no one  knows  you ;)

Writing  on line 

 With every step of  writing  blogs , commenting  on blogs and  with the help of  the feed back of good  friends  and members , one is able  to achieve and  practice a good presentation and  writing style . 


"Reading  perfects  man "  

There is no time to sit and  read  , yet on  the net  we have time  to read mails, chats, news  , blogs  also welcome and free of   charge  E books

Finally Speaking 

When  we get to know  people  or  contacts  we  connect with  them through  Skype or  other mode and speak or  chat

Chatting on conference with folks from all over the world  gives us a good opportunity  to learn  their respective  culture,  accent  and  to communicate  and have  lasting  friendship 

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Writing Challenge: Compound Nouns

Dear friends this is a wonderful challenge created  by Tara

 In this challenge  we expand our knowledge on compounds  by creating our own blog with reference to it and also interestingly joining other members link and giving our own examples of their  compound nouns .

Lets  give it a try and not forgetting  sharing our links  through the link created  by Tara.

 My compound list is 


 1  aircraft

 2  background

 3  chopstick

 4  deadline

 5  eyelid

 6  fingerprint

 7  gatecrasher

 8  spotlight

 9  pickpocket

 10  highway


I challenge for sentences to be constructed on this page through the comment box.

Awaiting  too to read your respective blog with your  given links through

Lets have fun and enjoy learning  English in a fun way 


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Dear Muge (Mommy)

We have not kept in touch for  a long time and you may be wondering what  I am up to . I got a letter from you in Turkey , dated October 15th 2011. Much to my dismay , thanks to the crawling  postal service here in my country , I got it only today!

At that time I was not in Sri Lanka as I was in Australia for my daughter's graduation . I was  fortunate to make it with my husband  and share some  beautiful memories.

We left to Melbourne on October 7th,  very excited like two kids; my husband  and I . 

We settled in an apartment rented for few  weeks at the University premises it self. This was convenient as we living close to our daughter Ayesha.  The function was held  at the University it self and it was a memorial occasion  I would like to share a photo of it with you .

After the function we were free to be tourists and had a wonderful time three weeks of travelling  this great country.

We visited many nature and historical sites. Philip Islands, Great Ocean Road ,to name a few.Words cannot explain the splendor and natural beauty .I will share  few more photos  with you .

The natural habitat at Philip Islands is zealously protected . Philip Islands is an island located about 140 km (87 mi) south-southeast from Melbourne Victoria  Named after Arthur Philips, the first Governor of New South Wales

The  oceanic  view was taken on our trip to Great Ocean Road in Melbourne which is an Australian National Heritage stretch of road along the south-eastern coast of Australia The road was built by war veterans  between 1919 and 1932 at  the request of the then Government , who had visions to make this road in  reality a tourist destination, which it is up to date. The massive road  divides into three . Namely the  ocean , the rain forests  and the  cattle farming

 I have to pen off  now.

Awaiting your visit to my Island in the sun, sunny Sri Lanka! 



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Moderator Nadiyah

Tara's link   A special thank you..

I feel sad  to express Nadiyah has  taken leave  from us at My English  Club  for  a short  period .

I wish to appreciate all what she has contributed  as Photo moderator at My EC . she  lead so many interesting  activiteis and I remember  this  which made me thrilled :)

I wish her all the very best  for her  future  and  May God  guide and bless her .
May  she come bock to us once  she is free.

Orkut Myspace Good Luck Scraps, Graphics and Comments
Tara's link   A special thank you..


We sure will miss  you Nadiyah 
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The  use of the moderated chat at EC is to encourage the learner to read and further enhance  the development of English

New comers naturally may opt to their language , when that happens , we the regular members should correct  them and not  jabber in chatter be it Polish , Arabic  Tamil or  what ever! The reason so people will not get  distracted  or compete   tit  for tat "He spoke in  Russian  so I will speak in Polish !" Results in pandemonium  and confusion !

Chit chat  topics/  Quiz's  / jokes  / discussions  bonds  people in groups  and develops  in  lasting  friendship .

Members should usually have good topics and be able to-help newbies  to understand  the room better

I was  sad to note  the other day a member's  comment  or  lament  rather  , that  the room  was not good ....due to bad languages  .  Rather action should  be taken to the member concerned .It  should be a team  effort  form members  to keep bad eggs away  ! It is not fair t o blame  the site  , administrators  and  the moderators  for that

We have been provided with the latest technology at our finger tips , lets  make the best use of it  by chatting  only in English at the Moderated  Chat  Room


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In todays  context  there is much demand in spoken english  be it for studies , job  prospect and fo r the advancement of ones communication with the outside world , be it  busniess , professional  or entertainment or communication 

Having  a rapid course on speech or  being  able to acquire  it  through various  sources  is alone  not  enough . I feel importance in  th e wrtiten skill is equally important to the learner.

The reason so writing is a process and  not a product . The  quality of  ones  writing  will reflect ones  thoughts  ideas , anticipations and goals . It will be written down , involving one to think , focus and use  his  common sense   helping  one  to develop  the learning of a language . I t help to reinforce grammatical structures , vocabulary  development  and idioms  learnt .

Writing is planned , it has  to be  stranded in terms of grammer , syntax and  vocabulary  development.and takes much time exercising  our thoughts  into paper the way  we  wish to express with the correct usage of  grammar and methodology  and the process of  writing  helps in critical thinking , the intellect  being judged  and it also helps  for  us to understand a complex position be it to  the reader  or to our selves.

It helps us to  develop our personality, and as it is portable  and permanent  it makes us think visibly .be less confused  so thus able to read some thing understandable . It give  refiness to  one self   by learning through the   feed back of  others thus  demonstrating  ones intellectual  flexibility  and  maturity in expressing ones  self 

I feel it is one of the most important  form of  communication  and  of  course  initially one  of the hardest to master , if  one is  attempting in a late stage as a new language 

Written words  needs  thoughts and organization  , where the mastery of  grammar goes a long way.

Though i t may seem hard  people  do write  well , they do lot  research  through reading  speaking  and exercising  their thoughts on to paper ..Communication  has moulded our society and geared  towards  a new  era of computer mediated communication where we share our thoughts  through blogs and express our selves through this media  though  writing  once  started  in primitive   art  form, thus developing  mans advancement of intelligence of what we have  achieved now . 

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Love and Respect for the Elderly

Today's  fast moving  world some or most  elderly  are placed  in homes 

Do you think it is a solution  and  does  it nourish  the soul ? If there is no  option how do 

you feel the  loved  one  should  spend their times

It is a natural therapy to be with your loved  ones  and  see your grand  kids  and  hear their laughter  .

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It is  refreshing indeed  to  see  a new format  at  the chat room  making  it more difficult  for those of whom to make  problems  on the mains

There are many good  advanced  and  fluent  speakers  who keep away  as  there is only  aim less chatter and  natter  most  of the  time. Of course  no one  can be  serious  all the time  and can be expected  to . I may be  wrong  correct  me  if  I am so and  it  would  be  ideal if  you could  share as a  blog an interesting topic you had  chatted or read on the mains. Today I had  a pleasant  surprise  to chat  with our  Administrator  Tara  Benwell  and  we members  discussed  ablout   food  under the heading  # Food chat .  there  are many who intervene  so  as  not  to make  it confusing  #Food  chat (heading  or any other  heading ) is  used  after  the comment . We  spoke  for a great of  length  of time where  members  gave their  view on the specific  subject

I came across  the other day a member  with  multiple id so  I reported  it to the Administration  as  no  sincere member  will have  double  or  multiple  id unless  he/ she is  bundle of mischief  :)
Have  you had  the experience  of  such  members  if  so  do report  I will not  ask  you to mention  names  as that is  atrocious  :)
Verbal  abuse  is not good  manners  at  all , more  important  it  reflects onthe  individual  and furthur more  it  should  reflect  bad  on My EC  chat  moderated  room , as  this  is not a place  to throuw ones  dirty  linen (proverb)

Have  you had  any experiences ? If so do share  it  with  us and do  keep in mind   you have  the privilege  of  ignore  button  to push  the individual  away , be  it  on private or at the mains  as I understood  from our  Administrator Tara Benwell's  Blog  ref

One  should  keep in mind to be nice  on  the mains  and keep it  English  Only  on the moderated  chat ,so that  it will be  a chat  well received  and  gained  :)

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Good Bye

Thank you  to those  for  whose  condolences on my beloved  husbands   death.

I have  enjoyed  my time here  at  EC .  I have  to take  some  leave  now  and  concentrate  on  my waiting  period  through prayers   and  patience on behalf  of my beloved  husband  

Thus I will not  visit  FB  or  EC  through out  my waiting  period of four months  and  ten days 

Peace  and  Blessings 


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English Speaking Study Circle

Speak English over a cuppa

English is a link language much loved  and spoken globally .  Thanks  to Information technology .All  what we need to learn are at the palm of our hands by the click of a button .

THe importance of English is much felt every nook and corner  around the world . It is al tool much needed for conversation with people who do not speak their mother tongue

 Study purposes, employment or just to  relax  and enjoy some  entertainment  be it music , television  or through the net.  There are many ways  of acquiring  this language through the formal approach  by going  for classes and learning  all four skills of listening  reading  writing and speech. , practicing  by using  all four skills  regularly with speakers of  English .  Due to English not being an official language in many countries, one could  get the best through Englsih learning links  like English Club .com , BBC  World services and many more .

I noted  this link at EC  some time back Stock Photography - silhouette of businesspeople, globe in background. fotosearch - search stock photos, pictures, wall murals, images, and photo clipart keeping in mind  to implement it  with  professionals and students  who wish to practise their speech.

I am happy to share with you , the fact  we were able to have our first inauguration of  an English Speaking  my premises , guided  by  the  infomation given from the said link.

I was able to do this  with the help of fellow EC member Hisham Hussein who incidentally lives in the same area as I. who promoted  the concept among his colleagues  at the Open Universtiy and pals 

Why do we need to promote English over here in our sleepy yet wonderful little town Puttlam, nestled away in North West Sri lanka?

The fact is  our literacy rate is quite high and all be it the student to the  adult learnier or worker or the proffesional have some or much  knowledge of Englsih.  They are very good in ttheir grammar  , but SPEECH  !!!  most are  shy to come out of their  cocoon so Hisham and I thought of using  the English Club concept by reaching  out to those who wish  to have the opportunity  to speak in English .

We  wish to encourage different  topics, social  and internatoional issues together  with fun , laughter and fellowship within.

The inauguration  was on 11th October amidst few members .  We have  started  it small  with  the concept  of  why Englsih is important for the present and future generations

The members  introduced  themselves  and related to each about thier present work and  leisure activities and their  future goals

We hope to conduct this get together regularly . brigning in various activities,  dialogs  games and   discussion

The aim is to reach out  to the few  , by bringing  out their talents, intelligence, confidence to face their  future with a good knowledge in spoken English .

We noted most of them knew but did not have the opportunity  to discuss and talk  , compared to four and half decades ago , when English was  the primary language in Ceylon. and people in general had a good command of it. 

Of course discussing alone  is not  enough , we will rely much on  English learning to steer us in achieving our goals 

We are indeed  happy the encouragement Tara has  given us by offering to speak with our members  through Skype . That  indeed  would be a boost of course I wish to take  the offer in the near future. after I return form a short holiday abroad in Ausralia




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MyEC Member: Nadiyah

Country: Indonesia

Occupation: Teacher of Citizenship

Motto to live by: True friend' scolds like a dad! Cares like a mom! Teases like a sister! Irritates like a brother! And loves you more than a lover ...

Special role on MyEC: Photo Moderator

Popular Blog Post: Photo Challenge#3: Thumbs up to MyEC

I would like to welcome you as our much loved Photo moderator of MyEC.

Nadira : In reality I understand you have majored in Law. What made you become a teacher in the subject of Citizenship which is connected to law?

Nadiyah : Thank you teacher Nadira, glad I could converse with you. first, I come from a family of teachers. My father was a lecturer at an university. so did some of my brothers/sisters, they are teachers.To  become a teacher is a pleasure since it was my childhood ambition. 

Second, the subject of citizenship is a compulsory subject at all levels. from elementary school to university. The substance of this subject is about how to become good citizens, to know their rights and obligations as citizens. of state institutions, functions and authorities. It is related to the law constitution I  specialized with

Maybe in your heart wondering why I did not become a lawyer? I'm not a brave girl, Nadira :))


Nadira : What are the levels you teach and an interesting incident you would like to recall with your students. and  Nadiyah  I am sure  you would have  been a wonderful  lawyer :)


Nadiyah : Previously I taught at a Secondary school, high school and Academy. Now I am only teaching at one place, Junior high school due to lack of  time 

My students are naughty and cute. several times I caught one of them sleeping in classroom. Or they interfere with each other ...

I too am  one of the students in the Graduate Program and am reading for a Masters of law at the same time. You can imagine my tight  schedule. MyEC is one important part of my schedule after the  my other  activities  as a Teacher  and a Student .

Nadira :  Wow hats of to you Teacher Nadiyah Indeed your awesome  and  brave  to handle so much, at one  go and being a  much active and precious member to our club. 

As the photo moderator with so many interesting challenges for the members. how do you keep time with your challenging work schedule and the wonderful innovative ideas you keep all of us entertained.


Nadiyah : This is part of my commitment in learning English. you know how poor my English. is  so I have to implement  a variety of ways, and  of course, striving to to learn English with fun and without feeling pressured. Or else that would have  made me or us despair. I am always grateful for  get the fresh ideas that we are challenged  with 

I love to read psychology books which I combined to the photo challenge, you can see some of them.

Nadira : You have a wonderful talent in making cards, at what age did you implement ?. What is your favorite card on the process?


Nadiyah : I love to make cards since at elementary school, class four when I made my very first one for my close friend's birthday, I spent a lot of time just to make a special card for her. I looked for a variety of references books and magazines. For me the card is a representative of our souls,So valuable! I don't feel lonely :)


I would like to add on the card a few quotes that provide motivation and inspiration. two things very enjoyable.

(photo here)


Nadira : It  is  Awesome! As the photo moderator how do you feel and select the awesome pictures posted to MyEC? With your busy schedule you have alwasy kept the members going with Photo Challenges, thus making it fun for the member. What are your feeling towards the best challenge ever :)

MyAdventure in the MyEC Photo Gallery is also done by your self, how do you feel the achievement rate of fluency by the members to both challenges.


Nadiyah : It is  very nice, dear Nadira. I love photography. sometimes the pictures gives me a valuable lesson about life, friendship and love. Many of the members give an interesting titles to  their photos and helps me to find a new word, though I have been learning English at a slow space!

There is one goal we want to accomplish, how to learn English with our methodes and style, because every human being is unique, and it will enrich this club.

One of the photo challenges that photo made ​​me impressed is : Thumbs up to MyEC, filed byDreamer Man. and I could also use for other challenge is, My adventure in The MyEC Photo Gallery#3 : Instructions. We got funny and interesting captions or comments, and useful tips from Tara. Or I can used as a card as Selma's photo. So, I killed two or three birds with one stone ..!


It is a great way to learn English together,isn't it?

Nadira : Yes dear teacher Nadiyah it is awesome listening to your experiences and as we come to end of this chit chat, I would like you to share with us your hopes ambition and your views in general of life.

Nadiyah : Just simple words, dear Nadira : do your best and be  it beneficial to others ..!

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Challenge#1 Chit chat at the Chat

Hi freinds

The chat room is the hub of activity where  members  meet as strangers  and then become good online friends.

Sometimes as the mood flow , it is interesting casual chats ,  some times serious topics

Do share with us  experiences at the chat  room . Be it  a funny one

An acquaintance leading to  good friendship 


A topic  which has  given you more understanding , through English


You  may connect  to this link after you have written your blog on your experiences of


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Happy Mothers Day May 8th

It is a wonderful feeling  being  loved and cherished and of course made to feel special on a paticlar  day , to all moms  in general.



Of course reading  a few extracts here and  there on  other links ,  there are children  who cannot lovingly remember their moms

I felt sad reading these comments  , articles of difficult moms, who  never shared their  love to the kids  they bore. It is sad in todays  fast moving world with all IT at  the tip of  our  fingers , not being able to give the warmth , security of a parent.

Yet no matter what person the parent could have been the child  does reluctantly at lest try to keep face on this day.....and  pays tribute to his /her  mother.


Orkut Myspace Mothers Day Scraps, Mothers Day Images and Cards



Should  mothere s be appreciated  only on this  day  ....that  would  be a joke , as  when parenting , mothers give alltheir love unconditionally all year  round till their dying  breath , this  of course is to most mothers generally.


The link between  a mother and a child does not  end at the snip of umbilical chord. No she is blessed with a capacity of  love , tenderness and strength ,, to  bring up her family .


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Mothers of today lead a much hectic  life than the days of our grandparents: who were more house bound and more with  their kids.

Working Mom with Infant

Todays dual life style the mom is working as well , which makes temperement bit sticky , unless she gets it well organized with  the help of  her spouse.


Indeed mothers s day is wonderful , but I feel till their dying  breath Mothers  no matter what  must be cherished all ways with respect and care. Especially when their cycle reverses  back to child hood. they need  their children's love and the best gift they  get , their grand  children



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