It's a Hiatus, not the End.. Bye EC..

Hey everyone! 

Just wanted to say I decided some changes as a lot of goals coming to touch deadlines ... and a lot of new things going to start ... I want to focus on things more ... I feel it will be good I cut my habit to chat here... I…

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A little trick for spelling

Hey learners, 

So I was reading an article and found this little trick might help you as well when you have to write spelling and there is no way to check ( as in most of English exams).

I am posting it here as it is on source…

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Vocablog Challenge 04

Hey there, 

Let's learn two more words before the year ends. 

Exotic: Adjective: Something is exotic because it is attractive due to being out of ordinary or colorful. Like these are exotic birds.. …

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Vocablog Challenge 03

So exams are over and I can continue the challenge!

Hope you remember that you don't have to stress on writing a Shakespearean piece, just a few lines are enough to practice new words. Just use then in context and try to remember…

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Muskan commented on MARY's blog post Your best advice in 4 words or less
" Don't fight with Mary!! "
Aug 11
Muskan commented on Muskan's video
Jun 24
Muskan commented on Muskan's video
"Hi Robbie, Yeah I found it in an Irish forum and the comments of local people were saying that she…"
Jun 24
Muskan commented on Muskan's video
"Hi Roman, I knew it would be tough for some people so I posted lyrics in comments, hope it helped. "
Jun 24
Muskan commented on Roman's video
"Lol Rys that dingo ate my attention as well!! 
Great video Roma and finally I heard you just one wo…"
Jun 24
Muskan commented on Roman's video
"Finally I am using my laptop and able to see it xD so it is not one of those that I guessed it is d…"
Jun 24
Muskan commented on Bubba's video
"Wow!! bub it was amazing + you did a really great job with that music and tagging every fish.. "
Jun 24
Muskan commented on Robbie's video
"Wow! No doubt they fill us with inspiration.. She reminded me another person Nick Vujicic who have…"
Jun 24

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  • Muskan! haha, yeah this cool witch is back (more or less) :P

    Hope to see your ass around here too.

    send you drunkard kisses!


  • Dear Muskan. Your attitude is mature and wise. I agree with your words. We also have to accept and respect when people leave us without even announcing it. But it doesn't mean that this kind of behavior may not disappoint us. Thanks a lot for the nice comment towards me. I wish you a relaxing weekend ahead, and I hope everything is good with you. I hope to see you here around from time to time. Sincerely Rose

  • Hi, dear Muskan. That's so kind of you. I think you could see here has changed a lot.
    Many of the old members left.
    For example MARY, I have not seen her for ages. When you look at Luci's profile, you will get the info, she is no longer a member of MyEC.
    Both, MARY and Lucy, left without saying goodbye.
    Roman has taken a break as he told me. Just to name a few of the members you know.
    Oh, I almost forgot to mention Danny and Tanya.
    Both also disappeared. I sent emails to Danny to ask him what happened. He has not answered my emails.
    I am disappointed but also worried. I am disappointed because I expected all those members would leave a message for their friends. I think we just deserve that. It seems a virtual friendship doesn't count anything. As for me, I don't make a difference between my friends. I am concerned because something could have happened.

    Muskan, I hope you are doing good, and everything is OK.

    Thanks again for your message. I appreciate it very much.

    Have a great week ahead.

  • hi. muskan!

  • Hi, dear Muskan.

    Yes, missing that chat was a pity. But don't worry, there will come another opportunity again. I hope you are doing fine. 

    Thanks a lot for your nice words toward me.

    Have a great time ahead.

  • Hey Muskan! Stop being busy and come here from time to time :(

    I'm sending the most terrible puns I can find to all of you who are not around to amuse me :P

    Here is yours:


  • LOOOOOOOL  Muskan.....yea I am evil!!!!!....HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

  • 97c7b8a18d5521e327cc8266442a0cfe.jpg?width=300

  • Hi Muskan....HUGGGGGGGGGG  We all miss you!!! oh yea....I know Mr. Grimm's real name.......he posted it as he said he would........want to know it?????   Then we will see you soon!!!!!!.....LOL

  • 2644087314?profile=original

    Happy Birthday Muskan!

    I wish you good health! I wish you finally recovered completely! :)

    I wish you successfully deal with your exams and other important jobs!

    Be happy and stay as cool as you are!

    And let your life every day bring you something interesting and delicious!

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