Just Say No to Hate

It is hard to believe that we are already one week into the ninth month of 2017. I'm still enjoying teaching in Japan. But, I'm not feeling good about the direction of my own country (USA) since the government changed in January.I try to keep my…
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Moving House

Moving or "Moving House" is something that many people do in their lifetime. I know many people are born and die in the same house, but in the modern world we may have to move for our jobs or to be near family members who moved.

I have…

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  • Hi Bob,

    Thank you for accepting my friend request, and I will change it

    I want to learn english because after 2 or 3 month I will take the toefl exam and my vocabulary and grammar is very poor I need your help can you help me? 

  • Good morning! 

    I'm planning to write a blog about my previous one and write about my current one later on.

    Yes, I have, but I don't trust net. I prefer to download everything to my laptop. =)

    I like the site that you sent. It has lots of tools that we need especially pronouncing the words. 

    Oh! That is too exhausted. How you can take rest and prepare for the lesson or type some worksheets! You and Mrs Ellen are too stressed. =(

    I do agree about that. Mangers in schools or institutes should teach before to recognize the diffidence between teaching and other works. 

    You know, I lost my voice because of teaching. To keep talking, explaining and singing for more than 3 hours a day is a disaster for my throat; however, it is enjoyable. :D 

    Yesterday was a tough day. My voice had been gone, however, I forced myself to teach. My throat hurt me and still until now. =(

    Now, I'm voiceless. ='D

    Have a nice day! 

  • Hello there! 

    How are you doing?

    Are you working 2 shifts? I work one shift and I feel dying. LOL! 

    You know, teaching kids is enjoyable, however, it needs more energy. =)

    Thanks a million for you and Mrs Ellen. You both cheer me up. =)

    Well, I'm enjoying my teaching though I feel tired and exhausted sometimes.

    All stuff there is lovely. =)


    My kids made them. They were so happy when I hung them up on the wall. =D

    You know, I'm trying to encourage them practicing whatever we have studied in their daily life. Therefore, whenever they meet Mrs Ellen, they say, "Hello! What's your name?" :DD

    I told them not only Mrs Ellen, talk to your parents and friends. :S

    BTW- I really aim to let them using what they've studied in their daily days. It would be nice if you can suggest some attractive ways . =)

    Have a nice day, Mr Bob! 

    C ya! 

  • Hello Sir, how have you been?

    Thank you so much for visiting my page. That series is no doubt very useful if someone is really interesting in improving their English. My purpose for publishing the blog about it was to introduce it to English learners so that they could take benefit from it. I'm happy to know that you shared the link with other learners.

    I wish you a great weekend!

    yay it's the weekend bunny rabbit

    You know what? I've just realized that I always wish you weekend at wrong time. We also had Thursday as a half day and Friday as a holiday many many years ago. I was in school at that time. But now we have Friday as half day and Sunday as holiday. But in KSA, you people have weekend on Thursday and Friday. So I was sending you wishes on wrong days.

    Best wishes for you and your family..........

    Regards ~ Nida

  • Thank you so much Mr. Bob for taking part in Discussion. Hehe! It's bit difficult, my brain scratched to that moment as well. Still it's not finished because there are lots of questions generates to the solution. All is good. 

    Cheers! ^.^

  • Hello Mr. Bob!

    How are you doing? Sorry for being late, now I posted the solution for Cheater Rabbit Riddles. I hope to see your opinion on this. 

    Wishing you for fantastic Sunday! =)

    Best Regards,



  • Hi5 and Myspace Glitter Graphics: Have A Great Weekend Graphic Codes
  • Hi Mr.Bob, thank you very much for accepting my invitation. Hope i will understand  al lot from you, and i promis you i will do my best to be active here.

  • Hi Sir :)

    Please share your thoughts  on this  link 


    thanking you in advance


  • Hi Mr Bob !

    Could I ask you something ?

    I just read an article. It said " there are rumors of larger-screened Iphone but we have not bought into these rumors." 

    I'd like to know what " buy into " means in this situation. I think it means " get involved in" but I'm not sure. Could you show me ?

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