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  • Hello, teacher Bob, It is good to see you again. Sorry for my late reply. I have been very well. It's quite saddening to learn that they have gone. I will try to write blogs and be more active like the old good days :)......I see you have now stayed in Japan. How is it???

    Be seeing you :)

  • Hello Mr .Bob , How are you ? 

    How about your life in Japan :) 

    It must be amazing :D 

    good for you :)


  • Dear Mr. Bob,

    Its an honor to one of your list of friends here at EC. 

    Thank you for accepting my request.

  • Dear Bob,

    We work with great pleasure serving/helping some members of EC in the best way we can give.  Please don't think about the responsibility as something like a rope being tied around your neck that if being pulled will make you do things beyond your control.  Of course, I won't do that to a great friend.  I am just happy seeing you being at the top, Bob.  Oh, you know the feeling of having a friend beside you even if you are not talking.  In silence, they find comfort instead of awkwardness.  You are totally free Bob.  Don't think that a task is added because of the position.  Instead, think that you made a friend very very happy when you gave her your company.  It means something great for me.  Thanks a million!

  • Kindly accept my humble apology, Bob.  It was wrong of me not to inform you in the first place that it brought confusion and messed up everything.  When you joined "Grammarly Yours" I felt hesitant to accept you just as a mere member.  I have high respect for you Bob so I automatically made you the administrator of the group.  Don't worry Bob, this group doesn't entail a lot of laborious job.  It's my happiness seeing you as the admin of the group.

    Really so sorry for not informing or inviting you before.  Nothing messed up, Bob.  It was intentionally done.  I hope it's okay with you.  

  • Hello Mr.bob, thank you so much for accepting my friend request and for your nice reply !

  • Dear teacher Bob
    Thank you for accepting my request.
    I suppose you are here to help us who are English learners to raise our skills.
    I'll be grateful if you can correct all my mistakes.
  • Hello Sir,

    Finally, I manage to write one blog. Thank you so much for always inspiring us.

    Have beautiful time!


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  • Hi Mr.Bob i am saly i am student of english i will be grateful if you accept my friend request, and it will be a such honor to me to  if you accept me as one of your students as well ^_^

  • Hi dear, 

    Sorry I hadn't replied before but I am here already. 

    So, are you living in Japan?

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me. Yes, I also think that, somehow, EC has given us the opportunity to meet people even before Facebook, Twitter and some other social's a good pioneer.  

    I work in high school teaching English but finally I am on vacation already. I couldn't be happier, hahah. 

    Let's keep in touch, 


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