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  • Conakry the pacific town.

    My raising morning, it wasn't very fabulous but not bother at all. I was searching anything that I didn't know about and my little morning journey satisfied me, I during my raising morning I met some interesting facts yes really interesting as for such of our culture.
    After praying at 5pm, I couldn't sleep through my energy and right the breathing of my holy spirit. I divided to go out and luck for anything that I never head or seen in my life.
    I saw two ladies young and older one, they were mum and daughter but she was setting in the chair praying and her daughter was doing ablution little bit far from them I met the flys not sure, but they were bees yes... and just above me on the road anybody could hear them whooshing. Wooooh God, bees are very dangerous I fear them.
    I continued my way, just after me what rejected .... she had the piss,,, I swear the urin in the pot and reject it in the gutter on the motorway. Okay l'm sorry. These two old ladies were greeting and explaining to each other some of their problems, one of them was seller "boil water" and I can just call it "boil" like it's name in French "bouille" ... She gave a spike of her partner who was going to market, than I continued and returned back to home. Sometimes it's fine to hangout even you don't have any program or any thing to do but, you can see something that can inspire you or an area where you can adore.
    I love my country


  • Aid el kadr night.
    I remember some years ago, in my village. We behavior to searching for timber all the young men go for woods and used to all the night of Aid-el-kadr (27th day of Ramadan). Within the time we plead and read supplications, people bring to us goods some give money, granules, fruits meanwhile our parents old people are praying at mosque and they pray till 4 am. We go home to take breakfast to star the next fasting day. Ramadan is one the best moment in the Islam when Allah can delete the curses from anyone. In the morning we share those things that people gave us during this night, we divide them between us every single one should have something. As my history in my village all the people are muslim and fasting month is a sacred period in this period Allah accord his grace, his charms to the muslim and Allah open the heaven's door he give the access to enter.
    As muslim as i'm, I certify that there is no God apart Allah and Muhammad is his messager (SWP).

  • Everything in this life depends on the time.

    Life cycle of a human being. When you're a baby, you're unable to do anything by yourself. Something like moving, eating without express.

    After this stage you become kid, in that step you're starting to speak, move and go anywhere but you can eat by yourself and what's the you matter, you don't known the difference between good and bad things. Whether you need anyone to guide and help you but principally your parents.

    The youth stage come after childhood.

    At this stage you've normal mental, you known the difference between things, people, animals so and so far. As normal person, the main and probably problems are analysing, get solution and take decisions around the facts and situations as well as you should maybe like adult or mature person. You will always be in difficult situations, maybe unless solutions factors. Because you don't you have more experiences.

    Mature or adult stage in our life. In this time so many people regret. Regret because they known something now that they didn't known, they should take some decisions to change their way bitterly but they didn't, and now they are unable to change their life or the percent of chance to it is very very poor so low, 

    In this stage are able to analyse the situations and transform things being better as well as we want.

    The last and the end stage.

    Old or died line. In this step of the life, we care about other's life the result of their test ( some difficult situations that arrive us sometimes). we don't want really, people to waste their time for us just because we aren't useful. Be old seems like return back and child. We can see things and analyse them very well. This is why we call the life of human being, life cycle of human.

    Kallé my name, the partner of everyone...

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My raising morning, it wasn't very fabulous but not bother at all. I was…"
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