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Holiday Closing

To all my classmates in Aquamarine I know that this coming holiday closing your family or your friends plan to go outing like beach, swimming and vacation to other place. Maybe Ma'am Joy also and here family. For me we mz you so much and come back safely. See you in next school days.

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I was standing in our balcony last night with my parents and the moon is so very cool and the wind produced a rhythm like a whistle and I feel so very happy because that time we drink ice tea and suddenly I saw something like a falling star, so I asked my father about the falling star because I thought that the star is bigger than earth and what happen for us if the star falling down on earth. My father answered and he said it was a comet. He didn't explain it to me what is comet but instead he told us a story about a witchy witch.

I have a question, is falling star is true?

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