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Main languages of Pakistan

Some of the common languages are:

  • Urdu: Urdu is the national language of Pakistan.
  • English: Official language.
  • Punjabi: Mainly spoken in the province of Punjab.
  • Sindhi: Mainly spoken in the province of Sind.
  • Pashto: Mainly spoken in North-West Frontier Pr

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The Divine Light

Every human being has a soul, a pure entity that seeks to be lit with the remembrance of the creator (Allah). When it receives that Divine light, it lights up, not just the chest of its possessor, but also other people around it. The stronger the com

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Love, when a lover grasps all your pains and cover all your weaknesses even without letting you sensing it, knowing it. It is love when there are no promises, no waiting, no demanding even there is no need for any contact. Otherwise, even if both are

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Friendship for us is better then relationship (relation with relatives), because relation with relatives is of blood relation, whereas relation with friends we are related/attached by heart. And it our heart which provides blood to entire body. i.e.:

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Broken Scattered

Your creator recreates other things from the broken scattered things. Like the broken scattered clouds rain on the dry broken land, and the dry broken land of springs the crops.  The scattered pollens from the flowers brings back more flowers. If you

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after, gaining degrees of knowledge and experience in practical life, you are still unable to read the words of my love shining in my eyes, then



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