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That was a deserted place, very big and horrifying. At a far distance, there was a narrow path covered in fog. The sky was overcast with stars and there was also the moon, even then there was darkness all…

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  • What?? Couldn't I understand at my age? So, I must wait for years to understand? huhu...

    C'mon...I'd like to discuss with you.. Tell me why that could happen, and what is the message. I'm still wondering.. -.-

  • Iqbal, what should I say for this... Actually I'm speechless.
    But, let me say something here... 

    Is this your true story? :)

    This girl was really neglected by her parent's affection. And as a teacher, you're failed grooming her.

    She was really going crazy. She has no right thought at her age. She should keep her feeling so well. If she wanted to tell her feeling, she should just tell with good way. Even at her age now, she's still crazy girl, to think of another man, even just think, instead of her husband. I really don't agree with this.

    When I was junior high school, I was in love with my teacher, too. :) But I kept my feeling well, I guessed he knew, but finally he was married when I would be graduated. :( So, my heart was really broken, but no tears. I was still child. :)

    Some books said it's love. We can spread love to everywhere, anyone. Yeah, but what kind of love? I don't know if it's right or not. We're as muslim should avoid this feeling when we're married. Be friend is ok, I'm not so that introvert, even when I'm married. Hope you can get what I mean.

    Oh, your writing is really touching and it made my heart almost burst with emotion. Your writings, even they're just your imagination represent you, your thought. So, I have many questions for you as my friend, but I'm not sure yet to ask you. :)

    I can't get the message of this story. She shouldn't do those actions, sure. But, it seems you justify that wrong love. She and you still love each other. :) You know as a girl, IF I'm your wife, I will be so jealous get to know it. No comment about her love. But, as you know most of woman has a loyalty in loving her couple. :)

    Thanks for give me a time to read your writing. I'm sorry if my note doesn't comfort you well. This is my truly thought. Hope to read your writing more, with wise and good message. ^^

    "Have a great moment, dear Iqbal" :)

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  • Thanks a lot Sir, for congratulating me! :)

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  • thanks) I returned back :) 

  • Mish, thanks for the compliments :) go to my Skype and you'll enjoy it everyday :) And here I hid the first one for the objective reasons :D

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  • Dear brother,

    Image result for eid mubarak greeting cards in english

  • yeah you are right.I am now thinking seriously of writing a blog about the change that has happened to me after joining EC.Thank a lot for you comment.

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