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a new study shows that COVID-19 vaccination has more benefits than we anticipated. It may contribute to the improvement of our mental health as well as our immunity.
The researchers tracked people who received any coronavirus vaccine between December 2020 to March 2021. They found that those who had received a shot are less likely to show any sign of mild or severe depression. At the earlier stage of the pandemic, mental health concerns and substance abuse raised four times than the pre-coronavirus period. The author believes the situation has been improved due to the widespread vaccination program throughout the world. There are no clear-cut reasons that have been stated in the publication over the fact that how vaccination and mental health issues are related. However, the study has been outlined some predictions. The researchers believe that due to the vaccination program thousands of people are being relieved from the fear of infection. Moreover, people, who have been vaccinated, are now more relaxed to exercise their social and economical activities.
The study is not conclusive and the researchers by no means suggest vaccination is a panacea. A comprehensive study may be required over the fact. However, the study might have positive impacts to change perspective to the general people in many developing and list developed countries who are eligible to get a shot.

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Arts and Science

These days, people are becoming more and more interested on science, technology and business rather than arts. There are man reasons behind that. For me the following two reasons are most important among them

Firstly, nowadays due to technological revolution computer games and social media have taken the place of arts. Earlier people went to concert or art gallery to spend leisure-time but now, people are not interested on fine arts or classical music.

Secondly, it is required sophesticated mind to realize the depth of delicate arts. Now people have no time to think. They are too busy to dig out the real charm of fine arts. 

One of the major difference between fine arts and popular form of media is that fine arts put a longer lasting impect on our mind whereas, trandy songs or video games have comparatively short time impact on our mind.

To change this situation government has to take the vital role. It is very important to promote arts and culture to rejuvanite its appeal among younger generation. Study of fine arts should be incorporated in school syllabus thus children and teenagers have a better understanding on delicate arts, culture and heritage. Moreover, young artists, musicians and actors should be motivated to produce better work.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that science, technology and business are the future of the world and there is a huge importance to make people interested on these topic. However, arts have a everlasting appeal all over the world. It helps younger people to think innovative and achieve humaniterian quality. So, for me there is no way we could abandon arts for science, technology or business.


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Arts is an important part of our culture. It represents the history and the heritage of a nation. Governments usually spent a lot of money on the promotion and development of the arts. Some people believe spending this extravagant amount of money is unnecessary and could be spent on the development of the economy and technology. I strongly oppose their opinion.

First of all, despite little tangible value, Arts have a huge emotional impact on our everyday lives. It motivates people and encourages them to work for the nation. Arts create a huge impact on national crises like war and famine. It bears the evidence and the spirit of the national struggle. For instance, the independent war in 1971 is the most remarkable time for the Bangali nation. Millions of people give their lives in war. Behind this remarkable struggle, Bangali Arts and literature had played a big motivational role. At that time the posters drawn by the street artist had fueled the spirit of war. Moreover, the famous paintings of Jainul Abedin, a renowned painter of Bangladesh, in the background of the 1176 famine still make us emotional.

Secondly, artists represent the lifestyle of the people of a country. In this time of virtual media, celebrity artists of a nation are familiar among people of other countries. Millions of people follow them. Even though, politicians rule the country, celebrity artists have more influence on people from home and abroad. For example, Runa Laila, a famous singer of Bangladesh is a renowned personality all over the world. Millions of her fan followers all over the world know Bangladesh because of her. Government should always pay high remuneration to these artists for their contribution.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that government should spend a lot of money on infrastructure, education, technology, and economical development however, there is no way to curtail the budget to promote art and culture because it represents a nation and motivates citizens in the time of national crises.


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A Learning

Both of my nieces love to watch video in you tube. They quarrel with each other everyday with my mobile. I have to solve the conflict everyday. Most of the day I snatch the mobile from one and give it to another, which actually creates more tension. Today I tried something different and a miracle happened. When the older one was complaining that the younger one didn't give her the mobile, I just told her that I know how compassionate she is and I believe that she would do it by herself. Certainly I found the quarrel finished and they are just watching together. I got an important learning from the event that sometime we can solve a problem most easiest way we never think. 

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Sustainable Developments

I really love the term "Sustainable Development", I think it's the best way to fight against the issues which become the thread of existence of humankind in this twenty-first century. The term is well adapted by the Western countries, but for the people of countries like Bangladesh, India and Pakistan it’s fairly a new term and yet to realize its importance for the development of the nation. I am sure that many of us familiar with the term, though my intention is not to explain it in a traditional way. I would like to share my feeling about the importance of Sustainability based on my experience.

Let's start with a story. When I was a child, Govt. had started to build an over bridge across the highway neighboring my house. Six months after finishing the construction work of the over bridge they had suddenly started to break it down, at that time I was amazed by the fact that why they just broke down a newly constructed over bridge. A few days later I learned that Govt. had planned to build a new flyover on the highway, as the existing over bridge was placed in the way of the Flyover, they had nothing to do except demolishing the Over bridge. It seems really foolish to me to change a decision within such a short time.

Actually, most of the decisions or planning taken by Govt. is not backed by the knowledge of sustainability. For example, If someone has a huge land he might think it will be better to build a large house for leaving, he didn't consider how he might use the land on the other way, he just gives preference to his present necessity. But, after a few years when he feels the scarcity of fresh food, he might think it would be better if he had left some land for cultivating fresh vegetables. Undoubtedly, the development was not sustainable.

 Whenever we do some planning, we must have to consider what will be the impact of specific development after a hundred years; did it really comply with the master plan of the country? I am fairly sure the Western Countries are pretty much concern with the idea, that’s why their development process is so smooth. It’s time for the people of developing and underdevelopment country to realize the importance of "Sustainable Development"

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When to say "I love you."

It has been said that love is blind. For me, love is not blind, but we sometimes become blind when fall in love. We usually have been hearing lots of stories of true love. In some story we got the parents in a position of villain in others, we got the society as obstacles. We always want that the love will win the battle and uphold its dignity. But did love always deserve win? Aren’t we experiencing lots of cases where a true love (which seems true) becomes a burden after marriage? Does it really need to tell your parents goodbye or break a lifelong family bonding only for a person?

 I obey true love and I obey my parents even more and respect what they do for me. Everybody among us might agree with me that we have the most trusted relationship with our parents. We can’t ignore them just for an ignition of love which might be a long lasting one or might end after a few years.

I do not ask anybody keep themselves away from love, but think twice before say yes to your intended counterpart. I must suggest becoming friendlier, but being careful to chose a soul mate. In an age what we called teenage we generally remain more emotional. At this time we do not have enough tolerance to assess. In this age limit, most of the cases we experience where love do not sustain for long time, what I call an attraction for opposite gender rather than love. For me love is what which deserves more respect than physical attraction. So take it as an advice “First know well, and then say yes.”

Note: I will appreciate any advice which will help me to improve my writing skill.


Md. Shariar Siddiqui

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The best thing about judiciary system is that the suspected people get a chance to defend himself. The judiciary system ensures not to punish a single person who is not liable for the offence. But in the recent past it has been acknowledged in social media and online news portal that there are many news of crime hasn't been backed by adequate evidence against suspected person, a major crisis arises on an impact that the person along with his or her family faces immense humiliation. In case, if the person actually not liable for the crime, it’s been hampering his or her social status.  There are some people among us who post fabricated and false news in social media thus he/she could get more followers. We have to apprehend the issue that despite being a virtual media the social life is actually being largely impacted by Facebook or Twitter. I know, I have been talking about an issue many people might not like or think other ways. Though, I didn’t mind, because I have taken an oath of truth speaking.

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I start the day with breakfast, take meal at lunch and dinner, eat snacks at evening, enjoy eating when I see movies and drama series, watch cooking shows in you tube. A huge lot of time I spend everyday dealing with food. My mother become very angry to see how obsessed I am on cooking shows like "Masterchef" or "Hells Kitchen". He asked me to concentrate on studying and spending less time to watch TV. I do not pay hide much of her advice, rather then that I spend most of my time after returning home from office just watching movies, Tv shows and lots of cooking shows. Though I hardly could cook a meal, I love to see anything related to cooking. recently a question aroused on my mind, "Is it worth to love cooking as much I do?" "Is it really important?"

Today, I have read a book named "Sapience: A Brief History of Humankind" written by Yuval Noah Harari which help me to understand how important cooking is for humankind. Even evolution of modern humankind is rarely possible without cooking. Cooking played an important roll to cognitive movement of mankind. Earlier, to learn how to cook, human like other wild animals ate raw food. To process raw food, animals required a long intestine and more energy compared to modern humankind. Cooking helped human to chewing and digesting faster and devoting less energy to digestion. Consequently, human intestine become shorter and more energy used for brain development. Modern human brain use nearly 25% of its total body energy even in sleep which is considerably more compared to other animals.

It's clearly indicating that evolution of Homo Sapiens is widely depends on the ability of cooking. So don't worry, just enjoy food and watch cooking shows, it will definitely improve the cognitive power. Hopefully eating easily digestible food will indirectly help me to learn English.

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Unforgettable Words

It is more than two years my father had died. I have managed to forget even the last few days, when he was in intensive care in Somorita Hospital. It was hard to see my father sick but even harder to wait long day in hospital lobby with so much tension. It’s a pity but I have to admit that I was tired and fragile at that time and praying to god to get back my normal life. It is not only me but might be many of us know how it feels when a closest one admitted to hospital. I didn’t even anticipated what my father has done for us before those days.

Most of the hospitals in these days are immensely commercial. They took the chances of the weakest moment. No one think twice when a patient is in a bad shape, neither me.

One night when we found my father in extremely vulnerable condition, we have managed to carry him in hospital as soon as possible. When we reached the hospital it was 2:00 at night. We didn’t even know how bed his condition was. A doctor came and checked him rashly. As he didn’t tell us anything serious, we thought he might be ok. After one hour another doctor came, after some primary checkup he asked us to switch him in ICU. That was the moment I can’t even realize what I should do. Few hours later, a seat in ICU found vacant, and we switched my father in there.

It was early morning when doctors said my father is ok and we could see him. Some precautionary measures have to take before to enter ICU. I had to put on gloves and some disposable outfits. When I entered the room, I found my father destructed and supported by some life saving machinery.

As callous I am, might forget all those, but didn’t only for one reason. At the moment I see my father in ICU, one of the nurses asked him that if he could recognize me. As he was not in condition to talk. He asked the nurse (through gesture) to give him a pen and paper. After they gave him a pen and paper he wrote something on there. His hand was shaking and the words could be hardly recognized. But for me, those are not something I could misinterpret. Because, what he wrote in there was “My Son.”

"As it is a tribute to my father all spelling and grammatical mistakes should be looked forgivably."

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Two weeks before, I have planed not to buy anything for this Eid, usually I do not like to buy cloths in any occasion, because in this time the price is more and you can't bargain with sellers, but when I have received the last month salary of my quitted job after four months, I can't help myself to spend a major portion of it for shopping. I bought two pants and two shirts. There was a discount offer in the show room and I bought some of discounted product. I found the products quite chip but after bringing them in home I felt they are not up to the standard.

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Hi friends,

This is my first blog post in My EC. It has been taking more then two months for start blogging as for my usual trepidation in writing anything in English. I have been here(My EC) for more then one months and this site has been leading me to being more open and communicative then I was before. The writing I am proceeding now is an outcome of my growing confidence that, I have gained by chatting here with other members of EC.

As, you will be able to know some basic information from my profile, I will not repeat those again. Professionally, I am a civil engineer. I have been working in a consultancy firm for more then two years and I am experienced different environment friendly project, my interest on environmental engineering have lead me in this job and continuously forcing me to get higher study on same subject. Though, I have been trying, to take a post graduate degree on Environment Engineering is still on my dream.

Beyond, the intense desire on higher study, I have some other interests. I have tendency to talk with people and let know what they think, I loved to consult with different problems we faced in our everyday life. Sometimes, I prefer only observe a person and try to know actually what he/she is, it's all a game for me and I lost in this game frequently.

However, I like to watch movies, read books, listen music and many other works that people usually do for recreation. I have a little tend on art, i love to draw cartoon and work with computer graphics software. I have designed a stage for a TV show and have drawn a 3d model of that stage, the work was not that much impressive but, all in all, that is what I like to do. 

This is all for today, I would like to write more post, if I get your support. I wish you people will give me some feedback on my writing that could help me to get myself improve.

Thank you.........and good bye.       

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