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Error in this sentence?

Are there any errors in these sentences?

Can we improve these sentences?

1. I am rather concerned about Peter neglecting us.

2. Trying to be pleasant, he spoke to the guest on his right at the dinner table with a smile.

3. Jones was very fond of golf and

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Mayu's music Hub --2012

Dear Karaoke friends,

Let's make our 2012 full of music and friendship!

Sing the song that once captured our heart,

Melt the hurly burly brought by the day,

Free mind, calm soul, soothe our spirit

The surge of different emotions we have....

Jump, dance, s

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Let's Practise Long Vowels Sounds

Long Vowel Sound

Vowels                 IPA                     Key word 

Long a               /eɪ/                       cake

       e                /i/                         keep

       i                /ɑɪ/                         bike


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Mayu's Little Corner

Hello Karaoke friends,

Welcome to my Workshop!

I love singing. Every emotion in a day I have, I hum or sing. (and usually only at my bathroom music studio.) LOL!

Most of the time, I love to sing love you'll find here in the future love songs,

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What are your Personal Ways to Learn English

Dear Friends,We are all here in MyEC because of different motivation. Others may say to have international friends, to know about different cultures, or just a past time..Others also regard it as a tool to be better in English writing and because it

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