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 There lived a man with his son.

He always gave pieces of advice to his son " Son!  Be wise, respect elderly people, never pick something up which doesn't belong to you "

" Alright, father" Said his son. 

One day, on the way to the mosq for the morning prayer, He (The man)  lit his torch light and he saw some money around, he picked the money up and put it in his pocket. 

The young boy saw him but didn't say anything. 

Back home, the man told his son to go and lie down until the Sun rises,  the young boy agreed. 

But before he goes, he said "Dad, you told me to be wise, to respect elderly people and never pick something up that is not for me" and, he went on "you picked up money this morning that is not yours".

The man, not wanting to lose trust from his son, held his (the young boy) hand and went back till where he picked up the money, put it down and then said "Yes son,  never do that" 

Finally they went back home. 

This is a good example for  his children if one wants his children to act good. And be good responsible people in future. 

It's a sign of a good behaviour.

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The Hyena and the Partridge.

  Once upon a time, the hyena and partridge signed a pact of friendship, trust and mutual aid. They decided to share the joys and the sorrows, whatever the circumstances.

One day, they left for hunting, they spent half of the day there but in vain. discouraged, they decided to return.

Halfway home, they had the chance to kill an animal and they were very happy with it.

the moment of sharing the booty arrived, the hyena said to her friend '' Dear Partridge, give me two minutes to make me comfortable, after we continue the sharing '' and the Partride agreed.

The hyena instead of going to make herself comfortable, will tell all members of her family: "Dear members, Partridge and I have killed an animal, we are about to share it.
So, I would like every five minutes that a member comes to the place where we share it. '' his family agreed.

The hyena came back and said to Partridge '' Dear friend, we can share it now because I'm comfortable ''.

So they continued sharing, and a few minutes later, a member of the hyena appeared pretending to have lost her way.

Then the hyena said, 'My friend Partridge, here is my uncle, sharing all this without giving anything to him would be abnormal of us.

The partridge exclaimed: '' That's right, so we give  him a part ''
They gave a portion to the hyena's parent.

After five minutes too, another parent landed, they did the same thing. The whole family of the hyena passed there.

Partridge, after understanding her friend's policy, said: '' Dear Hyena, we killed this animal but we did not even taste to see if the meat is sweet, so I'll try to see. ''

Partridge took a bite and consumed it. as cunning as she was, she pretended to faint, saying, "Dear Hyena, help me! The meat is poisoned! I will die ! Help !!! And suddenly she fell and made no movement.

The hyena, so touched by fear, ran to the village and told her parents, '' Let no one eat the meat !! it is poisoned! Get it back all ''.

She took all the meat and brought it back where the Partridge was lying.

Suddenly, the Partridge rose slowly and said, "There! my dear Hyene, now that everything is there, we can share our animal ''.

Moral: treachery, greed, selfishness are evils that discredit or even destroy confidence and end any relationship.

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