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My first Post


Early, I will graduate from an English school together with a study abroad institution. 

I entered this school 1 year ago.

Now, I am learning English to study abroad while preparing to study abroad such as appreciation, making a credit card, and issuing a Visa. 

Everyday all things are very hard, but sometimes happening happy things. Everyday my teachers give me a lot of homework, I should take it hard.

Now this routine continues, I don't still used to doing homework.

But, this everyday and routine will come to an end. When I thought about it, my feelings were sad.


I'm living in a city that is far away from my hometown. I'm living alone, but I'm excited about my life today.

Recently, my neighborhood is a man and also a student approaching me, but I should move to this city, so I get worried.

I don't know what answer to make it. I know that if I answer 'Yes',  to him, he will be happy and our relationship is beginning at the moment,

but I must live in my dormitory for only about 1 month and 2 weeks. Our relationship becomes a long-distance romance.

If he and I want to meet after I come back my home town, I can do it. However, I can not keep living in my home country by August because I'm going to America to study abroad.

I know that If I accept his approach, I should want a long, very long, far long romance. 


I know it, so I don't want to make a boyfriend because too poor.

Yesterday, 1 a.m., he called to his friend about me. He talked seriously about his relationship, and consulted on what to do.

He is a kind person, when I came to a dorm, he talked to me at first. I don't forget this moment, and I remembered that I'm glad his action.

But, we have never talk once at that time. Because I don't know what to come in contact with him.

And I went to a girls high school and one of school rules was do not have a boyfriend, because my school was also a mission school that means like a christian school.

I could not making a boyfriend, but I didn't care about it. Actually, I don't interested in making a boyfriend now,

but when I hear his thoughts over the walls, I always care.


I'm writing this post in my dorm, does he thinking about me over the walls?

...Maybe, today, an event will happen, I’m ready for it and I'm thinking what to do.


That's my life the present, my "homework" is piling up now.



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