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It has been a long I've known and joined MYEC. I feel a lot of changes but  I believe it is going better. 

Talking about MYEC for old folks, 'I may say they are some star members LOL. I got many great members over here , Uhmm I can say it was around 2019 to 2020. 

I was an active member at that time and I got my EC families here. Though they are not my biological families but they were so close and friendly. I still remember them  Granny Pearl , Aunty Inna and WMW, ah the cat Aunty NOALSP , my beloved sister Mickey and  many sisters and brother "Shah" , Robbie, Eric,

One of EC member had met me in my real Life TZS Kan Chan, He lived in Boston and  we have met in Indonesia

ANdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd THEY ARE STILL ALOT OF MEMBERS 

whereever they are hopefully I can talk and chat again here on EC

let's comment here, let me meet you again


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MQ "Mutiara Qolbu"as known as SMK Mutiara Qolbu Cianjur "Vocational High School Mutiara Qolbu Cianjur" is our beloved school.

16th September 2014 was the unforgetable date for us, because it was the first journey to widen this World with education. I am so blessed to be the part of MQ family. Being an English teacher of MQ is an honorable moment for me. So, by this blog, let me explain you shortly about our school.

Located at  KUBANG PANYUSUHAN KM 5 DS SINDANGSARI street, Sindangsari. Cilaku, Cianjur Prov. Jawa Barat, our school has joyful atmosphere amd situation for studying. 

There are not alot of cars, motorbikes or other public transportations, those make students focusing on their study time. We have large school area and green, the air is still fresh, less polution. We have a large orange garden, goose, duck and chicken poultry and love bird cages. Let me show you in my next blog.

Our school's regulation also makes students to limit their handphone activity during their learning time at school. We have three main study programs.

We have business and technique motorbike, fashion design, and Computer Networking Engineering. 

Here, let me show you some photos of our school 





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