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How To Pay Back (your bossy boss) in Spades

Each employee has a boss or a leader. (We all know what is the difference between the boss and the leader. So... ) By ill luck, I have a boss though we have a quite good interdependence.
Lately, I have lost some weight mostly due to overworking but time is money and money can make your dreams come true. Hence, I don't mind working a little harder for the time being to chase my dreams. So to cut a long story short I will just rephrase the conversation I had with my boss a short time ago:

My Boss: '' you're getting thinner, are you on diet? - what is the secret?''

Me: ''stay at school all day long without eating and you will be as slim as me''.

My Boss: '' that's so cruel of you!''

Me: ''means you are cruel''?

My Boss: '' me?! - why?!''

Me: ''That's what you do to me - stay at school all day long with no full-fledged dish'' , this is the secret.

Her reaction:






Me: ;-) ....


P.S  the image above is conditional, taken from the internet

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You need to read this :)

Hello there

Dear EC members, as you see new format of MyEC has recently launched and we all are excited about it.  There  is  confusion around and  things keep changing time to time. You may not be able to access specific contents but this is normal and these kind of changes are expected to happen as the site is still being updated.  We need to be more patient to avoid overacting and reacting on ongoing upgrade and let engineers finish their work.  Once updating is done everything will probably be on its place.   

You can retrieve your old files in  the old MyEC network.

To give your opinions about new MyEC, you can do it  HERE .

Thank you



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Writing Challenge: the Great Lesson I got in 2018

Hello there,

It's said that life is the best teacher that gives great lessons and repeats them until they're learned well. Last year was THE YEAR OF CHANGES for me, mostly to better. One of the positive changes and great lessons was making up my mind that  ''Happiness is momentary, a moment seems like nothing, and yet, life is still beautiful if every moment is everything to you''.

So, lets appreciate every single moment, worry less, smile more and be happier :). 

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Hello there.

I'm on cloud nine at the moment. Let me share you the reason of my excitement. I am a teacher at private language school. I teach English as a foreign language. This morning we (teachers) had to carry out the Pearson Test of English (Edexcel), (LCCI ), (EDI) for exam candidates. Before the exam, by chance, we got an inspection from the British Council officials without any ratting and some of us were questioned about examination regulations related to invigilator declaration and attendance reports. To be honest we teachers didn't have much information 'in details' about these kind of examination regulations to be given by our employers so some teachers failed in their accomplishment but as I'm always keen on being up to date about everything I do, I had already known some crucial information required for conducting such kind of exams. So, hardworking, enthusiasm and self-confidence are the keys to success.
When I was told that I was chosen out of three teachers and expected to do an exam in their presence I got ruffled and agitated but my high self confidence helped me to control myself and forget their presence in the exam room. In the end, I was told by Cambridge-appointed assessors that I'd be certified in CELTA - ELT(Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults). I just wanted to scream out loud after hearing that and what was icing on the cake is that I'll have been given a certificate for doing Cambridge English exams by the end of July. (I'll post the pic here:))

It's going to be a perfect day for me. *Yahoooooo*

Wish you a successful and exciting day as well. :)

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Needless to come up with the monologue of the internet invention - when was it made?, who by?, what for? etc. because we all know it very well, just from my perception I'll emphasize some of its negative effects on humankind which are getting outnumbered day by day. Why so? - because the internet is one of the most constructive and at the same time the most destructive inventions of the last century we all are addicted to.

Recently, I've come across some discussions in the chat room and I've read some posts about 'cyber love' and those discussions and posts put smile on my face because I and I'm very sure most of you HAVE BEEN THERE who have gone through the same situations and have at least one story to be told. Let me tell you a story I experienced once. With the internet the world has become a global village where people can interact comfortably with anyone in any corner of the world.

Once I met one of 'villagers' online who seemed to be close to my preferences as a partner but after many years of interaction, trust and sharing some private life events I've got known his real personal traits and capabilities who turned out to be not as 'cool' as he pretended or seemed on the internet but also a miserable, loser guy who was trying to fill his void and enjoy virtual life the way he would have never been able to do in real life. Initially I also messed up with that person and cheated though not intentionally but after many years of friendship I've decided to tell the truth. 

Even though we both had known some of our minuses yet we kept in touch with each other because it can be said that we used to get along well with each other at some level, we could speak about any topics and have fun, meantime the affection had been developed. I thought I was in love so I've decided to tell about my feelings and intentions to build up the relationship as I had been told by him before that he had had some feelings for me too but here we go, he has refused all his feelings when it came to make decision about the future, he got afraid of taking some responsibilities. When I asked why did he cheat on me - his response was: '' its due to lack of brain'' so the thing is that we come across such brainless people on the internet who just make up their miserable life by cheating and playing with others and in this game people get hurt and some even suffer from the imaginary feelings. In my case, all has gone normally, no drama, no reproach or swear just a peaceful farewell)

 What I regret is that I really wasn't feeling that way to talk about love because as he told me about his real feelings - on the spur of the moment I lost the interest in him, moreover I didn't even get hurt much after refusal, it more likely hurt my pride rather than my feelings. After some time I felt nothing but smile on my face and feeling pity on him after seeing him. Means it was the delusion of my ideas being in love rather than experiencing true feelings since true love can never be dealt that easily, even more virtually because love has some requirements that the internet will never be able to provide with.

Back to the point, I was talking about at the beginning - the negative effects on humankind of the internet are that it sometimes leads us to nowhere where imagination, confusion and cheating are the basic means of communication in most of the cases and it distracts us from real feelings and real people around us in searching of something . In my opinion to sort out and deal with the net, one of solutions could be this not to become animals and stay as a human:


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Writing Challenge: Who Am I?

When I was browsing around the title question caught my attention, because I love psychology and all the topics related to it. This is the question I've been asking to myself for a long time. To be aware of oneself is the most important part of self development and it makes sense by all means of one's life. A person's likes and dislikes determine the insight of their personality and the perception of outlook. Once you know well about yourself and your preferences, you can easily deal with your ambulance and face up life tribulations.

The first question that came on my mind when I saw this challenge was - 'should be publicized the traits of oneself' since this is the personal matter but I do like challenges and taking risks (who cares about me or others but anyway :) HERE I AM.

It's never easy to talk about oneself because we all are complex, imperfect creatures - HUMANS. Being a human means to be sinful to most extent rather than positive person and one must be brave to accept their flaws and bold to publicize them.Since I'm blessed by God having both of abilities, I feel comfortable to share my pros and cons.

Who I am? - I am a human just like you with a lots of pros and cons but of course we all differ from each other, 'cause we all are unique with different abilities, preferences and personalities. There are two versions of a person that could be described - how others see us and who we really are. So,first let me introduce you myself how others see me. Started from my family members I'm the strongest, cleverest, the most successful child among siblings. A daughter to be proud of, a dependable, supportive sister whoso opinion and advice is very important and valuable for their siblings, a loyal, reliable wife and a loving, caring Mom. According to people surrounding me (colleagues, friends, relatives etc.) I am very confident, bold, successful, pretty, kind etc. to some - a bit arrogant, antisocial, careless etc.. but the question is Who really am I? who knows it well whether me?:)

In fact I am not that 'Angel' as others see me but a bit of devil who has made a lots of mistakes in their life. Though I'm a person with high dignity and moral principles which I'm proud of and these are traits of mine where I've made least mistakes in my life. We humans are great actors and have an ability to mask our flaws and mistakes well so that others hardly can notice them but no one is infallible and we all know this. What I like most about my personality is, I always try to search good in others even if they've committed  lethal sins I never judge and make fun of them. 

After all I am an independent, strong, confident woman who has no boss to be ruled and told what to do, not because I don't accept others'  opinions or advice but also in most case there isn't necessity to be asked for.

In short, according to others to describe myself, generally I am a positive person and I'm really happy about it but what makes us happiest is how we feel and see ourselves. According to my perception I'm half happy because I'm not the best version of myself, however I'm aware of my personality and will be keeping working on myself to be one of positive creatures)

There are an angel and a devil in each person, you are the one you feed!

Let's be angels and make this world heaven to reside in. :)

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