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Quote of the day


Where there is love there is faith,                 

where there is faith there is peace,

where there is peace  God is

and where it is God is not absent anything.

God is Love




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Girl challenged to cat face to face.

A girl responded to the attack of a lion in a zoo in New Zealand with pure acts of love.

Little Sofia visited the pavilion of big cats at Wellington Zoo when he approached the glass to watch a huge African lion.

The animal responded with characteristic aggressiveness of its kind, rushing toward his prey, trying to catch, but Sofia did not seem afraid, rather crystal stroked in a gesture of affection.

The girl was 3 years old in love with the animal, despite its fierce reception, and continued making cuddles with its nose pressed to the glass, spellbound for a moment.

But a caged lion apparently knows no spells or strokes, although they come from a small rider brave.

Seconds later, the cat again hit the glass with their feet, in a desperate to reach his victim.

Closely, the girl's mother was nervous meeting with his video camera, captivated by the scene, but visibly frightened. "Sophie, run away I think he is warning you to stay away," he replies when his daughter tries to ask why the lion reacts that way.    :) 




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Happy Father´s Day


Hello, My dearest Friends in EC,


In my country, Ecuador is the third Sunday in June Father's Day. We thank God for a great man who gave us and call Daddy!

scraps for orkut

I would like to honor this great man who became a hero because he is a great and strong a gay, but at the same time is sweet, loving, patient and loves to play football, lol

orkut scraps

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! To all my dear friends of the English Club.   My God bless you all today and forever.


Lucy :)

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Happy Mother´s Day


Hello everyone,


Next Sunday we are celebrating Mother´s Day in my country Ecuator (it is always the second Sunday of May).

Why not to congratulate all the mothers here in this community. Let´s say...


Congratulations on Mother´s Day!



P.S. The flowers are for you mothers.


scraps orkut





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