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Fake smile

Can you recognize a true smile from a fake one? It is a bit challenging, I know and in fact in everyday situations we go though, we hardly have time to stop ourself and think. Life goes so freaking fast that sometimes we just watch it as if it wasn't us in the main role but a stranger who is controlled by our decissions and mood.

We let people enter our world, we let them playing with us, we literally let them win our trust without being aware of it. And then one day they give us this smile. Then one day they turn back and show us their back. Then one day we realize they aren't here because they care, they are here because they are bored and lonely. Then one day we come to the conclusion that they aren't these people we considered them to be, they are just selfish creatures, who live their life no matter if we are a part of it or not...


Can you give me a fake comment to my fake article about real fake smile? :D

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Life is simple...

Many people keep on asking or analyzing the question: "What's the purpose of our life?" So I'm answering them: "Why do you want to know the answer?" 

In fact there is no answer. Each and every of us is an  individual whose values, standards, moral etc. differ from another one, which logically leads us to the conclusion that what's the purpose of life for one person is total meaningless bullshit for another one.
The thing is, why to overthink such questions instead of focusing on living and enjoying our life? Honestly, I don't care what's the purpose of my life and why I am here. I guess thinking about this issue would take too much of my precious time, which I prefer to spend in other way and eventually I am sure I wouldn't find any suitable answer as I'm too picky..
In fact life is easy and short.. so don't make it too complicated and messy because it will lead you to the point zero... exactly where you started thinking about it all :D


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 Yeah guys, it is true. Our Mary was suspended from English club. Mary, who made this place  much more interesting, funnier and entertaining. Mary, who was always sincere, didn't like double standards and narrow-minded attitude. I can hardly imagine English club without our Catwoman, who made smile on many faces, who was supportive and kind, patient and very intelligent. She always came up with several interesting topics and you have to admit many of them were new to us and widened our horizons.

Well.. I am able to understand everything, just I didn't get, why her blog about her muslim friend was deleted without any single explanation, which logically made her feel upset and that's why she reposted it and reacted like she did..

You know, I think rules should be followed, that's why we have them here. Just why the same rules can't be applied on everybody? To be more specific, let me add that Not discussing publicly religion is one of the rules. We have moderators here and in this case I don't understand, why any moderator has never noticed so many religious blogs posted by Lady Noor and haven't deleted them? What about blogs by Dara Gino such as Ashura 1439H,  10 days of thullhija, hajj part one, hajj part two, hajj conclusion, Ashura, Day one Tarwiyah, Day two Arafah and others? Are these blogs not religious and invisible for our moderators? Blogs by Mishaikh dedicated to islam are also here.. What about White Knight with his blog Helping others in need (Ramadan special)? I m pretty sure there are many, many others. All these blogs have one in common... Their subject is religion - Islam. Thinking long and hard I hardly remember blogs about Christianity (maybe Risty posted one), budhism or hinduism etc. So here comes the question: WHY ARE SUCH KIND OF BLOGS ALLOWED HERE? In fact I find it a bit propaganda as religion is personal, individual matter of each member, right?

Anywayz, let's get back on track. What has Mary done? She just posted a blog about real story of her muslim friend who changed her clothing style and liked it. What's wrong about it? Would it be okay the other way around if she described her let's say Spanish friend starting to wear hijab? I bet such blog would survive here without problems...

Honestly speaking, I am really sad about this situation and I wish her account would be brought back to life because she is one of the old members, who made EC heart beating...

Mr. ESSBERGER, please think about it at least for a while.. (ehmm...before suspending me).. Hehe


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♫ Don't Envy...Be Happy ♫

ENVY ... these four letters are pretty dangerous, right? These four letters are behind
many arguments, regrets, conflicts and even murders. One of the sins. Despite this all there are still people who envy everything you can imagine and sometimes I am wondering and asking myself... "Whyyyyyyyy??!!!!"

So here I summed up some common examples we can come across in our daily life  and which are related to E N V Y... Note: EP = Envious Person or ehmmmm Psycho? 

EP: "Ohh myyy, she has better figure, I bet she was just born this way but look at me, it is so unfair!" Reality: She works hard on it, spends time on sport activities, follows healthy diet and you can do the same to look even better orrr she was really born with faster metabolism and is lucky but to feel fit is about moving body, so logically you can get into better shape than sb who does nothing!

EP: He has a new model of Mercedes and I am sure money he invested in it was illegal. He must be a part of mafia, I bet!
Reality: He works hard till night, his family life isn't that awesome, however his company is prosperous despite he went through many crisis and had to deal with stressful periods of life, had even heart attack. Anyway this is what envious people don't see.. So yeah... Run own business and purchase Ferrari! 

EP: "Why is she so popular? I can't ever be like her! Everybody is so crazy about her and I really have no idea what they all see in her!"
Reality: She is just herself and people can sense when one is sincere with them and feel just relaxed. If you stop being tensed and free your mind from bad thoughts, you can be like her or if her popularity is fake - sooner or later the truth will be revealed:)

So don't you think that envy is sometimes something, what makes others blind? They always find the reasons, why to envy and logically it is easier to sit on the sofa, criticize and gossip instead of taking action and change the things...

Another cool chapter Speaking of finance I have noticed some individuals are able to turn into envious insane freaks who are obsessed with how much earns that one neighbour or why is their sallary so low! People work and save money and it is all up to them, how they decide to spend it. If some prefer wearing branded clothes, others love to smoke a pack of ciggarets a day, everybody's own business. Eventually it is about our preferences and mindset because we hardly can have everything we dream of and we should be aware of it..

It is pretty disappointing that instead of being well-wishers, some of us tend to be mean envious gossipers. Anyway what's the root of it? Is it about our personality? Is envy coded in our DNA? As you know many things, which influence us happened in the childhood.. So even envy can be practised perfectly as other kids have what we desire and some can't get it. It might grow with us. Some believe that envy is also impact of evolution and the way how our brain responses to the particular actions is related to the something called natural selection. Some scientists also claim that it is in our genes.

Well, as I am not the scientist nor the psychologist, my rational thinking is telling me that it is also probably about our attitude towards life and our maturity. It seems to me that envy is just something like a defensive mechanism or let's say upset reaction to our own failure and inability. Let me add one more interesting point... Talking from own experience I have to admit that the girls/women are more envious than the boys/men. I guess the boys/men are not under such pressure to look awesome,  have better self-esteem, they are mostly freethinkers and don't care so much about meaningless things like who has better this or that... (oooppps maybe apart from the cars and the girls/women)..

So the question is.. Why not to accept ourself the way we are, believe in what we are good at, appreciate it, also appreciate others and wish them all the best, instead of comparing ourself, feeling bad and vent this mood through envious behaviour, which will never ever cause anything good.... because... evil breeds evil...

P. S. Thanks for reading me and if you are willing to share some experiences with envious people, you can describe them in your comments bellow. I am looking forward to reading you, guys :)

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Just don't care, what they say :)

Sometimes we come across weird, chaotic thoughts that start occupying our brain. Sometimes we are stressed because of little issues that eventually don't matter so much but we consider them at that one particular moment the most important in the world. We ask ourself the questions such as: "Am I good enough? Do I look fine? Will others like this or that I have worked on?" We tend to doubt, which is natural but I would say we waste time on thinking about how others percieve us...

In fact, we care too much about own appearance. We want to look good, we want to impress others. The question is FOR WHOM are we doing this all? For the strangers on the streets that we pass by and who don't care about us? For the people in school or at work, who hardly remember what we were wearing the previous day? After all at home with our own family we don't care that much about it because we are simply ourself. What made me laugh was one post I have read recently: "Home is the only place we can look ugly because nobody cares there about it... "

We are dying to be loved, to be popular to be a good person. We want to be admired because it simply makes us feel good but isn't it a bit egoistic and selfish? It actually looks like we forgot to value our own abilities. We should do things we like and enjoy instead of doing them on purpose with the vision of being liked and praised. Feedback is of course nice thing but firstly we should be happy about our own effort and performance. The less we care about how others percieve us, the less vulnerable and more confident we will be.

So what's the message I wanted to share by writing this blog? You know, I just wanted to say that it isn't about being arrogant, it is just about appreciating own abilities, which should make us feel comfortable and which should vanish all these questions about how others see us. What matters is.. how much we value ourself and how much we appreciate doing things that makes us happy just for our own inner nice feeling and satisfaction...

So just take things easy and live your life for yourself, not for others...

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Just... WORDS...

Every day you use more than a thousand of them. Every day when the morning starts sooner or later they are on your mind. Words, hundred of words. They can be sweet like suggar, toxic like a drug, sour like vinegar or satisfying like a chocolate bar. Depends on you and on the way you play with them. Your ideas, your desires, your disagreements or pain they all come out of your mouth exactly like the director - your brain wants them to go for a walk.. one by one...

Your beautiful words dancing slowly in the air can make smile on someone's face, exactly like your rude arrogant words can stab a heart and make someone cry. Words have their power, power that can change within a few seconds your own world... power that can make your dreams come true or start the most cruel fight ever...

No matter if you like it or not, your words reflect  your angelic and devilish state of mind. Untold words, hidden secrets, it is just up to you, what you decide to release. You can fool others, you can keep on talking and talking...pretending, playing, flattering.. just don't forget that sometimes one action speaks louder than ..................... one thousand   

Words aren't always so powerful, words aren't always good enough to express what you feel, so let me better shut my cute mouth and finish my this philosophical blablaing with sweet........

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Hello my friends...

as the end of this year is almost around the corner and some of us analyze their achievements and failures... I just got an idea and I hope you will like it and enjoy it here with me :) 

Sooo.... Let's leave the comments here in this blog with the wishes we either expect from upcoming year or we would like to achieve... ehmmm..some call them resolutions but it doesn't have to be only about changing yourself, ok?

Wouldn't it be cool to check this blog in one year and compare, if our expectations or dreams came true or not?

I know many of you will start blablaing like: "Grrrr.. I dislike resolutions" or "Oh my, I hate being forced" etc. but I think sometimes it can be motivational to push yourself into something and challenge yourself in front of others - when it comes to resolutions BUT like I said it is also about your expectations, dreams etc...

So please... Could you share three points you would love to change, achieve or experience in 2018???

Thank you all in advance for participating and let's check this blog together at the end of the year 2018 ;)

Ooppsss and let me add HAPPY NEW YEARRRRR full of love, happiness and joy :) 

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!!! STOP Child Marriage !!!

Today I read an article about the child marriages in the countries such as Malawi and Mosambik, where the girls under the age of 18 are forced to marry men from the only one reason: parents don't have enough money to feed so many kids -> so logically one hungry kid out of the house can make their situation more bearable. To be honest I hardly can understand such behavior from my parental view and I keep on asking myself: How can parents do this? How can they throw own daughter to the lions??? Don't they care about her happiness? Hard to answer but I wouldn't be able to live with the feeling I gave my own kid against her will to some stranger who gave me big money! In fact it is like business but do we breed the kids to sell them???!!!!

As you can see this situation is very alarming! Have you ever known that every 2 seconds a girl becomes a child bride?!! As I came to know - if people don't start fighting against it 140 million girls will become child brides till the year 2020!!! Where the hell is this going on??? In fact the worst situation is in Africa and south Asia..

Unfortunately the negative impact of the child marriages influence rapidly quality of life as such bride won't get proper education. Besides the babies born to young mothers often dies or are born with low weight. How can be a  body of 13 years old girl prepared for giving a birth? I also don't believe that such girl is mentally ready to become a mother. So to sum it up from the early age such child bride has to start living sexually, might get abused, injured, is uneducated - so what's her role in such society? Just to give a birth to babies like some machine and take care of them, right? However ... to have many kids will lead to -> bad economical situation of her family.. so sooner or later even her own daughters might get into the situation she used to be several years ago!!!

Why aren't there any laws that would make such marriages illegal??? Why aren't there any punishments??? What kind of the perverts are dying to have a wife, who is 12 or 15 years old??? Why something like family planning can't start working???

I know I have even more questions but I just feel so desperate when I am reading about this issue and I won't ever forget the video - confession of the 11 years old girl from Yemen, which is very touchy and impressive and which also made me realize how mature these kids can be just because of the situations they have to face.. just because of the situations that stole their sweet childhood!

Btw you can check this video here:

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My Short Ode To Friendship

Friendship - a word with deep meaning, nothing superficial. I think, friendship isn't about how often people are in contact because real friends don't forget each other even though they might be sometimes busy or unavailable from some reasons. True friendship is about giving each other support, feeling the same mutual understanding, being tuned on the same frequency because friendship is about good vibes not about disturbing elements. Only friendship based on tolerance and understanding can grow like a flower. However this flower can become easily weak in case we kill it with arrogance, restrictions or demands. Real friends know they shouldn't just take but should also give because real friends are caring and helpful. Whether you can smile or cry with your friends, the point is sharing the moments, which make you closer, more united and indissoluble. Unfortunately we tend to take things for granted exactly like we take our friends for granted. So... let's look around, feel and appreciate these, who deserve our presence, energy and time...

P.S. Let me dedicate this blog to my friend I miss so much.

Bill, I hope one day when you are back, we will laugh at this ... 

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As yesterday was Friday I decided to enjoy my life little bit and went to the bar with my friends. We were drinking, dancing and had great fun. Anyway, later I felt a bit drunk and weird as if somebody put drugs in my drink. Oh nooo my drink was spiked! My legs were so weak,  my arms became so numb that I dropped them on the floor. What the hell was this? My friends were just laughing like insane and put them better in the plastic bag - just in case I would need them one day again. When the barman came to me with the bill and I was unable to pay, I just humbly said: "Please, excuse a stupid unconscious woman." Instead of giving me some sympathy he started laughing and I literally felt like crying!!!

Later my friend suggested that I should go home with him as I was little bit out of my mind. Ohh myyy... I always liked him so I felt like in heaven (even though he was carrying the plastic bag with my arms). I just knew this night would change my life. When we entered his house, he went upstairs and asked me to have a glass of water in the kitchen. Grrr did he forget I had no arms or what??!!! I went to his kitchen and didn't believe my eyes! There were crowds of turkeys on the table walking here and there. I was scared of them so I was just waiting there. After some minutes I got tired of waiting, so I decided to walk upstairs to ask my friend, what was going on! When I entered his bedroom I almost fainted! There were two men - my friend and his coach and secret love, my dreamy man... was sleeping on his coach! I had no idea, what happened, I just knew I had to get out of there! It was such a shock that suddenly I felt my arms, which was awesome release... I ran downstairs and when I wanted to put my shoes on... suddenly I realized I had three legs. My shoe got stuck into my one leg and the heel started "growing" inside of it. Damn what an unbearable pain and I literally felt like I had a shoe in one leg and another legs were bare! It was too much. This night turned to horror and I felt I just couldn't live like this! So many hallucinations! My brain was killing me, I needed to rest it. I went back to the kitchen - to my surprise turkeys were gone, I took a big knife and was ready to cut my head and burry it with the only idea - RIP my tricky mean brain!!!

Being in such insane mood... luckily my friend showed up, took the knife I was holding and with a cute smile said: "Please don't go, stay. I will take care of you and I promise your hallucinations will soon disappear." Should I believe him or was it a new scary start of something worse? Who knows! :p

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The Toilet Disturbers (comments opened)

Toilet is without doubt a place, where we want to rest peacefully… ehm not literally and not forever but I do believe that in such place everybody wants their privacy, right?

So just imagine... you have lived in this harmony without being disturbed for ages BUT suddenly something got changed! Your little invaders, got older and turned out to be your… Toilet Disturbers! If you think I am kidding here, just read more and let me show you, how malicious your own kids can be!


As a mom (or dad) of a toddler, who just started walking around and one never knows whether they plan to jump on the furniture or hang from the chandelier, believe me that when you are with such devil home alone – you will stop closing the toilet door from the only one reason.. JUST IN CASE something would happen!!!


Your own kid loves you and of course there is a period of their life, they freak out when they see no mom nor dad around. They believe once you get out of their sight, you are gone forever. So logically you can't just go to the toilet and enjoy time there as your kid is hysterically crying like insane! How to deal with it? The only way is to let them watch you!!! Congratulations - you get awesome audience, right?


As kids are playful, there are many cool games the toilet paper can provide. One day they find out they can unroll it! Wooow, what a long paper it is and how much place it can occupy in the toilet room or bathroom! Another very popular game is to throw the whole roll of the toilet paper into the toilet and to watch it floating and sinking. So the toilet paper is without doubt perfect and not that expensive toy (just in case they do it sometimes not ten times a day!).


Just imagine .. you are woman like me (haha) and going at night IN THE DARK to the toilet without making no noise around because you don't want to wake up anybody. Damn, you just want to pee and when you sit on the toilet you feel this cold porcelain shape! DAMN, who the hell didn't put the toilet seat down? Of course it was surprise of my son!! At such moments I am really able to kill…


Finally your kids are able to use the toilet and then you just realize you should envy them! They can rest there, enjoy mother's nature calling without being disturbed and even with full service as they can't still wipe their bottoms. So there isn't anything sweeter than to hear: Mommyyyy… comeeee.. I am doneeeee..

So... how to survive it? I guess humour is the best way because one day we will recall these days and will laugh at such situations because our toilet disturbers will be already the teenagers and will experience the same with own kids too…

Dear friends, I have no idea how come the comments were closed, so now I opened them and I am really sorryyyyyyyy about it because it somehow happened and my IT brain had no idea how :D

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Let's go hiking!!!

Is your country mountainous or is it as flat as a pancake? Funny question, right? However, believe it or not there exist countries with just a few small hills such as Kuwait, Belarus, Latvia or Gambia. As I am the mountain lover, I am lucky my country is one of the mountainous ones because I do love hiking and walking in the nature, especially in the forests of the mountains, which I find very relaxing and refreshing.. luckily I don't have to travel so far away as just 30 km from my place (almost around the corner) are the closest mountains...

Anyway, talking about hiking in the mountains… let me ask some important questions: "How can I know, where to walk? What is the best route? What if I might get lost somewhere in the middle of the forest?" I bet some of you would be happy, others would even celebrate, if I got lost, died alone hungry and exhausted or was killed and eaten by some wild animal….. ehmmm but let me disappoint you little bit because it can hardly happen, guys :D Firstly - there aren't so many dangerous animals in our forests and secondly - nowadays we are living in era of the GPS devices, so by using it one can hardly get lost even though let me add that the signal isn't all the time perfect (especially not in the forersts with the tall trees). Sooo… how come that Luci can hardly get lost in the forest?

Let me disclose this secret right here and right now, ok? I don't want to make you more curious and tensed. Well.. many years ago after the World War II - The Czech Tourist Club - decided to mark the routes for the tourists in the mountains. The volunteers were busy like bees, which is something admirable and created many kilometers of the trails. Guess what? Nowadays there exists a net with more than 40.000 km of the marked paths in the Czech republic not just in the mountains but also connecting interesting touristic places such as the castles, the caves etc. (btw just take in consideration that my country is not that large).

Now you are asking yourself: "How does it look like? Marked routs?" Well… as I am one of the tourists I take often in the forest pictures, so for better imagination, check these MARKS, which are mostly on the trees, sometimes on the stones etc. In fact there are four types of them – represented by four colours – red, green, yellow and blue. Logically the colours are related to the difficulty of the paths.

Another very useful things are the tourist boards with the information. As you can see there is written where you will get and the distance in the kilometers. In Slovakia they meassure the distance in hours but I guess kilometers are better because everybody has different tempo of walking..

To make this all system work – Czech touristic club also came up with the touristic maps of the different areas of our country. Either you can buy them or you can use internet or follow your GPS – I would say nowadays people don't prefer that much paper like they did in the past. My parents have many of such maps at home because we used to spend every holidays in the mountains, had fun and walked many kilometers together so let me show you, how such map looks like:

Anyway, I am sure that this idea got spread into other parts of the world and we are not for sure the only one using this mark rout system. This year I came across it in Croatia on my holiday and felt so flattered because in the past this area was occupied a lot by the Czech tourists and our Touristic club marked even here some paths. So let me just show you that I found my own church (Church of Saint Lucie) with the board here :p

So what about your country? Have you ever come across something similar?

All the pictures are mine apart form the map Picture, which was taken from:

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Some things just happen...

Some things just happen. Life doesn't ask us, what we want because life actually doesn't care. What counts is our attitude and decissions we make. They are like a huge arrow, which shows us the direction. No matter if we choose easy or complicated way - eventually we end up somewhere. All the slaps and backstabs are without doubt painful but after all... going through the burning hell makes us much more resistant. Unscounsciously we push ourself one level higher because we all long for being our better self.

Step by step we gain experience, we learn to predict, we want to see the things as they are - not as we are. We should know there is always a new oportunity, a new chance. It wakes up with every morning dusk and it is up to us, if we can catch it or if we let it slip through our fingers..

Some things just happen. Let's be thankful they happen because life is a challenge and all of a sudden everything can turn upsidedown. So be ready to face it bravely with courage, live it not to regret, fight it till your last breath and enjoy it on the maximum :)

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Writing Challenge: A News Report

                               Brutal Attack reported on EC main chatroom

46 minutes ago

Virtuality - The English Club main chatroom was attacked by the organized group called "The Devil's Chatters" during the peaceful - almost boring Sunday evening. The professional group was consisted of seven members and was easily recognized by their nicknames Devil No 1 - Devil No 7.

After entering the main chatroom, they greeted the members with words such as Olleh and Ih. Luckily the chat moderator Paula wittnesed this situation: "You know, they were asked to use English only but they ignored it! They said this is English - but coded! I didn't understand it, so I decided to block them but guess what? The blocking button was under the maintance!!!"

Another member Roman added: "Can you imagine such shock? I was about to go swimming and suddenly some Devils ordered me to stay, otherwise my account would be deleted! They didn't respect EC rule because they weren't nice with me at all!"

Despite the fact that both rules were broken, it wasn't still enough. In a few minutes The Devil's Chatters flooded the whole main chat with two sentences:

English only - but the more languages you know, the more of a person you are!!!

Be nice - but not with those, who don't deserve it!!!

At this moment nobody was able to chat and suddenly people started impulsively deleting their accounts. One of those who left was ambitious AG, who told us: "It is unbelievable! They opened my eyes and I realized it is high time to take up Spanish instead of being stuck with English forever."

Wild and experienced EC cat Mary was laughing all the time like insane and just  added: "Hahahaaaa, revolution is here!!! Finally I can kick all those bastards without being banned!!!"

After the incident Mr. Josef Essberger - the founder of English Club was contacted to tell us something more about the whole situation: "Such attacks happen but to be honest I can just smile because English is being the language number one, so I am sure that when this hysteria is over, our ex members will come back."

This brutal attack is being investigated by the special police department and it is still unknown, who is behind it - whether the competition such as other learning website or some members - rebels. 

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How to beat stress?

How to beat stress? That's the question, right? Recently I posted here discussion on this topic and I was really very excited to see so many people participating and sharing own experiences. On the basis of it, I decided to write this blog, which will be focused on                                                                   Y   O   U   R

Whether you like it or not stress is a part of our life and I would say it has always been here. Looking back into the ancient times and the way people lived in the past, I believe they were also stressed and it's hard to compare if less or more. Many disseases weren't possible to cure and relatives had to watch their closest ones dying more frequently than we do, which I find very stressing but people got used to it with knowing that only the fittest could survive. People didn't have such knowledge, didn't know what is lightening, thunder - so don't you think that even common thunderstorm could stress them as they had no idea what was behind it? Besides there were more wars and it is pretty clear that every was brings stress into people's life.

On the contrarery we are living in modern hectic era and stress is still here, just there are different sources that cause it in comparison to the medieval times. I think the most common problem is stress related to our failure. Just imagine - exams around the corner - oh myyy what if I fail, what am I going to do?!! It will be the end, parents will not survive it!! I bet many of you know this and went through this. Then you graduate and ooppss.. here we go - another stress. DAMN, I can't get a job!! They want experienced people. What am I going to do? Ufff.. finally you got job - but you have no partner. Time is flying, you are alone and don't know where to find somebody. Suddenly, problems at work occured, your new manager is so bossy and you can't stand it!!! Yuppeee... you succeeded and found a partner, you are in love and everything is better. Anyway, you can't leave your job because you need money to save it for your future, right? What if you quit but won't find any good jog? I could continue like this.. but honestly I better won't - don't want to make you.. oopsss.. stressed!

Why is this topic so important? Well, I am sure that most of you know that stress is responsible for many serious health problems such as heart attack, cancer or depression, which is pretty alarming as it is about the quality of our life and as it might lead to our death.

In my opinion the first and the most importatnt step is to realize that we are stressed. Many people overlook the symptoms and take stressful siatuations as a part of their life, so many people live under the pressure as they got used to it but this is very, very dangerous. Usually the best observers are the people around us - our family members, friends and in such situations they should be sincere with us. They should come to us and ask: "Hey ....look, nothing against but lately you seem to be very tensed. Is anything wrong?" Honestly - such people should be awarded with the golden medals because they care, they want to give us their hand and we should do the same for others.. such exchange carring therapy should be common, don't you think?

So the first important thing is to be able to RECOGNIZE YOU ARE STRESSED.

In my discussion I asked you, what do you do, when you are stressed, so here are some of the answers:

- praying and if it doesn't help, pray more,

- eating sweets to overcome it,

- devoting myself fully to my hobbies and disconect myself from the rest of the world,

- crying alone, hidden from everybody.

- staying alone, being quiet and just with myself,

- doing nothing, let it control me,

- drinking vodka,

- trying to solve the problem, which stress me…

Well, none of them is for example my case because when I am stressed I am pretty dangerous as I freak out, I am very moody and sensitive. I would say this is very individual because there are more than 100 people out there with more than 100 opinions. Anyway, as we are already stressed and we do our best to get rid of it, what can really help us?

I am convinced that we all can make it, we all can kill stress, which is trying to control us. It is very individual because, what works on you, doesn't have to work on somebody else, however there are some basic rules we should follow to reduce stress (some of them are taken from our discussion, some of them are mine):

- get enough sleep (at least 7 hours + go to bed earlier in case you have problems to fall asleep),

- eat regularly, at least three times a day, avoid junk food and overeating,

- avoid drinking too much alcohol or taking drugs,

- start MOVING - many people are passive but do believe me that by moving – no matter if you want to run, work out, dance or do kickbox - such activities start chemical process in your body and the final effect - releasing of the endorphins – hormones of happiness, will help you to feel much more better, morevoer when you move you also kill all the negative energy inside of you,

- cry - just let your emotions go because it might make you feel released,

- focus on your hobbies - make time and try to get involved with your hobbies you love and feel free to get lost in your own world for several hours,

- listen to music, choose a genre - which makes you calm and relaxed, no matter if it is classical music or chillstep,

- TALK with your friends, relatives about your problems - this depends of course on your personality because it is hard to force an introvert to share their problems but the more you talk, the more you will feel released and less stressed and one never knows, who of your friends can help you or give you tips to solve the problem, which stress you..

Well.. I hope that some of the tips were useful, I hope that this blog was little bit helpful and even though I would like to wish you NO STRESS, which is a bit unrealistic, I will better say:

Don't let stress control you, better learn to control it ;-)

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I had no idea, what happened. I woke up and heard some steps running to me. the middle of the night lying on the path of the dark forest. I can hear my heart beating… beating so fast that I have problem to catch my breath. Suddenly weird flashbacks enlightened my mind and I was able to recall some of the sequences…

Me and my friends in the forest playing this silly game. All were blindfolded, all were trying to find one another and then... it happened. Linda started yelling so loudly, as if somebody was killing her. Firslty, I thought she was pretending this all but then ...this silence, which controled the whole forest scared the hell out of me. Even though I wasn't allowed to put a cloth off my eyes, I decided to breake this rule. I wanted to run away, I wanted to survive!

My run for life started. All these trees looked the same and the path seemed to be neverending. After some time I reached a hut, where I decided to hide myself. I had no idea, who was after me but I sensed them around. I got inside. Anyway, in a while I felt something weird on my neck, which bited me. I touched it and damnnn… It was a big hairy spider! I tried not to scream but left immidiately this place.

I ran like insane and luckily all of a sudden saw the dim light. Oh myy...that was awesome, I felt some hope, I imagined there would be a house from where I can call for help. When I got closer I realized I was wrong. It was an abondened building close to the graveyard with one light in front of it. Oh nooooooooo!!! It was too much!! I was totally lost. I became the victim of this scary forest!!! I felt so weak that I fainted.

When I woke up, I found myself on the path of the forest. I could hear somebody was running to me. I could hear my heart beating so fast that I had problem to catch my breath. I turned.. and finally saw it. I had no idea whether it was an animal or a human being, I just saw two weird X-ray eyes and the siluete. I knew this was my end, I knew it all was over. Linda was killed, now it was my turn. I was wondering, if I was the last of my friends, who survived. I gave it up, closed my eyes and was prepared for my death. I could just hear it approached me, started sniffing all over my body and then... to my surprise... it left…

"What???!!! Why not me?!!" I thought. Firstly, I was extremely lucky that I survived all this hell...however later in some minutes the first symptoms of my transformation started to appear. My hearing got much more better. I couldn't walk normally, felt like an ape, who has to use hands to walk on all four.. exactly like this weird creature did.. It was too late to rationally think… it was too late to realize that spider's bite was more dangerous than I thought...

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Halloween Challenge: My Horror Story

Hello guys, witches, zombies, sceletons and the rest, 

as Halloween is around the corner, it would be great to create here cool, scary atmosphere full of spooky moments, horror memories and terrifying imaginations!!! So... don't hesitate and let't just all gather and start our ..................  EC SCARY PARTY!

So, listen to me carefully but...wait, wait... fistly please turn back to check, if there isn't anybody standing behind you! Nothing? Are you sure? I bet you overheard something.. yeah it feels weird to feel the presence of something or somebody invisible, I know, I know...

Anyway, what did Luci weirdo prepare for you this time?

Well...your first step will be to check this cute gif (oh yeah it is coming to kill you!!) and try to focus on the start of YOUR OWN horror story described bellow...

"In the middle of the night you woke up laying on the path in the dark forest.  Suddenly you can hear the steps coming - almost running to you but can't see the siluete, just some two Xray eyes. Somebody is approaching you. Your heart beats faster, your fear controls you. In a while it all stops and you can finally see, who is in front of you. "Damn, what is it?!!" you think. It made you totally speechless...  Is it animal, human being, is it real or not? It is just here in the middle of the night right in front of YOU!

Did you faint? :D Come on, it is just our HALLOWEEN PARTY and the point is to scare each other as much as you can.

Now it is up to you to make this story complete but please start it with retelling by own words, what I have just described above and then continue...

Little hint: Don't forget about the spiders, sceletons or skulls, coffins and everything related to HALLOWEEN :)

Please... Give it title: Halloween Challenge: My Horror Story

What about one more bonus hint? Idioms related to FEAR? It might help you and maybe you can use them in your story too:

The heebie-jeebie

- it isn't any mysterious abrakadabra word but when something GIVES you heebie-jeebie, it means that it makes you scared.

Example: Believe me or not but in the middle of the night my own horror story I posted on EC gave me heebie-jeebie.

Scare the hell out of me

if somebody scares the hell out of you, they terrify you a lot, scare you to death :-)

Example: Looking in the mirror at night scared the hell out of me as I felt more and more inside of it…

Make one's blood run cold

if something makes your blood run cold – it means it FRIGHTENS you a lot!

Example: This witch boiling eyes of EC members made my blood run cold!

Well, guys, now let me please get back to work as I am busy with cooking and counting eyes in my soup....By the way..Whose eyes are those? Ooppss… Guess, these members won't be able to participate :D



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... and then one day

... and then one day

... and then one day they start slowly falling down,

sad tree losing its pride, losing its crown.

The sun is weaker, the wind is stronger,

all of these leaves can´t stay any longer...

... and then some day golden rain showers the street,

covered path, bench, even my favorite seat.

People dancing on the yellow carpet of leaves,

recalling nostalgic autumn memories...

... and then one day autumn magic will be gone,

lost between earlier sunset and later dawn.

Winter will hungrily eat everything alive,

nature is sleepy..but must fight to survive..

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Czech birthday celebration

Here in my country we love to celebrate birthdays. There are of course many reasons behind it but the most important is that we find very polite to wish our family members, friends, colleagues or boss. Either we do it personally, on the phone or via a text message. Do believe me some people might get even offended, if you forget their birthday.

The family celebrations with the closest relatives usually take part at home of the celebrated person (sometimes at the restaurant) on the weekend – usually on Saturday. Some people invite the visitors for lunch they cooked, others might start after lunch – depends on because it is very individual. The person who celebrates birthday should have birthday cake, right? So before the celebration you have to choose and order a cake, which is not a piece of cake :D You know, there are so many kinds of the cakes that one feels like – which one should I choose? Oh myyy, help me somebodyyyyy! As for me – sometimes I bake a cake, sometimes I order it. This year I baked the spider cake for my son but my daughter is more picky - she wanted a cake with the ponny or the unicorn. Well, as my abilities and skills aren't that good (just didn't want to spoil her birthday with some weird shape of something which would hardly look like the unicorn) I decided to order the cake and as you can see – it was really a masterpiece :)

So let's continue with our celebration. When we all gather after a few minutes of chatting and gossiping we create a queue of course that in front of it stands that person, who celebrates birthday and then others wish this person things such as good health, long life, many good friends, success at work, school etc., then they give kiss to this person (ususally on lips-hahaa-don't faint please) and afterwards everybody gives a gift. By the way during the whole celebration we také the pictures so that one should recall after some time such a nice day. Then it is time to unwrapp the gifts - I just love this moment - especially when it comes to my kids because their sincere happiness makes me happy too.

When we are done with the gifts we light up the candles on the cake (in case of kids usually-cant imagine so many candles on my cake :D), then it is time to blow them out and tradaaaaaaa.. we can cut the cake, eat it and drink coffee (kids limonade).

After finishing eating the cake, we open the bottle of champagne (for the kids - kid's champagne) or wine and we drink to the celebrated person. Cheerssss!!!! Well – drink doesn't mean we get drunk of course, I am talking about one two glasses of wine, beer or something else. We enjoy nice time we spend together, talk about everything and we also eat. What do we eat? Well some chips, cheeses and hahaaaa.. Czech special dish – chlebíčky (khlebi:chky) – let me translate it as "little breads". It is a special white long bread, which you cut, then put potato salad layer or some other salad on it, then ham – depends on you if chicken ham or some other ham, egg, piece of cheese, cucumber, tomato etc. It is sort of art because we decorate it like insane. Recently I found a video about a cool topic: "How foreigners see the Czech people" – so you can check the episode, in which they gave them chlebíček…(just skip the add and ignore the Czech subtitles because they speak of course in English)..

VIDEO - Chlebíčky

So this was in short something about our birthday celebration – of course then there are kid's birthday celebrations with friends, celebrations at work with colleagues etc. Hahaa.. we always have reason to celebrate as you can see...

Let me finish this blog with something like...

CHEERS AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU – no matter, when it was or will be!!!

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❤The Clouds❤

Looking up in the sky is my everyday ritual. I enjoy watching the various kinds of clouds moving slowly, swinging and blowing exactly, where the wind wants them to be.

Some clouds are cute and fascinating whereas others can be pretty moody! Sometimes they are hiding as the sun is shining the whole day and sky is just tediously blue...sometimes they are angrily sending the storm down to the Earth and sometimes they are just sad as they turn the sky to the depressive grey colour and shower us with cold rain.

Besides they can dance with such ease - especially when the first rays of sunrise enlighten them and change the colour of their dress to the sweet pink. They are so playful and funny - trying to entetain everybody around with their shapes. Changing within one minute from the pig to the witch or from the dragon to the innocent rabbit... they test our fantasy and we like to play their game...

Anyway, all these clouds come and go... exactly like people do. As you can see this circle of life is everywhere in the nature no matter if under the ground or up there in the sky...

So next time when you feel like relaxing.. raise your head and just enjoy the amazing show :)

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