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A Nightmare or A Daydream

A Nightmare or A Daydream 


Marie Lorabelle Reboya 


Lady Harmony

You are always on my mind.

Though my body is resting,

but still my mind is working.

I think I saw you a long time

I am begging you,

Please let me kiss you.

Hug me tight, don’t let me go.

I am not staying for a long time

I know you aren’t mine.


You ask me something with astonishments

You think always that I can’t.

I answered you; it’s a plea

Just please care to listen.

And when you speak

You can’t say those words

I know I am bored,

Waiting for three words.


I can’t speak? I don’t get it.

Promise I won’t take it,

all the things that you’ve left.

It seems you’ve created your own twist.

The songs or story you made from right to left.

While I’m finding the right words

Holy shit it’s now 12midnight, but

I’m still composing this masterpiece.

I’m suddenly sleeping & forgetting what’s next.

Oh oh shit I’m stuck up with this, and

I don’t know if a poem, a lyrics or a script.

Nah Nah! Oh boy, it’s hard to complete.


Now I’m wandering on my dreams

Is it a nightmare or daydreams?

Like a twilight story I’m screaming

In the woods there are wolves,

& a bloody handsome man smiling,

holding his chest turning to beast.

Growling his fangs, & running as fast as he can.

He pulls me over on that coffin

I’m sweating & suddenly stop breathing.

Oh please somebody save me back home.

One last breathe of harmony

Are you trying to deceive me?

Quit mesmerizing your eyes in me,

I’m hypnotized like earth’s gravity.


      He ask me to sleep & feel his blood rising

Until his trials of injecting his sharp fangs

Someone came out from a distance.

Hey, who are you?

I can only see a shadow

Pull me closer with his hands.

I’m now back to reality

I kept questioning if it’s a nightmare, a daydream or a chaos in me.


Aaah yeah!

Oh I want to sleep,

I know you still can’t breathe

I hope I can send a message ahead,

with just one click or beep

Can’t wait to see you again on my dreams

I want you to ceased me screaming

Only you & me kissing

Changing a beast to his best

How I wish I could

still be that princess you need.

I can create magic & chants

That makes your heart dance

& bring back your Love.



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Our background song in this Poem: You can check

LIFE IS WORTH LIVING by Justin Bieber (Cover by ME & Vonte Moon ) 

COLD WATER by JUSTIN BIEBER (Collaborated with Me) 

LOVE YOURSELF by Justin Bieber (Collab by ME)

Years Without You

(Years Without You was an original creation by:


An instant Poem that can be a song

I never thought I can,

Moving On after years without seeing you

nor asking a supports from you.

I did it for us not for me.

What's the purpose of living together

if both were not happy or no respect at all?

I am better without you,

Not so well off but free.

Sometimes I can't imagine

How did I passed all through,

A couple of years of 2-5 without you.

When you say go away I'm better without you

I want to shout how dare you.

The time I leave you , I felt I was out in a box

The thorns were gone, as  well as

the needles pinning off my mind.

To be honest , you robbed me from someone 

better than you, I never thought you can do

things that I saw after we've been together.

I am better knowing a gangster then change for a better,

than knowing a simple lover, becoming a monster.


Years without you was devastating, 

It's like a rain that drops inside my lungs

At first it's hard to breathe & shortens my tongue

I feel drowning in my own tears & keep asking? 

Why...... me , it's humiliating but i'm accepting

that through this year's I'm going to get better. 

It's not easy, but I am over. 

to be continue....................................

Listen to Justin Bieber Song ...

The Real Singer & Composer of this beautiful song for you to reflect my dear EC Clubbers.

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This life  I must be, 

silent but it was great. 

Happy but I am quite,

What I must showing a bit? 

I am not a hypocrite girl,

but all tears & sadness I kept hid.

When was the last time I mimic,

with my astonished & flickered jerk.

Silent yes I am, 

Dangerous is all they accused. 

As if you are making crimes

For unknowingly love by someone. 

Don't accused me as a robber,

nor a mistressed by your lover. 

Silent But Dangerous as they called; but 

my heart is pure & helpful to people. 

Forget me not , investigate & live not in fear

Just be fair for your words , 

for yes I am Dangerous with my prayer

& wishing you a positive whisper. be continue

vocabulary : 



  1. (of light or a source of light) shine unsteadily; vary rapidly in brightness:
    "the interior lights flickered and came on"
    synonyms: glimmer · glint · flare · dance · gutter · twinkle · sparkle · 
  2. make small, quick movements; flutter rapidly:
    "her eyelids flickered" · 
    synonyms: flutter · quiver · tremble · shiver · shudder · spasm · jerk · 


  1. an unsteady movement of a flame or light that causes rapid variations in brightness:
    "the flicker of a candle flame caught our eyes"
  2. a tiny movement:
    "then a flicker of movement caught his eye"
Powered by Oxford Dictionaries · © Oxford University Press · Translation by Bing Translator 


  1. a quick, sharp, sudden movement:
    "he gave a sudden jerk of his head"
    synonyms: yank · tug · pull · wrench · tweak · twitch · jolt · lurch · 
  2. informal
    a contemptibly obnoxious person.


  1. move or cause to move with a jerk:
    "the van jerked forward" · 
    synonyms: yank · tug · pull · wrench · wrest · drag · pluck · snatch · 
Powered by Oxford Dictionaries · © Oxford University Press · Translation by Bing Translator
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Confusing Neither & Either

I don't have money on my pocket.


       1. Me neither.

(it means---> Me also I don't have money in my pocket )

             2. I don't either

             3. Neither do I.

I don't is a negative auxiliary.. 

To understand more play this video.

The agreements above are for negative. We have Positive agreements the most commonly used.

Positive Agreements


2. I think so too.

3. I do too.

4. I concur - commonly used in IELTS.

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It was a horrible nightmare again, Angel had a very bad night sleeping. It was a dreamed that her mother was shaking her on her arms. After awhile, she saw again a horrible chinese man putting her at the blue crib with 2-3 other kids.

One is like sleeping dead, she sleeps on it while the baby boy was sleeping and the 3 other young kids were about to stand up. It's like a throwback. She saw that chinito guy that put her on a crib. She doesn't know why, all she knows she feels better because she was sleeping on the other house before she went to the bed. It's a twist, really a twist .

She's wondering if that boy is a robber or kidnapper but he promise I'll get you in due time. Until then she woke up after an hour it's dinner time. She was feeling bad, she feels she was thrown up on a pit with her father. She is now about to wake up on bed, she doesn't know why her dreams went bad. She closed her eyes again, thinking it was unconscious mind. She cries hard looking for a hug she felts better the first time she went to that blue baby crib. Her spirits flown away from the kids and went back again. When angel had her eyes closed, she felt she's in Mars or Jupiter. She saw galaxies , stars and universe with a big hollow surrounded with a violet rays. She wonders where she came from. Some piece of her were broken she don't know. She asks herself , Am I alien? 

She saw some babies from the crib was not around anymore, and she's asking where did you put them? She doesn't know why all her love went away. Are they scared, or just getting some money because of her. She saw herself that maybe some days she will also get by other parents. Someone will adopt her. Until one day she saw a curly hair on her dreamed that was gun by another guy and fell away from the ground while they were having dinner on a dark rentals. She suffered 6 years in a very tight rentals, with a very strict maids who kept changing from time to time. She almost forgot the day were she felt lost at the nearby ocean.

She's fighting to forget childhood, and she laters feel numb. She was awake and she heard her mother cooked some smoked fish and other dish at the table. 

Mother: What's wrong with you?

Because she's 6 years old she was in shocked and full of questions of why?

Angel: ah ah ahm okey ... I'll sleep early. Can you please read some bedtime stories.

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Angel is now around 5 going to 6 she had a little memories, she had her last memory remembered. It was a bracelet that rings a bell. She loves wearing that bells. Her parents keep on giving her a memorable token. She woke up with cries & she had a bad nightmare. She keeps asking where do I came from. She saw a girl that keeps on giving her a mock face that really giving her a grudge. She also seen some bad mens from an awkward rental place who knocked down their house. She also seen a woman walking down that never say anything. She's also shocked but she called it her mother. All her life was a mixed of emotions. She lives in fear, she heard some bad guys knocking and looking for her. Her mother said it was a prison guys from the west. Some are real but some are nightmares. She saw again a woman calling her at the seashore asking her to come with her then suddenly gone . She's wearing a white dress on sea while there are some waves on it.  Angel is like a mystery, she's a blessings as her friends call her. She loves observing people, and think so hard sometimes. 

After a year later..... 


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The Lost Twins

One day 2 baby girl with an age of around 2-3 years old was lost from the ship. They were both carried by their fat mom. They came from Canada. That tragedy was a very bad experience since angel is the only one left from the middle of seashore with her mom, but someone told her that her mom was already dead. She was looking for her twin sister around 11 noon after she came to see a fat woman whom she thinks it was her mom.

It was around lunch time she was crying believing that her real mom was dead or so. She was nearly getting crazy but she was trying to control her cries & mimic. She was so confused and keep looking to her twin sister. Everything she saw she's asking where is mom?

She thought It was only a mistakes, she also look for her twin sister but she almost forget her dad and other things about her life even her age & real name because of concussion. She doesn't even know how she survived on that bad tragedy. It was really remorse, but she was hoping with her new family to accept her. Every time she went to a beach she remembered the fat woman with a big tummy that it was her mom. Until such time she almost forget everything , but later on she became confused. She became an artist at the age of 4 or so. She went to some people showing her pictures, asking is that you? She wondering why she's on the top table of the resort. Then she was taken picture again. 

She was always wondering why many were taking some pictures on her, she was thinking that the family she was with were getting more money than her. Later on she almost forgot what her past life, the tragedy wherein every time she sleeps she saw all the big waves, the woman on the sea whom she can't define because it's like no face. Her new mother was having a story telling everyday to tell her about fairytales & fantasy believing all the lies.

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The Sexy & Healthy Family - 2


After 45 Days of Work-Out

After working hard from the gym Mon went back to Monique.

Mon:I am the stout one as you called me before. But I notice you are not bubbly. 

Monique: Yes maybe.

Mon: Do you think being sexy is very important? You saw me before, right? I was so fat and sometimes cannot even see the floor when I walk? 

Monique: Yes, I just challenge you. It is not only for myself it's for your future.

Mon: Yes , you have your point.

Monique: But honestly I have my 20% cheating diet after 80% abstinence.

Mon:What's that? My coach does not told me about 80/20 diet.

Monique: Well I just knew it from a friend in USA. But do you know how big I am before? I am weighing 175-200 lbs. With a waist of 34 & it's very bad. Way back 2011 was so bad for me. 

To be continue.............................

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The Sexy & Healthy Family

One day there was a Man live in the city. His name is Mon, he was very stout that makes him look ugly.  He loves eating more meats than eating vegetables. He wants to get the "YES" of her gf who lives from uptown of the city & her name is Monique. Monique wants her monday a very tough time for work in the field. She's the heir of the ranch of her great grandmother who passed away just recently. She learned eating vegetables with her grandma and father. She is not choosy in her food. Before she hates eating squash, eggplant & especially ampalaya but later on until now she loves those green leafy vegetables and other veggies from the neighboring farm. They used to eat what they planted, create food for a living by their own bare hands. 

Mon is walking down the town, wherein Monique was harvesting her few vegetables. 

Mon: Hi darling!

Monique: Who are you? You are not familiar to me?

Monique was very upset & not very interested in looking even though his face was cute he was stout that time & sweaty.

Mon: I always look at you most of the time.

Monique: Really but I don't notice a stout like you here.

Mon: Ok next time you will no longer see me like this.

Monique: I like you when you come back eating with me with my harvest. We will do picnic with some grilled fish or fresh meat while watching the blue sky.

Mon: Ok , I am so excited.

The next day after 30-45 days of workout & abstinence of eating too much meat, Mon went back and say hello to Monique.

Mon: Hi Monique?

Monique: Who are you?

Mon: I am the one who keeps going with you. I am no longer fat & I have muscles. 

Monique: Really, is that you?

Mon: Yes, I owe these things with you...

What will happen next....

To be Continue

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PUSSY cat where have you been? 
The cat : I went out with my friends. 
But where?
The cat: At the pub house.
So what have you drink?
The cat: Just beer.
You never ate some food?
The cat: Yes only beers. I hate eating when I drink.
But why you have some butter? 
The cat: Yes I ate some few butter.
At the pub?
The cat: Yes there's a butter on "SISIG". Have you tried eating that?
YES but never seen butter. Only sizzling plate with some mayo not butter.
The cat: Whatever.... I love butter but now it's gone.

                               Please write the correct USAGE IN ENGLISH.

                                TENSES: PAST TENSE

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The Time I Said Stop


Stop using me & imitating me,

when I decided to stop 

please do your best shot till it last.

Make up your mind 

and decide one.

It is over & stop using my name

don't make me feel lame.

Stop being a selfish,

please decide now &

start to accomplish.

was relaxing & patiently waiting,

until you came just to ruin everything.

All of us were in chaos, 

& now were both confuse.

I said to stop,

& listen to my feelings.

I stop believing & fighting, 

and all words needs an ending.

Actions speaks well,

words can also moves the hill

If you use all your words well

maybe your passions is not 

at all waste imaginations.

I want to stop, and win you back, 

& I was haunted in a mock.

I wish all these words would whisper

your heart, mind, body & soul . 

When the time I said stop 

is also the time I punished myself, but

I am glad I am over from calling you "buttercup".

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Most Basic Way to Manage Wrath

Wrath is one of the most mortal sins in Roman Catholic. Though I don't see wrong experiencing wrath sometimes, but of course being in wrath can result to unexpected conditions. If you can't control anger you may experience headache, & sometimes results to killing others or killing yourself. 

Here are some ways on how to manage it;

1. Exercise Self-Talk

2. Tap your face with your ring finger w/ other 2 fingers like massaging it. Relax your jaw, dilate your eyes & breathe well. 

3. Inhale & Breathe - Probababa....3-5x.

4. You can sing "I'm so Pretty"

5.Learn to say what you feel. I experience this sometimes.

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FROM ( 1-4- to 1-11-2016) Chrisbelle Homeschool Direct - Positive Recipe Activity


"Tiramisu Dessert of Joy "


1 pack of Knowledge Graham Crackers

1 pack of Humble All Purpose Cream

1 can of Angelic Charm Condense

1/2 Powder Peaceful Mind Jelly Powder as toppings

10 thin Lovely Smile Mango Slice 


In a "Bowl of Life" Mix first all the liquid ingredients such as the following;

  • 1 pack of Humble All Purpose Cream
  • 1 can of Angelic Charm Condense 

Mix it with a whip or spatula till it is creamy. If  you think you have enough graham then double the recipe.

On a separate casserole boil 2.5 cups of water with 1/2 Powder Peaceful Mind Jelly Powder till its jelly form. Set aside & put it on top of your Tiramisu Dessert of Joy with 10 thin Lovely Smile Mango Slice .

Put a layer of Knowledge Graham Crackers as a foundations. At least 4-6 pieces appropriate to your baking pan, then alternately pour  the bowl of life mix cream. On top of the layer of Knowledge Graham Crackers put some 10 thin Lovely Smile Mango Slice , and sealed it with Peaceful Mind Jelly Powder as toppings. Let it cool for 3-4 hours till molded & a little frozen.

Share it to others to feed their heart & mind.

Note: I just change the brand from some virtues to make you happy & give hope to all of us. 


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Writing Challenge: Mr. & Ms. EC Q & A

  1. What do you like most in this club?  Why?

I like so many things here in English Club. First of all, I would like to thanks Lady Anne, for supporting all my live blog writings. Secondly, we learn culture to culture by skype chat to others and not only english but also other languages. As a tutor I gain more exposure and online experiences in collaborative learning & teaching process. I learn how to handle myself, update some skills in speaking, accepts criticisms, learning from true to life stories and many more. What I really like most about english club is getting leads & contacts for my business or future career. I can also get so many resources in tutoring and even learning materials for myself. You can add photo, collaborate, video & it's more educational and sometimes relaxations to collaborate with other teachers or students. People here are very caring but sometimes they are rude, however there are some people who can help you grow.

If you have the chance to speak to Josef Essberger about the state of English environment in this club, what would you tell him? 

I want to tell him about some rude students, but I want to tell him about changing the chat room. Before we can do video chat on this site, but now no more & no more white board. I want also to have a blog contest with cash prizes or any certificate tokens of appreciations. I want also give his club a certificate of appreciations for having free resources for everyone. I want also to tell him about affiliate links wherein there must be a private class for those who can pay. I want also to allow him to monetize a blog and allow us to put html button for paypal donations for every blog.

If there is one thing you can do to change a section in this club, what will it be? Why?

I want to disallow any screen name when chatting in private discussions, so we can address their name accurately. In addition, I want more blog features such as justifying the writing format. Add video call & android applications so students can download this through online. I want also to have a quiz built in type through blog or survey type that has analytic survey results. I want also to put some variety type of questions after blog that will automatically tell whether your questions is write or wrong.

What do you think is the best section in EC that has made your English learning improved? Why?

Well, I improved well in talking to opposite sex. I am not easily distracted. I can control myself and I learn to redirect others & express myself freely. I am becoming more friendly & entertaining with my blogs. I improved more on blogging & creating many topics. Aside from that I learned many expressions from UK & USA.

Who is the most influential person in your life? Why?

The most influential person in my life is Tara & Joseff because they made this site not only for themselves but for everyone. I am studying Instructional Management few years ago but this site is growing; therefore, I have some future in meeting good & successful people from other country.

What is the relevance of learning English in your life, in your society and in your environment?

The relevance of learning English in my life, is the ability to earn money through blog writings, or business communications, & creating a lessons for kids or even training programs for old students. Learning English is the most basic part of our life to express our emotions to the person we want to speak up. Knowing the language will helps you eradicate from being poor or lame as long as you have the knowledge to express yourself. English speaking is the best way to communicate against terrorism to help them become an open minded person. It also helps to empower other business by lifting up through commenting & begin starting a new business formulations.

It is also a way to keep the peace against some parts of the country. If they understand how to write, read & comprehend maybe there will be no wars because everyone has a better communications & understanding with each others. There will be ways of considerations to defend yourself, creating policy, & exemptions.

Everyone will be more globally competitive once they know the English language & everyone can practice the freedom of speech. There will be an equality between man & woman in all countries. 

What do you think is the greatest problem that EC is facing today? Explain.

I think the biggest problem of EC are sponsors, we need sponsors & real students. Aside from that TARA BENWELL is now working in a company. I think EC needs more moderator & volunteers to continue influencing others. 


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Create your reflections about this poem. 

  1. Is there any experiences in your life that you had been rejected or failed but you became better after all? 
  2. Do you think this kind of poem uplifts you? If yes, then do you have anything to share? Create your positive outlook to overcome bad experiences to move on.
  3. Create your own inspirational poem at least 1-3 stanza.

If you can't be a pine on the top of the hill
Be a scrub in the valley--but be
The best little scrub by the side of the rill;
Be a bush if you can't be a tree.

If you can't be a bush be a bit of the grass,
And some highway some happier make;
If you can't be a muskie then just be a bass--
But the liveliest bass in the lake!

We can't all be captains, we've got to be crew,
There's something for all of us here.
There's big work to do and there's lesser to do,
And the task we must do is the near.

If you can't be a highway then just be a trail,
If you can't be the sun be a star;
It isn't by size that you win or you fail--
Be the best of whatever you are!

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