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  • He is a wow one. :P

  • She really deserved that!

    Thank you for letting me know, dear.

  • Yellow Ribbon
  • Hi Lady Anne!

    Thanks for your corrections and regular replies, by the way, I wonder why you remember me of a tough teacher I had in my childhood :/ She wasn't my favourite teacher even scared me although admit I learned a lot with her.
    Her favourite saying was 'La letra con sangre entra' something like: 'to spare the rod is to spoil the child' :D
    Keep it up!
  • Thank you ya Anne ^^

    I hope I get higher score in the coming quiz. 



    I wanna add you as administrator.

    Can you find me on facebook by clicking the following link

    Into Wiser One In Five Minutes
    Into Wiser One In Five Minutes, Yangon. 1,080 likes. Time to Treasure
  • 2391723401?profile=original

  • Thanks dearest sister, you always encourage me... It's because of you
  • For your information Lady Anne, please do read:

  • It is good and very nice if you prefer halal meats, you know we Muslims, who declare themselves liberals (thanks Allah they are few in number) do not care much.

    Once one of my bosses from my previous job told me his own experience.  He was travelling in airplane and forgot to mention for Muslim meal while reserving his air ticket.  When the air hostess handed him over the meal menu, he very indifferently marked some dishes.  His neighbour in the seat beside him was a Jew (Jew strictly follow the HALAL and HARAM especially in food), asked him what he has marked for his meal.  He told about the dishes.  The Jew called back the hostess and remark the meals for my boss telling him that he marked the dishes containing haram meat. (Pork).

    So you see. how we are liberalizing ourselves from Allah, and then complain that why we are in trouble through out the world, when we are MUSLIMS.

    MUSLIM means the one who submits himself/herself before the will of Allah Unconditionally.  

    (If I get time I will try to explain 'Unconditionally' later though I am not a Muslim scholar.

This reply was deleted.

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