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Hello Guys!

It has been a while since I last posted a blog; I have been very busy getting adjusted with college life. You know, I am just a freshman student and I have to get used to all of the activities carried on, on campus.

As we all know right now Climate change is one of the world pressing issue that is affecting our lives and has drawn the intentions of scientists and experts around the world.It is a cause for concern and is caused by many things that people do around the world.

It is mainly cause by deforestation, burning of fossil fuel, wish lead to global warming and also the increase in greenhouse gasses.

As a Environmental Science student, I am very passionate in helping to stop some of these problems we are face with in our environment and the world at large.

Human is the major cause of climate change because of the increase in deforestation, the continue burning of fossil fuel etc. In other to stop climate change we need to accept the fact that we are the cause of our problem so that we can stop causing those problems.

I will appreciate if I get more idea from you guys on how to stop climate change. Please let me know of my grammatical errors.

Thanks All.

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Writing Prompt ~ Future Goals

In this 2015, I am going to exercise every morning in order to lose weight. I am going to  read most my favorite books during my leisure time. I am going to study harder so that I can get higher marks in all of my upcoming exams. I am going to stay focus, keep humble, and respectful to all of my family and friends. I am not going to allow anyone to make me feel less, I am not going to think about people that don’t considered me to be someone important. I am not going to sleep too much whenever I am not busy. Instead I will keep doing things that will benefit me in times to come. I am going to love my family more than ever before, I am going to keep being that good girl that daddy wants me to be.  It's all because I want this year to be a good and bless year for me.

Thanks friends for reading and I look forward for your comments and corrections

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Writing Prompt ~Good or Well?

Hi Sara,

How are you doing?

While, I was in a taxi this morning on my way to work, and I overheard some girls talking many good things about you.

They said. You are a very good girl who behaves well whenever you are among them. You have good manner of approach. You always perform well in your exams. You like to mingle with good people who will make positive impacts in your life. You love to do good things during your leisure time. You have good relationships with all of your team mates. You perform well in all of the activities carry on in school.  And you have good leadership skills because you do all of your assignments well and on time as their team leader.

That tells me that, you are indeed a good girl who means well for her life and the life of others. Keep on the good work Sara.



To all of my fellow EC members,please correct me for error!!!!

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Short Story Challenge- Putu (Need Child)

My Story.

Once there lived a lady called Putu. She used to be very humble and kind living on Peace Island with her hubby. Putu was desperately in need of child because she hasn't been able to bear children for 10 years after her wedding.

Because of that, she always had knife in her bed room with the perception that if she doesn’t get a child from now to the end of the year, she’s definitely going to kill herself.

That attitude of her was very Alien to her hubby. He begin to worry so much to the extent that he started to torture her every day and night. Because of the worried, He constantly had Toilet Paper in his pocket instead of his handcuff chief.  

In doing so, Putu was in the constant habit of destroying all of the items her hubby brought for her, she destroyed everything including the flash Light she had in her dining room.    

Since then, Putu is still in need of child. She said, she will continue to destroy if her hubby doesn’t give her a child.

The End!!!

Thanks everyone for reading this funny blog of mine.

Corrections please!!

Funny Challenge lol!!

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Dialogue Challenge: Senatorial Elections

Hello Friends,

Here is my dialogue between Peter and Paul. Right now, we have an upcoming senatorial election which will be held in December.

Peter & Paul

Peter: Hi Paul, What’s up??

Paul: I am fine Peter. Please tell me who are you going to vote for in the upcoming Senatorial Elections?

Peter: I am going to vote for Ambassador George Weah of course.

Paul: George Weah? What has he really done for our county when it comes to peace building and development that make you think he’s going to be a good senator?

Peter: George Weah is the people choice, as we all know that he was once the best football player in Africa, Weah is a typical Liberian who knows exactly what his people need, I am 100% sure that when Mr. Weah is elected as Senator for this county, he's going make a big difference.

Paul: Yes, Mr. Weah is the people choice and once a Peace Ambassador for Liberia, he was really mute when he had that position, he did not resolve any conflicts; he did not make peace between this fellow citizens. All he did was to keep traveling from one country to another having good time with his family and friends while his people had so many problems that needed to be resolved.

Peter: Sure, but let’s give him a try, I think he’s going to make a big difference this time around.

Paul: No Peter! There is nothing like giving a try when it comes to the development of our county. Please think twice before going to the poll to cast your vote. One thing you need to know is to learn how to make the right decision when it comes to elections.

Peter: Okay Paul thanks for that, I will think about it.

Please correct me if i make any mistakes.


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Writing Prompt ~ A Piece of Advice

Hello Fatu,

You asked me to Advise you on how to handle money, here are the piece of advice I have for you. 

Never use whatever money you have carelessly. Remember to always use your money to get or do things that will benefit you tomorrow. As we all know that money plays a very important role in our life. So, I advice you to always be careful on how to mange whatsoever you have the best way you think you can handle it.

I hope you will take this piece of advice in to consideration, remember Peter gave Sara similar advice last week when she was leaving for Vacation.

Your sister,


Hello friend, please correct me if i made any mistakes.


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Health care in West Africa!

Hello guys! I will really appreciate if you give me your suggestions on my blog.

As we all know that the Ebola situation in west Africa has killed thousand of people in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.

Some says that the deadly Ebola virus is killing thousand of people because of the poor health care system in those effected country and other says that Ebola virus is a man made virus sent to Africa for population reduction. 

What do you really make of this Ebola situation in west Africa?  and what do you think are the causes?  and also what needs to be done in other to strengthen the healthcare system if you think its weak and need strengthening. 

Thanks everyone, I look forward to your comments and suggestions.


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Happy Birthday to My President

Hello Guys!

Today mark the 76 birthday of African first female president, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (President of the republic of Liberia).

Happy birthday Madam President, I wish you all the best as you celebrate your birthday today, May the Almighty grant you more knowledge and understanding.

Happy Happy Birthday to you!!!

Hey EC members images.jpg, I will appreciate if you join me in wishing my president a happy day.


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How to stop procrastination?

Hello guys, I really want to know some of the best ways and the best things to do in order to stop procrastination?

I ask this question because procrastination is really part of me, I am always in the habit of doing my home work and assignment very late.

for that, I always face problem and I make a lot of mistakes in most of my work, because I don't give my self enough time to proof read and to edit.

I really want to get away with that habit, because i would like to meet up with all of my tasks at the right time.

Thanks Everyone!

I await your comments and suggestions.

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