American Date (Clark's)

       Shelly lived in Washington and she was really sceptical about men. It was due to her bad experience with her former boyfriend who had cheated her. She hadn’t gone out for a date for a long time. She had a funny thought that she was…

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Describe A person ( Tanya's)

Mary works in an advertising company and has a new colleague. His name is Mark. His handsome look catches much of ladies’ attention in the office but Mary doesn’t like him at all.  For her, Mark is really a snobbish and sarcastic. Well, when they…

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Naughty John (Theme: Nightmares)

  There was a boy named John. He was very naughty and loved to disturb things around. He rarely listens to his parents. He thought that all advices were just wasting of time. People called him Naughty John because of his…

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^Ka_ty^ and Pham thi hang are now friends
Jun 27
^Ka_ty^ commented on Danny Clark's blog post Writing Challenge: Let's Travel in Time
"Dear Teacher Danny,
I have network problem in my place. Will send a story soon...happy to be back."
May 18
^Ka_ty^ left a comment on Improving Grammar with Tanya and Dan
"thank u so much,teacher Dan.
sorry for my mistake, the word is actually find. Ok,the answer is 'are…"
May 18
^Ka_ty^ left a comment on Improving Grammar with Tanya and Dan
"sorry sir, could u please give the explanation too?for my recent question.thanks so much:)"
May 18
^Ka_ty^ left a comment on Improving Grammar with Tanya and Dan
"tq, so much teacher Dan n Tanya.
I have a question..again:)
They found a large area where there ___…"
May 18
^Ka_ty^ left a comment on Improving Grammar with Tanya and Dan
"Dear Tanya and Dan,
what's the correct sentence to ask if I want to know if the person has just wok…"
May 18
^Ka_ty^ left a comment on Improving Grammar with Tanya and Dan
"Tq, teacher Dan."
May 18
^Ka_ty^ commented on dara gino's blog post Yabcooka/ Arabic diphthong and synonyms
"Nice story Mr. Dara. Thank you for teaching us some arabic words. Your story is funny indeed:)"
May 18

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