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Hello guys! Just here to exclude one letter from twenty six letters of English.
It is just begun when I checked out my English club Inbox. Then my mind blows
upon seeing this writing prompt in blog .

I just like to introduce little of me
for those who people who don't know me.

I live from the republic of the Philippines,  member of this club since twenty fifteen.
I think this site is very useful for English students ,just those people who
like to to improve their English will definitely get the benefit in using this site.

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  1. What do you think is the best section in EC that has made your English learning improved? Why?

          Definitely, I will answer that the best section in EC that has made my English learning improved is the chatroom, the reason is when I am chatting at this section, It is easier for me to figure it out if my english conversation is understandable ,when someone is replying on my response at any topic. and it its a fun way too, because you are communicating with real people here and you can feel those connections like you are just talking in  reality. and for me the chatroom helps me to think fast and to think english rather than my native language, and the best part of it on my side is I can make friends at this section.

I didn't have time to edit my answer. that is my rush answer :D:D

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Caught Short


Layne : At the end of the week, I'm always caught short.

Kurt: That's because money burns a hole in your pocket. I don't feel sorry for you.

Layne How can I tighten my belt?

Kurt : You're going to have to do without in order to get along.

Layne I know. I'll try brown bagging it. Within a short time I'll be in the chips again.

Vocabulary :

caught short : having an insufficient supply { especially money  ) when needed

burn a hole in one' pocket : to be spent quickly

feel sorry for : pity

tighten one's belt : economize, spend and use less

do without : live without something

get along : manage

brown bag : bring one's lunch from home

in the chips : having plenty of money

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Raking it In

Conversation :

                    John: He was on the casino and started to make a bundle.                              He was really raking it in.

                    Brad:  I bet he thought he had it made.

                    John:  Then he started losing his shirt.

                    Brad : With his temper he probably hit the ceiling.

                    John:  Sure, The casino took him to the cleaners.

                    Brad:  Was he a good sport?

                    John:  Oh no he was a sore loser.

Vocabulary :

make a bundle : make a lot of money

rake it in : make a lot of money

have it made :be sure of success, have everything

lose one's shirt : lose all one's money

take someone to the cleaners : win all someone's money, cheat                                                           someone

good sport : person who loses well

sore loser : person who gets angry when he loses

Hit the ceiling : get angry


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Diane :     You're a clotheshorse.

Kim :        I know. I love dressing up.

Diane :     Do you shop around a lot for bargains?

Kim :        I'm lucky. I work for a department store and I get a discount on                             merchandise.

Diane :     That's great because everything is sky-high.

Kim :        Yes, it's difficult making ends meet.

Diane :      We have to cut corners.

Kim :        Me too, I've cut down on luxuries.


clotheshorse :     a conspicuously well'dressed person

dress up :           were one' best clothes

shop around :      look in many stores

great :                terrific, wonderful

sky-high:            expensive

make ends meet : balance one's budget,meet one's payments

cut corners :         limit one's buying

cut down on :         use less, reduce

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Leo : I'm repeatedly running out of food.

Nardo : Why don't you pick up some odds and ends at the grocery?

Leo : Because I'm fed up with having to foot the bill. I don't like to throw my money down the drain.

Nardo : Have your room mates chip in?

Leo : No, just skip it.


run out of : finish the supply, use up

pick up : obtain,get

odds and ends : miscellaneous items

fed up with : disgusted with, had enough of

down the drain (tubes) :wasted,lost

chip in : contribute,give jointly

skip : forget,pass over

foot the bill : pay

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In my opinion English is some kind of different when English natives speak ,because they use a lot of slangs, idiomatic expressions and phrasal verbs, which for non native English speakers find it difficult to understand. So I share it to you guys, so we could learned from it.

here is an example;

Layne : I feel like having a ball, Let's splurge.

Kurt : I cant come with you, I'm broke.

Layne: Nothing to be worry. I'll pick up the tab. Im loaded today. I'll treat you.

Kurt : No, we'll go Dutch. I dont like freeload.

Here is the meaning of slangs used on the conversation

have a ball = enjoy one's self, have a good time

splurge = spend a lot of money for something

broke = having no money

pick up the tab = pay the bill

loaded = having lots of money

treat = pay for someone else

go Dutch =each pay for himself/herself

freeload =get things that others pay for

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My first year on EC

My first year on EC

I don't know what was the exact date where I began to be a member in this site. I'm just amazed upon checking up my Email that I just have been a member in November, 2013. Yes, I forgot that I signed up for this site, or perhaps that time I often sign in, in a couple of English learning websites where after signing up, I became not much interested or I could say I'm lack of Enthusiasm about learning English.

Just in the last week of February 2014, I was very bored ,that I want to learn something new, to ease myself by making a new hobby that is interesting. Instantly, It just came to my head that what if I'm going to study English. I'm just thinking of an idea that moment that I want to find for a website where I could interact to chats and to find any person who want to talk with me over Skype.

I searched to Google, for any sites which I could interact thru chat rooms. Fortunately, I discovered English Club main-room. The First thing I did was to learned what was happening there, what was the conversations all about and I often just go to the main-room to find anyone who want to talk with me on the Skype. It's a kind of pain on my neck that only few people were interested for what I'm asking about,for they are not interested to use Skype for practicing their English or Maybe, I didn't know what were their reasons. As time goes by, I became comfortable using the Main chat. It just happened that I became momentarily familiar to those people who were very active and still It was difficult for me to communicate ,convey my ideas with them ,as like I see my English was poor.

I found friends and often talk on Main room, whenever I'm free.,day by day I felt a little progress.It just happened that It became easy for me to express my thoughts on chats.I also found friends who use the group conversations over the Skype , It was just so fun, though Its hard for me to communicate with them. Its really kind of I adored those people, that they were very good in English. I just said to myself , Someday, I will be similar like them who could talk English quite easily. It was just turned out that this group conversations in Skype became Inactive. Somehow, Somewhat I talked to Skype with people not so often. Until, I forgot using Skype. The Main-room became just a daily routine. I read some of the blogs which had a captivating titles for me. I tried to publish my own blog too. Just because my friends often convinced me to write anything. "Thanks for them". Until it just happened that I felt that my English conversation on speaking was weak, the reason was I didn't enjoy much talking to anyone to Skype very much ,because they often on and off then suddenly gone forever. And I'm just shy to ask them again anymore that I knew already what would be their answers, if I ask them if they want to talk with me or free perhaps.

Last Dec. 2014 I concentrated on my speaking, I'm very fortunate that I found people who were willing to give their time to speak with me , They were my friends.  Lucky me, I became also one of many regular students on Skype created by a teacher ,this is for free and very informative one.

So. this is my first year, Thank you English club and to all of my very supportive friends. A year of full of fun, learning and having good friends of me. Finally, it is paying now what I have been started.

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It was a hot summer night, Someone knocked the door, on our simple bungalow house, I opened the door, I saw a dirty clothed ,very old woman in our wooden simple door. I am exhaustively hungry! she said. Please come in, and I will give you food to eat, I said. I cooked food for her, My specialty, a crispy spicy delicious fried chicken. I gave her also our native smoking hot brown rice.

After she ate my special spicy delicious food. I told her to stay over in our house for a night, outside is not safe, I said, because on the midnight of hot weathered summer last year, they were two young drunk men killed by a pack of hungry fiercely wolves, in our small isolated village.

The very old woman stranger, stayed her night in our simple bungalow home. At dawn, of a hot summer day. I checked her and she was gone on her bed.

I found a rusty antic metal, small box on her bed where she slept, with a piece of a small colored, brown paper behind the small box. I took the paper with curiosity and It has a letter, said, "because your been so kind to me, I give you this box as your reward".

I opened the rusty antic small box, I heard a shimmering water voice around said " You can now make a wish you like and I will grant that wish". I was extremely terrified man that time, the cold atmosphere, burst of strong wind, was an explainable.

In an hour little by little I felt calmed. Talked to my self, Ohhh Yes! I can now tell my  wish that I like. I am about to give my wish, but I woke up, Oh no! It is not true, "I am only dreaming".

It was a great blissful dreamed, but I was not satisfied, the ending was not complete.

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Almost every part of the earth were invaded by the Aliens, there was only one Island left somewhere in the Pacific cost, not yet been over powered. An alien commander name Sirius was assign to lead his troops to invaded that Island.

Men on this Island were  on positions,  for a great battle, women and children went to a safer place on mountains, hiding on caves.

A very huge light headed to that Island, it is gigantic  Alien Space Craft, landed on the Island. Men were shooting those aliens coming out, but they were no match for those aliens, Aliens suit and weapons are  sophisticated ,they were no match at all. Sirus got his attention to a young  man ,being a very skillful using his knife," his name is Layne", he killed 5 aliens, and all of the island men were killed , he is the only one left alive fighting. One alien shot his right leg,  Layne now was hurt and un able to fight back ,They torture him but the commander says stop ,that's enough. Layne woke up inside that spacecraft ,An alien was cleaning his dirty body using a toilet paper. In the middle of that night, as guards leave him, he managed to destroy the bars and find ways to escape. he saw  an open door guarded by only one alien, He moved stealthy, grabs the alien weapon, and killed the alien. Noise of alarms alerted the Air crafts, Troops of aliens, chased him but Layne managed to escape.

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What a coincidence

What a coincidence

       I just recorded myself singing for a group task in "KILL YOUR FEAR OF TALKING".I chose to record myself singing Don't Stop believing song by the band "Journey".I picked up this song why? because it is one my favorite song and this song have a  great motivational message.Unfortunately this song in original was on high key note and I couldn't reach it, if I'm going to sing it in original key,I would probably make a mess singing this song but that was not a problem, what I did was, I changed the original key of that song using my guitar and made it on a key where  I could probably could sing it without stressing myself.This is my first time to record myself singing and I don't really sing, mostly where there are any people around me, I just couldn't do it.

That was not my blog about.

After I have finished posting it.
My wife message me on the facebook that his boss will meet with "Arnel Pineda" in hotel for a performance and this guy Arnel Pineda is the currently the singer of the band "Journey" the band who originally made that song I recorded and posted to the Group , even though the original singer of this song was Steve Perry but still this was the band who made the song I posted.

    She said to me, that his boss told her if she knows the "Journey" she said yes.
Her boss asked my wife to give  him our family picture so that he will bring our picture to Mr. Arnel Pineda and ask to be sign an autograph on our family picture on meeting, that time My wife gave our family picture and said that just mention there the name of my hubby because he love  listening to journey songs. Her boss brought our family picture to be sign in via personal  autograph of Mr.Arnel Pineda.

    While she was telling me what happened. I told her that I was surprised and shocked because I recently sung his song and posted it here in English Club. and I love their songs.That is going to be cool! if Mr. Arnel Pineda  would have an authograph to our picture. WOw! and she said to me just hope that our picture will have an autograph of Mr. Arnel Pineda, my boss recently went to the hotel  and brought our picture to meet Mr. Arnel Pineda.

We said goodbye because it was already late that night and hoping for Mr. Arnel Pineda's will sign an autograph in our family picture that night.

I checked up this morning my facebook page and this is what I the our photo signed.


An early greeting for this coming Christmas to me, signed by Mr. Arnel Pineda.

I was so surprised!

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Allright guys this is the result of my blog according to the members who participated on my blog.

Thanks for those who participated
and remember this is only for fun!

1. Luzzi = 8

2. WMW or WMR, Ryspersky, Ah_Tk = 6

3. Ohnie, Helen, Stranger in the night = 5

4. Noaslpls, Konul, Imane Mimi, Akash, Moloko, Behgosh = 4

5. Inna, Daniela,Pash,Muskan, James Bond, Jalal, Adelino, Areality, Seeker,Freedom Lover, Massinissa, Arman, Saeed ali Saeed, OPtimistic Soul = 3

note: as the rule said " I counted only your first comment"

I mentioned at my blog that I will post only those top 20's but It has a lot of ties, so I necessarily add 7 members at my post.

Thank you, and mostly to those who participated

Congratulation " Luzzi " Your the most favorite member here, you deserved it!

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Who are your favorite EC members?

Who are your favorite EC members?

Hello guys, this is a fun thing!
I encourage anyone of you to list of your top 10 favorite members of English Club at the comment.( random, In any order).

It is up to you if you describe why you voted them or simply write only their names.

Your top 10 list of your favorite English Club members will be hidden at the comment, it will remain confidential until September 15,2014.

Anyone can participate, you can vote even less than 10 members but more than 10 at your voted list will not be counted. You can't vote yourself (not counted).

Active or Inactive members can vote. ( no discrimination )

Moderators are allowed to be voted and vote for their favorites.

Since Tara and Joseph are the creators of this site, I will not include them to vote nor to be voted.

"Since I made this blog, You cannot vote for me neither, nor I can vote for my favorites."

On September 16, I will post those top 20 members who has the most number of votes by order and also all of your comments.

You can only post your favorite English EC members list until September15,date onward to this date will not be counted.

Please only vote one at a time

(more than one comments of any member whom voted for their favorites will not be counted, I will only consider their first comment)

This is a fun! 

Thanks in advance for those who will participate.

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It is unfair

Its Unfair

I went to NBI office (NBI- National Bureau of Investigation, similar to FBI in United States) to get my clearance.  

This clearance are one of the requirements needed for us in our country, before you get employed or before getting a passport,a piece of paper that proves that you didn't commit any crime or any pending violation record regarding to our law. Incase you have the same name with a person who is wanted by the law etc., You will have to wait until 2 weeks before having this clearance.

The place was full of applicants, some of us even waited outside in the office, inside the building was full of people , the place couldn't handle such a large amount of people inside the office, so other currently came applicants must be patient waiting outside the office , falling in line while waiting for our turn to give our fingerprints,to be pictured ,and wait again to be called our name before having this clearance paper.

The line moved like a snail ,I'm now inside after waiting outside the office for an hour at last, their were about 10 people on the line before me . Now I can see what was happening inside the office.

It's the woman turns now, she was beautiful , hot and well dressed. she was facing to an officer on the glass window ,behind the glass window was the officer which his job is to encode the information we had filled up,take photos, get our fingerprints.

I saw a guy beside her, talking with her,he was like between 40 to 45 of age. I inferred that this guy was one of the employees in this office, he seems confident talking with this woman, while this woman was correcting any mistakes inputted by the officer over the glass window to the computer before proceeding to save it. They were talking and they were like comfortable and happy .After the woman was pictured,This employee ( the guy )even took the woman hand and assisted her to put her fingers one by one to fingerprint reader, he never stopped holding her fingers until all her fingers were done. I think the woman does not need his help because she seems like she knew what she was doing and she looked like an educated woman, but the woman never resisted him of what he was doing for her.

Now it was finished. The guy/employee went instantly to employees room, we can see those employees/officers behind that room  because we were in-front of this room covered of glass window. This Employee went directly to a small room inside of the employees room ,which we cannot see him anymore. After a second he went out, he has a piece of paper at his hand this paper was NBI clearance and he gave this NBI clearance to the woman I said.

In my observation, it is obvious that it is unfair to others, because many of us didn't get that such kind of especial treatment, It is unfair because many applicants are waiting patiently in large amount of time ,waiting for our name to be called by batch of many names.

What I was observed was the officer/employee "helping was not really his intention", the officer gave his help to her because, she was beautiful and looked hot. ( he took advantage by holding her fingers ).


Each of us deserve to be equally treated,

We are all human!

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Writing Challenge: The Land of My Birth

I was born in a small town called Sto. Domingo, Ilocos Sur. It is located at the North West part of my country Philippines.It is beside of the south China sea.Most of the people on my town depends on farming, raising animals like cow,goat, those living on the coast side depends on fishing for living . I can say we are a typical Filipino known for their closeness with Family relatives,hospitality,happy people.

When I'm about 9 years old. My family moved to city (Valenzuela City )because that time my father was employed in truck Manufacturing Company.

And this place as a kid ,I felt that I'm not belong in this place and Its a little hard for me scope up with my classmates and my school because they are using other dialect which is not my mother tongue. As time goes I adjusted.

In 2007 we came back to the place where I was born and I finished my College degree here.

I can say that my town is a beautiful town, the place is nice , you can enjoy the environment, you can see trees all around unlike cities or you can go to the coast and enjoy swimming or feel the good atmosphere beside the sea .

People here are nice and very friendly, It is easy to approach them, they are ready to help you for free.

I love my town, this is where I belong , where my family and relatives lives. Where ever I was, I always miss this place.
This place is perfect.

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Writing your very first blog ever

Apparently this site give all of the members the chances to write blogs and writing is one of the tool in learning the language(English). When I was a newbie at this site, I considered myself as an Elementary in my English level. I seldom read blogs, what I always do is to go straight to the chatroom and talk to people around to improve my English, and what I'm thinking that time is not study grammar
as what they have told in most of the lessons in youtube that don't study grammar, studying grammar will prevent your fluency.

That is the reason why I spent all of my time in the chatroom, as I'm waiting to my self that I can improve there unconsciously, without worrying about making mistakes about my grammar etc.

Then one time Luzzy (an EC member )made a competition about Mr and Ms EC, and I'm kind of pretty excited about this competition. I followed all of the blogs about the competition ,the answers of participants. In this time I began to see some blogs out there and Jesus Christ their English was great!. I said to myself that I cant write any kind of blogs because my English is poor and I don't have a good knowledge in grammar and I never wrote any blogs yet.

Then some friends of mine here encourage me to write
a blog and I always answered them I don't have the courage to write a blog or I don't have any topic in mind.

After reading and reading blogs, some thoughts comes to my mind that I can't write any blogs because I do not started yet, and I started to reminiscing a quotation " The first step is you have to say that you can". So I started to write a simple blog without the fear about committing mistakes. At least I made my first step and I said to my self at this first step I've made, my English writing will follow the flow of improvement.

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Learning English through Internet

Learning English through Internet

Living in Non-English country is likely Impossible
to practice English,when there is no one around to communicate with you in English, Especially for those people who already finished Schools , people stop studying,or having a job where English is not a prior language.
As the technology rises time to time and more and more people is  knowledgeable using the the Internet this said Impossible to learn the English language is now more attainable.
You can now go to any websites you knew that used English and there's a lot of sites also that offers English learning, you can watch videos like youtube and search videos of your Interest, there are channels too, offering English lessons for free.
English is the main language of technology, so English is a must to be learnt if you doesn't want to left behind.
And if you could use English well ,well that is an advantage because you can be updated of whatever happening to our world, you can gain knowledge and skills you like via using the internet as most of the sites are written in English, you can travel anywhere with confidence to engage with most of the people,you'll not get intimidated to those people who can speak English and you can share your thoughts to everyone. :D

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