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Please DO NOT SCROLL down until you read what is under the first photo.



Please read the caption on the 1st photo first 

after this, please look at the 2nd photo.

Look at the picture above and you can see where this driver
broke through the guardrail, on the right side of the culvert,
where the people are standing on the road, pointing.

The pick-up was traveling about 75 mph from right to left
when it crashed through the guardrail.

It flipped end-over-end bounced off and across the culvert outlet, and landed right side up on the left side of the culvert,
facing the opposite direction from which the driver was travelling.

The 22-year-old driver and his 18-year-old passenger were unhurt except for minor cuts and bruises.

Just outside Flagstaff , AZ , on U.S. Hwy 100.

Now look at the second picture below...





If God isn't done with you, God isn't done with you…

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A Day Outing!


A Day Outing!


It was a glorious, fabulous & enjoyable day for myself & my family, so I would like to share this day outing with you.


Originally my wife & I planned to visit this National Trust House on 12th a week before we went, but because I had to come into work due to the problem we had on Thursday(10th), I didn't have a choice but to change my shift so that I would resolve the matter & have a smooth flight operation safely & securely. Anyway, thankfully there was none further in trouble. So we were at last able to make outing together and went to Cliveden because we are a member of National Trust (as we can visit any National Trust in UK).

(Near to the Maidenhead Bridge)

It was 19th of April, Saturday. My wife prepared some packed lunch for us first & foremost in the morning. As soon as we got ready, we left home and droved passing through the town (Reading) towards the Slough. On the way to Maidenhead, we decided to stop somewhere near to the Maidenhead Bridge in order to have a lunch then, so we got off the car & walked a couple of hundred yards , and we found a nice place along the riverside to sit and we had our packed lunch there because we felt a bit empty in our stomach. We then droved to the destination called 'Cliveden', and parked our car somewhere on the grass near the gate, as the guard wouldn't let go up to the actual car park due to the car park being already in full. 


Last few days the weather wasn't good to us, but on that day it was unexpectedly a nice & sunny day, fabulously great! We pleasantly & happily walked around the House, the Maze, the Garden (including a small secret garden), the Riverside (129 steps going down to the river), etc. It took almost three hours. We have had a four years old girl treating like our laughter, called 'Jessie', and she was with us for this day outing. 


When we walked inside the Maze, there were five ladies sitting roundly in the middle of the maze and talking each other, then suddenly Jessie walked towards them and sat down where there was an empty space, and she introduced herself, 'Hi, I am Jessie', surprisingly all the ladies accepted her introduction although they were pleasantly surprised, then she talked about her necklace, bracelet & ribbon bow (like hairpin), which she made herself with her teacher help on the previous Sunday. It really amused us, as it was our day.



Cliveden (Cliveden: http://www.clivedenhouse.co.uk/);


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FACT !!!

Would someone explain this to me, please !!!!!!!


This year we've already experienced 1/1/11 & 11/1/11, and we will experience 1/11/11 and 11/11/11 later.  But even weirder take the last two digits of the year you were born and add it to the age you will be this year and it is 111……..!!!!

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Illusions for fun !!!

Definition: An erroneous mental representation, Delusion (the act of deluding), Deception by creating illusory ideas.

These below pictures are illusions stimulating our nerves in making some confusion by our eyes.


Illusion 1





Illusion 2



Illusion 3

Illusion 4

Illusion 5

Illusion 6

Illusion 7

Illusion 8

Illusion 9

I am sure that you would have worked out all of them well, as they are just illusions. It's just for fun.

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Hi, friends!

Whenever I spoke to those who are interested in listening to music, I noticed that many of them would like to learn & play guitar but they don't know where or how to start, and they really want to be able to play a certain instrument. Commonly they think of playing guitar, because it's popular & it seems to be easy to start with.

So I want to dedicate this blog to those who are eager to learn the music & to play at least guitar or piano (even only with chords), as this is possible for anyone who is interested in learning & playing any instrument. However, the most important thing you'd better remember is that you should learn the principle first before you do anything else, that is, which is the music notes, as you need to be basically able to read the music notes from the start. Normally many learners have failed themselves a couple of months later, not because of the lack of their practices, not because they don't have enthusiasms but they didn't start from the scratch, as they started with the chords first rather than with the music notes (so they couldn't go further). What they should have done is that they should learn how to read music first and then they should comply it with the instrument with the correct finger positions & the correct tunes. Once you are able to read the basic music notes at least on or with the keyboard, then you can tune the guitar strings by yourself as well as you choose any simple music & can try it by yourself without teacher's help, otherwise you will struggle or unable to play any other instruments (whichever you would like to learn & play) with the right & correct tunes.

For your reference, they call the music notes as C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C (which is equivalent to Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol-La-Ti-Do). 


As you see the above guitar string notes with red circles which are the basic notes (CDEFGABC) from the low to the high, you could compare them with the keyboard notes. This is purely an example.


If you have any question or enquiry or help, please feel free to contact me.


This is only a basic understanding of music in principle but once you would understand this, then you can go on the next step, as there are many other things to learn... just like learning English, haha!!!


Your friend,


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Object:1. Virtual Photo Travel Around The World; that is, virtually to travel around the world through Photographs.2. Virtually to introduce your country to MyEC members who are from all the over the countries around the world.Caption:Virtual Photo Travel #1: Proper or Official Name of your native countryContents:1. The most famous places within your country or the places where you like the most and you would like to introduce to us.2. Name of the place on each photos* Size Limitation: Not more than 7 mega bytes (For a blog post, it has a maximum size limitation here in MYEC). If it's bigger than 7MB, you need convert SWF to video file (AVI, WMA or other compatible video files) and upload your file onto your video blog (up to 100MB) ** If you need a help, please feel free to ask.Requirements:1. Microsoft Office PowerPoint2. Flash File (SWF) Converter (Freeware is available)3. SWF to Video file converter (Freeware is available) *** (In case of over 7 mb)**** For Readers (Virtual Photo Travellers)***1. Please choose three of your choices after VPT, where you like the most & would like to visit if you have a chance.2. Please give us the brief reason of your choices.3. Please tell us with whom you would like to travel together.The above descriptions of my intention for VPT are a original concept, but I realized that it wouldn't be easy for someone who is not familiar with the required programs, as they have never used such programs before. Hence you can possibly aim either to produce the similar VPT or simply to introduce the best selected photos of your country as for the comments with each brief descriptions. The main purpose for this VPT is to introduce the places whether you really want to go, and also to challenge us in wanting to travel for our curiosities & interests.Should you have any help regarding your VPT, please do not hesitate to ask me.================= ~ 0~ ================Virtual Photo Travel (VPT) #1: United Kingdom (Great Britain: England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland)When I was in Korea, I used to walk around the capital street for miles & hours as I really enjoyed myself in walking & looking around, perhaps that's the reason why I decided to go abroad to study and I've permanently been living in UK without feeling homesick so far, away from my birth country & my own blood family. I think that I get more opportunities because I work for the airlines as we get a concession ticket for staff & family. At the early stage I used to easily get a travel sick, so it wasn't easy for me to go for business & family trips to Korea & Europe & America but I've enjoyed in trips very much except the first journey which I went to Korea after 8 years studying here in UK where I now live, as I had some kind of cultural shock. Hence, I don't think I could introduce my home country well, where the business & finance have rapidly grown up for the last 15 years, and where I wasn't there whilst being changed a lot. On the other hand, I think I am able to introduce moreover my second country with understanding, where I have lived in for more than 20 years, UK(United Kingdom). So here it is;
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Can we live in such a wonderful world like this video?

Another word, can we have friends like what we see on this video? If friends are like this, I will be happy every moment with him/her as ‘what a wonderful friend I have!’ and nobody will take away this wonderful feeling from me. They don’t need to say any nicest words for each other but they are just staying together and relaxing each other in comfort. What a wonderful world in nature!
Louis Armstrong “What a wonderful world” lyrics as these lyrics are performed by Louis Armstrong;I see trees of green... red roses tooI see them bloom... for me and youAnd I think to myself... what a wonderful worldI see skies of blue... and clouds of whiteThe bright blessed day... the dark say good nightAnd I think to myself... what a wonderful worldThe colours of the rainbow... so pretty in the skyAre also on the faces... of people going byI see friends shaking hands.... saying "how do you do?"They're really saying "I love you"I hear babies crying.... I watch them growThey'll learn much more... than I'll ever knowAnd I think to myself... what a wonderful worldYes I think to myself.... what a wonderful worldInstrumental breakThe colours of a rainbow.... so pretty in the skyAre there on the faces.... of people...going byI see friends shaking hands.... saying…how do you doThey're really saying... *spoken* (I ....love....you).I hear babies cry.....I watch them grow*spoken* (you know they gonna learnA whole lot more than I'll never know)And I think to myself ..... What a wonderful worldYes I think to myself..... What a wonderful world.
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What Blood Type are you (or what’s your blood type?)?

In fact I’ve deliberately located my introduction in the bottom of this blog because I felt it sounds a bit bored to start reading, but I believe it will be very much helpful for those who are interested in the concept of Blood Types & Personalities with some mutual connections in combination. BELIEVE OR NOT, it’s up to you now.What kind of personalities do you have with your own blood type in comparison with the below description? Let’s see what the researchers have found the each blood type with the general statistic personalities;

Personality Characteristics

Nomenclature in Europe and former USSR

In parts of Europe the "O" in ABO blood type is substituted with "0" (zero), signifying the lack of A or B antigen. In the former USSR blood types are referenced using numbers and Roman numerals instead of letters. It designates the blood types of humans as I, II, III, and IV, which are elsewhere designated, respectively, as O, A, B, and AB.

Type O/Type I (The Warrior type)

Positives: Loyal, Leadership, Passionate, Trend-setter, Self-confident, IndependentNegatives: Over-ambitious, Vain, JealousThe famous ‘O’s: John Lennon, Queen Elizabeth II, Elvis Presley and Paul Newman• Are usually the "cheerleader" of the group;•Tend to be more followers than leaders, accepting whatever the plan is and going alone with it without protest;• Very generous and kind hearted;• Generally well-liked by most people;• Very flexible, and adapt easily to change;• They are easily influenced by others, as well as perceived authorities, such as television personalities;•Generally trustworthy, but can sometimes make mistakes due to lapses of focus.

Type A/Type II (The Farmer type)

Positives: Patient, Calm, Sensitive, ResponsibleNegatives: Stubborn, Over-cautious, RestlessThe famous ‘A’s: George Bush Senior, Adolf Hitler, Britney Spears and Ringo Starr• Presence of mind, serious, patient, calm & cool;• Coherent character, can be relied on & trusted, but stubborn;• Plan everything out beforehand, and carry out tasks with seriousness and consistency;• Try to be fair and find the ideal outcome to any situation;• Tend to keep themselves separate from others, especially those who don't share their opinions;• Tend to try and keep their emotions and thoughts hidden from others, and share them only when comfortable

Type B/Type III (The Hunter type)

Positives: Individualist, Strong, Optimistic, Creative, FlexibleNegatives: Rebellious, Wild, UnpredictableThe famous ‘B’s: Paul McCartney, Akira Kurosawa, Leonardo Di Caprio and Jack Nicholson• Tend to be exceedingly curious about everything;• Are easily vexed and grow exasperated if things don't go the way they want them to go;• Usually have a strong drive to be the best at whatever they set their mind to doing; however, they also tend to neglect other tasks for the sake of whatever they are focusing on;• Have a hard time multi-tasking;• Tend to be loners, and keep themselves isolated from others;

Type AB/Type IV (The Humanist type)

Positives: Controlled, Rational, Popular, SociableNegatives: Standoffish, Critical, IndecisiveThe famous ‘AB’s: John F Kennedy, Mick Jaggar, Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Chan• Usually gentle and emotionally sensitive;• Are very empathetic and careful when dealing with other people, taking care to consider the other point of view;• Easily become lost in thought;• Are sometimes looked at as having 2 personalities, because they tend to keep their true selves hidden from strangers;• They have many friends, but also require time alone.With whom are you compatible?Type A with A and ABType B with B and ABType AB with A, B, AB and OType O with O and ABFollowing the concept is entirely a personal choice. However, it doesn’t take much to know your blood type, does it?For your references, the concept of relating blood type and personality comes mostly or mainly from the Korean & Japanese cultures (originally from Japan, I think), which are of the belief that a person's blood type has a marked influence on his/her personality type, his/her general disposition and his/her rapport with others. Generally speaking, this concept is based on Biostatistics (Statistics in biological science) in theory with some common sense. Although it’s without specific basis in scientific theory and dismissed by members of the scientific community, popular belief subscribes most wholeheartedly to this concept. In the current scenario, personality tests as per blood type, often forms the basis of compatibility quizzes, while the theory is reviewed indulgently by most. On this basis, there are certain predictions that you can make on the basis of blood type, along the same lines as a sun sign places you under a set of certain characteristic traits in the West; for instance, chances are you're moody, sensitive and shy. Perhaps the statistic figures of East & West can be different but I think the basic principles are similar from each other in understanding, hence, this concept has been lately adopted in the West more and more, and naturally people have been talking about it for years. As I had been brought up in Korea (East) and I have been living in UK (West) for many years almost equally, I used to hear the question “What is your blood type” in East, similarly as common as “What is your sign?” in the West.As we all know now, there are four basic types of blood—A, B, AB, and O—each with a positive and negative sub-type. O positive is the most common type and AB negative is the least common, but we can distinguish our personalities & characters basically into twofold; INTROVERT & EXTRAVERT (DIRECTNESS OR INDIRECTNESS, FORWARD OR BACKWARD AND SUBJECTIVE OR OBJECTIVE). In fact everybody has both characters but we say this person is more like an extravert as it objectively appears to that person more with the directness, or vice versa.I hope you would have enjoyed in this subject of Blood Types & Personalities with some curiosity & interest.Please leave a comment with your blood type & brief description of your own personality in general, if you don’t mind.
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One of my friends asked me if there would be any way of uploading a movie file on blog here in MyEC directly from your hard disk not as an attachment but actually playing itself, and I just tried this method and confirmed myself it's worked. So here it is;***As this blog runs through 'html code', please be informed that you need to change some codes as I explained below. and that these codes would be disappeared if I didn't change them to something else like what I did below.Please read them carefully and follow the orders step by step without skipping any letter or codes, otherwise it wouldn't work.

This is a sample;prooftheirishdiscoveredafricia.wmvAs you can see above, it is working well.
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"To promote a genuine friendship is a rare & worthy event in life" James Shin.My Friend: Plastic PaddyHow we became friends: He was working for one of the major Ground Handling Companies in the air freight industries while I was working for the airline which was one of his company’s customers. However, as his company was liquidated due to the financial crisis and he was looking for a job, we scouted him as to work for my company and with me, because he was always helpful & working so diligently, and also besides I was his customer he was always very friendly to me in anything. Then we’ve closely become true friends in real life of promoting friendship.

Why we stayed friends: Having been together for a long period in the same air freight industrial field, we’ve also become as one team player since we worked together in the same company, and we’ve been relying on each other by helping each other in everything, basically we trust each other in anything & everything, as there haven’t been any hindrances in both working together & promoting our friendship in life. Then both our families have also become friends.My friend's best qualities: Humorous, thoughtful, supportive, honest & self-consistentWhy my friend is like family: We were treated like a twin by other colleagues & handling company staff, as we always acted together. He is like my big brother and also he’s been always caring for my family, and my children love him so much ever since he’s given presents to my children from the childhood especially on Easter, Christmas & birthdays. Even this day, they are still expecting something from him although they are grownup, not babies anymore. Since we become friends rather than colleagues, he is the first one I go to him and talk about anything even if it’s very personal, and I am the very same one for him, as ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’. .

Friendship Highlight: Working together as one team, we’ve achieved many things together successfully for what really we aimed and planned, as I used to approach things negatively while he was approaching them very positively, or vice versa, and we get used to work out mutually each other very well.The last time I saw my friend we...shaked hands with each other when I had to leave office after my early shift finished and he had to stay in office due to his late shift duty.My note:Dear Plastic Paddy,Thank you for being my best friend as he is the only one in real life & especially in GB, and also thank you for all your help & understanding as to have been there for me whenever I confronted difficulties & complexities or whenever I had happy moments in joy. When we retire, I hope that we will be living near each other at hand. Thanks for being a true friend! Your BF, JamesPS: How do we look like twins on these photos? Never! Even not same but different colours! Why do you think that my friend's mouth was taped?
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As I am working for the Airlines in the Airfield industries at Heathrow in UK, we have had many extreme difficulties in dealing with the airport authorities (BAA & CAA), internal procedures, passengers & travel agents, shippers/consignees and cargo agents, & so on.Because the volcanic ash has been traveling down to UK & Europe after the volcano's eruption in Iceland on 14APR2010, this has caused so much, nothing but the trouble in everywhere in UK & Europe with mess & chaos in complexities of the whole airfield operations. I honestly couldn't imagine that this volcano & volcanic ash would cause such a massive perplexity for the world, although this volcano was erupted from the long distance by the thousands of miles away from us. It's incredible!From last night (20APR2010), finally the flight ban/cancellation has been lifted in UK now, perhaps the Authority felt that they couldn't hang on any longer due to the pressure from the airlines, however I generally understand that the safety should be the first priority in whatever the circumstances and reasons we've been confronted and have had.Now, we don't know how long it should take in clearing up the mess to be perfectly normal again.
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Three months ago I’ve been diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic (it’s not so serious but can be controlled on diet), and my special private dietitian has checked & suggested that I should neither skip any meals nor have a big portion (as I used to skip breakfast meal), but I should regularly have a normal portion without skipping and I should also regularly eat a small portion of fruit/s between meals if I feel hungry. I have recently lost weight from 79kgs to 76 kgs within 2 months as I’ve tried to take her advice in keeping good health without causing further trouble for myself.

1. I should keep having regular meals. It has to be a normal portion, not a huge portion. I used to have a big portion once or twice a day because of working in shifts at the airline industries (sometimes too early, other times too late) as I thought I didn’t have a choice for my bad eating habit unknowingly.

2. I should have fruits regularly. As all fruits have natural glucose in them, this is the reason why a bigger portion of fruits are not allowed as I like a certain fruit very much, but only a small portion of mixed fruits to be filled in gaps without feeling even slightly hungry.

3. I should drink a plenty of water daily. For a normal person who hasn’t had an over-weight, this person should at least drink 2 liters of water every day, but for those whom have had over-weight, they should drink minimum 4 liters of water daily. It’s really easier said than done, but I need to do it.

4. I should have only a small amount of sugary items (I like a chocolate as same as others, I think there is no one disliking chocolates in this world). I am actually allowed to have them only after meals, not before meals. It has to be an appropriate amount, never exceeding in eating over the limit. So I shouldn’t be greedy at all but be cautious in eating this kind of food.

5. I should think of myself more positively & affirmatively in anything & everything. Psychologically many illnesses are caused by the negative thinking in general, so being positive in thinking keeps me in good health basically.

6. I should pray for my health & my family day by day. This practice is my given responsibility in life, as I believe in the Principle, the Creator, the Almighty God and the Sovereignty of God whom has His will & purpose for me.

7. I should keep having my regular & permanent tablets daily without skipping things. Sometimes you don’t realize that you just skipped one of them because you don’t have them all at the same time (one tablet: one a day, other tablet: three per day, morning or evening). So it’s not easy for me to keep up without forgetting things.

8. I should have small exercises before & after bed. This helps me keep healthier, as I fit into the new lifestyle by these small physical exercises (An exercise for the limbs, push-ups & sit-ups).

9. I should play more golf whenever I am free or off. For the 18 holes in playing golf, you are actually walking more than 7 miles per round plus swing practices and carrying your golf bag with clubs. Actually it is much harder than you think.

10. I should go to gym more often or as a regular routine if possible, especially for the morning session when I am on late shift (12:00-20:30), when I could go and have at least an hour with programmed exercises before going to work.

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As per Teacher Tara's recommendation, who has encouraged me to move this writing of mine from the ‘comment’ to my Blog Post. As I wrote especially for the person who made her interest on her blog post for everyone in MyEC, so here it is as below;

Firstly, I would like to tell you all, that I have earnestly & truly confronted some dilemmas myself due to having improved my English much lesser than what I expected and something like staying in the very same level for a long time without any future improvement, just like being frustrated in my determined ambition. Hence, that’s why I’ve actually joined in My English Club to improve my English better & fluently in writing & speaking with a full of comprehended knowledge within the English language & skills, just like a native speaker.

So this following issue was recently brought up and turned into my attention as to think through and to readjust once more, when I corresponded with one of my recent friends who has become my new friend as soon as I joined here in MyEC at the early stage (going back to the early February this year), and left a message for me very first. So I would like to share with you, and I will be most grateful if you would kindly write any comment with your personal opinions or any point of your own views as well. I would like to see anything in everything if possible, whether you agree or disagree with me; -

In fact, we all are trying to learn & improve our English better, aren’t we? Many people believe that the one to one or group conversations may give more opportunities to improve better English, but personally I don’t agree to it. All children from their infant childhood, they objectively learn the language with natural inborn & learning ability by ear, but the grown people have neither the natural learning ears like babies, nor the capabilities to learn the language objectively with the certain comprehension in all its aspect (Certainly it wouldn’t be natural in learning process). This will be very limited ways of learning in process and the learning progress will be very slow in understanding if you haven’t learned English properly with the basic learning process from the scratch. Hence, they must be only in capability of learning the language subjectively starting from the grammars by the books, or by looking at the dictionaries, or by the English teachers. Honestly, I don’t know what the Language scholars talk about this but this is what I have experienced & understood so far.

To a certain extent or degree, I agree to it. So I think that talking on the phone or voice chatting or group talking will be greatly helpful only for those who are aiming to improve their speech in speaking. Nevertheless, I think that this won’t make you improved your English in writing dramatically. Improving Writing & Speaking is totally consisted of two different things in place as considering certain questions in all its aspects. To improve your English vocabularies in speaking is very limited but for a certain degree, of course, you will definitely remember and gradually use certain words in speaking, hence it is essential & absolutely necessary that you need to practice daily how to speak and how to choose the right words in conversation, more & more. These will, that is, initially improve your English in progress. To conclude my opinion right now, writing is like a foundation or a principle. If this basic foundation (as a principle, basic grammar, speech pattern, dialogues & so on) of your writing ability & standard level is well constructed, your speech in speaking will automatically come out with a right manner and good forms in respect, and this may naturally enable you to express yourself certainly with the better English in conversation.

Please don’t get me wrong. English is not my first language at all and I have actually made so many mistakes, maybe grammatically incorrect or not using with the suitable (or correct) words for the right expression.

When you are having a private conversation with someone on the phone(or man to man) or whatever the communication channels you are using in voice, people generally do not correct your mistakes and you yourself don’t realize what you make mistakes in speaking either. Hence, you are hardly learning & improving your second language in comprehension, and you will have same mistakes again & again without any recognition of mistakes in error. Even the MSN messenger chatting in writing is almost identical with the voice chatting (but it will be slightly better because it gives you more time to think & to be able to correct yourself whilst typing). And they used to always be a short & simple note just like a memo (as a broken English writing). However, you may be able to certainly or possibly recognize at least some mistakes either when you write or when you read it again, and people may be kindly enough to correct your mistakes if you don’t mind it or you ask for it, so it is possible and there will be a great potential that you can improve your English in writing and also in speaking afterwards.

In fact I’ve never ever written such long messages in my entire life until just before I joined in My English Club and I have communicated more with the members in e-mail system or other e-mails (Google mail / yahoo mail / hotmail). So I have been beginning to write longer messages by all means, expressing myself anything in everything as exposing myself what impelled me to thus boldly. Whether I do correctly in the right direction or not, this is another home work for me to resolve myself, but I’ve been so wonderful that I am able to at least write longer messages than before. Please don’t misunderstand me. Believe or not, frankly, I am trying neither to impress all of you (If I intended, what benefits & advantages I obtained? It’s absolutely nothing at all!), nor to express thus myself in boasting but I hope that you will take it as my personal testimony. It’s up to you how you would observe this principle of how to learn English fundamentally in a conservative way, but this is what I’ve learned and improved my English dramatically.

However, many people such as Chinese, Japanese & Korean (or somewhere from Far East) have been learning English from the early youth at the school but only grammar not spoken English. We used to have had the very same problems in Korea as well, and I was one of them whose have had 'Dumb English' as they called. I used to have studied in English from my junior school until the university, and then I came to UK to study further educations. At that time I couldn't even say 'Hello' to anybody, and I consistently worried about me (myself) and kept thinking ‘what am I going to do with me now?’ So I know their situation very well, but still they cannot improve their English by the chatting/speaking/listening only. They have a preconception or a fear of English, so they should overcome against these hindrances by learning English again from the scratch, because what they learned their English must have been incorrect. Basically, they have to learn English from ABCD Alphabets first, because their pronunciations must be terrible (if I may say). They should be able to have at least similar English pronunciations in speaking (it has to be as closer as possible, so you need to practice), otherwise, their listening comprehension can neither be improved nor in speaking. You know, I used to be like that, so I had to correct myself in my early day in UK and I have been learning & trying to improve my English from the scratch since then.

I totally understand what other peoples have really concerned about, but their problems are not directly related to my above opinion. When I say writing practice is more helpful than speech practice, I mean that communicating letters/messages (men to men, one by one) just like conversational writings, but not writing essays or reports, because these conversational writing practices give you more time to think through and make you enabled to use the right vocabularies in writings, then later, you could be surprisingly & apparently able to have a proper conversation with anyone in English. This is basically how to improve your English better, and the top of this you can now practice your English in speaking, then gradually you will see the future improvement in writing & speaking with a great potentiality.

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1. To win one of any major championships at the Mapledurham Golf Club (my home club). My official golf handicap is 11 now but I would like to get it down to a single handicap (at least to 9) by the end of June this year, in order to enter the 36 holes competition in Woodhall Spa Golf Club, Lincolnshire.

2. To build my own best computer with all the best parts of the main computer body (Desktop), assembling them by myself, such as a best motherboard, a fastest CPU, bigger memories, a best graphic card, a best network card, a best audio card & so on. I am currently looking for all the best parts in the market (through e-bay, or second hand shop, or liquidated sales).

3. To build or set my own audio recording studio. I always like singing & playing guitar/piano/clarinet, so I would like to record my own voice with a classical sound of music (just like chamber orchestra) accompanied by piano, violin, cello, flute, clarinet & double bass with a small chorus.

4. To have my own English Home Page just as I have my own Korean Home Page (www.tulip4xp.co.uk). This home page was designed by myself for all my friends (mainly in Korea, some in USA, Canada, Malaysia & UK) whom I’ve known from my childhood, as I left Korea long time ago and didn’t see my Korean Friends for many years. Actually many of my friends & their children would like to learn English, so I love to help them through this future English Home Page.

5. To continue having life friendships with all my close friends whom I’ve met here in MyEC and whom I have regularly been communicating with each other by the communication channel (as planned & agreed). As we all have a main goal to improve our English fluently, we’ve been determinedly & eagerly tying to get better English in writing & speaking by promoting our friendship steadfastly in life.

6. To have a family trip going for a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. As a professing Christian, I would like to visit and see all the places (from the birth of Jesus to the death of Cross) with a great interest & curiosity.

7. To make a round-the-world trip (some of Europe including Russia, Middle East, Africa, South America & Asia). As I currently work for the airline, I get family concession tickets per year, so it’s possible and I have to make a detailed plan for it seriously if I really want to do it. In fact I've already started and we've been to some places in USA & Europe.

8. To circumnavigate a voyage round the world (especially UK to Korea, Korea to Australia, Australia to New Zealand, New Zealand to Japan, and Japan to Canada). Perhaps I may be able to make at least one of them in life, or two, you never know. Who knows?

9. To have a best safety record in my company. As I am controlling the Weight and Balance for the aircraft (especially Cargo Freighter) in loading factors & sequences as we would have loaded 100 tons for almost every freighter (just for the export only).

10. To be retired at the age of 65. In UK we are legally allowed to go on working till the maximum retirement age, but in Korea it is at age of 55, as it doesn’t apply to my case because I have a British citizenship. However, I honestly would like to have a early retirement if possible, so I just want to make some possibilities as my other unreached dreams come true in life.

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Top Ten things: I was honestly wondering if I could really do for my wife as her husband in life (These were originally written in Korean, so I had to translate them into English but they all seem to be expressed literally rather in the direct Korean-English translations. So please bear in mind and regard all ‘you’ as ‘I or me’)

1. Feed your wife with the ‘happy (H)’ vitamin as the best vitamin is 'vitamin [H]’.

I believe in the principles; a love should be daily expressed in life. So if a love which is not expressed at all for your wife by yourself as her husband, you cannot say it is the real love. Therefore, I think you should say ‘I love you’ to your wife at least once per a day. To say ‘I love you’ is the same as a restorative in keeping up a good marriage life.

2. Learn & have the certain knowledge about women as you should study your wife in life.

With your wife living together is more difficult thing to do (especially for the cross-cultural marriage) than commanding the military force in keeping step. If you are living with your wife without knowing her there is not a possibility of real happiness in living together. So you should improve your knowledge of it on your mind with a great understanding of it at least in general.

3. Think or be in hope & prayer for the better life of your family always positively, as the best leadership starts from the hope & prayer before everything else.

Instead of nagging/scolding or blaming you should hope something positively in your prayer. Hoping in prayer should get better results for the good relationship than nagging all the time. The key of hoping in prayer is to open a day for a good start and to close a day for the next good start. Hence, you should always hope for the best life of your wife and children in your prayer.

4. Be patient in anything & everything! The deepest love is to wait in perseverance, so you shouldn’t haste impatiently.

The core of love is ‘Waiting or perseverance’. Even for the jet plane to fly higher needs some time to be accelerated in power. If you can’t wait impossibly in love, then this love is not the genuine love as a love should always be in patience for whatever the reason you have.

5. Have a free conversation more frequently if possible, but especially on bed before falling in sleep! It’s because the deepest conversation for the marriage couple is to have a free talking from the bedroom.

What your wife is wanting is not the snoring in sound. You shouldn’t turn on side from your wife but you should lie down in looking at each other without turning around, as it can be the nearest company if you are lying down together on bed as looking at each other but as soon as you both turned around from each other lying on the bed, this instantaneous distance for the couple becomes the most long distance in life and it rolls up. Then once you make some distance between you & your wife, to go back nearer to each other or to meet each other again same as before will be the hardest thing to do by going around from one to the other as the earth rotates from West to East (if I remember correctly, it should be 40,350km).

6. Entrust your wife with the money matter for the house chores, as the time is money and the money became the scale of love in the house especially for the marriage couple this day.

The most disliking thing from your wife is that you might ask if you would request your wife for the house keeping book to see. Before you are attempting to see it unknowingly, you should say to her, ‘Do you need more money for the housekeeping? I just wonder if you may have had a lack of money for the housekeeping’, rather than ignoring it in indifferences.

7. Treat your wife as a woman, not just as your wife.

You might think your wife is a concept of possession but you should regard your tender & lovable wife as a concept of protection in life. You should remember she is one of women before she is your wife, and should treat her as a person. She is not your property but your life long partner.

8. Have an effective time insurance for your wife & family. The biggest insurance is a time investment for your wife & family.

You can neither buy the time which you’ve saved for your wife & family in happiness, nor get rid of it. Investing your time for your wife & family gets guaranteeing a bigger inflation & profit in happiness just like inflating a toy balloon. The family in house is the same as a characteristic castle building up by times.

9. Give in for your wife in anything & everything if possible! To be a good looser as to give in is actually to win.

The most stupid person in the whole world is to try to win against his wife with no reason. If you really want to win something, you should win against yourself first. Even if there is always a loser being remained besides or after a victor, by these people whom he loves will be in full there with those whom will be loved by him.

10. Educate your wife if necessary or possible, as to share together with the aims of yours & your wife’s as same as your lifestyle for better, and this may help you both in overcoming against any hindrances, such as the two different personalities & characters, the different house cultures as we all have (but as for me, they are totally opposite cultural for both of us), and so on.

You shouldn’t treat your wife as a housekeeper or a maid doing all sorts of chores for the house, but as your companionship in life. You should help her to be more mature in her personalities & characters for the better positive growth rather than the negative growth as to have better personal relationships. You should also treat your wife as a woman is a symbol of beauty, so you should allow adorning herself as it will be definitely for you.
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The Origin of Kimchi

Korea has its own distinctive aroma. What is this fragrance of Korea, and where does it come from?

The fragrance of a country or region comes mainly from the local cuisine, which derives its unique savor from particular spices, fermented foods and liquids, or ways of cooking with all of these. The dishes that give Korea its special fragrance are primarily fermented foods, especially the various kinds of kimchi made with fermented vegetables and the various kinds of paste made with fermented beans. Above all, it is the pungent smell of kimchi that first assaults the senses of the visitor to Korea.

However, those who get accu-stomed to the strong flavor of kimchi soon find that they can't get enough of it. Moreover, kimchi is becoming more and more popular as its health-giving properties come to be better understood.

For instance, there is a growing interest in the efficacy of kimchi in preventing geriatric disorders, and the high fiber content of its main ingredients, vegetables and red chili, helps keep obesity at bay.

There are more kinds of kimchi in Korea than there are cheeses in France. Indeed, there are so many varieties that no one knows them all. One university professor has identified more than 100 different ingredients used in making kimchi, 36 of them used as main ingredients. And since these ingredients are combined and matured a little differently in each kind of kimchi and in each family tradition, it is impossible to say exactly how many varieties of kimchi exist.

The culture of a region develops as the people who live there adapt to the natural environment, especially after they begin to practice agriculture.

Unlike Western or African cuisine, Korean cooking makes a clear distinction between main dishes and side dishes. Rice and other grains form the staple of the main dishes, which are enjoyed all the more through the accompaniment of side dishes made of vegetables, salted seafood, fish, or meat.

To ensure a supply of food through the long Korean winter, vegetables and fish began to be preserved, at first probably by drying. However, it was also found possible to pickle vegetables in seawater, and it is thought that as the supply of salt became relatively reliable, people learned how to keep vegetables fresh for long periods by salting. The earliest documentary evidence is found in China's first anthology of poetry, the Book of Odes, which is believed to have been compiled between 2,600 and 3,000 years ago. In this book appears a Chinese character meaning salting, which shows that a prototype of kimchi already existed at this early date. But the alchemy of making kimchi came to be more highly developed in Korea than in China, and the reason lies in the natural environment.

The visitor to Korea cannot fail to be impressed by the wide, fertile tidal flats that stretch along the southwestern coast. These mudflats teem with life all year round, and except in mid-winter, they provide a food source that can be harvested even without modern equipment.

Although the basis of kimchi is the lactic-acid fermentation of vegetables pickled in salt, the liberal addition of fish and seafood can assist the fermentation process and provide nutrients that would otherwise be scarce in winter, such as protein and calcium.

The Korean people suffered greatly from the lack of food until about the mid-1960s. Since then, the amazing growth of the Korean economy has raised the annual income per capita to $10,000, yet compared to other countries of a similar income level, it is surprising how few Koreans are overweight. Many believe that the explanation lies in the fact that Koreans eat a lot of kimchi.

They point out that kimchi contains a high proportion of fiber (from the vegetables), capsaicin which is said to burn fat (from the chili), generous amounts of calcium (from the salted seafood), appropriate quantities of high-grade protein (from fish and seafood), and an abundance of vitamins (from the vegetables). They also worry about the increasing incidence of obesity among the younger generation who tend to eschew kimchi in favor of imported instant foods.

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I think that there is no such tradition of celebrating the birthday (for the grown-ups except the children) in any countries, but it probably depends on the individual family & friend birthday treatment and it may be all different from the each families & friends. I noticed that the parents generally celebrate their children with their childrens friends who the children choose & individually send the invitation cards (so that they will know how many children attend, for the preparation), in UK where I now live but not in Korea where I come from.

For the grown-ups they occasionally invite some family or friends and have a small celebration in GB and in Korea as well. However, in fact we dont commonly celebrate our birthday as a big event but the family will generally have a small family meal together with the traditional menu (always including the seaweed soup) in Korea, except 100 days & 1 year birthday parties as we eventually count the 9 months in the mums womb from the start of the pregnancy till the delivery of the baby. When 100 days comes, the baby will be 1 year old (100 days plus 9 months) in Korea, so we celebrate their 100 days birthday because they safely come out to the world and start the new life in real, and then 1 year old (actually we say 2 years old) parties are very important for them, especially for the first boys, because they are the one who are actually able to sit and stand before the family, and also who will keep up in their traditional family root & inherit from their family clan one day in the near future as they grown up. These traditions are well practicing by the Korean families even today. If you are born in the huge family clan and living together with the third generations, and you could possibly have three grandparents as more than hundreds of relatives possibly living altogether in one village. So you cant imagine how big party can be taken place & how many people will participate for the 100 days or 1 year old 1st Sons birthday party.

Please describe your traditions if you have, or tell us your opinion or experience of birthday celebrations.

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Hi, my fellow international friends in My English Club! I honestly understand that you’ve been working so hard to improve your English better and more fluent as much as possible. So I have an English Children’s Game in here for all of you, as I used to have one with my children whenever we were driving for a long journey;


The person who is going to say, “Eye spy with my little eye something beginning with?”, must look at one object (one word or two words) from where you are now (whether you are at home or at work) and keep it in mind until someone gives you a correct answer. Until then, you can ask only one question for an answer either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ on each time (Repeat, this question which anyone can have supposedly requires only for an answer of either ‘yes’ or ‘no’), so you should be very careful in writing your question, but you cannot question to be answered with the objective word/words but only ‘yes or no’, and also you are not allowed to have double questions in one either, OK?

If someone gives us a correct answer and then it was confirmed, this person can have the honour of the next game by simply writing ‘Eye spy with my little eye something beginning with?’. Then questioning time may begin again & again. Please avoid the duplicated questions if possible.

For examples of the questions you may possibly have;

Are you at home? Are you at work? Is this (it) a material? Is it fixed? Is it movable? Is this a book? Is that an audio system? Is it a part of computer? & so on.

If you haven’t understood this game with a full comprehension, please feel free to leave a message for me here, and I will try to give you a reply as soon as possible if I am on line.

Let’s start now!

I have made up my mind, so I say, Eye spy with my little eye something beginning with? What is this?

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A wise & right decision to be determined by the wisdom & knowledge!

Firstly, I would like you to imagine yourself that you are pleasantly driving alone in the evening, very dark night, but you are now going into the very heavy stormy weather. When you are passing by the bus station, suddenly youve seen three people waiting for the Bus in the horrible weather; one of them is an old lady who seemed to be almost dying. The other person is a Doctor who has saved you once before. The last person is a beautiful young woman who youve always been dreaming to meet, to be together and to get married for your happiness.

However, you have only one seat available in your car unfortunately. Now here is the critical question for you; who are you going to choose for your only one available seat in your car or how and why? Please also give a reason for your answer.

Please think through before going ahead. All the answer should have got your own reason & motive, whatever they are.

You can choose the old lady. She was almost dying. So you should save her first. Or you can choose the doctor, because he saved your life once. You have a debt to him and it is the time of an opportunity that you can pay off debt now. On the other hand you can clear off debt later, but if you miss this chance you may be unable to meet your ideal lady again. Its not easy to find a Charming Princess for you.

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