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Dieting is Dying

Dear Valued Friend,

As a matter of fact, that i have inspired the idea of the "Dieting to start living" frrom the following picture. please muse on this pic. and inform me what is going on you mind?.



Maybe, confused, astonished or even normal. got an idea?. Never mind, as for me i do apply this rule on my life which is postpone every task, mission, going abroad or even completing my master degree. Its really annoying habit:(. 

simply, putting things up or deferring is called :










so are you ready ? hand by hand to break this nasty habit. I look forward to hear from you that you have done something. 

The Extract of my thoughts are the words composed from letters,letters constructed from sounds, sounds from morphemes, morphemes came from phenoms,and etc.

 So, every thing in life is accumaltive and heaped up. BE CAreFULL!

ACCumaltive Habit should be


CONStructive not DESTructive.

and please venture:


Here you go to take a look about the below link for further ideas and experiences. 



Best and Warm Regards,

Jamal Al-Qhaiwi 


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Dear All Friends,

What have you noticed or figured out from that picture? its the indulging and drinking from the well of the past.

i have heard the following saying:" we love past and we wish to go there but if we go to the past really, we will not be happy". i used to love indulging in the past. it quenches my feelings of solitary and being sad.Then this habit grown up and it got a roots inside my personality. are you still with or got lost? 

i am talking about nostalgia, here you go the defintion according to wikipedia for that big and meaningful term

"The term nostalgia describes a yearning for the past, often in idealized form.[1] The word is a learned formation of a Greek compound, consisting of νόστος (nóstos), meaning "homecoming", a Homeric word, and ἄλγος (álgos), meaning "pain, ache".

so, i gave up that habit and told my self i cant get ride with the taxi driver who is looking backward, he is logically look @__@ ahead. 

"past is history, future is mystry and the present is gift for you, this is why its called present"

Best Regards full with jasmine,

JAMAL Al-Qhaiwi.


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Dear All my intimate frineds ,

How are you doing guys these days?! i am wondering that are you still in touch with your negative thoughts, are you still indulged in the world of negativity and confusion?! hold you horses and take long breath:). i used to think that i will never ever be the captive of inferiroty. 

The word impossible bears a deep and critical meaning. i tried to sink and think, but no hint. stare at the valble treasure and look back to your current situation. you will feel with sorrow. why? because we said to our self that it's "IMPOSSIBLE". it is a word and it has a big meaning and attached by feelings. look@_@! brick beside brick is the formula of new home.



Possible Regards,

Lovely Jimmy 

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Dear All,

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of reasons to be misunderstood in this world.speaking and gesturing in particular. one of them is using a foreign language,this is not the problem. the problem is that the person who is talking that langaue. is he capable to grasp English? can he deliver a one correct sentence without grammatical mistakes and other flaws? i have passed that era of time and i still.......  

can we avoid or have a serious solution toward that problem?

i have got that a funny and a lovely video about misunderstanding :


Best Regards,


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Dear All,


           i PLUNGED that Title, TO PROVOKE THE FEELINGS OF CURIOSITY. look @-@!


  Good tiltles are a way of dragging the attentions of readers,memebrs or even the careless ............. i picked up that one to get you in and show you what is going on here?! ............................           ..............................            listen!   ..........................



If you dont mind people to have a hot a discussion about this phenomena , i used to have  ALLERGY of that topic at university, because they raised it in a fanatic way. At this moment, i would love to share the ideas of feminism here smoothly and just to get points of dis/agreeing about them.  are male and female mutual and represent the kingdom of affinity as i see?. look!!!..............



     The term  woman, if you divided  up this word it will grant you what?




       fe- male






           Even in the term we are inseparable. "Rain Over me With Your Suggestions or points" ?



    so, i am always in the cycle of this thinking. finally,  the extraction of my thoughts were above


Huge and colossal regards about your kind views or even passing by.

Jamal Al-Qhaiwi



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dear All,


i would like to put this topic as a cheering up to kill the soiltary@__@


         I used o be a shy human being. I did not have friend, but I kept leaving them away of my life. All people were asking my parents why I am like this, but they were justifying in many times that he likes to be alone. I was answering angrily and reservedly" this is my life and nobody shall interfere with it."

       I didn't notice that i overacted and or even exaggerated. I felt that life was great with being alone, but the life proved the opposite. Once while I was reading a newspaper, I browsed the articles that concerned about the medical corner in the newspaper. There was so many articles, but attractive title got my attention. It begun with "Some of the doctors said there is theory says" if you stay at solitary or even avoid contacting with people. This human being will be exposed triple times to have a heart attacks or even strokes than the normal people".


 Therefore, I got a shock about that news, although this was nonsense. But for me I took it seriously. Because it talked about health and it will causes a lot of disease, after that I will get so much of pains. Due to all these things I will die.

Oh!! Kicking the bucket is my first enemy.  These two words changed my life and turned it upside down. For that day till now, I am suffering from happiness! Nowadays, I feel with great pleasing to be present with   people and socializing with them. They used to call me "The outcast or even the introvert" but now they are dubbing me the extrovert. What a life! It is changeable and full with surprises.

  The occasion of that story was my inner feelings of being alone. 

the best regars,



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dear All,

Time to change came with interesting story:


Once upon a time,there was a weird resident of an almost desetrted island, the island had a few residents. They all were almost less than 10 people. All lived with serenity and happiness,their bonds were very tight. They were sociable and outgoing, they payed the visits to each others. Once they noticed a weird man who was living at solitary, they wondered why he looks like miserable?!. They all decided to visit him at his hut and to chat with him.


They collected themselves toghther and knocked the door of that man. He looked lazy, unhappy and had a pale face. He welcomed them but while they got into his home, they at once noticed a little leak in the roof. It was raining cats and dogs. They wondered why he cant or dont want to fix that roof?! one of them said:" why you dont do something to block that leak". The weird man replied:" how can i do that?! its raining heavily when it finishes i will fix it". the visitors have gone home and went to sleep to wake up early.


The weather was getting better and better. Till the climate was clear and sunny. The summer semester just came.


The ex-visitors were intending to visit him again. They promised each other to visit him at night and they did it. when they steped in ,they got a gigantic shock! what is that schock? the leak was not yet fixed. some of the curious guests jumped and said:"you still have not fixed that roof, what a pity?!!" The strange man said calmly:" THE WHEATHER NOW IS OKAY, WHY SHALL I DO THAT EFFORT AND FIX IT, SIMPLY THERE IS NO RAIN!" 


This is a symbolic story about our intentions toward changing our habits,manners, demeanors and life. why we keep postponing our plans to change or fulfill our dreams


Please rain me with your kind comments! *_*


Regards and many thanks,

Jamal Al-Qhaiwi

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Dear All,


Throughout the history we are trying to prove our selves. Blood is flowing on our bodies and on the earth as well!!! why???!! on the body okay, but why is it been shed on the earth??! i just wonder we cant stop violance and have a sharp view toward humanity. we are dehumanizing the human being by killing and slaughting!! is the killing due to Technology or knowldge? 

   i know its a distracted topic full with twists  but this is the mind map!!


i just wonder we are all human being and almost think on the same rout not deviation except some extremist. shall i be economical in words to rad this blog!! Come on guys!!! take a look and dont be shock. life deserve to better and better!!






Even Me the Godfather cant stop it lol!! :(

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Bridges not walls

Dear All readers,

I would like to say that this is the way that i used to live in this life" Paving Bridges ,avoid building walls". wait wait please!! i know you still dont understand what i mean. i mean by paving bridges to be a tolarent human being and if any body offended you, easily you will forgive him.





what i mean by building walls between me and other people, i cant forgive who abused to me or misbehaved. so, i am trying to pave the bridges with others not to build the walls to hide and hate people.



In sum, you have to put up with people who carried the hostility to you, just to save the energy of love and health. are of the builders or of the people who pave the road with flowers?



Jamal Al-Qhaiwi




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How to keep the words much longer in your mind?. i was wondering  why icant keep the words in my mind and live together. later, i found out that humanbeing's mind is like a tangled forests of trees. after that, i realized that ihave to put codes in my mind, to be able to get the word or the event back tomy mind.  i have a way to promote your memory which is:


One,  shape.

Tow,  taste

Three, color


How it looks? tasty, rounded, colorful?


orange is sour but sometimes is sweet, when i imagine it i see its colorglowing, but its shape always is rounded. so, you have to combine all thesecomponents, to become one unit in the mind.

these codes are a symbol of mind to recognize them. Therefore,these keys are so important to stick it in your mind. e.g.






there is no connection between HELLO and your equivalent word to say hello.

But one(size) ! the word is big in its meaning.

Tow(taste)how much it affects on your mood?!! it's a it makes the door openbetween You and your unfamiliar people.

three(color), it colors your life with happiness and freshness.


Finally, i hope you got something interesting and anew way to learnEnglish. I just wonder if is it ambiguous to you or not? Sorry if yes, but let me know why?



Jamal Al-Qhaiwi

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