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  • Can I is your partner?

  • Hi Ivan,
    Welcome back! How have you been?
    I'm doing alright - just busy at work as usual.
    I can see your new photos posted. I'll leave some comments.
    Hope you have some time to relax and enjoy MyEC!
  • likewise~~keep in touch!
  • Are you traveling around for your field research? If you took any interesting pictures, please show us again!
    I have some nice friends from Russia here at MyEC, but no, I'm not going anywhere... staying in my town and doing research everyday:) Summer here is very nice. It was 25°C today. How is the weather in Peking?
  • Hi Ivan - glad to hear from you. Are you busy at school? Take some break at MyEC!

  • I was sick, but now stay well. and news?
  • I have checked all the photos you uploaded. They all have strong messages.
    Every country has its unique history, therefore different issues. Countries should stop blaming each other. Yet it is important to sincerely listen to criticism from its own people and the world.
    Hope your pictures will be seen by as many people as possible. I will leave comments on them little by little.
    I respect your efforts. - yoh -
  • Hi Ivan, thanks for the website. It's a huge forum, isn't it?
    I found some topics on religion so I will check it out.

    Have a great day!
  • hi
    the news?
    what do you for good? or fun?
  • improvements desire a strong hug
This reply was deleted.

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