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Can't see who liked things.

There should a list of members who liked it, show up when clicking on the link "x members likes this" but nothing happens.

It doesn't work not on things, that I've posted by my self to my own page(photos and blogs), nor it works to things, posted by o

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Photos of fireworks.

My photos of New year 2008.I was trying hard to hold camera steady in dark, but it actually became great because I couldn't! (PS. Click on photo to see enlarged.)

Here I was almost able to keep camera steady.

This might be interesting too.

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Do It Yourself.

Hahaha, this is the thread of betrayal. Forget the industry, u can do it by your self! lolWell, actually it's not so political. It's just to share the things, that we have made by our selves. :)Here's my lamp.

It doesn't have shade, but it really does

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Tools Quiz #001

I figure, that instead of posting pictures of tools and their names. It's more interesting to post pictures and then let others to answer the question "How it's called in English?"So I'm the first one to ask this question.What's on picture? Give as e

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Would you like to play the Japanese word game, shiritori? Everyone can participate!The game goes so. First I give a Japanese word with English translation. And the next person will give a new Japanese word with English translation , that start with t

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Share your favorite quotations from animes or/and cartoons here.

One of my favorite from Minami-ke, from Chiaki Minami.


しゃべて ないで、 さっさと ひざまずいて、 ちりとり なさって ください。 この ばかやろう。(shabete naide, sassato hizamazuide, shiratori nasatte kudasi, kono bakayarou.)


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KDE.Org Released KDE SC 4.4.0

The KDE.ORG announces, of the release of the new version 4.4.0 (Codename: "Caikaku") of KDE desktop environment.

Kde desktop is a desktop environment for unix like operating systems. Like Linux, unix, bsd...

The announcement it self can be read at ht

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Drawing tutorials.

If you know some good drawing tutorials, that you think, that can be useful to others. Then please post the link/tutorial here. Of course, everything that is related to anime, cartoons, manga and comics are preferred, but anything else is also warmly

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