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My struggle against consuption.

Actually I wanted to give a more exagerating and colorful title, but I decided not, because it would have too horrible. Anyways, first I like to share a picture of a tool that I made. I mean the one at top on picture. Made of a plank of wood, bicycle rear axle and 3 Screws with tapered heads for torx screwdriver.. Not the vernier caliper.
3855166710?profile=RESIZE_710xCan you quess what I use this tool for? It's bicycle rear deraileur hanger adjusting tool. What makes it special, is that all it's parts are reusable. So assuming that you already own a bicycle rear axle a plank of wood and 3 screws + screwdriver. It gomes free. Instead of vernier caliper you can use ruler or any tool, to measure distance.

There's also a good reason, why the axle is attacked with 3 screws. The one lonely screw is to keep it together and limit the play. Other 2 screws are to adjust that axle to right angle with blank. To get it right angle, just screw the tool to bicycle deraileur hanger by axle. Secure it with a nut so that it would not move, or get undone. Then measure distance from bicycle rear wheel(or optionally from frame) to one end of the blank. Then turn the blank 180 degrees around axle and measure distance from the same point of frame to this end of blank. Distance must be exacly same. If it's not, then adjust the 2 screws at right acordingly. Losening one dightening other, until the distance is same. Now the tool is ready to check your deraileur hanger adjustment. Measure distance betwen blank and wheel. On wheel measure at valve, then turn both the wheel and blank 90 degre and measure again. And then once more. 90 degre. All 3 measurements must be same. If they are not, you need to bend the deraileur hanger acordingly. If the hanger is made from aluminum. It's easy to bend. Just grab from the end of that bicycle rear axle that is screwd on tool and nudge it to desired direction. Don't try to bend it by using the blank as lever. That blank is only for measuring. Screws won't hold it dightly enough.

I have successfully used this method few times and don't feel like I need a special tool or bring the bike to shop to let them to redune it after I had adjusted it. I cot it straight enough. And I think it's creat way not just to save some money, but to help economy too, to cure it from meaningless overconsuption. The cheapest commercially available tool for this, that I found was 33.23€ which might not sound really terribly expensive, but this is still better for enivnroment. While the most expensive tool I saw was 317€ ..Unbelievable, I don't think you get noticiable better result with more expensive tool.
My gears work just after adjusting with my homemade tool.
I'm very broud of myself for making this tool, because all the parts are still reusable.. Though, I admit, that maybe you colud damage the treads on that axle, when turning the blank around it. The screws may damage it.., but I guess there are ways to protect it from that too. Maybe putting some piece of plastic there. Anyways, I believe I can little bit save the earth, the enivnroment and make economy better, because, by not buying tools and things that I actually don't need. I stop manufacturers producting things. I force them to try harder, to create things that actually are needed.. Well, the fear is that they just change bicycles again. Like they have done many times.. To change measurements, so that the parts from old models would not fit to new ones and vice versa.. Don't know good remedy for that yet.. but. Well that's just how theyand their capitalismus are. What consumer really needs is not important, the enivnroment also.. that's something that consumers should care. What is important is what they are able to sell to people and make consumers to believe that they need it.

I'm not always that successful at fighting against consuption. I so often make bad decisions, buy wrong things. Last summer I bought new computer. I had forgot that, by buying parts and building it by my self, would be cheaper. I had not build new computer 10 years. So this time I thought it's so much bother to learn all the stuff that has changed in hardware. I better buy a ready built machine. In past when I built my previous computers, I had always strugles with graphic boards and their drivers not working properly in linux. So this time I thought that I'm clever. I buy a computer with no graphic card, just only the intel gpu that is built in cpu. Later I was told how stupid I was. That I should have bought amd, that amd is linux friendly now and that they have all openshource drivers. But well whatever. What's done is done. Just that I colud have saved almost 100,,,e I think. If I researched what parts I need and built the exact same computers from parts. But it didn't come my mind that I actually could save so much. When I wanted to build wheel to my bicycle. It was oposite. If I buy all the parts, 32 spokes, spoke niples, rim and hub. It would cost much more than, buying a ready made factory wheel.. Weird isn't. I already have spoke key and truing stand, that I bult by my self. Also dishing cauge that I also built by my self, and Parktools spoketension cauge.. I rwally should have made spoketension cauge by my self too. But I thought that calibrating is difficult.. But really, it's not.. With the money I spent for tensioncauge. I could have got parts needed for calibrating stand and.. maybe it would have cost me liitle more, to build both tools.. But maybe I could have made a better tool than that tm1 by parktools company?

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Why is choosing a bicycle light so difficult?

Can't they make it easier to chose them, with some easy to understand guides? I bought a new bicycle headlight at last year. It was so difficult to chose. There wasn't such, that I could say: "This is the light I want!" So many different lights. But about 95% of them, I would call -"useless for me". They either had too low output, or just for mtb, with too bright and dazzling beam(not dipped down and wide).. spotlights.

I wanted something, that would be on same level with car lights, or very close. And would have 2 modes, dipped down wide beam that would not dazzle other road users. And full beam, or mtb mode, as I think bicycle lights, actually don't require such full beam as cars do.. Probably.

I was also worried, that some lights, might not lid up traffic signs, or anything above higher than where light is mounted.. Since they would too perfectly shooting all the light to ground only.. by description.
Other concern was, that the beam, might light too bright at close range.

On some lights, the description stated(With my own words, since don't remember theirs, or the brands, or model) that, this light beam is dipped down and has wide pattern to illuminate also road sides. All light is directed to road surface where you need it, no light gets wasted to elsewhere, this way it does not dazzle other road users.
Also that it brightly illuminating the road close at front of bike.
Like that would be something good! No, there's no way, that that would be good! A normal head light, should not brightly lid up at close range. You don't want that. You definitely don't want all those lumens shining to ground at front of you.. they would be blinding(dazzling) you.
Yes, you want it to light also at close range, but not brightly. There has to be a good balance.. Dimmer at close and more light somewhere further ahead of you. Somewhere at where you are looking most, while riding. And also you need some of light to escape to up too, to be able to see traffic signs.. or maybe tree branches that reach to road or something..

Also your light, has to be as bright as car's head lights. Otherwise, when too dim. Oncoming traffic will blind you!

Anyways, after hunting for over a year unsuccessfully. I had to buy something, because my old light just wasn't good enough. And so I bought a Chinese light. Ravemen PR1200.

It wasn't too expensive, but was also not cheap.. By description, it almost has everything I wanted... But I don't know if there might have been some better choices. I had got tired from hunting, and from the doubts, and also that feeling, of how everyone is trying to deceive.
I think, that this light still might give too much light at close range.. at least on some conditions, on road(dipped down) mode.. But it's brightness can be changed and it's mtb mode is pretty good.. I like. Especially for gravel riding and country roads.. I don't ride on trails much, but I guess, it could be okay there too.

Although, I'm worried, that on road, it may dazzle oncoming traffic when on mtb mode. but I still have used it on that mode on road too, at dusk, with half brightness, or low brightness.. For me it does not look that dazzling, but.. I can't be sure. I felt like the mtb mode was much better at dusk.. Somehow the road mode was bothering my eye.. too bright on higher mode too low on lowest setting. Probably not noticeable(bright) enough to other traffic to see me.. And also to see the debris.. and/or dog poop on road. :P

Also it's attachment bracket, isn't how I like... it came with a flimsy one, so I had to buy a different one, but even with that, I can only mount it to 32mm handlebar. Although I have that dimension, I would like to mount it to lower position, underneath of handlebar, with a barxtender, which is 25mm.

I like the wired button, that connect to mini usb port of light. Same port is used to charge the light. Button I mounted close to levers, so that I can change the brightness of light, while still maintain good secure grip on handlebar and can use brake and shift levers.. The wire I wrapped under handlebar tape.

Button still has some lack of functionality. It is only for changing brightness.
When I want to change the light mode, from road to mtb. I still have to let go from handlebar..  I wish I could have that other button also remote.

Actually, I forgot. There is also the turbo mode, that can be attained from that brightness button. When press and hold that button. It will go to full power of mtb mode, until I release the button. Means technically I actually can change mode when at road mode. It has been useful sometime, when riding fast and there's some place ahead, that I'm not sure about. I can turbo it to see little further and don't need to slow down unnecessarily.

Also I almost forgot to mention, that there was actually something concerning in the manual of this light also. They suggested to mount it on 10 degree angle dipped down.
Why would they suggest something like that?
My light is about 95cm from ground. If I would point it downward by 10 degree. It would shoot all those 1200 lumens against the ground just only 5.47m close at front of me.. Or well that's where the center of beam would be on mtb mode..
They want to play safe? Like, maybe someone dazzles someone with it and then they might have a court case? Or they actually seriously thought that, that would be a good idea?
I actually set it about 2 or 3 degrees angle down. And that seems pretty good for me.. that's about 20 meters ahead..
Not sure how far it really reaches, because it's really, just the center of beam.. but I think in road mode, it really is just 20m, or maybe 25m that is lid brightly.. since this light don't have very sharp transitions from bright to dark.. it might lid a bit further.

And here are some videos, of this light in action when riding in dark.
In road mode at country.. I would have liked it to reach further, but it was okay.. If I switched to mtb mode, it would have lighted further, but I thought it's annoying to switch it back to dipped down (road)mode in darkness, when there's on coming cars...

I think, I dazzled this dog. :(

This is a long video, at the beginning it's in fog, that will get thicker. In the end of the video, it has got darker. Fog is only at beginning.. There's also moonlight.. and moon.

And one more very long video.. the sequel of the previous one.. In dark and on snowy road, that was also a bit slippery too.. But very soon, I reach to town and make some rounds there, on road little and on bicycle roads more :)

And here's my old light. It was pretty bright in full mode, but dazzling.

In low setting it did not light enough..
Also it was emitting radio interference waves. Even after I had replaced it's power cable, with a shielded one. It still emitted them. Interfering the work of my wireless cadence, speed and heart rate sensors.. With it's original, non shielded power cable, it was horrible. Even could not listen radio when switched this light on, in close(about 30 cm) to radio antenna..

The beak I made for it to make it lid road at close too. Since it's white it reflected some light down at front of bike. It was very effective, exactly right amount of light in full power, that I could see in slow speed at close range. And not blinded on high speed. Good even on high speed too.

And a link to video that shows the old light in action: https://youtu.be/2nVRuSnCtSE .In that video, I could not see well when on coming cars passing me, because light was on low mode.. and did not dare to use full brightness, since was worried, that it might dazzle drivers and cause accident.. So if there was anything on road I might have crashed.

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30.10.18 Got lost again.

I thought that, that since I got glasses a year and about 3 or 4 months ago. I'm now better at orientation too, but not that much. I can go little bit deeper into forest I guess, but I'm still bad at orientation. I definitely must avoid going deep to forest where's no tracks or paths, or other obvious landmarks.. in any cost. Today I again got lost in town.. unfamiliar suburban. Just wanted to walk through of that suburban area.. I guess my mistake was looking all those big houses instead of noticing the layout of streets. Was looking houses and thinking, that how stupid people must be, to want such huge houses. Heating them at winter sure is so expensive.. And really there were some big houses empty, windows broken.. And so I guess I did not notice turns and direction changes.. Also made 2 consecutive right turns... Then started to wonder where I am.. By my calculation I was supposed to have already got through of that small area. Then on next street crossing, I actually wanted to turn right again, because I was suspecting that I have drifted too much left and going further away from home, but then I noticed, a bigger street with more traffic ahead at left and so I turned left, hoping it's a more familiar street. Then when I reached there, I felt the place is somehow familiar, but somehow strange too.. It was mirrored What was supposed to be at east was on west, and west was in east, and the forest that was supposed to be at right was at left and... then I knew, it really is the same street that I have passed so many times, both by feet and bicycle, just that I had lost my sense of direction. I had actually made a loop and got back to the place I started.. So glad that I did not turn right on last turn. Otherwise I would have done another loop. I must be a big idiot to get lost like that.. It seems, that it happens a lot to me. Maybe it's because I'm the youngest kid in family, also did not have much friends in my own age with whom to go to explore when I was kid. Always with older brothers and then instead of observing surrounding and layout of area, I was trying to keep up with brothers. Never choosing direction and leading by my self, just following.. being on guard, for to not lose sight of some of my older siblings... when searching mushrooms in forest, or just adventuring.. Also I did not like to go outside in town too. Mostly we lived in town, but I was indoor type there, and at country I wanted to go to adventuring, but was pegging my brothers to go forest together. Was afraid to go alone.. Or I guess I really am just stupid, or absent minded. In past I have pumped against light boles at street, or traffic signs too. :D But maybe that's common and happens to anyone. Not sure. But I know other people actually won't get lost so easily as I do... Well it never has been a major thing, just little lost, the world isn't that big here.. where I live, not so big cities and such, but that's even more disturbing. If I manage to get lost in this small town or some small forest that's actually not totally unfamiliar, then... I must be just plain stupid.

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29.10.18 Winter.

First little snow and cold weather has arrived. By the noise it looked like most cars had got studded tires already, when I was walking in town. I don't like that noise. I say, it's even painful to ear. I already did not like that motorized pollution before, but every year, when winter arrives, I can confirm, yes they really can be more annoying.. And then those silly drivers.. no I mean those motorized junk operators, who think that they have good traction from winter tires and smart computer assisted cars. They sure will get into accident.. Which serves them right, I just hope that no one get's hurt except cars. Fortunately the first snow won't stay too long. It's supposed to get warmer again by Wednesday, but the noise I have to bear until to spring, when they are forced to change to summer tires again. They should just ban studded tires for cars in populated area. Only bicycles should be allowed to use them. Smarter skilled drivers use universal tires that work well all season in city, or town environment anyways, but I guess, some want to fly high speed all year around and cause headache to pedestrians and those drivers who don't have so much traction.. Also heavy trucks and buses, aren't allowed to use studded tires, then why the small cars owners can't drive without ice studs?

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Where did the braking power go?

It was rainy day, but I still went to bicycling. I had planned it already 2 days. I had been getting fat and also On one of my previous ride I had seen, that there was a road reconstructed in a forest I passed, but that time I did not have time to go to check it out. I was curious if it's just for logging, or maybe I can get through of forest. So I went to ride. My feet were wet already after 20 minutes of ride. And toes were a bit cold because of that, but other wise it was pretty good, even though it was just +8C, but I had dressed accordingly.. except shoes. When I reached to gravel road the front brake started to do noise because the sand getting between  caliper and brake rotor. So annoying, why to they do the disc brakes for bicycle the way that there's so little cap between rotor and pads? I was trying braking to get rid of the sand. It worked 2 times.. I had brake pretty hard for it though.. there wasn't much braking power also. I believe it worked against noise because brakes getting hot and water vapors. It was much nicer to ride after that, until I wanted to make a stop in forest and braked again. The front brake squeaked and I felt a jerk, like something got stuck and then broke lose.. then there was rubbing of brake, worse than before.

I thought that maybe some tiny rock from gravel got stuck in cooling hole of disc rotor, but that wasn't the case, but I did not figure that out until I got back home. In forest I was just able to get wheel turning pretty freely again and I decided to continue my ride, because the rear brake was still fine. I had replaced brake pads at rear a month ago or so. I replaced rear pads because I had bought new ones and wanted to see how they perform. New ones really were better. Did not replace front pads, because I had still over 1 mm braking surface left. That's more than half. If I remember right the owner manual said that I need to replace when it's reaching to 0.8mm so I was actually keeping my eye on the brakes. I wanted to replace them, but could not since it looked like a big waste. And they did not wear at all. I was already thinking that they never wear off. Even though I have been riding so much in gravel and wet weather. So now I don't understand how they wore so much this time? Is it like the wear accelerates at the end, or maybe that road had some different gravel with more abrasive sand? Actually the max thickness of those brake pads were still little more than a millimeter. The thinnest part was just 0.6mm. I always measure the thinnest most worn edge. Anyways good that I could finally replace it, But worried that, why are bicycles made that way. So unpredictable.. The new pads are semi metallic the old ones type I don't know for sure. They should have been semimetallic. That's what TRP says about their brakes on their website, but. Who knows, they are the brakes that the bicycle was stocked with when I bought it about 3 years ago.

Well I guess that's all for today. If I remember anything else I want to add, I guess I add it to comments. ^_^
Thank you for reading, and if you watched the video, then thanks for that too, although it's very long video with no talking or anything.. have a nice day and well, I still haven't finished cleaning my bike, even though it's already 2 days.. I cleaned the front part and replaced brake pads, cleaned som of the rear too.. the big dirt, but the drivetrain is not encouraging me to clean it. :P But I do that tomorrow.. hopefully. Bye.
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21.02.2013 - Walk. ^_^

Walking at least a hour per day, is essential to keep the health.. Well it's what I've heard. So I try to follow this suggestion.. more or less. ^_^

It was nice sunny winter day, good for one of such walk. They're building a new road around of town, or highway, or I don't know what it's called. It's for the transit to bypass the town.. To reduce traffic in downtown. I decided to set that construction areas northern end, that's closest to me, as my goal today. To go to see if they have already reached to nearby. :)

I took some photos on my way.

The snow catching net(the red-orange) thing at back. It's a nylon net sometime installed alongside roads to stop snow drifting to road. Here it's only a short segment.. But elsewhere I've seen some long long installations of it on fields along the road. When I was kid they sometime used wooden something things for that. Don't know what they were called in English. If I translated it verbatim from Estonian. It would be "snow ladder". Anyways, the mechanism was same, they were some wooden stripes of board installed with spaces to slow wind down or make the snow stop drifting... something.

The street at left is mostly for stupids, then is my pedestrians and bicycles road at middle for good people, and lastly the ski track at right for sillies.. Though I must confess, that I've never bicycled on this pedestrian-bicycle road at middle. When I'm with bike on this road, I've always chosen the wide street where that car is driving now. :P

The new "highway", they're almost here. U can see the excavator at back.. So not much digging for it.. soon it's here. The big greenish yellow sign says. "Tartu town's east-side bypass road's second building-area's designing and building".. Then there are listed the contacts of customer(orderer, or booker) and then, the contacts of contractors, and then the ones responsible of traffic something rerouting etc.. and then owners supervisors contact and lastly the beginning and finishing dates of the construction..

Well I hope they will make a good bicycle road on side of this new road. They will build also a new bridge over river "Emajõgi". I've been waiting that bridge already over ten years. Well I guess they're late. I needed that bridge 10 years ago. Now lately I'm somehow not so much interested to go to bicycle at south side of river.. I've found suitable cycle baths here in my side now. ^_^

A single snow man at side of ski tracks.. Waiting for some skiers to pass to cheer.. Sorry I'm not too fond of skiing. Don't have skis also. They're too expensive to buy them, when not really into it.. So can't make the snowman happy.  :)

But what do we have here?! It's skier! Now the snowman can cheer with his heart context!

And once more a skier closing the public... Well I did not hear the snowman cheering, but maybe this ski woman really were cheered to keep the pace? As for me. I did not yell go go go.. or smth like that... I only snatched  a photo secretly from behind, when she was already passed by. :P :)

Well.. From there, I was going back to home by a different road. I did take some more photos also there, but I can't post more.. It's the seven photos upload limit per a blog.. I have today already uploaded seven for here.. Maybe I added too many?

Well, there was like two, or tree more photos that I thought to post and build more.. story around them or smth.. but oh well. I think it's enough... Lets say so that I did reach safely back to home.. after about a hour of walk and little detour. :)


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17.12.2012. :)

My house is so well built that when I go out, the temperature at my room falls by one degree in Celsius.. But when I come back to home and keep the door to my room closed. It will soon again rise back up to +17C! That's how much heat my body produces.

Cool isn't? :D

While the EU officials did ban Incandescent light bulbs too.. the one extra source that could give more heat. :P No I actually would not heat with electricity anyways. I just wanted to point out how stupid are those careerist EU officials.. Well they probably want me to buy a electrical heater instead? Sorry, I'm not so rich to use electricity for heating.

Oh but please don't tell to the EU, that my home won't keep warmth on windy days. They will ban it.


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My First of Late Autumn's 2012 ^_^

The winter of late autumn arrived yesterday. It started at middle day with sleet and rain and finished it with something close to snow at yesterday's night. So to the night the ground was all covered with white carpet.. It's great, because the snow wont let it get dark at night. I don't need to switch lights on if I have to get up at night... Actually I think I did not switch light on also before.. Hmmmm, I guess the city lights give some light even without snow. Oh and air was nice and clean to breathe too.. but I did not keep my window open, since did not want my room to get too cold.

Today morning it was pretty much winter behind of the window.. It was still little above zero though, but it did fall below turning the day.. even though the sun did come out for a while.

I took a walk to country, to see and enjoy the child winter. Although the sun had already hidden. It was still nice to walk.. I love to walk... not always though. :P There's a new road going out of town. They renovated it last summer with the Money from EU, or actually it's German's peoples taxes... German is big, so they pay a lot of taxes to EU and then they allow us to build silly roads with that money, so that Germans could transport the goods to and from Russia through of our road. They can't transport everything through of the pipes, that the Russians sinked to Baltic sea. lol

Well actually I'm just a bit mean, since the roads they build for cars, are wider and smother than the ones for pedestrians. I don't like car lovers. It might have nothing to do with Germany. It's the EU.. ..Maybe Polish drivers use much more these roads to transport goods to/from Russia... But I just like to say what ever to comes to my mind. So please don't mind. :P ^_^

Anyways here are photos, I took.. Please enjoy. No I insist you to enjoy them! If you don't, then..."o( ̄ヘ ̄;)。o0○(hate…)"  .......:D










There was a bench pushed over. Don't know if someone was just demonstrating own strength.. Or... Well, I think it's rather some car lovers work. Previously there was a gravel road coming from left connecting big road, but now when they renovated the big road, they eliminated that direct way to big road.. So some car drivers must be mad for this.. that they can't get straight to main road.. The tracks on Pedestrian road and the gravel road probe, that some cars still use the direct way, by driving over and by pedestrians/bicycle road, to main road. But the bench was a little on the way... ^_^ 




These wooden things on photo at below left, are remains of a well. There used to be a meadow for cows. U can see some remains of fence with barbwire and.. well something. And also a iron feed bunk or smth for water. I remember something ten years ago there were still cows. There was a cow-barn near to town. But now the barn house is turned into some factory. I suppose, while the town did grow, the rich people who had bought own houses nearby, did complain about the noise of cow and the smell of tung and barn fly and etc.. U know the rich city idiots... Actually they are even not rich, they are debtors, who have to work and get stressed and depressed from all the work to bay back the house loan to bank. :P Haha.. I'm just mean to those people too. I don't like people who build own dream houses near to down and then get so full of them selves..

The people who move to country, are usually stupid, they think they get a good life, the ideal life, that it's great to live in country, in own house, that it's romantic, but then they get disappointed. They discover that nearby farmer bring tung to field and it smell if he does that. Then some other person builds own house nearby.... Then the wild animals... deers may run around free.. So they demand the wild animals must be dealt with.. kept leashed, or killed.. and so on...

The photo at right.. That is snow on street.. On pedestrian road. Since there were dead leaves and maybe some debris lying on ground, some snow that landed on those leaves, haven't melted. That's because the leaves insulated the heat coming from ground... So it created some interesting patterns on road.









The last photo is.. Well, It's nothing interesting. It's just to show the... something the road on my way back. So u could tell, where was the place I was walking... Not very interesting indeed.. I suppose it isn't. :)


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07-08-2012-Rainy-Day: Cleaning.

I hate cleaning! But what can I do. I have to do it time to time. I wanted to go to bicycling, but It was raining too much. Well, what else u can expect from those weather bureau forecasters. They are all in Tallinn. I think we only have  some automatic weather stations here in my town. That the evil weather forecasters from capital only use to forecast wrong, or bad weather to us.. From safe distance. :P

Anyways, I couldn't escape from cleaning to bicycling, because of this rain rain. So I escaped to here to write the blog. Man I have been cleaning already 3 days, But Have got only 3/4 of my room done. Well one very difficult things is to get rid the old electronics... computer parts. I should throw it all out. Even those that are still working well. I don't need them... Well but it's hard, how to you throw away, something that's still working. It's not environment friendly. And then, thinking how much money I have paid for all this garbage.. Yeah... I curse all these stupid computer manufacturers. I wish all the worst and most horrible luck to them!

Well, I've been reducing this dump of mine by time to time. Like demolishing things, and bring out what can. It's easy with the metal components.. If it's well separated from other things, and leaved out to street, beside of garbage pin. It will disappear quickly. A-socials will take it to scrap yard and exchange to money. :P But rest of these computer parts.. the electronic stuff, I'm supposed to bring to some special station that collects such stuff. Hell, how annoying! The worst is that I have a lot of still working fine things.... Hahaha. Actually I'm a junk collector, yeah seriously. I'm worried about my future, I had there a collection of totally useless garbage, that I had kept for any-case.. Maybe I need it someday. :P I threw them away now.. Because the reality is that 99 percentage of all that shit, I never need and the rest 1 percent, I would either not remember that I have or would not find it from the pile. :P Well actually was not so bad yet. But it could get if I leave it be. lol

But seriously, I want to get free of useless electronic... Computer parts. Is there some easy way for it? I wonder, if I break it into very small particles. Then it's okay to mix it inside of regular hose-hold-garbage. No one will get know. After all, there's no guarantee that it won't harass environment. If I bring it to special location, like I'm supposed to. Maybe they recycle them in some so bad way there too..Maybe they want to get only valuable stuff out from it, and for that they recycle it some horrible way... :P

Well seems the weather cleaned up a bit. ^_^

I guess I'll put all this junk back to where it was and leave it, be.. At least I achieved this much that I cleaned some dust out from all the junk...

I hate cleaning... I wonder why it is that I'm lazy to throw things out as soon as I'm done with them. Like empty packagings, or smth. Why do I throw it in the top of pile, instead of bringing out.


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Trespassing to Russia.

There's a road in Estonia that pass through of Russian territory. The territory it pass, is called saatse boot. Because the border's line reminds the shape of a boot in map... Saatse is probably the name of place, but I don't know for sure.

No one knows exactly, why that boot is drawn to there. But it is. And there is a gravel road from Estonian side that pass through of that boot. There is a agreement between Estonia and Russia that local cars are allowed to freely pass through in there, but they are not allowed to stop, and I think, that also by foot it's not allowed to walk that road... probably. So it's not like a real trespassing, because there is permission, but it's still somewhat.. weird.

This spring The google street view boarded Estonia. And most of Estonian roads and streets are now nicely in Streetview. But seems, like their cars missed some geographical coordinates in there with that road, and photographed up also some parts of Russia, along that road.. while missing some part of Estonia...(from other side of that booth)

Here's the link to the location of that trespassable border on google map. U can practice the virtual trespassing in there... But don't get caught borderguards. LOL  http://goo.gl/maps/ohK3 I hope google wont fix it, so that everyone can experience trespassing in there for ever. :P

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17.04.2012: Still sick.

Oh man, oh man. I've got a fever. I woke today because shivering cold and sweating. I realized quickly. It's a fever. I have had some fever already tree days. 37.3 at Saturday evening, 37.5 at Sunday, 37.8 for Monday. And today I woke with 37.8. I somehow went to kitchen while shaking all over body to get some watter to swallow a pill of paracetamol.. After that it went up to 38.3.. but went back to 37.8 again.. Well it have stayed at around 37.7 to 37.9 the whole day.. At least the paracetamol takes the annoying pain away from body. Actually I don't feel so bad thanks to that.

Weird fever. I don't have blocked nose, nor throat pain.. just fever and pain from fever, that paracetamol took away..

Well actually my dad had last week a fever too, but he had it only something like 2 or three days. And he thought, that it was because he had 2 big tooths pulled out from back of his mouth. First he had one decayed tooth pulled out. And then other started to hurt.. and since repairing it would have cost too much. He let also that one to be pulled out.. So maybe he had the fever because the tooth thing. But I still hope it was same thing as I have now. Because then I can hope it gets sameway over also to me too..

Or maybe it's because bad karma? Like I'm just so bad person... Nah, it can't be. There are much worse people than me, and they are fine.. I think... Damn, I suppose I have to go back to bed. It's 38.3 again it seems.. well it's evening already too...

Good that today at last was not so many new anime released.

I hate this. It's the people with good health, that cause this. They don't feel sick and then they go around and spread own stupid sickness while sick, to good people like me. When people are too healthy they become too bad. First they get rich. Then they go to travel and pick up all kind of sicknesses to spread to good people.. Such monsters.

Perhaps we need a law, against healthy people. To punish them, somehow. Hahaha.. Doe's it look like I am making my karma worse, by saying such things? But you know... wishing good things is worse. If you're good to people, you run out of goodness and happiness... like in few minutes. People will absorb all your kindness and then, after that you're able to be only evil. Yhen You can only become Dr.Evil and conquer the world..

LOL I hope I'm wrong. ;)


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The New Dictionary Feature of MyEc. ^_^

Once in a while someone have done a useful upgrade to us. Well, it's not like all other upgrades have been non useful though, and probably I didn't mean also, that all those times when I have logged in, and here haven't been any new features and upgrades added. The ones responsible, just are siting idly doing nothing... :P But maybe they actually are doing that, and maybe there have been only meaningless upgrades too. So just in case, I actually felt the need to emphasize the fact, that this time it's useful.. Yeah, just in case. :P

Anyway, it's very simple and practical add. And I like it.

It's a dictionary box at bottom of the page, siting in front the chartroom box. It's actually very logical that it's right before chartroom.. It's in the order of the importance, isn't? Yeah, I just don't like to chat. :P

Anyway, this dictionary (thesaurus) gives explanation of some English words.. It's useful when don't know the meaning of some word, it gives you the list of synonyms, when double click on word that you want to check at page. It's also useful, if u don't know how to pronounce some word. It have capability to speech it for you. Or when u are typing a comment and then don't remember, if the bath was written with "p" or with "b", u can check it up.. The double click won't work from typing/input field though.. in this case u have to manually copy it to dictionary box.

It happens to me all the time, that I have forgot which "p" I had to use, "b" or "p". Because I don't know the correct pronunciation of English, I have hard to remember such things.. usually u would know the difference by sounding, but without knowing the correct sounding it's difficult....

Anyways, good to have this new feature.. Yet, it doesn't have all modern English words in it's database. Example about a this thing called "blog", it have never heard about.. Well actually many dictionaries and spell-checkers don't know how to blog. But it's still good to have this dictionary. ^_^



Well, I believe, that there's actually a lot of words, that he don't know. He didn't know also wahat is Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.. But who needs a word like that anyways. Even when words as difficult as that exist, it's better not to even know that they exist, right? :P


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Arrival of My New Year 2012

As usual I didn't do anything for the New Year.. Almost. I didn't even watch the special tv. programs. There isn't anything to watch anyways. I already know what they show at New Years eve. It's "Dinner For One" lol

I've heard in germany they show this in each new yeareve already 40 years. Seems they copied germans here too, because they have shown it now also here at least 15 years or maybe 20.. :P

For Xmas they traditionally show "Home Alone" By The Way.

Anyways, I still saw the firework. I say saw, because, even if I didn't want to see it, it's almost impossible not to see and hear it. Since there's a lot of people who make the fireworks all over the place. No need to make your own, just look out from window and... well yes I actually watched it.. and took photos too. :P

At first the visibility was pretty fine.. like this

But soon the whole town was covered by smoke.. In the end it looked like this.

That's normal. It's how it always have here been.. for at least past 20 years, I think. Maybe more. I think about 5 or more years ago it was actually more.. Now people don't wast so much mone maybe..

(PS. Some rocket were launched really close by, to building.. so I did had to be careful at balcony, if they set it off wrongly it might hit the building)

Well some more photos..

But it's still a lot of waste of money I think. These bigger things for Firework.. I think they were something like 100€ or smth.. Crazy! Stupid rich people make fireworks for free to me. lol


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"Karakat" - a weird snowmobile.

The name "Karakat" comes from Russian. I don't know what this word "Karakat" means in Russian, or why it's called that, but this is how the fishermen from the "Peipsi" lake call this vehicle. Although it does have a proper Estonian name too - "Kummij(y)uku". It seems like the Russian name "Karakat" is adapted also to Estonian language lately.

I've heard, that there's a fish, that have similar name "karakat" ..or "karakatitsa" or something like this in Russian. And the Karakat is named after that fish.


To put it simple. Karakat is a (usually homemade), light ice/snow vehicle, that have light balloon tires. Often, big tractor's inner-tubes are used.. together with some light protective layer on the contact area. But actually, airplane's tires are preferred.. Airplane tires are very durable and light. They last well, even after there are pieces cut out from sides, leaving innertube exposed, with only strips of tire on sides to hold the contact are on place.. It's all done to decrease weight.

Earlier Karakats (Kummijukus) were mostly three-wheelers, built on motorcycle base... While passionate inventors, have gone further and constructed all kind of Karakats.. Four, six or maybe even eight wheelers. The motorcycle based Karakats have almost extincted these years, I think. Current Karakats might look rather something like all around cars... Yet, fishermen use these vehicles to go fishing from ice, at winter. So they obviously prefer something bigger, car like, with proper cockpit, where's warmth inside ..the big balloon-tires help it to float when ice should crack.. it's main purpose is still to go to fishing on ice at winter, even when it looks like allarounder..



Here are some videos of Karakats, that I found from youtube.

A typical three wheeled karakat.

A little girl is driving a karakat.

This video demonstrates the performance of a Karakat, in deeper water. Although it really does float. I think this certain subject, is better off from deep water. While siting so deep in water, there's no way it could crawl back up from the edge of ice on it's own, when it should fall to a ice-crack. Not even when 3x3 drive, propeller, studs and paddles were added. :)

Karakat in bog.

Three-wheel drive. (3x3 drive!)

Similar vehicle as karakat (Probably it's called differently, but it's very cool.)

Parrade of karakats.  (In Russian only)


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The right for natural way of communication.

Its getting annoying, how the society try to force phones onto us. You would expect that when you make appointment to doctor over internet, then you don't need to own a phone.. wrong! The partition of your contact informations for phone number is mandatory to fill in the web.. why can't they just accept only e-mail?


Every time I log into Internet bank. A popup window appears. Asking me to fix my contact information.. but I can only ignore it, since I can't save/change my contact information, without filling the field for my phone number.. Apparently a person without a phone is illegal to them.


Last year, my dad found some boxes of shotgun ammo for hunting.. Someone had drown them into garbage. He picked them out and wanted to bring to police.. before some kid would find them and hurt him self.. Well it appeared that it's impossible to do, since we don't have such places as police-station in our town anymore. We thought that we could bring them  to prefecture, that's the only police office in our town.. the police prefecture of southern Estonia. But we couldn't enter therefrom anywhere. After a while one policeman came out, and we could ask him. He told to call to 110. And that he don't have time, since he have to hurry to scene.. So apparently.. we had to call to the police by phone, from the front of the house, that was full of the policemen and then wait some hour until a free patrol car could come and pick that ammo up.


So what if you don't have a phone.. BTW, we don't have also payphones in Estonia anymore. The last payphones were removed last year because of low use. Then can you ever get contact with police when needed?


Anyway, I don't have phone. And I don't plan to get it too ....at last not in near future.

Not having a phone is not a problem for me..... well that's what I would like to say. I like to communicate directly to people in natural way.. It's good to go to the place and meet people personally, instead of arranging things "conveniently" over phone... But there's the things: On times when clerks, or customer support officers, ask my phone number, as for contact information, they will have bugged impression. They forget own well trained smile that should make customers to feel good.. for moment. They lift eyes and take a look of me.. When I reply that I don't have phone. Somehow it leaves somewhat bad feeling inside of me.. On times when someone want to give own contact number, or ask mine and ...I have to deny, it's often somewhat uncomfortable..


I just don't like phones.. I just dislike them. I appreciate my privacy and quietness and don't want someone bug me by ringing the phone. I also appreciate the direct natural communication with people. I actually may feel uncomfortable to talk by phone.


Should the right for not owning a phone be protected by law these days? Shouldn't it be a human right? What do you think?

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Living Environment

Yesterday, laying laminate flooring, I started.Because walking barefoot on the old one, didn't brook.Dirt, the splinters of flinderness attracted.Thus, not easy the cleaning was.2/3 of it, I yesterday laid..Very tired i was, in the end of day.Cleaning and furniture moving, me down had got.Happy I was, since one of my favorite anime new episode. had released.

Today I wanted to finish it.A surprise spooked out, from the behind of bookshelves, when moving it away from the wall.

Also one of the leg of my bed had a spooky look.

The bed is build by me, by the way.You see the new floor under the leg of bed, supporting it well even though it have such spooky look because of the mold growing on it.. That don't want even touch it barehanded.First I thought it's the mold from last winter.. the winter was cold, the mold started to grow in many cold places where air humidity could condense.

But the wall felt damp by touching it by hand.. Then it can't be only form winter. Now I'm not sure. It can't be condensate yet.. it's not so cold yet, to make it condense... But it have been raining lately.. Roof seemed fine. So maybe it comes trough of the wall.. there's a joint of concrete blocks in where it's mold.. so bad. Stupid soviet builders, who made bad job and stole half of building materials that they should had used. Stupid Moscow's architects, who constructed this thing so badly insulated. T_TWell, I need to observe. If it gets wet again when raining, then something must be done. If it's condense, then keeping big clearance between furniture and wall, may help.. although with the lose of space.If it molds, then it can't be healthy Environment for living..T_T
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