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Teaching professionals & education system

I got the inspiration from my father and from my wife to write this blog though I am not a teacher.

While we are studying we were learn in our local language 'Matha, Pitha, Guru Deivam' (Mother, Father and Teachers are equal to God!).  A sincere teacher who servers and retires as a teacher, whereas his students are become doctors, scientists, noble laurels etc.etc.   

My father will be teaching in a rural place where there are no facilities.  He used to go by pedaling the cycle almost 10 kms or so and spend the day with the students teaching not only the syllabus but also the morale and ethics of life.  Most of time he skips his lunch bag because of the urgency to reach the school in time.  This is the profession where you enjoy spending with the students, learn from them, guide them and help them to achieve their goals.

This profession is very tough in my view where one has to handle different types of students with different attitude, culture and background.  The teacher has to understand each student and then to mould them accordingly.  He has to spend more time for some dull students.  He has to brief their parents about their performance and to help them to train them in a right manner.  The students, because of their age, not able to understand what their teacher wants from them will give lot of trouble to them and make fun of them. The tolerance and patience are verymuch needed for this profession.  

In the present scenario (as per my wife's experience) most of the schools are just run to earn money and the management is not worried about the future of the students.  90% of work is being done by the teachers and the students are just to obey their teachers and nothing more.  The management wants to please the parents so that they get more admissions and simultaneously more money. They spend lot of money towards advertising and other activities through which they attract people.  In my opinion the pay what they offer to the teachers will also matters on the quality of education they provide to the children.  The government teachers will get more pay whereas no parent wants to join their children in government schools and they want their children to study in big corporate schools. Educating on character building, ethics are big questions in the present Hitech schools. There are dedicated teachers but they are not allowed to act on their own and they have to follow the syllabus, tests, fairs, marks etc.etc. as per their management criteria.  In my view the rural schools are better and the students are taught good habits etc.  The key factor, in my view, is the teacher irrespective of the pay she/he gets, if passionate about her/his profession can impart good education and simultaneous build good character citizens.  

Finally I would like to thank Lady Anne for making me to write this blog!

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I am always interested in the subject 'healthy living'. In the present world scenario we are all living in a polluted and a chemical bound atmosphere. All the natural resources are being polluted and nobody is worried about the Nexgen.

I have come through a lot of families wherein the food habits have changed a lot. The nutritional elements like vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc. are missing in their intake. New diseases have come in and the intake of medicines (chemicals) at regular intervals becomes a habit which makes a human body weak from inner resistance. The optimal health is the need of the hour as of now. The four pillars like intake of nutritional food, proper rest (6-7 hours), regular exercise and positive mental attitude must be taught to every child in their school curriculum. The government should make awareness programs through media and educate the parents about the importance of nutritional value. Naturally grown fruits and vegetables must be consumed in place of of ready-made food-mix, junk foods etc.

The children must be educated to know the value of nutritious food and it is the responsibility of a parent / teacher to guide the children to follow healthy food habits. There is a dire need to this cause to save the future generation from any health hazard.

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Hard work verses Smart work

We usually come across two types of people in any working place.  Some of them work very hard and will not be recognized for their hard work and sincere efforts.  Others who may not be working very hard, but will get very good reputation and get promoted every year because they tend to be very smart.  This is otherwise called "survival of the fittest".

It's said that anyone who wants to grow steadily in the corporate should be smart enough to adjust and to act according to the situation. The smartness is required, but at the same time should not ignore or escape from the assigned goals. Some of them who will showcase the talents of others as is of theirs and will get recognized (other wise called credit thief).    I feel that the hard working people with lots of talents and skills are ignored in most of the occasions because of their attitude i.e. not able to expose / showcase their talents. 

The management should identify those people who are very sincere, hardworking and not able to showcase their talents (introvert) by imparting proper training / recognition to them. 







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Organized Vs. Unorganized

I would like to share my experience of working in two different organizations.  In the beginning I was working in a private firm in a small town where there is no other employment opportunity to expect a job in this organization.  There the rules were very stringent and I was facing a lot of frustration in adjusting with my boss. The office timings were very strictly followed and you will not be allowed if you come late beyond the timing (expect five minutes grace time).  My boss was a very angry guy and he loses control and shouts at everyone even for a small lapse.  I was very shy and introvert by nature and I am not able to manage such situations.  With much difficulty I continued there.  But I am able to learn a lot of things working there, especially how to be organized.  

Later I joined another organization and I was continuing to work there.  Here I was working with a boss who served most of his career in Sales & Marketing and who is responsible for whole operations including administration.  He is very social, and gives lots of freedom to everyone working with him.  He never bothers about the discipline and only expects desired results within the stipulated time.  But the freedom which he gave was misused and are very lethargic.  At one stage I felt that all are becoming very lazy and there is full of negativity all around.

Some freedom might have been given to the employees, which I felt while I was working in the first organization.  In case of the present organization,  was feeling that the administration should have been tightened.  

I am not clear about the type of administration which will give desired results from these two organizations.  



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Power of attraction

Some 10 years back my confidence level was very low.  I was very shy and couldn't see a person directly and speak.  There may be the reasons of its own for the situation.  I lost my job and I was told my Ex-Boss that I am "emotionally imbalanced". I am totally out of control at that time.  I don't know how to survive and was worrying a lot.

During one of my wife's relative marriage we used to visit North India and we used to stay in one of my wife's relatives.  I was wondering how the people are enjoying life I observed that they are very social and they lead life with lot of fun and joy.  I was impressed with the way they lead a life with a lot of joy.  I have decided that I will change myself and turn into a very optimistic way and enjoy the life with full of excitement.  

After a period of two to three years we were introduced into a system which I found very interesting and that made me not only to enjoy the life but to teach others to be very optimistic about their future. Throughout the system it was taught that if you want to be successful you have to dream your destiny and always be optimistic.  And in one of the books the 'SECRET' was revealed as you have to think, speak, write, visualize what do you want in life and the universe will in return will fulfill your need / dream.  Henceforth I started self-talk about the things I needed and it started working slowly.  God has created everything.  It is you to decide what you need.  I have come across lots of people who always murmur that they couldn't get this, if they might have been like somebody else their life will be full of colours, God is not in favour of them, fate etc.etc. .  I feel very sorry for their ignorance that they have everything in life but just because of the association and the impact of TV serials / Movies etc. they turned negative.  

When I was writing this I was overwhelmed that if everyone starts following the 'law of attraction' how the world become.  This 'law of attraction' will give what every you want viz. health, wealth, fame etc.  It's done deal!!

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Love you Mom!

Yesterday I was suffering from fever, from the morning.  With much difficulty I attended the duty and when I reached  the home I was almost exhausted.  My temperature has gone up.  I am not in a position to stand up and I told my wife to bring some medicines for me.  She did so.  In the mean time I thought that I will talk to my Mom over phone since she is with my brother in a far away place.  I called my Mom informed about my health condition.  She with a lot of frustration told me to visit the Doctor immediately and take very good care and if required she will visit me.   I took the medicine and took rest for about 2 hours.  When I got up I was almost recovered and it's all because of the Prayers of my Mom, I can say.  

I though that I will inform her that I got recovered.  When I took the phone to call her, there was a call from her.  I got overwhelmed for the coincidence and with much excitement I spoke to her.  I am very proud to have such a caring and loving Mother.  She always thinks about us only and ignores her. When she is with me, I used to quarrel a lot with her and now I feel that I miss her a lot.  In my view Mother's love for a child irrespective of their age cannot be compared or valued.  

May be there is nothing impressive in this story, but I felt that I was verymuch blessed to have such a caring and loving.  Here I recollect the song "one love for the mother's pride...." 

Love you Mom!!  

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Thanks to Englishclub

I am in the field of assisting top management in the organization I am working for.  My routine work is daily correspondence, taking minutes of the meetings, responding to the correspondence independently, organizing meetings, coordinating with other departments, etc.  I am in this field for more than a decade and I have been supporting starting from Sr.V.P. (Prod) to CEO/Director. 

I have attended so many meetings so far and did minuting from monthly meetings to quarterly / half-yearly meetings.  I am able to write shorter notes rather than a lengthy reply.   

From now on I have decided to practice writing a daily habit about anything. I made this a habit only after  my joining in a web based English learning site : Englishclub.  Another reason is my CEO.   Like every year this year in our organisation all the employees were appraised for their performance last year.  When my performance was appraised, in the remarks column it was mentioned the area for my  improvement as English skills (writing and speaking).  I made a decision that everyday  I can spend my free time in Englishclub for upgrading my knowledge.    

As I have enough free time, there is a lot of scope for the upgradation and in turn confidentially facing any writing challenge in my job without any hesitation.  Now I got realized that this is one of my dreams.  Thanks to my CEO, who has been encouraging me in this task and at last I took the decision that I will prove myself.

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