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I'll be posting the PRONUNCIATION (in the form of PHONETIC SPELLING) of a WORD everyday. My objective of doing this activity is to raise awarness among our Club members the importance of learning SPEECH SOUNDS and their SYMBOLS if they really want to

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Pronunciation Challenges!

I'll use this forum as a thread to post pronunciation related challenges every now and then. I would like to see your participation. Please don't hesitate to ask me if you have any questions regarding speech SOUNDS, speech sound SYMBOLS or the Phonet

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How many of you know that when you buy a DICTIONARY (yes, the one in book form), YOU ALSO PAY for the DICTIONARY to TELL YOU the PRONUNCIATION of EVERY SINGLE WORD listed in it?

The page shown below was taken from the "Oxford Advanced Learner's Dicti

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3423700788?profile=RESIZE_710xEnglish Sound System

A learner’s effort to master the pronunciation of English words could be hampered if there is no proper understanding about the English Sound System”, if you ask me!
You may argue that there are other factors which are the real o

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Words in WRITTEN ENGLISH are made up of LETTERS. However, in SPOKEN ENGLISH we use small units of individual SOUNDS (called PHONEMES) to form SPOKEN WORDS.

1. These are the LETTERS that we use in WRITING to form the WRITTEN WORDS.


2. These are the SOUN

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There are a few reasons why it's difficult to pronounce the words in English. One of them is because some  LETTERS are MULTI-VALUED. A MULTI-VALUED letter is a LETTER that makes more than one SOUND. Did you know that, for example, the LETTER "A" coul

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Written Word vs Spoken Word

Can you pronounce the following words?


If you know how to read the PHONETIC TRANSCRIPTION given beside each word, you can easily PRONOUNCE the word correctly even if you’ve never HEARD or SEEN the word before, or don’t even know the meaning of the wor

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Long Words and Pronunciation

Have you ever come across LONG WORDS and wondered how to PRONOUNCE them. You know what? You can EASILY PRONOUNCE any word in English no matter how LONG and DIFFICULT it seems to be if you know how to read the PHONETIC SPELLING (simply SPELLING of PRO

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Legal Terms and Pronunciation

LEGAL TERMS3077209279?profile=RESIZE_710x

I'm neither a lawyer nor law student! Neverthless, I know how to pronounce the LEGAL TERMS when I come across them. It's possible because I could read the PHONETIC SPELLINGS. A phonetic spelling (or phonetic transcription) is the WRITTEN F

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