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I'm reposting this blog as per the request of a new member of MyEC. Enjoy, girl! 
Hello, my dear friends!
Do you ever wish you were able to play a musical instrument? The truth is we all do, don’t  we?  (Hope I’m  not bending the truth!)  Unfortunately,  there  could  be  some justifiable grounds for your dream failed to materialize. Perhaps you don’t have the means to own, for example, a piano as it costs you an arm and a leg. If you are one of those disappointed souls, the following instruments are coming to you for absolutely free! This is the moment you've been waiting for all this while. Please don't think that this is a childish prank, my friend. I'm deadly serious!! I know what is  crossing your mind right now!  Believe me,  I’m  not .insane and they are neither just  images of musical instruments  nor  e-toys!  They are  ‘real’ and you can use them straight away. The only difference is that they are ‘virtual.and you use either your computer keyboard or mouse to operate them. 
Well, what are you waiting for? Go on; give them a try! I’m sure you’ll have fun!

Lite Piano


How to use the Lite Piano

Click the  ‘question mark’ (?)  on the  top  right-hand  corner  of the piano.
This will show you the  characters.(letters,  numbers  and  symbols) matched
with the keys on your  computer  keyboard  that  correspond to the piano.
Press  an associated key on your keyboard to make the sound of that note
on the piano  
For a start,  try to play this series of musical notes(Use your computer keys)


Practise the song a few times.  Can you  guess the song  from the tune?
Now, for a change, try playing the song with the 'choir' tone! How's it?
For more 'tones',  click the option 'Full  Version'.  There are 4 different
tones under 'Sounds'.  Learn the SongPlay  and  Reset functions too! 


Player Piano


How to use the Player Piano:

Press the ‘Playbutton. A song will be played. This song is the default.  

Press the  ‘Songs’  button to pick .another song  from the list of songs.
Press the  ‘Play  button to listen to the song that you've  just selected.
[You. can hide the play list by clicking the  ‘songs  button again.  This will enable
you to see the piano keys.]
The  characters that you see  on the top of the  Player Piano are the  musical
notes of the song that is currently being played.
Now,. delete the musical notes of the current songCopy the musical notes
that  I have given above for the Lite Piano and paste onto the Player Piano's
musical notes box’.
Press the ‘slower (+)button and set the ‘Interval’ to 375.
Press the ‘Playbutton. Ok! You sould able to guess the song this time.
Click the ‘question mark (?) to learn more about  'Interval' and other things.

Here's another song for you to practise. (Set 'Interval' to 400 or 425


Do you know the name of the song?      
Use the  Player Piano  and  Lite Piano to play the song with  your computer keyboard keys.  If you are using the  Player Piano,  just  look at the musical
notes you pasted on the top and play accordingly. Isn't it much convenient?


Advanced Piano



This piano has more things to offer than the earlier two!

Press the button 'Notes' to  display  the  characters .in reference to your pc keys.
Press the  'down arrow'  button to display the musical notes of a song and start

playing. The arrow displays a different song every time you press it.  

Experiment the functions of the various buttons on the piano by.pressing.them
one at a time. For example, under 'loops' (the tiny green buttons) you can choose a

suitable rhythm to accompany your melody.


Virtual Guitar  

Aren't you sure how to tune a guitar? I've a virtual 'Guitar Tuner' for you :-)

Click HERE and you know what I'm talking about!


Virtual Drum Set

  Virtual DrumPad
Reggaetone Mixer (1)
Bass has 4 columns of loops;   Drum 6 columns  and   Synth 4 columns.
I've a suggestion of four different combination  of .loops for you to try!

         Bass Loop                   Drum Loop                    Synth Loops

1.   Row: 3    Column: 3            Row: 3    Column: 4              Row: 1    Column: 2

2.   Row: 5    Column: 4            Row: 5    Column: 5              Row: 5    Column: 2

3.   Row: 4    Column: 3            Row: 2    Column: 5              Row: 4    Column: 2

4.   Row: 5    Column: 1            Row: 3    Column: 3              Row: 1    Column: 3
                                                               Row: 5    Column: 6
You can use any combination as the accompanying  music while you are

playing the piano. Adjust the sound of the mixer to an acceptable volume.

Reggaetone Mixer (2)


Voice Recorder

You could use this device to record your voice or singing and do an instant

playback of your recording. 

1.  Click on the button ‘Record Sample From Mic or Input
2.  You’ll be requested access to your microphone. Click the ‘Allow’ button.
     (If the first click doesn’t work, click again (and again, if necessary!)
3.  Now you can begin singing as the tool has started to record.
4.  Click on the ‘Stop Recording’ button once you’ve finished  singing.
5.  Click on the ‘Play Recording’ button to listen to your recording.
6.  If you want to record another song, you have to refresh the blog.

     Note: Your recordings will not be saved permanently. Enjoy recording your voice!

              Please take note that there is/are

              extra  information  about  the .above  instruments;
              more virtual  musical instruments for you to play;

              lyrics and keyboard guide to some familiar songs.

              You could find all these on the below comments .section.

              I have to do so as the space  on  the  blog  is  constrained.

              If you're in doubt or have a query, don't hesitate to ask me! 


The BEST Virtual Piano
      This  online virtual piano  was  added  to  the  blog  on  October, 13th. 2012
      What you see below is  NOT  a widget.  It's only a  screeshot  of  the  piano!
      Click on the image of the piano to open the web page on a separate window.

      For your info, over 8 million people are using this online virtual instrument.  

   Online Virtual Piano


Guide to the Piano:

Click on the "MAIN MENU" button for all the options open to you.
1. Key Assist Off - Click on this button to display the letter/number keys of your
                                   computer that correspond to the piano keys.
2. Music Sheets    - Notes (computer keys) to some songs for you to play.
                                   (Hold and Drag the music sheet to the top of the piano with your mouse 
                                         so that it will not cover the piano keys.)
3. Record Keys     - Pressing this button will allow you to record the notes you play.

4. Play Song          - You can play back the notes (song) that you have recorded.

Note: I'll post in the comment box some videos that teach us a few songs.
           If you see a video with this logo, just remember that it's applicable solely for 
           the 'Online Virtual Piano' and not other virtual pianos as the computer keys
           used are different.
~* GS *~
September, 26th. 2012
Note: You're invited to participate in our ongoing pronunciation class right HERE on EC!
          pointing-down-smiley-emoticon.gif   Don't forget to click the 'Like' button if you find the instruments interesting!
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Hi Tara! 

I’m a Honeybee! I would like to nominate myself for the Mascot of EC. I have the following grounds for wanting to be considered for the post. Please peruse at your leisure!  

1. A honeybee is part of a colony - a closely-knit family, like the EC community, to be precise! Our colony consists of a queen, drones and workers

2. The colony wouldn’t have come into existence without our benevolent sovereign, the queen. The way I see it, you have your own caring sovereign, Mr Josef Essberger who created EC and living a life of selfless to a virtual community. 

3. The might of our colony lies in our drones’ capable hands. Similarly, the rise of EC is left in the care of your lovely Administrator, obliging Moderators and friendly Teachers whose contributions are of immeasurable importance for its growth. 

4. Our workers are akin to the learners of EC. Our workers have to work hard for their own good and the colony. In the same way, your learners of English have to work hard for their own betterment and the people around them as they will be serving the community they live in, after all. 

5. There is, undeniably, a general perception that we are hostile towards others. I’m totally surprised by the vehemence of such view about us. People must understand that we don’t bother others unless we are bothered by them. In the circumstances, we are forced to use the ‘Stings’ for our sheer protection. I don’t see anything wrong with that! To my amazement, you have a small army of your own protectors called ‘Spambusters’. They are always ready to shield the club from unsuspecting dangers in the form of spammers. 

6. We are always energetic and there would be no lack of enthusiasm when it comes to going far distances to achieve our goal, “collecting nectar”. My advice to EC members is that you must always willing to go to any extent to master the English Language. You’ll be surprised to see how far you could go if you are persistent in your quest.  

7. It must be stressed that we owe the success of our colony to the untiring team work displayed by everybody at all times. I hope it is not too much to ask EC members to follow our footsteps and work together as a team for the mutual benefit of your club members. 

8. It may seem to you that it is very easy for us to collect that much of honey that you all normally see in our honeycomb. Actually, we carry the nectar from the (ground) lower level where the flowers are to the top of the tree, a higher level where we usually build our beehive. It’s indeed a gradual progress! You can’t achieve anything in life just in the blink of an eye. That applies to your learning of English as well. You have to move from one level to another. It’s up to you to set the bar!

9. After all these teamwork, dedication, etc. we all share the honey as a reward. Similarly, one day you’ll be rewarded with something pleasantly sweet – the mastery of English. I hope EC members will always emulate our achievements. Good luck! 

10. Oops, by the way, did you notice that the colours of my ‘suit’ match with the colours of EC logo? What an interesting coincidence!   

~* Gabriel Sowrian *~

April 7, 2014

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Hi, there!

Today is an exceptional day for the founder of My.EnglishClub.Com, the Administrator and all the Members of the club as MyEC crossed the 100,000 Members Milestone. I think it’s an honour and privilege for us to congratulate MyEC on this special occasion!

How lucky we are to have MyEC, a site that is dedicated to promoting lifelong learning – mastering English in particular! As we all know, it espouses the notion of equal opportunity for all in the language. The interesting thing is the club is opened twenty-four seven and available free of charge for beginners and advanced learners alike wherever they are! One can just pick the area that he has to improve and work on it. There are many Native Speakers, English Language Teachers and Advanced Learners who are perfectly willing to help us. I like the Be a Newscaster chapter of Audio Speaking Group, Voice Bloggers Group, Video Gallery and few other groups or activities that focus on pronunciation and spoken English. As a matter of fact, they act together as a virtual Language Laboratory! It helps us to learn English language by listening to audios, watching videos and recording ourselves. I’m sure you are as grateful as I am to this wonderful Club.

MyEC, your 100,000 Members Milestone is an important occasion and it means a lot to us to be included. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and to bear witness to your passion was an unexpected perk. We never could have asked for a more dedicated site and words cannot express how grateful we are to have you here. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to be part of the family. Congratulations on this exciting achievement! You are a great asset to this online community. We really value your contribution!




...                                    2346687528?profile=original  2346687571?profile=original


Dear Mr Josef,

According to the old adage, one can pay back the loan of Gold. But one dies forever in debt to those who are Kind. It's indisputable that we owe you a great debt of gratitude for creating this phenomenal site. While this thank you is long overdue, it is still deeply, deeply heartfelt. 

We vividly see how painstakingly you've worked with this website to its present elegance. We also witness your unselfish and noble actions on each and every radiant page. Thank you for providing such a warm, educational, fun platform for us the learners and teachers alike. Words cannot convey how grateful we are for your tremendous contribution. It's the gospel truth! We'll definitely reciprocate your kindness by telling our friends what a great site you're running. It's people like you who make a true difference in this world! Sir, once again we'd like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Keep up the good work!


Dear Tara,

You are not only the Administrator of the club, but also a friend and mentor to all the members. You always go above and beyond by helping us with our learning strategies and teaching approaches. We’d like to thank you most sincerely for taking the time to correct our mistakes and make sure we’re on track for the pursuit of excellence in English. The key to our success rests in people like you, who embody the spirit of greatness by saying, "Yes you can!"

You have such an exemplary and kind heart, and we cannot thank you enough for all you did (and continue to do) to help us with our English! Tara, you have no idea how much your support and guidance mean to us! It’s no exaggeration to say that you’re the life of the club. Thanks again for your inspiring dedication and tremendous example to us. God bless!


















Note: Click on the 'Square Button' found below the Hi-Fi System to stop the song before pressing the "Play Button" of the video at the bottom for a spectacular fireworks display! Watch it in full screen mode. I guarantee that you'll love it! 







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Footprints in the Sand!



Today I'm going to recite a simple but powerful poem that has inspired millions of people during their time of despair since the late 1940’s! It’s called “Footprints in the Sand”. Mary Stevenson wrote it at a very young age in 1936. She was born in 1922. She lost her mother at age six. The burden of raising 8 children fell on her father. Most of her childhood was spent during one of America’s toughest and most trying times, The Great Depression! She was inspired to write “Footprints in the Sand” after many unpleasant things affected her young life. She shared handwritten copies of it with those whom she felt were in need of some words of comfort to gain strength during those difficult times.  You could follow the link I’ve given to learn more about her! Thank You. Happy Listening! 

The Official Website for Footprints in the Sand



One night I dreamed I was walking

Along the beach with the Lord.

Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky.

In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand.

Sometimes there were two sets of footprints.

Other times there were one set of footprints.

This bothered me because I noticed that

During the low periods of my life when I was

Suffering from anguish, sorrow, or defeat

I could see only one set of footprints.

So I said to the Lord, "You Promised me,
Lord, that if I followed You,

You would walk with me always.

But I noticed that during the most trying periods
Of my life there have only been

One set of prints in the sand.

Why, When I needed You most,

You have not been there for me?"

The Lord replied,
"The times when you have seen only
One set of footprints

Is when I carried you."

by Mary Stevenson


~* GS *~

June 15th, 2012

Note:  If you have a similar poem that had inspired you or could motivate others, why don't you share it here with the rest of us?! I would be very glad if you come up with a voice recording on top of the text. Thank you! 

G's Voice Blog No.1

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Are we lost touch with them?


..........While I was browsing the Net earlier, I came across this gut-wrenching story about a young girl, Sahar Gul who was sold into marriage at a tender age of 12. The article tells us about the horrifying experience the defenceless girl went through in the hands of her in-laws! Besides being left to starve, to our utter shock, she was chained in a basement and beaten with red hot iron pipes. Guess what? The gruesome torture didn’t stop there! They pulled out all her fingernails when she refused to prostitute herself for them

..........Read the rest of the story HERE! Some of you may not able to open the page as it is blocked by a few countries. If at all you managed to open it, please don’t forget to sign the petition. Avaaz – meaning “Voice”, is an online activist network that tries to collect 1,000,000 signatures to show that the world is against such barbaric act! I’ve done my part! What about you?



---------- (o) ----------

..........For I cannot think that GOD Almighty ever made them [women] so delicate, so glorious creatures; and furnished them with such charms, so agreeable and so delightful to mankind; with souls capable of the same accomplishments with men: and all, to be only Stewards of our Houses, Cooks, and Slaves. ~ Daniel Defoe ~

---------- (o) ----------


 Song: One Woman


Average Faces of Women from 40 Countries

Image credit: <a href=

They are no different for me as fellow human beings!

Only those with a heart of stone would hurt these women!


---------- (o) ---------


The making of 'One Woman'


September 22, 2013

~* GS *~


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Hi, guys! 

This time I’ve chosen a list of 100 Most Beautiful Words in the English Language recommended by Mary, our fellow club member. I went through the list and found them very interesting. I learned a lot of new words, as a matter of fact! (Thank you, Mary!) I’ll make sure that they become part of my vocabulary, of course, with the help of MMT.  In my opinion, it would be a plus point if we know the pronunciation of these words. It’s because in order to enable us to use them effectively in our speech we must know their CORRECT pronunciations! Fortunately for me, I don’t face any problem with that as I could read phonetic spellings.

It gives me great pleasure to pronounce those words here! I’d like you to join in in the fun too. Simply say each word after me! I’ve given ample time for you to repeat a word before you hear the next word! Are you ready? Let’s do it!   





Use this widget to record and play back your pronunciation of the above words.
                       Compare your pronunciation with mine. Have fun!

                                   [The widget does not store or save your recording!]  

                  Click HERE for "The Power of Phonetic Spellings - List 1"
                       Listen HERE the pronunciation of some Homographs!


Today (September 19, 2013) I read the poem ‘The Chaos’ by G. Nolst Trenite. This is a classic English poem containing about 800 of the worst irregularities in English spelling and pronunciation. It is said that if you can pronounce correctly every word in this poem, you will be speaking English better than 90% of the native English speakers in the world! Here’s my voice recording of the poem in two parts! You can click HERE to open the poem on a separate window if you want to follow my recitation with the text!



September 15, 2013

~* GS *~

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Let's pray for Syria!

It is an unfortunate fact that we can secure peace only by preparing for war.

~ John F. Kennedy

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.

Mother Teresa

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.
~ Jimi Hendrix

The real and lasting victories are those of peace, and not of war.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

~ * ~


Sometimes I lay
Under the moon
And thank God I'm breathing
Then I pray
Don't take me soon
'Cause I am here for a reason

Sometimes in my tears I drown
But I never let it get me down
So when negativity surrounds
I know some day it'll all turn around because...

All my life I've been waiting for
I've been praying for
For the people to say
That we don't wanna fight no more
There will be no more wars
And our children will play
One day [x6]

It's not about
Win or lose
Because we all lose
When they feed on the souls of the innocent
Blood-drenched pavement
Keep on moving though the waters stay raging

In this maze you can lose your way (your way)
It might drive you crazy but don't let it faze you no way (no way)

Sometimes in my tears I drown (I drown)
But I never let it get me down (get me down)
So when negativity surrounds (surrounds)
I know some day it'll all turn around because...

All my life I've been waiting for
I've been praying for
For the people to say
That we don't wanna fight no more
There will be no more wars
And our children will play
One day [x6]

One day this all will change
Treat people the same
Stop with the violence
Down with the hate

One day we'll all be free
And proud to be
Under the same sun
Singing songs of freedom like
One day [x2]

All my life I've been waiting for
I've been praying for
For the people to say
That we don't wanna fight no more
There will be no more wars
And our children will play
One day [x6]
"A song by Matisyahu"

My Dear Friends, 

I ask your prayers for peace in Syria; for goodwill among nations; and for the well-being of all people. With all our heart and with all our mind, let us pray. Let us show our compassion on our brothers and sisters in Syria who suffer from a lot of grief and trouble. I’d appreciate it if  you could write your prayer, صلاة, oración, प्रार्थना, pananalangin, 祈祷, cầu nguyện, பிரார்த்தனை, doa, 祈り, молитва, การอธิษฐาน, תפלה, etc. in the comment box. Thank You!

The above screenshot is part of the article published on
National Catholic Register
To read the full news, please follow the link:

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The following are the expressions given so far by our friends for the game.

If you would like to participate in the game, just click HERE. See you there!

No.    Expression                                                                                Contributor

If you don't know the meaning of an expression, look it up in the dictionary.
Try to use the above expressions in your daily conversation and writing. 
Updated on 27/08/2013

~* GS *~

~* GS *~.

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Just for Fun!


Hello, my dearest EC members!

We learned the difference between the indefinite articles, i.e ‘a’ and ‘an’ and the correct usage of them when we were still in elementary school. Here’s a little test for you!  What  indefinite  article  do  you  use  when  you  name  each of the 26 letters of the alphabet?




Fill in the blanks with a’ or ‘an’. Can you score 26 out of 26?  


   This is ___ A.            That is __ B.          There is __ C.              It is __ D.


  Show me __ E.         Give me __ F.         Buy me __ G.        Throw me __ H.                               


   Engrave __ I.      Sandblast __ J.       Emboss __ K.        Chisel __ L.



     Make __ M.          Form __ N.             Display __ O.            Create __ P.            



    Delete __ Q.              Erase __ R.                Drop __ S.               Cross __ T



     Bend __ U.               Twist __ V.                  Fix __ W.                Hang __ X.


.                            .   

.                              .Hide __ Y.            Bury __ Z.




Type your answers in full sentences in the comment box.

[You could also add your voice recording later if you want to!] 

Did you know?
The indefinite articles ‘a’ and ‘an’ mean the same thing, i.e. ‘one’.

Example:   a mango    =   one mango

      apple    =   one apple 

Since both articles denote one noun, why do we need two different articles to do the same job instead of only one?  Have you ever asked yourself this question? Do you know the answer? Could someone tell us what it is?

PS. I have changed my blog setting to ‘wait for my approval’ mode! This will prevent one from looking at the answers that are already posted by the previous participants. Sorry for the inconvenience, guys!

August 22, 2013

~* GS *~


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Hi, guys!

It’s nice to talk to you all once again. I’ve a question for you this time! Are you one of those EC members who would go to any extent to improve his/her pronunciation?

Well! published a blog about spelling bee a week ago. I gave 26 difficult pronunciations. To my pleasant surprise, the girls (Noaslpls, Yupa, Hala, Galina and Anty) found all the 26 related written words with ease. 

Now I would like to invite you to pronounce the words they found. All you have to do is simply record your voice and share with your club fellow members. You can listen to my own voice recording or the online Oxford Dictionary if you are not sure of the pronunciations. I think this is a window opportunity.    

 Start recording your voice today! Dare to be different!!

This is your link:

I would like to end my message with Catherine Pulsifer’s quote:

"Opportunities are presented to us each and every day, but do we see them."


~ * ~

The following are a few of my other blogs.
Click on a title to open the related page!
Best Regards,
~* GS *~
August 21, 2013
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             Pronunciation: /mə'nu:və/
             Written word.: ...................
             Meaning         : a) noun - .a .movement  performed  with  care  and  skill
                                      ..b) noun - .a clever plan, action or movement that is used

                                                        .to give somebody the advantage

                                       .c) verb  -  to move or turn something skillfully and carefully
                                       d) verb  - control  or  influence a situation in a skillful but

                                                        ..sometimes dishonest way     

Hi, friends

I’m sure you would have heard about “Spelling Bee”, a competition in which people have to spell the word after listening to its pronunciation and definition. This is an improvised version of the game that I created especially for those who seriously want to improve their pronunciation

Okay! First, read the twenty-six phonetic transcriptions and catch what the pronunciations are!   


    Your Task:
    1. Choose one of the pronunciations whose spelling is known to you.
    2. Post the correct word along with its pronunciation and meaning.

    3. Wait for another person to post his answer before you go for the next word.

It’s as simple as that! Have fun!

Click HERE for the online Oxford Dictionary if your hard copy provides no

Phonetic Transcriptions 

You can use this voice recorder to practise the above pronunciations.
Simply record your voice and play back the recording.
The widget will not save your recording!
August 15, 2013

~* GS *~

Note: The last answer was given on 20/08/2013
With this the challenge comes to and end!

You can check the list of answers HERE.

Now listen to the audio pronunciation of the transcriptions by yours truly!
For a female voice,  listen to this voice recording of  Prostomolotova Galina!


 Pronunciation Game #1 

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The below list of pronunciation spellings is merely a continuation of the one on my blog "Fun with Phonetic Symbols - #1". Since the maximum characters for the aforementioned blog is used up, I'm forced to open this additional page. To those who are participating enthusiastically in the fun, please refer to the following list as well, in addition to the one on the principal blog! Thank you! Happy learning, guys!   

Pronunciation Spelling from No. 166 onward:



     NINA                                         GABRIEL                                GALINA

1. /ˈsi:dləs/     seedless        1. /ˈsaɪdl/        sidle               1. /iˈlaɪd/       .elide   
2. /pli:/          .plea             .2. /ˈi:lənd/     ..eland              2. /klɪk/          click      
3. /ˈlɪpɪd/       .lipid            ..3. /ˈdaɪələ/      dialler           ..3. /kɪn/          ..kin  
4. /ˈlɪpi/         .lippy           ..4. /ˈsaɪlənsə..silencer         ..4. /ˈdi:snsi/     decency 

5. /ˈnaɪəsɪn/    niacin           5. /əˈplaɪəns/  .appliance      ..5. /di:n/         ..dean/dene  

    HALA                                     NINA                                          GABRIEL

1. /əˈpi:s/       .apiece         ..1. /ˈsɪlɪkən/     silicon            1. /ˈdɪdi/         diddy
2. /ˈpɪni/         pinny           .2. /sɪl/            ..sill                 .2. /ˈdɪdl/         diddle
3. /lɪk/           ..lick             ..3. /ˈsɪlkən/     ..silken            ..3. /ˈdɪdli/        diddly
4. /ˈspaɪnl/      spinal           4. /ˈdaɪəpə/     diaper           ..4. /ˈdɪkə/        .dicker

5. /spaɪ/         ..spy               5. /daɪs/          .dice               .5. /ˈdɪki/         dicky

    GALINA                                 HALA                                         NINA

1. /ˈdi:pən/     .deepen         1. /spi:d/        ..speed             .1. /ˈsɪnə/         sinner
2. /kli:k/        ..clique          .2. /ˈsaɪən/       .scion / cyan    2. /ˈsɪlɪkə/      .silica
3. /ˈdi:lə/         ..3. /skɪd/         ..skid                3. /ˌpaɪˈaɪd/    pie-eyed
4. /sɪlk/             ..5. /ˈspaɪsi/      .spicy             ..4. /paɪ/           .pie /pi

5. /spɪn/          .spin             .6. /ˈsnɪpi/        snippy          .. 5. /ˈdaɪsi/       .dicey 

    GALINA                              GABRIEL                                 NINA

1. /ˈsaɪki/        psyche         .1. /ˈpɪlə/         pillar              .1. /ˈpɪkə/       ..picker
2. /snaɪp/        .snipe            2. /sli:k/         .sleek              ..2. /ˈkɪpə/        kipper
3. /sɪp/           ..sip              ..3. /laɪs/           lice                 .3. /kɪln/         ..kiln
4. /splaɪs/       .splice           4. /sni:k/         sneak              .4. /ˈkɪndrəd/  .kindred

5. /ˈspɪni/        spinney       ..5. /ˈslɪpə/       .slipper            .5. /kɪp/           kip

    GABRIEL                              GALINA                                      NINA

1. /ˈpaɪpə/     . piper            1. /paɪl/          .pile                 .1. /sɪks/           six
2. /ˈpi:pl/       .people         .2. /spɪl/           spill                .2. /ˈsɪkspəns/  .sixpence
3. /plaɪ/          .ply              ..3. /ˈpɪksi/       .pixie               .3. /ˈli:ki/         leaky
4. /ˈpi:ən/       paean/peon  .4. /nɪk/          ..nick                 4. /ˈɪndiən/     .Indian

5. /ˈpi:lə/        peeler          .5. /ˈspaɪni/      spiny              ..5. /ˈɪndi/        ..indie

    GALINA                                  NINA                                           GALINA
1. /si:l/           .seal              .1. /ɪnˈdi:d/     .indeed             .1. /pi:k/         ..pique
2. /ˈskɪni/      ..skinny          .2. /pɪn/                   2. /ˈspaɪə/      ..spire
3. /slɪk/          .slick            ..3. /ˈnɪpi/        .nippy              ..3. /ˈdaɪnə/      .diner
4. /ˈsɪkən/      .sicken           4. /ˈnɪpə/        nipper              4. /ˈni:di/       .needy

5. /ˈdaɪə/       ..dire              .5. /naɪs/          nice                 .5. /ˈpaɪə/        .pyre

    GABRIEL                               GALINA                                      GABRIEL
1. /ˈpɪsaɪn/     .piscine         .1. /si:s/           cease                1. /skɪp/        ..skip
2. /ɪˈdɪlɪk/      .idyllic          .2. /si:p/         ..seep                 .2. /ˈsi:sɪk/      .seasick
3. /ˈpɪniəl/     ..pineal          ..3. /ˈdɪpə/       .dipper             ..3. /ˈpaɪkə/      pica
4. /ˈnɪkl/         nickel          ..4. /əˈsli:p/     ..asleep              .4. /ˈki:pə/      .keeper

5. /ˈpi:əni/     ..peony          ..5. /ˈɪnə/          inner               ..5. /ˈlaɪə/         liar / lyre 

   GALINA                                   NINA                              HALA 

1. /ˈdi:pə/      ..deeper          1. /ɪn/   / inn            ..1. /ˈaɪən/        iron
2. /ɪnˈspaɪə/   ..inspire          2. /ˈsɪnəd/      .synod              ..2. /si:d/         ..seed /cede
3. /li:d/          ..lead              3. /ˈsi:sləs/     .ceaseless         ..3. /spi:l/        ..spiel
4. /dɪˈklaɪn/   ..decline        ..4. /ˈdaɪn/        dine                 .4. /ənd/         ..and

5. /ˈsaɪdlaɪn/  ..sideline       ..5. /ˈlɪniə/        linear              ..5. /dɪsk/        ..disk / disc


1. /ˈnɪkə/        .nicker          .1. /ˈplaɪənsi/  .pliancy            .1. /pɪp/          .pip
2. /ˈsaɪənaɪd/  .cyanide        .2. /ˈsaɪklɪk/   ..cyclic               2. /ˈli:niənsi/  leniency
3. /paɪd/          pied             .3. /əˈlaɪk/      ..alike                .3. /pɪs/          ..piss
4. /i:k/            .eek /eke      ..4. /i:l/             eel                   .4. /ni:d/         .need

5. /di:l/           .deal              5. /ˈsaɪdə/       cider               ..5. /ɪl/             .ill

Please post your pronunciations (transcriptions) NOT HERE but

ON OUR principal blog. Thank you! 

August 6th. 2013 

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Hi, there! 

Obviously, the sounds that make up the spoken words are indispensable from the other aspects of the English language or, more precisely, when it comes to improving one’s pronunciation. Thus, I’ve created the following game that will test how well you understand the relationship between written words and spoken words. Hope you’ll like it! 

Okay! First, look at the below word and it's phonetic transcription!



Now, I want you to form the pronunciations (phonetic transcriptions) of other words using the phonemes (speech sounds) that occur in the pronunciation of the word ‘encyclopedia’. 

Here are the guidelines and rules:

1.  Form .a set of  5  phonetic transcriptions  at  a  time  and  post  them.
2.  Wait for another person to post his set before you post your next set.
3.  Each .pronunciation .(phonetic transcription) .must .have the written
     word as well.
4.  You must use only those .phonetic  symbols  that  you  see  above.

5.  You can use a phonetic symbol in a transcription more than once

It’s as simple as that! Have fun!



    Gabriel                                  Galina                                           Hala

1. /li:p/     leap                  .1. /ki:/          key / quay           1. /ni:s/       niece
2. /saɪn/    .sign                   2. /ˈsaɪləns/  .silence                .2. /pi:/        pea / pee
3. /sli:p/   .sleep                ..3. /ˈlɪkə/       liquor                 .3. /di:p/      deep           
4. /slaɪd/   slide                 ..4. /ˈsaɪkɪk/   .psychic              ..4. /skɪn/      skin

5. /pi:s/     peace / piece    .5. /ˈlaɪlək/    lilac                   ..5. /kən/       can

    Gabriel                                  Hala                                               Nina

1. /ˈspi:kə/   .speaker        .1. /ˈpɪknɪk/   picnic                 .1. /saɪd/      side
2. /ˈsli:kli/    sleekly          2. /pli:d/       plead                   2. /ˈpaɪəs/   pious 
3. /ˈaɪsɪkl/    .icicle           ..3. /sɪk/          sick                    ..3. /kli:n/     clean
4. /ˈli:də/      leader          .4. /snaɪd/     ..snide                  ..4. /di:d/      deed

5. /ˈni:dl/      needle         ..5. /kɪk/        ..kick                    .5. /si:d/      .seed

    Hala                                 Nina                                        Gabriel

1. /ki:p/        keep             .1. /paɪp/       .pipe                    .1. /ˈaɪlənd/  island
2. /laɪ/         ..lie / lye        ..2. /kɪd/        ..kid                     ..2. /ˈpɪliən/ .  pillion
3. /si:/          .see /sea        ..3. /ki:n/       ..keen                   ..3. /ˈsnaɪpə/sniper
4. /si:n/        .scene / seen  .4. /li:n/        ..lean                     4. /ˈdaɪəl/   .dial 

5. /ˈsaɪəns/   .science         .5. /daɪ/         .die / dye              5. /ˈnaɪsli/  ..nicely

    Nina                                 Gabriel                                   Nina 

1. /sɪns/        .since            ..1. /səkˈsi:d/  .succeed               1. /ˈi:ən/     .aeon
2. /ki:l/        .keel             ..2. /pəˈli:s/    .police                 .2. /li:k/       .leak / leek
3. /pi:k/        peak / peek   3. /ˈaɪdl/     ....idol / idle            3. /pi:l/       .peal / peel
4. /ˈsaɪkl/     .cycle             4. /ˈlaɪnə/    ..liner                    4. /klɪp/      .clip

5. /ɪˈklɪps/   ..eclipse         ..5. /ˈsli:pi/    ..sleepy                ..5. /kaɪnd/   ..kind

    Galina                                     Nina                                              Hala

1. /skaɪp/      .Skype           1. /daɪd/       .died                    1. /pi:p/    ..  peep
2. /ˈlaɪsns/    .licence         .2. /paɪn/       .pine                   ..2. /pɪk/       ..pick
3. /ni:/          .knee             .3. /ˈpɪnsə/    .pincer                 3. /skaɪ/
4. /ˈlaɪən/     .lion              .4. /ˈsɪndə/    .cinder                 4. /pɪl/        ..pill

5. /ˈkaɪndnəs/  kindness    ..5. /ˈpaɪlən/  ..pylon                  5. /spi:k/     .speak

    Nina                                         Gabriel                                         Nina 

1. /ˈsɪkl/       .sickle            1. /aɪl/             aisle                ..1. /ɪˈpɪskəpl/   episcopal
2. /ˈlɪniəl/     lineal           ..2. /ˈnɪpl/         .nipple              .2. /ˈkɪdni/      ..kidney
3. /nɪl/         ..nil                 3. /ˈsli:knəs/    sleekness          3. /ˈpɪki/        ..picky 
4. /ˈsi:nɪk/    .scenic           .4. /ˈkli:nə/      .cleaner             4. /ˈli:ən/        .lien 

5. /sɪˈsi:d/     secede           5. /ˈpaɪplaɪn/   pipeline           .5. /ˈpɪkl/        ..pickle

    Gabriel                                  Nina                                              Gabriel

1. /ˈpɪnəkl/  ..pinnacle       .1. /ˈpi:ki/        .peaky               1. /səˈplaɪə/    .supplier
2. /ˈnaɪsəti/   nicety          ..2. /ˈsɪli/          ..silly                 .2. /əˈpi:l/       ..appeal
3. /ˈklɪpə/    ..clipper         .3. /kɪs/             kiss                 ..3. /ˈaɪlɪd/       ..eyelid
4. /ˈaɪsɪli/     .icily             .4. /ɪnˈsaɪd/       inside               4. /əˈsɪdɪk/     .acidic

5. /daɪk/       .dyke             5. /ɪnˈsɪpɪd/     .insipid             .5. /ˈsli:pə/       sleeper

    Nina                                        Hala                                              Nina

1. /ˈsɪlɪndə/  .cylinder       ..1. /laɪk/                  1. /kɪl/             kill
2. /ˈaɪləs/     ..eyeless         ..2. /ˈlɪli/          ..lily                  .2. /ˌlaɪsənˈsi:.licensee
3. /ˈaɪpi:s/    .eyepiece       .3. /skɪl/          ..skill                 .3. /ˈlɪdɪd/        .lidded
4. /laɪn/        ..line              .4. /slɪp/          ..slip                 ...4. /dɪn/           ..din

5. /si:k/              5. /sɪn/            .sin                    5. /ˈkaɪndli/     kindly

    Galina                                    Nina                                              Galina 

1. /ˈɪnsɪdəns/..incidence     .1. /ˈdɪnə/        .dinner              .1. /ˈkɪlə/         .killer
2. /saɪ/           sigh             ..2. /ˈaɪlaɪnə/    .eyeliner           ..2. /paɪk/         ..pike
3. /aɪs/              ..3. /dɪˈsi:s/      .decease             3. /ˈsi:saɪd/      seaside
4. /dɪˈnaɪ/    . .deny             4. /ˈlaɪkli/      .likely               .4. /nɪp/           ..nip

5. /ˈlɪnɪn/       linen            ..5. /ˈni:dləs/    .needless           ..5. /ˈlɪndən/     ..linden

    Nina                                        Galina                                           Nina

1. /ski:/         .ski                1. /spaɪs/        .spice                 1. /naɪn/           nine
2. /ˈkɪkə/      ..kicker          .2. /ni:l/          .kneel                .2. /lɪp/            ..lip
3. /ˈkɪdi/        kiddie         ..3. /slaɪ/          .sly                    .3. /dɪl/            ..dill
4. /ˈlaɪkən/    .liken            .4. /ˈspaɪdə/    .spider              ..4. /dɪp/            .dip

5. /li:s/           lease            .5. /ˈklɪnɪk/     .clinic                5. /dɪˈnaɪəl/     .denial

    Gabriel                                   Galina                                           Hala

1. /səˈdɪlə/    ..cedilla         .1. /ˈaɪslənd/   .Iceland            ..1. //              .eye / I      
2. /əˈplaɪ/      .apply           .2. /ˈsni:kə/     .sneaker             2. /ˈkɪndl/        kindle
3. /ˈspli:n/     .spleen          .3. /snɪp/          snip                 ..3. /klaɪn/         .cline
4. /ˈklɪnɪkl/    clinical        .4. /slaɪs/         .slice                ..4. /spaɪk/        ..spike

5. /ˈsɪnɪkl/     .cynical        ..5. /ˈsi:sɪknəs/ .seasickness      ..5. /spaɪn/        ..spine

The rest of the phonetic spelling are posted HERE due to the memory constraint of the blog! 

July 2nd. 2013

~* GS *~

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The following is an Online Game! It's entertaining and educational at the same time. All you have to do is read the verse and guess the word that rhymes. 


Please remember that you won't be allowed to go to the next verse if you couldn't complete the current oneOkay, I want you to take a screenshot of the highest verse that you could answer and paste it in the comment box along with your correct answer for that verse! I think this game will give you a rough idea how you could write your own verses. So, you see, you could also share you own verses with us! We'll be more than happy to read them. Show the world what you could do! Enjoy!

Those who have completed the Game and earned a Place

in our Hall of Fame so far:

   Mardil Gab           Galina                 Gabriel                  Hala                    Nina  


NOTE: I've already written my first rhyming verse after playing this game! Check it out HERE. It seems anybody could do it! I may write a few more as we along. What about you?

By the way, I’ve published a blog about HOMOGRAPHS. What is a homograph? Why should we learn homographs? If you want to know the answer for these questions, simply click HERE!

July 21, 2013

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Animated Gif Arrows (55) Game #4

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Phrase Crazy

The OBJECTIVE of the game is to unscramble a well known proverb, phrase or saying by clicking on the letter tiles and dragging them into the blank spaces  

ATTENTION - DO NOT CLICK on the 'Start' / 'Play' / 'Play Now'  button  that  you see in the middle of the screen  while the game is being uploaded!  Because  it  will take you to the website instead of starting the game, which I don't want to happen!

STEP 1:  Wait for the game to be 'FULLY LOADED'. See the below screenshot!

STEP 2:  Click on the 'PLAY GAME' button once it turns from GREY to RED.

STEP 3: Click on the 'INSTRUCTIONS' button and learn how to play the game.

STEP 4: Finally, click on the 'PLAY' button and start playing the game.

Have Fun, Guys!

This is my World Ranking as at March 30, 2013
No. 1 with a score of 201,630 points

NOTE:  If you're one of those who has read my blog "How many can you find?",  please take note that some of the phrases used here are what you learned there! For your info, a handful of my EC friends helped me to compile a LIST of about 420 idioms, sayings, etc.

A  huge  "Thank You"  to  GalinaMarik,  Scarlett,  HalaGrace,  AsmaHani,  Bright RubiesRajesh,  Ha Nguyen  and  Selma!  You  guys are SIMPLY THE BEST I've ever met! I miss those happy days where we had a lot of fun - mmm... those were the days!


March 22, 2013

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Animated Gif Arrows (55) Game #3

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Voiced Consonants

Continuants  /l/  and  /r/

 Click on the image to see it on a large scale!]


Step 1: Watch the videos - VERY IMPORTANT!
              (I've given the transcript for an easy grasp of the speech.)
             First,  while  you  are  watching  a video,  make the consonant  sound and  pronounce
             the words as instructed by Alex.
             Second, play the video again but this time look at the transcript while listening to Alex.

             Again, don't forget to make the consonant sound and pronounce the words.


Voiced Consonant / l /

  (Video 1 - Watch in 'Full Screen')

This is a (voiced) consonant sound.
You can hear it at the beginning of the word ‘light’ /laɪt/;
in the middle of the word ‘valley’ /ˈli/;
at the end of the word ‘bell’ /bel/

and at the beginning and end of the word ‘level’ /ˈlevl/ 

Now, you try! Listen and repeat. 

         light       /laɪt/
         valley    ./ˈli/
         bell        ./bel/
         level      ../ˈlevl/           Ok!


similar sounds /l/ and /r/ 

Speakers of some  languages  may find it difficult to tell the difference  between this sound /1/ and another consonant /r/.

Now,  listen  carefully  to  hear  the  difference  between  the  following  two  words  and watch the position of my mouth.  light /laɪt/    right /raɪt/  2X

I make the /l/ sound with the front part of my tongue behind my teeth and I make the /r/sound by making my lips come out and pulling my tongue back - /r/. 

Now, listen to some examples and watch the shape of my mouth. 

         led         ./led/                 red         ./red/ 
         clash      /klæʃ/              .crash     ../kræʃ/
         climb    ../klaɪm/             crime      /kraɪm/
         lice         /laɪs/               ..rice        ../raɪs/ 

         lock       ./lɒk/                .rock       ./rɒk/ 

Now you try! Listen again and repeat after me. (Refer to the above list!)  Ok!


extra information about /l/ 

In English, /l/ at the beginning of a syllable is a bit different from /l/ at the end of a syllable. Listen carefully!

         leaf        ./li:f/                ..feel              /fi:l/     2X  and

         let          ./let/                  tell              /tel/      2X 

Did you hear that little difference? Listen again (beginning) /1/ and (ending) /l/ 2X 

Now for some speakers of English, this can change the vowel a little bit. Listen again!

         loaf       ../ləʊf/               .foal           ../fəʊl/   .2X  and

         loot       ../lu:t/                .tool           ../tu:l/     2X 

Now, this can actually make the /l/ sound disappear at the end of a syllable. So, I can say...
         pal         /pæl/      or     /pæl/
         pill        ./pɪl/        .-      /pɪl/
         mile      ../maɪl/      -      /maɪl/  
         milk       /mɪlk/     .-      /mɪlk/

         cold      ../kəʊld/    -      /kəʊld/ 

To be careful! There’s a bit of difference.



Voiced Consonant / r /

(Video 2 - Watch in 'Full Screen')

This is a (voiced) consonant sound.
You can hear it at the beginning of the words ‘right’ /raɪt/ and ‘wrong’ /rɒŋ/;

in the middle of the words ‘sorry’ /ˈri/ and ‘arrange’ /əˈreɪndʒ/. 

Now, watch my mouth while I’m saying this sound. My lips come out and I pull my tongue back - /r/.  Okay, let’s practise! Repeat after me.

         right         ./raɪt/
         wrong       ./rɒŋ/
         sorry        ../ˈri/

         arrange     /əˈreɪndʒ/                 Ok! 


similar sounds /r/ and /l/ 

To speakers of some languages, it may be difficult to tell the difference between this sound /r/ and another consonant /l/. 

Now,  listen  carefully  to  the  following  examples  and  watch  the  shape of my mouth. For each example, I’ll say the word with the sound /r/ first. 

         wrong       ./rɒŋ/                     .long          ./lɒŋ/ 
         royal         ./ˈrɔɪəl/                   loyal         ./ˈlɔɪəl/
         misread    ./mɪsˈred/              ..mislead     /mɪsˈled/
         pirate       ../ˈpaɪrət/                 pilot         ../ˈpaɪlət/
         pray         ../preɪ/                    .play          ./pleɪ/                 
Now, let's practise! Listen carefully and repeat after me.  (Refer to the above list!)  Ok! 


Linking /r/

Now in Standard Southern English,  you won’t usually hear this sound at the end of a syllable or word. Listen to the following examples! 

         car           .../kɑ:/
         card          ./kɑ:d/
         bored       ../bɔ:d/
         hear          ./hɪə/

         heard       ../hɜ:d/ 

Ok! Let’s practise this. Listen and repeat. (Refer to the above list!) 

Now, you will hear this sound at the end of a word if the following word begins with a vowel (sound). Listen to the following two sentences. 

         1. This is my car.    /ðɪsɪz maɪ kɑ:/

         2. My car is blue.   /maɪ kɑ:rɪz blu:/ 

In the first sentence, ‘This is my car.’, you don’t hear the /r/ sound because it’s at the end of a sentence. 

In the second example,  ‘My car is blue.’, the following word begins with a vowel (sound)  /ɪ/. 

So, let’s practise this.

         car                      /kɑ:/
         car is                 ../kɑ:rɪz/
         my car is            /maɪ kɑ:rɪz/

         My car is blue.  /maɪ kɑ:rɪz blu:/   Ok!   




(Video 3 - Watch in 'Full Screen')

In this video, teacher Melanie demonstrates how to make the consonant sounds /l/ and /r/. She also describes about the place of articulation for these two sounds.  

Step 3: Your Audio Assignment - COMPULSORY
             Record the following as per the instructions given and embed your audio player in the
             comment box. [If you've never used a voice recorder before, click HERE and learn how

             to do it.]

   1.      .Say the phonemes the number of times they appear.

             Voiced consonant /l/:
                   [Put the tip of your tongue against the tooth ridge!]               /l/     /l/     /l/     /l/     /l/
             Elongate the consonant /l/ in each word:   lent ... lake ... lap ... lime 
             Voiced consonant /r/:
             [Point the tip of  your tongue towards the roof of your mouth!]   /r/     /r/     /r/     /r/     /r/

             Elongate the consonant /r/ in each word:   rent ... rake ... rap ... rhyme 

   2.       Read the following minimal pairs.

             a)  initial  /1/ and /r/ 

            leading    /ˈli:dɪŋ/        .reading    /ˈri:dɪŋ/
            lusty       ../ˈ</