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American Slang - Dating

American Slang II – Dating

So there she was, my supposed hook-up. Although she was not totally airbrushed, you could tell that she had spent hours painting herself up like an Indian on the warpath. Although I had put on my best duds, you could tell that she thought of me as a geek, which I am. Well, after getting our bearings we kind of dug each other, and started making out and had a go at the good old tonsil hockey right in the movie theater. But when I wanted to get to 2nd base, she pulled the old limp act, letting me know that the show was over. Well, after akward exchanges of fake promises, we split with no hard feelings.  I my opinion she was thinking of herself as some drop-dead-gorgous maneater that was to good for me. Well, I my opinion she was not girlfriend material either.

hook-up = date, often arranged by a third party

airbrushed = perfectly styled

painted up like an Indian = excessive use of cosmetics

duds = clothes

geek = socially challenged person

to get one´s bearings = to check something out

to dig something = like

to make out, play tonsil hockey = kissing including tongue

2nd base = male exploration of female body including breasts

limp act = passive aggressive reation of a woman in the face of male sexual overeagerness

drop-dead-gorgeous = very attractive

maneater = woman with many lovers

girl friend material = potential long-term partner for a relationship

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Knowing a language perfectly with respect to grammar and pronunciation is no guarantee to blend in with the natives unnoticed. A language is not only pure means of communication, but also expresses the speaker's cultural background and mindset.

According to from which country your dialog partner comes from, he does not only want to get his message through, but also wants to communicate his personality. English as the world´s communication tool No. 1 soemtimes reminds me of the Babel Fish, responsible for many intercultural Tsunamis, its users not being aware of the fact that knowing the language alone, does often not suffice.

The Germans famous for beer and cars, are also notorious for their direct way of communication.
While a Spaniard would require a pretext of half an hour, why you would not want to meet up for a beer, a German would just say “NO” and considering “I don´t have time“ enough reason for this harsh turn down.

In order no to be offended, keep in mind that the Germans love efficiency. While for a Brit it is not enough just to get his message through and fritters half the day away in small talk and unsubstantial banter, your standard issue Fritz loves to gets his things done and does not feel the need not be forcefully witty and to apologize for rejection. Neither does he take it personally when the tables are turned on him in this respect.

What can freshen up an international meeting more than a Germans direct negativity and straightforward questions that make all participants squirm with embarrasment? It´s like a shock therapy and make even the most entrechend opponents losen up.

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