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  • Break It To Me Gently
    By : Mark Bautista

    Do you think that your smile
    Could hide what's on your mind?
    No matter how I tried
    I just couldn't be so blind

    We've been close but people grow
    And they sometimes grow apart
    There's just one thing I ask you
    If you've had a change of heart

    Break it to me gently
    If you have to, then tell me lies
    Break it to me gently
    At least leave me with my pride
    Try to spare my feelings
    If the feelings have to die
    Break it to me gently
    If you have to say goodbye

    I'm not shamed to admit
    I really hurt inside
    After all, these are my feelings
    Why should I make them hide?

    But I won't hold you back
    There'll be no pulling on your sleeve
    Just let me down easy
    And go softly when you leave


    hope you like it, thank you for topping by


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