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28 June 2016

Somewhere on our earth , 

To my dearests ; Ruby and Simba. 

I will always remember the time we played together. Playing around the apartment though we played hide and seek. Oh God! Until I will be alive, our memories will be in my mind. I can't say how big I missed both of you. 

I just hope you are in a well condition and everything goes great for you. As a little gift for you and as a sweet memory for me, I upload two photos here:



Note: The first photo belongs to the most cutest kitty in the world ; Simba.

And the second one is my lovely Ruby. Her eyes was red and looked like rubies so I named her Ruby.

I love them so much but the reason that I don't have them anymore was our lifestyle... :-( 

As dear Expector Smith mentioned before, everyone is welcome to correct Fahime. ;-)

A big thanks to dear Seeker for challenging me with PETS & LETTER.

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Any Sweets? ;-)

I think there isn't any person persons in the world who doesn't enjoy sweets, chocolates or ice creams. Honestly even a bite of any sweets sweet can cheer me up. As a big fan of it, there isn't any taste like sweets. Trying any sweets sweet in the coffee shops and specially with close friends can be so delighting. The sweetest question a waiter/waitress can ask is any sweets? ;-)

Sometimes I feel gloomy without any reason so the first thing coming to my mind is to help myself with a glass of hot drink and a piece of cake, specially chocolate cake. It really works for me. Guys, please try it and have fun with sweets but don't forget to do exercise and care about your health. 

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Love... What's love really? How could everyone describe it?

About one year I was living just in days, only brightness, there were no nights and darkness as well. Everything had seemed white and I forgot the black color, maybe I was blind when I was with him and can't see. Walking with him was just like walking on clouds or snow, sense of softness and sweetness, and walking without him, it's just sticking in mud.

Like a glass of milk helping me to remain healthy or like a cup of coffee cheering me up, he was a glass of milk and a cup of coffee. There is no difference between tastes when you experience love, a chocolate mousse or an orange one, everything tastes sweet.

And now... Without him my life is full of contrast. Contrast feelings, words and moments.

(Sorry if my words doesn't make you smile, I just share a part of my life with you, a real and gloomy part)

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