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          How many time have we faced homless people on the street, holding small cardboard or bowls and begging people for money? That is a touchy and hard phenomenon increasing everywhere in the world. It has become a real problem in this century, hasn't it? Nowadays, there are several different reasons why homelessness established in our society.

  One of the most frequent reason for homlessness is familial problems. It can be divorce which always leaves one of the partner without a house, or another possible reason is not being able to make ends meet, some families can barely live because one of the members, who earns the major part of money loses his job, n the same fashion as fired or going bankruptcy make people head to the street. By all means, people who don't have enough income might dirictly lead to homelessness and prevent themselves from living a normal life. In addition, people whom are likely to end up on the streets are prisoners after getting out of the jail. Having lost their families and friends because of what they commited, and eventually those people become homeless.

  Another group of factors leading to homelessness is natural disasters, such as, earthquakes, floods, strong storms and so on. Moreover, domestic accident like fire for example can destroy houses, due to the slow intervene of stakeholders. It is important to realize, that the victims of these disasters often lose their documents and important pappers such as ID and credit cards.

  In a moment those homless people can think to make end to their life, that is driving them sometimes to suicide for not living such shame. In the hope to manage this problem, still disasters (naturel and human) and familial problems are the major factors causing people to become hemeless. So, when are we going to move to put a limit to this problem?

    Is homelessness a real problem in your country?


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A beautiful wisdom

Wind said to the sun: What do you think if we bet to take the guy who is sitting in the garden his coat off? The sun agreed but provided that the wind begins this deal first.
The wind began to produce loud and frightening sounds and throw dust in the air, with much power and speed to remove the guy’s coat. The young man kept his coat with all his strength trying to resist against the strong wind that is around him, at this moment, the wind gives up.
The sun smiled, it shone quietly and nicely with its warm that consecrated the place, the young man felt that he doesn’t need to keep the coat on. So he took it off.

Why don’t we make our dealings with each other as the sun? Without any coercion or subjugation and without the use of harsh methods, that can leave scratches on the person soul and personality, so he/she grows with imperfections or lack of confident.

I want by this post to say: don’t throw a fit to any small trouble you face in your life! Try or learn how to take things easy, also you have to know that you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs. That means you can’t achieve or succeed without hurdles. Be patient and wise when it comes to decisions in dealing with people, thinking about a situation and solving problems. Because as a result of a bad behavior leads to the loss that cannot be fixed.

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Naming customs

           Hello my friends!!

   Naming customs vary from one country to another. Having this huge diversification led me to ask this question: How did our ancestors around the world find their babies' names? Ethnic and religious customs and so many other factors can drive you to a strong, ethnically rooted, meaningful name. Is this not so? I have made some researches about naming customs in the world and I am going to cite about some countries

  Both in Russia and in the US, babies’ names are composed of three parts: a first name, middle name and a last name. A child is often is called using a pet name which is derived from the former one. For instance a baby named Mikhail is called ''Misha'' by his relatives. 

  Unlike many other European cultures, in Italy people like traditional names they simply choose their babies’ name from famous personalities.

   In Greece, the customs are quite different from Italy. And here, the gender of the baby determines which name will have. In the family you can notice that if the first-born was a boy, he is often named after his paternal grandfather. The same thing, if the baby was a female she usually named after her paternal grandmother. And other relatives would name the later-born children.

   Many things are taken into consideration when naming children in some African countries, like their own hopes or some important events. Therefore new born baby are given a complete name unless the first is once they are born and the latter at the celebrating day.

   A Malay names are usually like those of some Arabic-speaking countries which consist of a compound name, that is to say a first name followed by a patronymic name; which also appears in some African countries. Depending on the gender; like Bin a middle name for a boy as in ''Adnan Bin Daud'', which means ''Adnaa'' son of ''Daud''. The same thing for the girl using Bint as in ''Afrine Bint Daud’’ 
Which means ''Afrina'' daughter of ''Daud''.

   Historically, Arabic names were rooted on a chain of names that was especially used throughout Arabia and part of the Levant.

   I preferred to cite only a few countries, to show the most important differences. In addition, I want to get your feedback(s) and know more about your country.
   To make this blog informative and cultural, I would like to ask these questions which could assist you to present some part of your country’s traditions in naming customs:

     How do people in your country opt for their babies’ name? What is the system of naming children there?

  When I was born, my parents and elder siblings balloted on choosing my name. When my mom told me about the name that she had wished for me, I was surprised, and I didn’t like it because it was old-fashioned. Thank God my father’s choice won. By the way, Asmaa was the name of Abu Bakr Asedik’s daughter ‘’ Radiya Allah Anhoma’’ companion of the prophet Mohamed ‘’ peace be upon on him’’, my father named me on that basis. Asmaa means all names (in Arabic), and Sky (in Urdu).

  Appropriately, in my religion the father of the baby whispers in his/her ears and says the call of prayers to make the devil stay away from him/her. Then one member of the family slaughters a sheep as a delightful mark of his/her coming. People would meet on the seventh day after his/her birth to celebrate the arrival of the new baby.

  Here is my second question: How did your parents choose your name?

  The names that I like are: Mohamed, Ahmad, Ali and all names which come after Abdu El … (God names) such as Abdu El Wahab, names of angels like ''Gabriel'' and all prophets' name.

 Here is my third question: What are the names that you like ? What name do you wish you had, or are you satisfied with the name that you have?

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Writing Challenge - Mistakes I Used To Make

This blog hasn't corrected, it’s full of mistakes. I didn't want it to be viewed or checked by any native speaker, as I usually do. Because I think it would be quite charming to be posted with mistakes. ‘’Blog fits with the title’’

In this blog, I want to talk about the mistakes that I used to make throughout my learning.
As far as I am concerned the learner isn't impeccable from making errors, therefore everyone can make mistakes and even in his/her native language. That could be in grammar, spelling, pronunciation and structure of the sentence.
At first sight, I’d like to say I like making mistakes on account of that I believe I learnt lots of things from them. I have to admit that all the mistakes which I committed in the past, I am not making them anymore. In fact, it’s not a big deal and there is no mistake about it! No? I would rather say it will merely help you to reach your goal, for that reason, don’t be shy or sorry when you make them.
Furthermore, I know that it usually drives you abashed and sad but, when you find yourself writing the same word correctly next time, you will feel the progress. And this is the most important thing. Finally, to make headway you may make mistakes.

Here are my mistakes:

1- I used to misspell some words, maybe because I can’t remember their spelling such as: ‘’which‘’, ‘’witch‘’ and ‘’wish‘’, ‘’buy‘’ and ‘’bye‘

2- I've got confused many time with words, which I don’t know if I should add the ‘’E‘’ in the end or no such as:‘’before‘’, ‘’people‘’,‘’make‘’, ‘’take‘’‘’cook‘’‘’stop‘’ and ‘’both‘’.

3- I used to confuse between French and English words:

‘’exercice‘’ / ‘’Exercise‘’
‘’exemple'‘ / ‘’example‘’, ‘’Formel‘’ / ‘’formal‘’

- What should I use ‘’ sh ‘’ or ‘’ ch ‘’ ?? like Frensh -> French (I started to make this mistake only two days back, when commenting Bala’s blog. I have made it with my friend ‘’ native speaker’’after a couple of hours. He laughed at me!!) 

‘’I think that French is helping me to (increase) make mistakes in English, it is jealous because I forgot it since I started to learn English ‘’

4- I still check some words about if I should double the ‘’L‘’ or no such as: ‘’personally‘’, ’’especially‘’, ‘’totally‘’, ‘’merely‘’, ‘’hardly‘’, ’’easily’’ ‘’correctly’’ ... and so forth ... really long list!! 
I still check the spelling of each word before I spell it (If I am not sure)

5- I have not been in save to fall into the famous mistake that almost learners make it: yeah, which letter comes first the ‘’I‘’ or the ‘’E‘’? the spelling of ‘’believe’’; well, here comes the rule ‘’the ‘’I‘’ before the ‘’E‘’. It should be ’’believe‘’ not ‘’beleive’’ Just it doesn't work with all words I guess !? Such as ‘’receive‘’, No?

6- ‘’Preposition‘’, I am still making mistakes with them, asking the question: which preposition should I use in this sentence? 

7- ‘’Pronunciation‘’, I mispronounce the word ‘’obese‘’, ‘’decease(s)‘’ in plural, house(s) in plural, ‘’chased‘’, ‘’dining‘’ (I think I am pronouncing them correctly now) I can learn the pronunciation easily!

8- ‘’Grammar‘’, yes it's obvious. There are many rules!! And many tenses!! 

9- Here are some mistakes that I have noticed them from some people in main, just want to point them out: well, there is a difference between those words.

a) Practice (n) / Practise (v)

b) Lose (n) / Loose (v)

c) Advice (n) / Advise (v)

d) Effect (n) / Affect (v)
e) Compliment (n) / Complement (v)
f) You / Your / You’re (you are) ....

- I’d like to share some anecdotes about mistakes with you:

The first one

- I used to enroll in a private school to study English. In the exam of level ten, there was a question about writing a dialogue using a sentence ‘’single or return’’. In the conversation I made, I started with this greeting ‘’Hello there‘’ the person said to the receptionist.

- There is no need to mention my teacher’s reaction or feeling, guess it yourself!!
Here I learnt that I should be careful when I am writing!! And should be careful when I am talking to people whom I don’t know, I mean we should talk in a formal way. Thank God, I didn't make it verbally!! 

- Another mistake I have made on my paper is: I wrote ‘’Ms‘’ without giving name, and this is wrong. The teacher told me if you don’t want to give a name in your writing use ‘’Madam’’ or ‘’Sir’’. ‘’Ms‘’ or ‘’Mr‘’ should followed by a name such as ‘’Ms Emie‘’ or ‘’Mr Dean‘’.

The second one:

A friend of mine (from Afghanistan) told me this story. It happened with him when he was studying. A student (his friend) wrote on the paper of the exam ‘’ Please deer teacher help me in this exam and give me a good mark because … ‘’. 

The teacher become sad and said I am not a deer ... OK!? You shouldn't say ... and ... Sound funny, No?
I think everyone gets what the student meant; he wrote deer instead of dear.

Dear learners don’t give up, don’t be shy when making mistakes and always remember, if you want to make your headway, don’t fear your mistakes, especially learn from them.

Photo Credit - Lana Douglas

Please guys, don’t pull the wool over my eyes and be straight from the shoulder. What do you think about my mistakes, aren't they silly?

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         Hello everyone,

I want to thank my two dearest friends Setar and Noas who encouraged me to write this blog.

                                                           So, Thanks a lot 

    Observing some conversations in the Main Room for the last few days led me to write this tricky issue. What I noticed recently is the bigotry that had been rampant among some members. What's bigotry some of you may ask.

  Bigotry (/ˈbigətrē/)

 Noun : Bigoted attitudes; intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself

  Bigot (/ˈbigət/)

 Noun : A person who is bigoted

 Bigoted (/ˈbigətid/)



  1. Obstinately convinced of the superiority or correctness of one's own opinions and prejudiced against those who hold different opinions

  2. Expressing or characterized by prejudice and intolerance


  Calling someone bigot is morally not correct. We should not call someone anything which could be potentially offensive. Irrespective of race, region, religion and language we should respect everyone and treat them equally gently. 


  Some chatters seemed so intolerant towards others that they were blinded by their own views that they could not accept that people came from different races, cultures, religions and ideologies. Some of them clearly said those things in the main, and some of them voiced out their opinion in private messages.

  I believed our main reason in joining this English Club is to learn English. We can learn English by giving us our opinions about anything and everything, but some respect needs to be given for the diversity of our members which comes from different races, cultures and ideologies. Therefore, do not be a bigot. Respect everyone.

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What are your pet peeves?

     A pet peeve is something that always annoys you or makes you angry.

Example: Her pet peeve is when her brother doesn't put the cap back on the tootpaste. 

Guys, please tell me about your pet peeve and why it annoys you?

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Remember your childhood :)

    I'd like to describe a game which I played with my friends when I was child. It’s called “MIDIA”. The main rules of this game are that you throw a small stone that is smooth and flat, on the floor; this is traced first by a rectangular shape definite numbers from 1 to 7. You continue by throwing the stone down into number two, then you jump on one foot over the numbers until 7. Then, when you return, you move the stone to number one without touching the middle line between the rectangles one and two. If you succeed in that, you throw the stone again in number three repeating the same steps, then in number four, and so on. If the stone or your foot touches the line between the two numbers, you lose, so another friend starts to play. I enjoyed playing this game too much.  =D

         I would like to know the game which you used to play when you were a child!?  :)

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what is the meaning of friend for you ?

There are too many friends however good friends are hard to find. Diamonds are scarce however good friends are scarcer. Diamonds can be purchased by money but good friends can’t be. Those are lucky who have good friends, and those are rather luckier who know the value of good friends earlier before it become too late. In times of prosperity friends are plenty; in times of adversity not one in twenty. The real friend is the one who comes in when the world goes out. Your just one word can save a life forever and vice versa. It would be worthwhile to recognize the value of valuables possessions.

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Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh!

Hello  muddah, Hello fadduh

Here I am at Camp Grenada.

Camp is very entertaining,

And they say we’ll have some fun if it stops raining.


I went hiking with Joe Spivey

He developed poison ivy;

You remember Leonard Skinner?

He got ptomaine poisoning last night after dinner.


All the counselors hate the waiters

And the lake has alligators.

And the head-coach wants no sissies,

So he reads to us from something called Ulysses

Now I don’t want this should scare ya,

But my bunk-mate has malaria;

You remember Jeffrey Hardy?

They’re about to organize a searching part.


Take me home, oh Muddah, fadduh.

Take me home, I hate Grenada.

Don’t leave me out in the forest where I might get eaten by a bear.

Take me home, I promise I will not make noise

Or mess the house with other boys.

Oh please don’t make me stay.

I’ve been here one whole day.


Dearest Fadduh, darling Muddah,

How is my presious little bruddah?

Let me come home if you miss me,

I would even let aunt Bertha hug and kiss me.


Wait a minute, it’s stopped hailing,

Guys are swimming, guys that’s better.

Muddah, Fadduh, kindly disregard this letter.

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Smille ... The Tramp.

A tramp was sleeping on a park bench late at night. A man and woman were walking past. One of them tapped him on the shoulders and asked, Excuse me! What's the time? The tramp was  very annoyed at being woken up. I don't know! He said angrily. I haven't got a watch. And he went back to sleep.

Some time later another man was passing. He woke the tramp up and said, I'm sorry to bother you, but I wonder if you could tell me what time it is.

Again the tramp said that he didn't know. By now he was very fed up, so he got a pen and a piece of paper and wrote I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE TIME IS on it, and went back to sleep.

Half an hour later a policman was passing. He read the sign, woke the tramp up and said, it's 2.30, sir :)   

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Do you know him?

Yasmina Khadra, an officer in the Algerian army, was born in 1955 in Algeria. His father was a nurse and his mother was nomadic. He adopted a woman's pseudonym to avoid military censorship. Despite the publication of many successful novels in Algeria, Mohammed Moulessehoul, his real name, only revealed his true identity in 2001 after leaving the army and going into exile and seclusion in France. Anonymity was the only way for him to survive. In 2004, Newsweek acclaimed him as "one of the rare writers capable of giving meaning to the violence in Algeria." His novel set, in Afghanistan under the Taliban,"The Swallows of Kabul" was shortlisted for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award 2006, as was The Attack 2008. L'Attentat won the Prix des libraires in 2006, a prize chosen by about five thousand bookstores in France, Switzerland, and Canada. Khadra said: “The West interprets the world as it likes. It develops certain theories that fit into its world outlook, but do not always represent the reality."

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Anger Management Advice

Anger is a very powerful emotion that can stem from feelings of frustration, hurt and annoyance. It can be an underlying cause of anxiety and depression. Anger that is not appropriately expressed can disrupt relationships and create a variety of physical problems. Chronic anger has been linked to health issues such as high blood pressure, crime, physical abuse and other violent behavior. When you start feeling angry, try deep breathing. Slowly repeat a calm word, or phrase, such as "relax" or "take it easy," until the anger subsides. Try to gain a different perspective by putting yourself in another's place. Learn how to laugh at yourself and see humor in situations. Learn to assert yourself, expressing your feelings calmly and directly, without becoming defensive, or emotionally charged. If you feel that your anger is having a negative affect on your life and relationships, seek the help of a mental health professional. A psychologist can work with you to develop techniques for changing your thinking and your behavior.

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Balancing life and work

    A lot of people talk about wanting more balance and flexibility in their work and in their lives, about wanting to achieve “work/life” balance. Work isn't something you do when you’re not living your life. It’s just as much a part of your life as family time or play. You get to choose what matters most to you, and how much attention you wish to give to each area of your life first, second, and so on. If you don't have much control over the hours you have to work, you can ask yourself, "In what other ways am I bringing greater enjoyment into my life?" Also, keep the lines of communication open, listen when someone tells you that you're working too much. Identify and eliminate activities that are time-wasters or energy-busters, and cut them out. That can help your mind and body cope with the demands of your job. It is important to make a good schedule, and to keep to it. Take things as they come, reflect on your accomplishments and feel proud. Be creative in thinking how routine tasks can be completed differently.

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