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My visit in Krakow (city in Poland)

Last year we visited Krakow a city in Poland. We hadn't been there before. Our hotel was near the old city square,which is called Stare Miasto. Krakow is a really beautiful city, full of culture. It's an amazing city. We were there only three days. The first two days we did some walking around the main square and we visited the shopping center. The first two days the weather was bad, there was a lot of rain. Despite the rain we had an absolute very nice time. The third day we had more luck with the weather, it was sunny. We had a sightseeing tour. We left the old city and drove to Kazimierz. Which is the Jewish Quarter of Krakow. This square was the main area where Speilberg filmed. There is the house where Helene Rubenstein the cosmetic queen was born. And we saw the last functioning Synagogue in the quarter. We had a lunch in a cute little cafe. It was all homestyle and we ate very delicious Polish food. After lunch we got back in the car and drove over the river to Podgorze where the Jewish Ghetto was created in WW2. We drove through the streets and saw the wall and a monument to the victims of the holocaust. We had also visited the Oscar Schindler's factory, which was closed. Our tour ended in the Wawel, where we visited the castle.What I really didn't like on our holiday, was the weather. THe city tour was very nice but we didn't have enough time to visit everything. It was just a quick tour. The next time when we go to Krakow we will stay a few days longer. And I want visit the slot mines and Awschwitz. However I herd that the Salt mines are fantastic.

I would recommend anyone to visit Krakow. 

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My new class


I have just read that someone had many ideas but didn't have enough time to write. I must say that I have enough time, but for my write in foreign languages is difficult. First I must thing how I must write, second I must thing, how I must make a correct sentences, and third is the word correct. 

Last Wednesday I started an English class. We all are learning English end improve our skills.

It is nice to meet new people, to learn how they live and learn another cultures.
There are in my class twelve students, they come from different countries.

Tomorrow is my second lesson, it's start at quarter past nine until quarter to twelve.

At the last lesson we had some homework  we had to write about our holiday. I wrote about sightseeing holiday, about city in Poland, Krakow.

In my next blog I'm going to write about my holiday in Krakow.

All the best,, 







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My English skills

Hello everyone

I have just read the blog about fluently speaking English, and I must say

that my English skills aren't very well. I have enjoyed this site on my English to improve.

I am asking you to help me with my English, just correct me, and I'll be very happy.

I will do my best to learn English,

Forward thank you,,

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My dog

Hello , at this moment I've a small dog, his name is Bobo.We've had Bobo for one year now. My youngest daughter likes him very much,but my oldest daughter is not so kind to Bobo anymore.She doesn't have the time to walk the dog out anymore. However I love dogs but,I must say that cats are more easy to take care of. Next time I'll take a cat, and I do not have to go out for walk in the evening anymore.


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