How are you ?

How are you my friends ? I missed  you very much . I'm very sorry . I was very busy  . forgive me please . I'm sure you 'll remember me and then you  'll forgive me . I hope that you are all fine and in a…

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  • Thank you so much for your nice congratulations on my Page.I am really happy to see your comment which is highly appreciated :-)

  • Thank you dear  Ehab Nassif for your blog. It is really useful to know. Also, thank you for your friend request.

    I have been to Egypt three times and I enjoyed your country. But unfortunately I didn't visit some of those beautiful places which you described in your blog. I hope next time i will do that certainly.

    Ehab Nassif's Page
    Ehab Nassif's Page on MyEnglishClub
  • Hello Ehab Nassif, i really want to visit Cairo since many years ago. And if i manage to come of course i will visit all sights and the christian places also. Thank you very much for your advice and for adding me as friend :) Have a nice day :)

  • Hi Ehab Nassif!  Thanks for the friend request!   Glad to be your friend here on EC!  2392334870?profile=original

  • Hello Ehab :D 

    I am okay , thanks for asking dear 

    How about you ?

    Hope you are okay and have fun in your life :)


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  • For your present condition on EC
  • Hi, Ehab!

    How're you doing? Sorry for not keeping in touch so long. I was very busy with my school activities.

    Ehab, a huge 'thank you' to you for such fantastic New Year card on my wall! It's simply the work of art! Very creative!

    We're celebrating Maslenitsa in Russia.

    It's the holiday that lasts for a week to say "Goodbye!" to winter and also it’s a special week before the Great Lent according to Orthodox Church. Every day of Maslenitsa is devoted to special rituals. Maslenitsa is our Russian carnival. It’s very colourful and cheerful and people have a lot of fun. The main food is bliny (Russian pancakes).

    On the last day of Maslenitsa there’s a solemn burning of the stuffed figure of winter.

    The last day of the week –Sunday is called ‘forgiveness Sunday’. On that day people ask each other for forgiveness for all grievances and troubles.

    So, forgive me, please, if've I unintentionally hurt you. And Happy Maslenitsa!263142.jpg

  • Thank you very much sir!

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