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 Dear  readers,

On this occasion  I want to tell you  How to  make the beginner learners  learn English more enjoyable. Don't forget to write comment  after reading my  simple experience, OK ?

As a second international language English is not easy  to learn by young students, because  it has many  ways how to  use this  strange  language. I think  the most readers agree with me, especially teachers  this subject is very  horrible  for them. They find  some difficulties such as: how to make  sentences based on the situation, how to pronounce the words, and how  to write  the words, and so forth . All make them  confused. Not only those  points but also  how to speak with other  people  in common, and in polite expressions...uuuh... it's very hard . The result is, the students  go out the class room , lazy to learn and  might be do   praying  for  the teachers  not coming to the class room, If no teachers , they all look like  happy and  thank God..  Oh   my Mates or for teachers do you  feel  like this  in your teaching ?  Are all your students enjoy your lesson ? ? 

But  as  a teacher  I always  try  many ways how to make my students  are interested  with my lesson. In this semester  I have a so cool and interesting  way in  exploring  my lesson. Here ,, I want to share  my experience  to you and I hope you can use it in your class room later on .  Here is   the  way.

Before  I start to teach  my students  with my material, I always  check  the students'attendance , I think  You do too. Last time  I did this activity just by calling  my students' name and they  responded by " I am here, Yes, I am, Present " and others   I think  it is  the  old way. In this semester  before stopping my lesson, I give my students three words. I ask them to memorize the words  and look for the meaning  of those words in  Our language . In the next  meeting I check their absent by  asking them  to report  the words that given to them last time . I call her or his name, He or She comes  to me by saying  the words and also the meaning .  Example , I call one of them " ERNA " She  comes to me in front of the class and says : "  Paradise is Surga, step mother is Ibu Tiri  and  happy means senang  " . Every  students  do the same  way. I do  this activity  every  meeting .  Can you imagine  what happen to  them ?  You're right   We need  about  20 minutes  to do this but  they get more  and the are happy to do . Beside, they have   a lot of  words or vocabularies  with  relax . No forcing , all of the students keep smile and satisfied .  I do not stop here, but  to avoid  forgetting their words, I ask them to  write  the words which they have reported  to me on their special  book. The result is  They have  a simple  dictionary which has contain the words  that close with their daily  life. They can find the words  that they need easily. How  excellent  this activity is. You know when I forgot to give them  at the and of my  monster, They ask for  them " Ms, the words  for the next meeting "  they  talked . Wow... How  happy I am  to see  their willing .  This  way I give to seven grade students and  to Nine  grade , but   for nine grade students , I  explore this  way but  in more difficult activity . I just give three words to them  before the end of the lesson , and   I asked them to  make  sentence by using those three words I given .  They prepare  three sentences  at home and  they  report to me their own sentences  when I   check their  attendance. I do this every meeting. Is it  fare ,isn't it ?  What do you think about this  way mates ?

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How to make the students like our teaching


Hj. ERNA EMI,S.Pd ( The teacher of SMP N 2  Gunung Talang  , Solok West Sumatra )


       The process Learning and teaching  will  be success if  there  is  a good relation ship between  a        teacher and the students.  We know  English is not  an interesting subject  for Junior High students ,          so  we must  have  good  ways  to make them  interested about  English material.  Don’t  give them            questions without  understandable  ..  We have  many kinds of model of teaching English . Don’t             explain  the materials  with the same  ways . These  will make them bored  with the lesson and of course    with  us as teachers. Give  extra  entertainment  in our teaching

         Here  I want  to  share  to all  teachers of English  how  to make the students like  our   action   in front of the class.

  1. try to be kind to  the students

Every  enter the class room  please keep smiling to the students,  greet them  by Saying  Good morning and ask their condition  friendly in order to make fresh. In learning process, give them reward  by saying “ Good, excellent,  nice,  well done , etc. Do not  be angry if we find the low students and difficult  for them to catch our ideas . Try to explain  slowly  many times until  they  look like  understand. Serve them  if they ask  some questions to us.

  1. Explain the material with nice  presentation

As a teacher  we must  be smart  to choose the  suitable technique or  method of learning , so the students  can be  happy in  listening  our explanation  and they  are not boring  fast.  In teaching  process we must start from  the interesting point and give them  some thing  in order to attract  the students attention , such as  games , light questions and answers, light stories that have relation with our material . These  can make the students  happy  to follow our  activities . They will not fell  we have use  80 minutes  of our teaching time.

  1. Give variation  material

Before  entering the class, we have prepared  materials on  our teacher’s note. There we  have divided the  materials and also the suitable technique. Don’t  teach  grammar every meeting. We know grammar is look like a monster for the students. To avoid this  problem , grammar  we can give  in  game  section  and   in funny situation. Teaching grammar must be learned but  not  forcing  material

  1. giving game

Game is  one of  a good way in  learning English. By the game the students fell fresh in  joining  the  lesson  that we want to  teach. Through   a game  the students  are more relax in learning , because they are  happy  although they will do  the difficult  way. Beside,  Game is also  used to avoid  students  boring  in learning  a material. Please  give  a game  for classical  or all students  follow the activity which is given . A little bit noisy is not  problem. If we always do by  this point  The students will be sure  waiting us in patiently

  1. Don’t  explain  the lesson too fast

As   teachers   we  must  give  all materials  in  a regular  of time . But we must know  and  see our students condition. We  consider they are ready  to continue  to  the next material or still  need  more practices . This is  done  in order to  make the students  are  able to  catch  one  material  and  jump to  the next  problem.  It is  so wise isn’t it ? Here , please  make our subject  is not  horrible   for the students. Please  realize that  English  is  so  difficult  but  can be learned.

              I hope  5  ways can make  the teachers of English  will be loved by our students.



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 Dear  Readers,

          On this occasion   I will visit you  with  old my story, and I hope  your comment  after enjoy it.

           Long long ago in Chili USA there lived  a young  couple  in a small hut near  a high hill . They lived  as  vegetable farmers , but  They did not  have children. They always joined  their life  happily and helped  others.

           One night  there was  a moon light . Fragaria and Berry  the couple prayed God to  have a baby. They had  tear drops on their eyes  in their worship. They felt  satisfied  after praying. " OK dear, don't worry  The God will give our ask " Berry said  happily to his wife. " I  am  sure dear,  I  felt God  listened  to us " Berry smiled to his wife and they  went to bed.

            On  the next morning Fragaria and her husband went to collect  vegetable in their field. The vegetable will be sold to  the market. Berry went  to the market alone and Fragaria leaved  in their hut to do other activities such as collecting  orchids  and planted   around her house. There were many kinds of orchids in her hut with beautiful  flowers. it made the hut beautiful... and Fragaria  some times sold t some of hem .While She picked  the orchids, Fragaria saw   a fruit with red color. " what is this ?" Fragaria asked  by her self.  She brought  the strange tree  to her hut and told to her husband  about the new tree. " My husband, you see I got a strange   tree, and it's beautiful " said Fragaria Happily. " let me see dear "  Berry asked . His wife  brought the tree to her husband and surprisingly  Berry  said " Oh... what  wonderful it is "  The color  is read... it's ripe... and I think   It's sweet... " Berry commented  it. " And ... you see  the shape... it looks like   a heart ... so beautiful " Fragaria  was happy. " Let's plant this new tree in a special place  or  pot... so we can  organize  this tree well,  and   we can develop this tree to be better ... " You're right  my let's take  a rest.

            In the middle of the night Fragaria dreamed  with some one. A beautiful Fairy came and asked  Fragaria about the strange  tree. " You know  the tree which you found in the hill is me... " Fairy said. Fragaria was surprised and looked nervous "...Oh I am sorry.. I do not know that you are. I just kept it for my happiness. I like  the tree  very much and it's beautiful" She told  slowly. " No problem ... I am happy you took me, and I want you plant  it in the big field...and the fruit  will make you a rich and popular " Fairy told  smile. " Is it true ? it is  a good fruit and can change my  family life ? Asked Fragaria.  "Yes, you're right.. Please plant it tomorrow and believe me it can develop  it's root  easily and give  red and beautiful fruit for you." Heard this  She felt happy and  satisfied but  She did not know  the name of the new fruit. With  doubt feeling  she tried to ask to Fairy last question... " Fairy,  I am sorry  I do not know the name of this fruit , please give the name  for it " Fragaria said carefully. " Oh yea I forgot What is your name dear and your husband's name ? " Well,  my name is Fragaria and my husband's name is Berry " .Oh really ? our names are the same . My name is also Fragaria... " Fairy  smiled and keep silent for  a minute. Ok.... I will give this fruit with  your name and your husband's. " The fruit name is  Fragaria coliencis and Berry or is called with " strawberry " . In the future this fruit  will be popular and  the people  can make   a kind of food and  drink or juice  .  to drink this drink they need  a straw  or pipette . So  it's suitable  if we announce this  tree as " Strawberry "  Fragaria  told to her husband  about her dream and Berry agreed about his wife  story and  about the name... " It's  a wonderful name....Strawberry.... yea...strawberry "

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Help me mates over the world

  Dear Mates,

On this  occassion  I do not want to  write  a story to you all, but I need your help to solve my problem. Well friends, I am a teacher of English at Junior High. Beside that I have an additional  job as   a seller . It is called mini market . I have a store to sell daily needs  .  Because of my job  I have    shopkeepers and manager of my store.  This  happened around  ten  years and I think they are OK for me, But   without  realizing    My shopkeepers and chassier  have done the wrong thing. They have  stolen  my funds and they  stopped to  do at  my store. Can you imagine  I got the fund to  do this activity  from a bank. I got credit  of  funds to buy many kinds of goods to sell.   I pay the credit every month, To day I can not  pay my  bank loan back any more . I am really panic  getting  this  trouble. I must return my bank  about $45.000 Usd.  Oh I  can not  do my job seriously because my bankers always call me on.  Please mates , give me your ideas or your contribution or aid  to pay my bank credit  although a part.  Mates I really up set, I do not know what to do. I write this in order  to reach your understand and  your shympaty.  I can  not find the way to pay  my bank loan right now. My tore almost be closed because  the goods to sell  are  limitation. Please help me  to solve this, If you  have  more  send  to me a little  bit. With the name God I will never forget your donation , and I will pray for your happiness in your life.  I will wait for your  aid mates.. I can not think   to see the way any more.  But  if you do not have  any  money, no problem, don't  think about my  problem that I face is a scam.  It's not a scam, but really problem , I  tell the truth  to you. Oh yea... If you trust me and want to help me I sent to you my  account number. ERNA EMI the account  number is  0168652514 from BNI  ( Indonesian National Bank  ). I hope , don't tell to any body else about my bad problem except you can make my problem will be solved. I am shy  to tell you actually but... No way  any more... I hope you in this forum can help me to solve my problem although a part.  If you do not mind , I will wait for your donation  although  a cent,  I will be happy to accept yours 

Thanks  a ton  for this help and understanding

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Dear Readers We all know that English is very important to learn arround the world because it can help the readers to get many kinds of information. Not only in the class room but also outside the school. Nowadays every body knows it. So in every country in this world study this amazing language from primary school until to university. How important it is . But as a teacher of English I have been felling surprise, why is this too difficult to learn in my region. The students  fell strange and shy to use this language in their daily life.Only  a few of them want to use this language, some times  they  use as  a joke, What a pity. I as  a teacher fell  sad and un satisfied to see this condition.  I always think what will I do to make them  eager to learn. Until I found  a way. do you know it is ? Yea I built a simple  place is called canteen  or English canteen . In this canteen I invite the student in break time to buy  snack that they like by using English. Who ever come to this place, they must use English. ofcourse the canteen keepers or sellers use English. This way looks like better and more intersting because they  use English expression  enjoyable without thinking about right or wrong. They speak carefully and some times they mix with their mother language. I try to invite them to speak while they buy  the food for their snack. To see this condition I fell happy to hear their speaking. ... Oh... this way is better and mor usefull. I just smile to hear  their speaking. I let them if they have un correct  words, but while they enjoy their food I do  correction wisely.  I pray to God this way  is so good and I hope they can  use this expression in daily life.  I hope they can use this language happily and I hope they can speak English well  next time. They have better confidence to speak with  every body arround them.... I hope so... What do think this way ? give your comment please....

Readers, By English canteen my students  have shown their competence in speaking

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Let's celebrate my school anniversary

 Dear Readers,

This week  Our school  will celebrate the 35th birthday. For doing this celebration, we hold some events, such as  subjects competition for Junior High students and also telling the content of holy qur'an.  Most of The schools  nearby took part the competitions. The students as competitors were happy to join. Although they  were still not familiar with  technology, they  did enjoyable. Tomorrow  is the day  of celebration  day . readers plese attend  the worries  I will serve you with traditional food and many kinds of attractions... They can make you enjoy and say " AMAZING AND WONDERFUL  PARTY "


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do you want a house ?


I have  a house in Kayu Aro area. in Solok regency West Sumatra .. I have it through developer of  the house. I have  paid by credit system.  Until now ( February 2016  ) I have paid about 43 months . Now I want to take over it...who want it?...My house is built on the second step building . No 10 on C block. call me if you  interested. my mobile number 081374249585. Thanks

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It' s very funny, isn"t it ?

Dear  Readers,

 To day I have a story for you all, Please give comment after reading this article, OK ?

        This experience was happened a year ago and told  by my friend  who teach  at the same school. After I listened this funny story, I directly tell to you through writing. My friend is called Nelly. She wears glasses like me because of the age. One day she felt  some thing wrong  with her glasses. when she was teaching , she felt blurred on her seeing. " Oh my God, my glasses has only one glass, where the other one ? of course I can not see well " she talked to her self while smiling . After teaching on a rest time,  she talked this problem to other collages in the teachers room. I also listened  it. She talked this experience with full action and with good body language that one of her glass,threw away but she did not know it. We listened  funny all of us laughed  very hard , can you imagine some ladies laughed together ?'s very noisy in the teachers' room,  and you  know what, one of my colleague Emly who has  imitation teeth, without her realize  , her imitation teeth put off from her mouth tied can you imagine what  happened  on that time ????. The noisy is more and more... I did not know when  the laughing stopped in that room.... How happy experience, isn't it ?

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Dear Readers,

          this morning I will come back  i9n this forum. After reading this  writing give your comment

         You know my region is  a suburb, we have  many small villages. From last time, our government tried to build some buildings, roads and many other public appliances in order to make Our country better, more develop and well known . To day  there is a big project in my area. a Road project. I am happy to accept this project, because  I will have  a main street  and it will make  the big vehicle  go easily. Of course the people who use the road  are  disturbed. They cannot  go to some where  which use the repairing road  easily. They will face  a trouble , but they are patient to wait although  an hour. I do not know  whose idea it is. The youngsters  invite the drivers to use another small road in the village. The drivers are happy to follow this way. They drive through a small road to avoid traffic jam. By using this idea, they can arrive faster than before.  Do You know what happen next ? Yea... the youngster had a cunning idea in fact . They stand  on every turning way and ask the drivers some  money. Can you imagine by 50 km  distance to the destination the driver must pay 8 times for 8 turning places . each turning road  they pay 2000 till  5000 rupiahs. Based on $ currency is very cheap, but for my country is so expensive....  I as a teacher always think..."Why ...should happen ? The drivers use government road not theirs... Where is their character ? No shy to ask for some body's money  ? In fact,  based on belief of my religion  issued that the upper  hand is better that down hand . It means that Giving  is better than asking for . From this writing I hope  stop this way in getting  finance in your life, let the drivers use the streets to their destination freely and safe. They go  or drive to do their jobs  and they do not want to be late in their places..I really  hate this action , So   I often give them the money by complaint. I doubt it and shy when the other side people , foreigners or tourist see this bad action to get bad finance. My area still have many places to cultivate in earning  pocket money.   It 's a very bad  character , isn't it ?

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A shy experience

 Dear readers

To day I will tell about  a my new experience that makes me shy and lough a lone when I remember that experience. I hope after reading this story, please give your comment including Tarra .

      It happened  last  Saturday morning, when I arrived  at school I signed  the absent list with full confidence. I saw the clock, it's about 6.45 a.m." Oh... I' m not late, I have 10 minutes for waiting for the students in front of my school gate by sacking hands ". I thought. While I was waiting  for the students, I thought " why don't other teachers wait for the students ? why no body enter  the school  gate   ? and only one  the student comes almost late . What 's wrong ?

Readers , after 5 minutes waiting a lone  I thought , Why ? and why ? to make clear I checked my wrist watch, oh My Ghost... it 7 It's true the students are not late, because  it's 7. the time is for the first period  for learning. In fact the clock in security room got problem ( slow ). I am shy,  without thinking so far, I directly enter my class room in doing my teaching. to avoid my nervous, I tried to smile and smile...

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 Dear My beloved readers

To day I want to tell you  about one of legend in my country, after reading don't forget to give comment

             Long time ago  the two old farmers Ki Ajar and Nyi Ajar lived in a small village. They felt sad, because they did not have a baby. Every night Ki Ajar and Nyi Ajar always prayed to God, until one day they got a baby. But what a surprise, their baby is not an usual baby, it was a snake. Nyi Ajar was very confused and afraid. She cried to God " Oh my God, you're  very almighty, you gave us  a baby, but why is it not  really baby, Oh God why did you give   us   a snake ? I don't care boy or girl, but why it's a snake ? Oh God I don't like  a snake, I'm afraid of snake " Ki Ajar  gave the baby's name Baru Klinting, and they suggested to move to mount Sileker.

              Times  went by, the spirit of snake  came into a small boy. Baru Klinting  went arround the vilage to  look some food, but no body cared him, every body who meet ,hated him, no body  like him."Hi" Baru Klinting  greeted some boys while were playing in the yard. One of the boy named Sastro responded his greeting., " Hi. who are you, we do not know you, please go to the mountain ". Baru Klinting tried to be patient " I am Baru Klinting from this village, I want to be your friend, and can play with you. Sastro responded proudly " what ? to be our friends ?'s impossible boy, no body like you. Baru Klinting was in emotion and said angrily " OK guys,  I have  a game for you" Satro said " a game ? what game do you mean ? show me, I want to play " The other boy added Sastro's idea " Yea...I agree show your game to us "

             Baru Klinting took  a small stick and put it down on the ground and said " OK guys, please pull my stick out, if you can pull it out, I will go away from you, but if you can't do, you must accept me as your friend." Sastro the big boy said proudly " Is it a game ? it's very easy to do,he..he..he "Sastro tried to pull the stick out, but he couldn't. "'s hard..uh.... I can't " He was backward. The second boy  tried the same thing like Sastro did . Before doing , he said " you are very weak man,  it's just a simple game, OK, I will try, Hello every body see me I want to pull the stick  out  I'm strong ,mmm,  uh.... uh.... oh... He felt down. He had his back hurt. OK the readers what happen ? Could the second boy pull the stick out ? . You're right the second boy couldn't either. All of the boys tried to do, but no body was success to do. Baru Klinting's stick  stood permanently.

           Finally Baru Klinting saw  to all of the boys, while was smiling and said " he...he...he, well guys, all of you could not pull my stick out , it means You must accept me as your friends" In fact all of the boys broke their promise, they did not want to be Baru Klinting's friend. Sastro said " what ?  to be our friend ? no way, we don't want you to be our friends, let's go, leave him alone " Baru Klinting cried " hey wait, before you go I want to see you some thing "Sastro and his friends stop their steps. They wanted to see  what will Baru Kllinting  be done . Baru Klinting pulled his stick by him self easily. Suddenly  from the hole of the stick, the water pulled out. It sprang out fast. No body could not stop it. The water made a big flood. it sank every thing included Sastro and his friends. Now a days the area called Rawa Pening in Semarang central Java Indonesia. Readers from that story we can learn that Don't underestimate some body and keep your promise

Note : Ki is meant   by Mr

          Nyi is meant  by Mrs


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WHY ???

Dear readers

 I want to tell about unbelievable problem to day around the world. please send your  comment after reading it OK?

Nowadays I find some news on newspapers which tell about some ladies or educations on age have done  sex activities in many beauty saloon or hotels. This action is done by many an logical reasons such as  they are invited by some body who they do not know, they are offered a beautiful products, they  are invited to come  some body's house, and other offering. I am doubt to read these and some big questions in my mind, Why are they easy to do ? why do they want to accept all offering easily ? Oh... Is it a caused of globalization era ? or  are they faith running  way from them ? I as a teacher always tell the advantages and disadvantages of doing the bad thing in this life. I always invite them how to do the good way and morality character. But after they are getting adult, they  are look like strangers with this advisement. They forgot all, so they choose the easiest one to fill their life like easy to get money, properties and others. They do not care how their parents feelings when they leaved their town to go to the city in getting knowledge. Parents always hope they will be success and will be  a good people.So here, I invite you all of ladies  and teenagers, not to do the wrong thing in order to get funds in your life. Beside that you have religion that organize you to do every thing in this world... I am sad  to read the bad things that they have done ...stop it...stop it..and for the people who has invited them , remember your actions are bad... please do another job or The God will send you in his hell...

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Expensive fuel and students

Dear readers,

You know Indonesia has done a big business.It's a president election and Mr JokoWidodo is choose  for 5 next years era. As a good citizen I like him and who ever He is.  the important thing is He or she can lead this country and can manage the country and also his or her people. To Mr Joko Widodo we hope he is able to do successfully. Unfortunately, on the first month his government, the big problems appear,such as a fuel price. The people think the price of thing is very high.They cannot buy it, so to solve this problem they do demonstration around this country. The effect of this action ( raising the fuel price ) the drivers of public buses do prohibiting  driving. They want to raise or improve the bus fee. Because no  decision from the government how much will be raised, so they do the best way. It is stop driving.Can you imagine, no permission for public transportation to do their job ? All buses are stop.No activity. You know the big problem occurs in this country. The students, teachers, workers , can not go home , or they walk home. Can you imagine for people who live far from their home ?  What a pity.  We do not refuse who the president is, but we want to do the best thing.Actually  the president will do  better way. He  will rub the substitution of fuel and move to other sections, such as for poor people, healthy ,and education point . He will do this aids by using cards for all sections ( healthy card, poor cards, and education card ) .As  good citizen I just hope He will do this in reality. He keeps  his program and promise. I always pray for this activity and he does  his best. 

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Dear all readers,

Last Monday was a special day for teachers in Indonesia. My school Junior High school  state 2 Gunung Talang  West Sumatra  also celebrated this moment. The moment of celebration started  with flag ceremony. The ceremony was done by teachers. It means all doers for the activity  were teachers, such as : leader of ceremony , speech, raising the flag, reading the opening of Indonesian regulation ,praying, etc.

We did the ceremony well , all the students as participants followed  all activity enthusiastic.  They  followed raising flag calmly. until finish they did it well . ,

After doing flag ceremony, there were some additional programs which were hold by Students organization, like cutting cone glutinous rice and banana  cooked with sugar and coconut milk called Tumpeng pullut a traditional food from my area. It was done by singing happy birth day song .Beside, The members of students organization read some poems for us their teachers.  After that, the leader of students organization and Ms. Erfi Marnis as  head mistress flied  some color balloons to the sky.  Not stopping here the students gave a nice present to every teacher. I thought   it's wonderful present and we can wear it to school. I   just said "Thank you my beloved student , you have given us meaningful present on this day". On the next day the teachers of my school still show  their competence. We performed  the Friday speech activity. this activity was usually done by students, but for this moment, it was done by teachers. It started read holy qur'an, speech in three languages ( Indonesian, Arabic and English ), Moslems musical performance and closing prayer. They  were fantastic performance. I am as  a teacher so happy to do this moment... The last word I say " HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY  "

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Happy the teacher's day

Dear Readers


In Indonesia, Next week the teaches will celebrate their days  the Indonesian teachers group association ( PGRI  ) all teachers will be happy and hold the formal ceremony. In celebrating the great day the teachers association have prepared  a lot of programs such as writing article competition, sport competition, visiting the unlucky teachers and also the orphan children and so forth.

As a teacher I have some problems and questions  in my mind  as follow :

1. How is our education condition to day ? ( quality )

2. Are all teachers still have good commitment in doing their jobs ?

3. is it important for us that pass the final examination by 100 % without good quality and unfair way ?

4. Do our students  have  good morality to day ?

5. Are the certification  teachers happy  with additional salary with unfair system?

6. is it good for education development if it is mixed up by political problem ?

My suggestion,   by celebrating the teachers' anniversary day,   it's better for all sections in this country  especially from education department, discuss these problems occur in our educational section.

I think we must think all the above problems, and find the solution. Here,  we must do together not part of us. Like no 1 problem, the quality of our education is not good anymore, because we must understood about quality. All regions in this country want  all schools try to make all the students who follow the final test success in that program, and this will be forced although in wrong way such as allow the students do cheating each other and the worst way the teachers help the students in answering the test items, How bad thing it is ! This problem can be caused the next 5 problems like no morality, no  good commitment by the teachers  any more, ect. And the teachers are not  happy with the additional funds that the government distribution. Why ? Because it makes jealous among the teachers , and might be frightened by the teachers who have received it. Jealous is caused no good regulation among the region. one region has strick regulation such as : a teacher must have 25 years in teaching, creative teachers and teaching with 24 periods ba week in the classroom, while other region  do  or pormote their teacher without strick regulation. A teacher can get as certification teacher  although just do their teaching in 2 years. it's not fair isn't it ?This just  only one side and still more like must teach 24 periods a week in the classroom. as far I know it will be difficult to do by the teachers and caused a big problem. So in this occasion let's discuss this and let's have  better commitments. Don't think about quantity of students but think about quality. Create the exelent students and teachers with  wisely procedure in order to have exelent quality in national and interbnational level. One more thing please find the solution for the teachers who want to develop their experience and knowledge through scholarship not only in home but also abroad.

" Happy teachers day may God bless us and it will be better in the future "


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Dear readers

         This week is my happiness holiday . Why ? because next Sunday  I will fly  to Malaysia and Singapore for 5 days holiday. Actually, this is my second flight to this country. Last year I visited this country with two of my close friends. I visited  that country was just for school holiday. And this week I will go with my school collages. we are about 48 persons .They are teachers of my school. How great news it is. We will stay there for 5 days, and we will do an annual year teachers' meeting there. The meeting will hold for 2 days (  whole days ) and after that we will go traveling around Malaysia and to Singapore for a whole day by bus... I think we will enjoy this traveling. and also the meeting, because this meeting will be attended by the educational department leader of my regency. Beside, this meeting will be opened by the culture Indonesian embassy in Malaysia. How great and interesting meeting it is.I hope if  you are a member of English club and live in Malaysia, please visit me in my hotel in Selayang near KL.  we can meet each other and also with  the teachers  who are from my school. After this visiting, I will write every thing about Malaysia in this forum. You can get  how nice this country is, especially about the Malaysia twin tower in the night, and also Genting high land, etc.

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