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The Second Day was Amazing

Didn't like yesterday's disappointed ,today I get so much new knowlage.It include the culturre different between East and West.I also realized that lots of phrases I used before is Chinglish,not English.The expression may confused the audience.

The first lesson today is writing,learned the skills how to make note or leave message to others.(add more later)

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   Toady is the first day of my English study ,A little disappointed ,better yet ,lots of challenge to me.

    First,want to share what make me disappointed.Before I went  here ,I have reconized that what make me a dumb English speaker is the language envrionment .Because we lack of the opportunity to use English,we only input ,without any output ,although we have learned so many words,grammers,speaking skills ,when we in front of a native English speaker,our brain became blank.we hardly open our mouth ,unfortunately,only our native language can be spoken out.After I got the opportunity ,I expect to have a real chance to use the language which I have learned so many years .Until the first day 's study is end ,I didn't get any chance .What I need to do is only to be a peaceful audience.

    Second,the first day also have a lot of challenges to me ,the first day's study ,I learned numbers of new words and phrase,for example ,I know the differents between homemaker and housewife.I also someone passed away means he is died.

   In any case,I hope to use this opportunity to get progress on my English,including oral english,writen english ,reading skills and listening.

   Is there any advice,send to me ,thank you my friends!


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A New Start of English Study

After so many years of English study,now I got a new chance to back to school again with the only purpose to improve English level,Not only that,we can get a special training in Beijing Language and Culture University which lasts three monthes .I do cherish the opportunity,and of course I'll do my best to make up what I lost in the past several years. If possible, I 'll share my experience everyday here,to let you know ,what I get each day.Why not improve with me together?

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Asking For Teaching

Hi all my friends :

   After join in an English club,in the discussion section ,I found someone puzzled in using "choose","select"and"pick".I also confused about the meanings of these words ,Is there anyone who can tell me the differents between these words,thank you .

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Share My Experience on Oral English Study

I have been learning English even for more than 16 years ,what a pity ,when I in front of foreigners,I even  can't make myself to be understood .Not I can't understand what are them say,but I don't know what I should to say.Before openning my mouth ,maybe many words appear in my brain,grammer、vocabulary、tense,so many things all decide what my sentences should be.If one section has mistake ,I'm afraid the audience can't understand me,enve laugh at my mistakes.All these make me feel nervous before speak out.It's my problem ,but I think it's not only belongs to myself .In order to conquer this situation ,I try to speak English with foreigners form skype avoid face to face talking .It can make me feel relax.However,learning English is not only for chat on skype ,but also for communicating with others fluently .I don't know what I should do next ,if you konw ,why not give me your advice?

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Open Your Mouth and Speaking

    For our english learner,english is the second language for us,is not easy to open our mouth and speak to a foreigner,especially to a native english user.In this case,does the learning has any significance? We can use our morther language easily,why not  english.There are several factors,I think, caused this abnormal phenomenon.

   Shyness may be the main reason ,our face turn red at frist in front of a foreigner before our mouth opening.we have learned for many years,why we still shy to speak out ,because we didn't have any confidence to use it correctly,we fear the audience will laught at our simple mistakes which were appeared in our scetances.

  Secondly,some of us did limited by vocabulary,of course include me ,we can't express our feeling exactly in english by so little words we have mastered.It is also a difficult work for us to remeber so large number of words .Because of this ,we can't speak in fluently and quickly ,however,slow is better than shut up.

   I try my best to speak english out since I realized the above reasons.I hope you can,no matter how many mistakes in your scetances.The mistake is the best teacher who can give us the method to get progress.

   Hope you can leave your comment after reading,pointing out my mistakes is best.Thanks! 

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Rescue The Bees

Bee,a kind of a lovely insect,was always known as a representation of hard working .Did you know the bee has played a great role in the nature ?It's useless for flowers to have bright colour without bees ,of course ,pollination is impossible.But now ,they are facing a living crisis .

   With the development of our society ,more and more pollution was pour into the environment ,it may be a little harmful to human being,but to animals ,especially the little bees ,it was poison .So more and more abnormal phenomenon was appeared recently,as reported,the number of bees have reduce 10-30% in Europe ,even more than 30% in Unite States,in the past ten years. 

   Einstein has warned that human being's extinction will come in four years after bee's .we must take measures to survive them , not only for them,but also for us .

   ( It's the frist time to publish my blog  ,always limited by my english level ,I hope you can help me pointing out my mistakes ,thanks for reading and wish to see your comment.)

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