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Inspirational Story during Corona

Dear Friends,

We all know what and how Corona is destroying this world. The entire economy is going down day by day. The government is feeding all its poor citizens who have trouble earning money or who are daily wage workers. But here I want to share one inspirational story, that could help a lot of you when this pandemic ends or when it is still going on.

There lived a man and he had a small van in which he used to sell burgers. He used to put a lot of hard work by calling people and ask them to taste and then take the money and grow his business.

One day, he thought "If his son learns more, he will be able to earn more money." So he sent his child for higher studies and unfortunately in the same year, there came a recession. So that child decided to visit his father and help him.

He went with his father for that business. He was watching his father doing hard work for every single burger, calling/inviting customers and selling them burgers. That child suddenly called his father and said, "Dad, why are you putting so much effort into selling? Don't you know that we are going through tough times and there is a lack of money with people? Don't put so much hard work now, it is all useless."

Listening to that, father thought, "Yeah, I think my son is right, I should not put too much of hard work and get some rest till this recession ends." So after getting educated from his son, father stopped putting hard work in his business and due to this, the performance continuously kept on coming down.


Sometimes too much education and advice is not worth it. We must not stop believing in Karma, whatever we are doing, it will surely come back to us irrespective of Recession and Pandemic. This is a Golden Opportunity for all those, who want to learn New Languages, Musical Instruments, cooking, Drawing and most importantly meeting yourself whom you had lost due to busy schedule, just do a little bit of meditation till the lockdown period ends in your particular country and you will see an "Improved You."

"If you really want to succeed, then always remember, most of the Overnight Success took a lot of time in creating it strong base"


Hope you liked what I wrote. Thanks for reading this blog

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Fashion, Trends and Environment

Dear all,

We buy many things, which are not at all required, they are forced on us by endorsing it via film stars, sportsmen/sportswomen. Just take a round in your house today and see how many unnecessary things you have bought, just because you have money.

This is 21st century and we all want ourself to be updated with new technology and gadgets. When we come across any new gadget or fashionable clothes or vehicles, we immediately think of buying it. Once we buy it, we will hardly think about what will happen to old. We unknowingly create waste, which is not destroyed easily, it goes from garbage to oceans and harms the ocean life. 

You will also see that most of the e-waste or Plastic waste is sent to undeveloped countries, where they burn that and create a lot of air pollution unnecessarily. 

Friends, just because you have money, do not buy things unnecessarily, because there are limited resources. Nature has enough to fullfil your needs, but not your greed. Think wisely. Reduce your needs and you will feel more happy.

I just come across a lot of such things when I roam in my city, so I just thought to share it online with my all friends.

Thank you for reading this.

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Nature and Human

Dear EC friends, I have always loved Nature, no matter what. Since 2002, I have seen a lot of changes in the lifestyle of almost every Human Being. We have become very selfish. We hardly care about things around us. Let me request you to kindly do just one exercise, are you ready? Are you sure about you being ready? Okay...just imagine, since we all are growing our skills only and only to excel at our work, what is the main motive behind that, earn money right? We all want money, why? Because we want luxurious home, expensive mobiles, so and so..That means, the more capitalist we become, the more wastage we do about clothes, e-wastes like Mobiles, Televisions etc etc.If we imagine and really give just 5 min of our next one hour, you will know the truth. Just think if we all build luxurious houses and have mobile and no Trees at all, no animals (Because we are expanding our cities everyday) What will we eat? We all want to become Doctors, Engineers and no one wants to become farmers, why no one wants to become a farmer? Because it is considered as one of the worst occupations in the world, people have a mentality, that only illiterates should do agriculture and not educated.A lot of time I read news, so and so animal came to village and Forest Officers caught him and took that poor animal to zoo. If we all do deforestations, then where are they suppose to go? I feel pity on many people, who think Luxurious life os everything, without thinking about future.Well, also I see, for fur business, people boil lively animals to separate it's fur and leather and we shamelessly buy those products. Sometimes I really do feel, we dont deserve animals, we as human being have forgotten about living in harmony with our co-existants, we have become tyrant. We have forgotten being human and our charectaristic called "Humanity."I just saw something very nasty about animals, so thought to share my mind here. Thanks for reading, will appreciate your thoughts and if you have liked my blog, do share with others as well.
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Civil Wars and Terrorism

I felt to write this blog after I came across a blog written here by one member where he mentioned a pic of little girl putting her hand up in air when she see a journalist, thinking that journalist is a terrorist from Syria.

Now a days, I spend a lot of time on Twitter since that was easy for access to News of other countries. I follow a lot of Newspaper of US, Indian and GB. Getting updated to the news all around the world. 

When I read news everyday, that Romania, Saudi Arabia, US and many countries evacuated their people successfully, I used to feel happy, "Wow, this people are saved now." 

But then I came across a profile of a lady from Yemen. She was married to an Indian guy and had a little son. She was continously in touch with our Minister on twitter for rescue. I started following her for every tweet. She used to tag Ministers and Executives from Indian government and asking for help and Ministers and Executives were continously in contact with her too.

She was tweeting again and again, "Bombing is happening, my little child is not safe." "Bombing is happening, I can't make my child sleep, he is crying continously."

I used to feel bad for her. I wished her twice on tweeter and she thanked me. She even posted the Pic of her little child, he was handsome and just a years old. Very Cute.

Finally a day came, when I read her Tweet saying, "Yoohoo, We made it, Thanks to SushmaSwaraj, MEAIndia and Indian Govt. Thank you very much for saving life of MY child. Jai Hind." I felt extremely happy after reading that joyous tweet. She even mentioned that her she is received by her Indian Family.. But then,

I realized, there are a lot of people stuck with those animals. Countries like Yemen, Syria, Iraq are suffering a lot. In 21 days, Yemen lost more than 10000 people. We can imagine the number of little children and women. Well, what is the harm to these sick people from women and little children? They don't have hearts? Syria and Iraq has terrorists who fight for their religion whereas Yemen is suffering from Civil war. We cannot imagine the life those people are living. Waking up with a bomb strike or not sleeping with a fear of being bombarded is not an easy thing.

Some people say "They will have better life later." Really? I believe, they will have better life, only if they don't get killed either by terrorists or by army, since Army is fighting against those terrorists. 

I just pray God, to please have some mercy on innocent people, they should not get death like this. They are no harm to any religion or to any country.

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Babri Masjid/Mosque in India

Dear All,

I decided to write a blog on this, because of few of my friends, who are true believers of this Mosque and have some affection for the same.

Babri Masjid/Mosque demolishment has been a big reason of controversy in India. It was done in 1992 by Hindu in the birth Place of Hindu God, Rama. Rama was born in Ayodhya, in the Uttar Pradesh State of India, way back 20000 years ago.

After he went to his abode, his children, Lava and Kush, went to Western countries (Presently called Pakistan and Afghanistan). Lava founded a city currently called as Lahore and Hindkush is the name after Kush.

So Rama’s birth place was one of the Shrines for Hindus. We used to worship that place because he saved us from Devils like Khar-dushan, Ravana, Kumbha Karan and many.

One fine day, one muslim called, Babri (Mughal King) entered in India and since Temples and Idols are against their morals, he ordered his people to demolish the Rama’s birth place and build the Mosque and later, that building was called, Babri Masjid in India. During their stay, they killed many Indians and forcefully converted many Hindus to Muslims and those who were not agreed, were burnt or chopped down with swords or put in jails and brutally harassed.

One by one, there were 12 Mughal kings who continuously ruled India and they demolished many Hindu temples and burnt many holly books and today we have no copies left (Still Vedas, Upa-vedas, Puranas, Bhagwad Geeta) are left, but many books were burnt.

After Muslims left after ruling for almost 1000 from 1100, AD to 1800 AD, British people ruled India from 1796 till 1947 and due to that we could not take any action against Babri Mosque.

Now a question for everyone,

  1. Is this a moral idea to demolish a temple and building a mosque which was not at all yours? Rama is our God, not a prophet. He did not spread a message of Hindusim like your prophet did. He saved India from Demons and hence we worship him and if you will build your mosque by replacing our temples, then obviously demolishment should be expected.
  2. IS this good to invade? This is a same ideology like ISIS is doing today. They are also doing the same like Mughal kings did in past.

I just wrote this blog for few people who were fighting over Babri Mosque. This is not just in Ayodhya, but also they did the same thing in Mathura (Krishna’s birth place). If you visit these two places, you will know the truth.


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Democracy and it's benefits.

Hi Friends,

Today I read an article about Democracy, so just sharing it. Hope you will like it too.

Democracy is all a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

Freedom of Expression:- When you  choose the government, you choose them only after your valuable vote. In democracy, your vote is counted and it is treated equally important. If you want any change, it is considered seriously and you get what you want as per its generosity.

Protecting the interest of Citizen:- Democracy is completely about your interest. If you have interest in politics and are capable enough to lead the people and work for them, then even you can reach to the top of the country and can change the rule. Example:- Women in democratic countries have right to choose Govt and if they get tickets to fight they elections, they can become President or the Prime Minister of the country. Where as in communist or Rulers or Kings rules, right for women is very limited and struggle is more.

Promotes Equality:- There is equality for every section. In India, despite of being a Hindu majority country, There have been Muslim presidents in India called Zakir Hussain, and still we have a Vice President Hamid Ansari. We can also take it in other way, like in case of women. There is a right of 50% of property for women in property of parents or husbands if they divorce.

Promotes Change:- There are chances of change. Change is the only thing that remains unchanged in democracy. If the Prime Minister is not doing as per your expectation, you can change him in next election by voting, unlike Kings ruling.

Right to change and innovate:- Like, Sachin Tendulkar promotes Cricket, Dr Abdul Kalam was a Scientist, and in the same way, we have people from various back ground, who are masters in their field, so Govt gives them chance to innovate and bring changes in their present/current field and supports and inspires it.

Few people like Narendra Modi and Barrack Obama are best examples of Growth in democracy. Obama is a son of single parent whereas Narendra Modi (Prime Minister of India) was a Tea Vendor at Railway Station.

Please share more benefits of Democracy, I just want to know more about it and also please correct me, I have made many mistakes in sentence constructions and examples...lol



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Happy Women's Day..

Dear All, I just did not want to miss this chance to miss to greet the women all around the world..

Women has been the base of mother Earth, without them, it is impossible to get birth and see the colours of this wonderful earth.

The dedication and contribution of women in the society is incredible. Women is a true example of creation. She has the power and ability to turn a house into home by giving invaluable love and affection to each and every members of family.

The respect and gratitude for all the women irrespective of their country they live in is same since they are following the same duty all over the world of being a great loving mother, caring daughter, cute sister and a wonderful mixture of a friend and lover called wife.

I just wish the people know and understand the dedication and contribution of Women to society and world.

Happy Women's Day To All Wonderful Women, and I Thank You for making the life even more wonderful by being a part of it.

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Holi- Festival Of Colours

Dear All.

Hope you are doing great.

Holi is a festival primarily celebrated in India and some Indian Sub continental countries. During the night time in Holi, a particular person in the society takes charge to gather woods, cowdung, coconuts and some more things to be burnt. Belief behind this process is as below

There was a devil called Hiranyakashapu. When Hiranyakashapu came to knew that his own son is a great devotee of Supreme God Vishnu, so he decided to kill his son called Pralhad. He tried to kill Pralhad through various means, but was failed everytime, since Lord Vishnu used to save him in an invisible form.

Hiranyakashapu remembered about his own sister called, Holika. Holika was blessed by Bramha that she can never be burnt in fire. So like Hiranyakashapu commanded Holika to blaze little Pralhad by making him sit in her lap and burn him, the legend has it that Holika had to pay the price of her sinister desire by her life. Holika was not aware that the boon worked only when she entered the fire alone. 
Prahlad, who kept chanting the name of Lord Vishnu all this while, came out unharmed, as the lord blessed him for his extreme devotion. 

Thus, Holi derives its name from Holika. And, Holi is celebrated as a festival of victory of good over evil. 

And after 5 days of Holi, we celebrate the festival of colors and it is called as Rang Panchami (Rang means colour and Panchami means fifth day in calendar) and people look like below... :D:D


Happy Holi To All Those Who Celebrate IT.


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Freedom Of Speech and Expressions

Hey People, hope you are doing great today.

I was wondering like what is the true definition for freedom of speech and freedom of expression?
Recently I heard these words a lot in society and globally through Internet and Television.
I just thought to explain it with a story as per my point of view..

1. Recently Cow slaughtering is banned in one of the places in the world. People local to that area were making tweets on twitter that, "It is against the Freedom of Expressions of eating". This types of tweets were on trends, and suddenly after few days of ban on beef, I heard a news that "a Lion or a Tiger attacked a man and the man is died." In the same place, again people started to share their tweets saying that Government does't give proper security to human beings.

2. Another news I heard was that "Two lions were hunt by few people for smuggling" and again same people were making tweets like "poor animals were hunted for the sake of money, very sad. Govt is totally useless."

After experiencing all this news, my opinion was that definition of freedom of speech and Freedom of Expression is only acceptable unless your speech and expressions are in the favour of the people or person you are addressing to, otherwise it becomes unfavourable.
We on earth live with a lot of opinions. People do revolutions for animals (PETA), paintings or Cartoons (Artists), Human Right, Industrializations, Religions. Earth is full of people with various mentality and opinions and it will continue for sure, because what you think is not other's thoughts, those are only yours.

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An animal, strong yet kind

Hi friends,
hope you are all doing good. I just thought to write about an animal, who plays a very important role in society. It is also one of the strongest animals in society, but I have never seen it attacking any human being or any animals.
We have it here, they help us clean the environment, also they are the reason for the food for most of the people in and around world. People eat it's flesh with a lot of excitement.
God specially made them to cater human beings in keeping the environment clean, they eat all the waste/Garbage thrown outside house in drainage, they live in their own company, peacefully without fighting with other animals.
Many people do poultry for them and their meet is served in many countries.

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