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The Nightmare

With a worried face, I was looking at the book of physics. My exam was tomorrow and I had not studied well. My heart was beating and my hands were trembling. I tried to open the book and learn something but all of my efforts were in vain. I had no hope. I was the most unfortunate soul of the universe.

The alarm clock was ringing to annoy me. I thought that I slept while I was trying to learn the book. I looked at the clock. The small hand of the watch was at 8. 


I was late! I had only one hour to arrive at the exam hall. I ran to the bathroom.

I rushed to the school to arrive on time. I reached the school at 9 o’clock. I entered the exam room and took my seat. The examiner came and gave me a question paper and an answer sheet. I started to read the question paper. All of the questions were impossible to solve.

I was about to burst out crying but suddenly I found myself on my bed.

Did I see a nightmare? My heart was beating really hard. I realized that it was a scary dream indeed.

I was thinking with a smiling face, “I am not a student now and I have no need to learn giant books of different subjects. I have no need to sit in an exam and I have no need to get in an exam hall in time.”

what a relief!

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Write a blog Today

Blogging is related to the main aspect of English learning which is writing. We must know that writing proficiency is necessary too like speaking fluency. Many of us do not like to write something daily. They might have their own reasons.

In my opinion, every English learner should write something daily. Writing habit has several benefits. There are various ways of writing practice; blogging is one of them. A question may be asked that why we should write a blog.

First of all, if we write a blog, we give others a chance to read that blog. They may be teachers, advanced users, or learners as well. We gain confidence when we get a positive comment, and we know about our weak points when we get a negative one.

We must remember that speaking needs a listener and writing needs a reader. Writing is both a natural skill and an earned skill. It can be developed by consistent practice.  Blogs are ideal for writing practice. 

Sometimes we are afraid to write something because of negative comments, but negative comments are necessary for a learning process. Do we want to stay with our weak points ever? If not, leave this fear and start writing.

Best of luck!

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