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Otakus And Kpopers

I love Animes, Kpops, Kdramas and addicted to that,, seriously even I'm 22 now I still can't get over from that things, my boyfriend told me that I must stop this behavior because I'm a mature now but I can't.. Because I think I know the border, I'm not fanatic like mostly kpopers or otakus, I still in the normal line.. Btw if anyone that don't know what kpopers or otakus is, kpopers is a name for everyone that loves korean pop music and otakus is the name for everyone that loves Anime, you know Anime right?? Anime is a japanese animation.And I as otaku and kpopers say hello to EC members if any of you are otaku and kpopers too :D
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Introducing myself

Hii.., this is my first post and I think it's nice to introducing myself to everyone because I am a new comer in this club. My name is Dinda Wahyudawati, I'm an Indonesian woman. I am 22 years old, you know I just celebrated my birthday sixth days ago.., I got so many birthday wishes from my relatives and friends. I was so happy that day. Okay back to my introduction, I was graduated from my nursing diploma III 2 years ago. I was worked for one year at hospital before I decided to continue my study to get my bachelor degree because I think a professional nurse must have an excellent skill, intelegence and excellent behaviour and to get that I must continuing my education :) you are agree with me right?? HeheOkey, about my favorite things are Anime, Kpop, Kdrama (They are so addicting for me :D). I'll post more detail about my favorite things later, if anyone that had read my post and have a same favorite with me, I hope we can sharing about that :).. I think this introductions are enough to know me well :),, nice to see you all :)
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