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 A history of a stubborn cat 

Berlim is the name of my kid's cat; However it is so much stubborn, if I put something trying to keep the cat out of living room, it does not care. It just puts through and stays at living room. We tried to keep its food bowl at the garden but it found it out. One day, my neighbor tell me that she would like to have a cat. And I told her, if maybe she wants to get Berlim to live with her. She says: YES, for sure. I'd love it. Still, I'll have to think this offer over before I make a final decision, because my boy will get sad maybe. This cat cames from a nowhere and enjoys in our live sometimes, now I have to leave it because I can't get it anymore, last time we left it alone at home, it almost blew up the house, because it jumped over the microwave and by accident, it turns on it without nothing inside for long time. It was almost catching fire but in a luck way we just came home and saw that. This cat drives me crazy and I think it'll be better for everyone if my neighbor keeps it in her house. 


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