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Lam Cake

This is a cake from my town. We call it Lam cake. This cake is very sweet, but delicious. It is made by baking and has many layers. The person who makes this cake must be heat resistant and has extra patience. The ingredients are 10 duck eggs, sugar, milk, coconut milk and wheat flour. The price of each slice is more than one hundred thousand rupiahs, expensive but worth a taste. If you have diabetes, please don't eat this cake too much or your blood sugar level will get high. It is a cake from my town, let's try it guys ;)


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Secret Admirer

You know? Being a secret admirer is not always fun. It is when you like someone, but you don't dare to express it. Or even to ask if he had a girlfriend. I think it's very funny that a woman like me can be affectionate with a man first. It is not usual for me.
When I opened my blackberry messenger or facebook, the first thing I was looking for him. When he was out of sight I was worried and wondered about what he was doing or whether he was with other woman. But I don't dare to start a chat with him.
But there is a happiness when I become a secret admirer. Just looking at him makes me happy. When he smiled, I felt like there was a volcanic eruption, dag dag dig dag dig dug, irregular heart sounds.
There are only two ways to overcome this, expressing these feelings or letting them disappear later.
You must know, I am your secret admirer!!! :D

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Apam, Apam, Apam :D

This is a cake from my town, Apam. People usually call it Apam Barabai. Usually this cake is often bought by those who passed through my town. There are two kinds of cake, white apam and red apam . But I prefer red Apam. It tastes sweeter, which distinguishes this Apams from other areas are small and thin in shape. The taste is more typical. It is usually wrapped in banana leaves that smell more fragrant. The price of each pack is between 8,000 to 10,000 rupiahs, less than 1 dollar. May be a little ugly, but the taste will not disappoint. This is the cake from my area, what is from your area?

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