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The Tear of Beggar

Lumbering feet across the pain,,

dropping tears were wiped out by the rain..

the kid was a beggar....

She cried out in miserable roar.. 

Dear Majesty...

Did not you think our misery ?

Relapsed into a silence

None knew what had happened.. 


I will revise this poem lol

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"BULE"  is a word, known as foreigners. Talking about it, I'm blessed because I have many foreign friends from many countries. It is such a great blessing for me. I try to keep in touch with them everyday. So I have my trick to keep doing it. I listed them as my virtual families or for it it is like a new family from Internet.

 Yeah, you all may think it as a weird behavior I do. However, I don't really concern with all people think badly about me. Having family or virtual families from many countries, it really help you to know their cultures besides it, we can get closer each other. 

My brother from Colombia and my American aunty

I think it is really helpful for myself and my students.. Why not?  Well, I found a method for my students in improving their speaking skill and build their self confidence. Yeah.. I asked my virtual families to help me.

As some examples, I asked my aunt from California, She is an American. She knows me so well including my families. We  are used to talking everyday from Whats app. Then, I had an idea, On Sunday, in the morning, when I had to teach my students  of Krewed English Club. I asked my aunt to help me, I would call her accidentally when my students noting my lesson. And,... I did!, my students were surprised a bit but I tried to make them calm and I told them that she was my aunt. They were shy at the first time. I thought it was normal but I tried to guide them for speaking something a bit "asking condition, introducing them and they seemed enjoying it" That was their first talking to BULE or Foreigner.

I am still curious to know their potency because I believe they have it. Then I asked my virtual brother, he is a teacher of kindergarten from Colombia. I offered him to talk to my students. Of course he loved it and he accepted it. The second call, My students seemed not shy anymore, They were addicted I thought. I am glad to know it. 

I have a plan to ask grandpa T Mal to talk a bit with them. Wish me luck. THANKS for reading my blog. 

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Krewed English Club

Hello Everyone Happy New Year! All the best wishes and Luck for you all. I  hope I am not too late to say it for you all. It had been a long time I didn't write any blogs here. 

Kindly, I would like to write a simple blog about my Teaching activity in my village. However, let me tell you my real story. 

As a teacher I love teaching English for   my students, I have many students in the different range of ages. Some of them are young adults and the rest are children in the range of age "8-10 years old. I enjoy to teach them all, but there is a thing that makes me feeling different in English Teaching.

What is that?

It is about Children.


I started to love children since I taught my first experience for my English teaching of children in a private institution. At that moment, I had to teach English for 6th grade elementary school.

At the first time,I was nervous. I had to teach English for 15 students in a class. I tried to calm myself and after doing it for several times I really enjoyed it.

One day, I got an idea to make a club in my village. The reason I wanted to make it because I wanted to share my English for children and sharpened my skill for teaching students.

I tried to consult with some elders, I met with a man. He is a nice man though his condition is in a bad situation because he has problem with his kidneys. I revealed my idea to him about making an English club. I was so excited because he supported me totally. 

I was a bit confused at the time because I had no any spaces or rooms for teaching. Seemed God had His Plan. He offered his house to be used by me. So, I decided to use his yard to make my class. 

I invited some children to join my free class every Sunday. Some of them were interested in my class. I got some female students. 

We started our first class, I taught them the basic of English for Alphabet and number. They felt happy and cheerful. Their passion made me proud of them. Nowadays, I see that they have improved their English and I also variate my teaching method for them. I am used to playing games with them all, singing together and making something. 

Finally I named my club with "KEC-KREWED ENGLISH CLUB"

and every Sunday we are learning English together. 

That is a simple story of our club.


Dimas and my students 

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Returning EC

Hello guys... Long time no see..I have been busy with my life... Hope you all still remember me... I miss my friends my families here..
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One Step Closer!

Today, I am excited..

I've passed my big moment in my life, I finished my undergraduate thesis examination. Do you know? it is a challenging moment. 

I am speechless, I even donot believe that I have done it.

First, I thank to God, God eases everything..

My mother and my Father. you both are priceless

My friends, all real friends or my virtual friends.. you color my days.

 Special thank to Eric Maestretti, You are my awesome Californian brotha. I am glad EC has introduced him to me..

Thanks a lot for your time.. you are my rock! I believe that it's just beginning..but It's great moment ahha one step closer to my graduation.. and make all my beloved people proud. 

I am so happy l talked to a great member of EC.. I regard him as my grandpa... :D
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Friends! What are you going to say? Hah


Talking about friends,I remember with an old saying "A friend in need, is a friend indeed". 


Ok. That's a classic saying, all people know it. I learn a lot of values from my friends. Sometimes, they give me a lot of positive values, but in another side they also unconsciously have taught me any bad impacts to my life.


 "Believe it or not, it depends on ourselves."


Well, I would like to make some lists about "what kinds of friends I have in my life"

This is my personal opinion and I have experienced it. So, Let me express it all in this blog.

I may classify them into some points :


1. Pure Heart : A pure heart, I admit them all as my friends due to their sincerity. They really honestly want to be my friends. They are available for me for any condition, I neither am happy or sad. Though, We are separated by a long miles of our distances "It don't matter for us, we still keep in touch" They will try to give you a special time although, they are extremely busy in their life. I have few friends are like this category, I may mention one of them all. He is Eric Maestretti, He is my best buddy, including my family. He always cheers me up and he has a pure heart. I believe in his purity.Although, he is a bit crazy,LOL, I MEAN he has a good crazy humor and I like it.


2.Seasonal buddies : A seasonal buddy, I say "they only come us in an unpredictable moment, "they may easy come and easy go". Actually, they will be our good friends, but they will be close to a parasite.  They, however can be a good friend, if they realize that they can be wiser to manage their time to us. I know that they are busy but at least "can they only greet us for a few second?" It will show us than they still need us.


3.Parasite : What the hell for this kind of friend in our life. I strongly want to admit that "they have fed me up!" why I should state it! of course, they are like parasite. They only want to take benefit from ourselves. If I were the angel of death, I will take their soul as soon as possible!" lmao. As a pest! they must be killed *hohohoh wicked mode on*


4. Two-Faced : Be aware! this friend may be very dangerous for you, They possibly spread out a lot of hoax or bad news about you. They are insincere, and they are like a viper.


5. Haters : It's pathetic to admit them all, but actually if we think positively about them all. They are our real fans. They have not job than they only gossip us. Maybe, we are their idols. Huh,  We must ignore them all and they only will boost our popularity!

Our beloved people know who we are!


I think those explanations are enough to define who you are! I am sorry if you feel that I offend your feeling. I honestly want to express my feeling.


I hope you all are in my first category of my friends. You are a pure heart, you are priceless so that old saying is everlasting.


"Thanks for reading my blog, I hope this blog can evaluate ourselves so we can love our  friends better"



Thanks in advance

Best regards

Dimas Prasetyo

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Let me love Thou by Chokeman

 Let me love Thou  by Chokeman

My heart is aflame…
I am aflame with your adornment..
My love is abyss, it is my compliment..
I love you for each moment.
If the time must stop
I will not lose my hope

To love thou, you make me new
If I was born in an age-old story..
When Shakespeare started his poetry..
I just want to give you a bounty..
It is about a love story..

For thou.. or we call you “Thee”
My love symphony inside my heart..
It has been born on earth..
I am in my Elysium

To love thou..
Maybe it is fathomless
Or.. It is hopeless
Even I must do a long odyssey..
Let thou see

Allow me to love thou
I want to say “I love you”
I need you
You make me new
I always think of you

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(Oh) Boy!

I am only a piece of life, I am nothing among the great people around me. I,however want to make something to be amazing. At least, I still have my effort to do my best achievement.

A Saying may say "This is the Life!", yeah whatever I got from God are the best for me. I enjoy all HIS Blessing for my life. I know that God will give me what I need than what I want.

Wondering of my life, It's colorful. I love knowing it. I am surrounded by all my beloved people. They are priceless, none can exchange it.

Others may think of this question "How about planning our future?", "This life is hard to survive". I either am sure about it or perhaps, they are afraid to fail it. I honestly say "It's our biggest fear,when, everybody is afraid of failure,"

"Oh Boy!" We haven't known our future yet, It's still a part of mysteries in our life." We have believed in God, God has set all best decisions for us.

"So what should we do?".. This question will appear on our mind.
We no need to do a big thing, to show our life off. We only need to do our best effort, though, it's only a small effort. If, we did it sincerely, May God will bless us.

Be grateful for everything, make all people happy due our life is our main priority.

Happiness comes from a pure smile, and you all can make it. As long as you do it with your heart, God Knows our deed better.

"Never give up!"
Best regards

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