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Must-Read TOEFL Idioms List

If you are preparing for the TOEFL, you must know that you need to practice well for the conversation, writing, as well as speaking tests. How do you do that? Given below is a very helpful list of idioms along with its VIDEO EXAMPLES that you must keep in mind to be able to score high marks in the TOEFL test:

1. I couldn’t help (

2. On the verge of (

3. Fill me in (

4. I am through (

5. Add up (

6. Give me the rundown (

7. Cut-throat competition (

8. See the work through (

9. It is feasible (

10. This item is (

11. Sells like hot cakes (

12. Look it up (

13. Got it all planned out (

14. Lucked out (

15. Speak your minds (

16. On top of that (

17. We spread out (

18. All tied up (

19. Keep an eye on (

20. Stuck in traffic (

21. Time is ticking away (

22. We talked on the phone (

23. Think it over (

To get more idioms list like this, start using DIVII: English Video Dictionary - world's first ENGLISH VIDEO DICTIONARY app.

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Subcommune Inc. has officially announced the launch of DIVII – English Video Dictionary, a smartphone application that provides dictionary meaning with video examples. Real-life video examples can help users understand the context an English word or phrase being written, spoken, or used. Unlike conventional dictionary apps, DIVII does not provide dull meanings, but makes learning fun and easy with interesting subtitled videos.

The ideation of DIVII has been done by Minkyu Koo, founder and CEO of Subcommune Inc. to address certain problems in learning faced by English learners. Lack of time and non-availability of proper references often make English learning incomplete. Examples of words and phrases are given hypothetically i.e. by merely guessing a situation when the searched word or phrase could be used. Novice learners often find it difficult to relate to such situations. Learning the language also involves attending classes or going abroad, which demands huge expenditure. Moreover, in today’s fast paced world, students often do not sit with traditional dictionaries to search meanings or to enhance vocabulary. There is also a lack of context-based references for better understanding. DIVII – English Video Dictionary developed by Subcommune Inc. answers all these problems in a smart way.

The basic concept of DIVII is based on the principles of search engines. The app searches for the exact definitions and videos corresponding to the words. The application precisely finds the moments inside the videos where the searched words have been used. Unlimited video examples are listed along with subtitles of the exact moments. Watching videos and reading subtitles simultaneously can help novice English learners follow the right pronunciations and develop healthy listening and speaking skills. Moreover, watching videos creates a stress-free learning environment too.

The concept of DIVII is further based on the fact that more than 55% of the content on the Web is in English. Huge amount of free data on the Internet can be used as real-world examples to learn the language. DIVII provides a common platform where users can find all top-trending YouTube videos and dictionary meanings at one place.

Minkyu is pretty confident about DIVII’s mass acceptance. “Videos are always more attractive than conventional hardback dictionaries. The major drawback of a traditional dictionary is it lacks real-world references and also can’t help you with the right usage of English words/phrases. DIVII is certainly the answer for all these problems.” He further added, “DIVII offers a perfect blend of education and entertainment – a platform where people can learn English while enjoying their favorite videos.”

DIVII is a freemium application. Users can register and enjoy video examples for free.

DIVII – English Video Dictionary is now available on Google Play Store.

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