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Is Marrying a Must?

In all societies in all over the world, almost all people, after they reach certain ages, then they get married. If they aren't or haven't, other people will look at them in a strange way. The question is, is marrying a must? Is it an obligation? Is

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Hello. As far as I know, there are some words which can't not be in continuous form such as like, love, hate, miss... But in some songs they are still used.
-I'm still loving you - Scorpion (If I'm not mistaken)
-I'll be missing you - Puff Dad

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Hello. I don't know if it's right to write in this way. I want to know about "none". What's the meaning and is it right that it can be either singular or plural? As far as I know, it is always singular. Thank you.

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