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Hey everyone. I've been learning English for more than 15 years and I still want to improve and sound as natural as possible. The goal when we are learning English is to be fluent, accurate, and communicatively effective. And important part of delivery a good speech is to have a good pronunciation. I can tell that having a clear pronunciation is one of the most challenging parts of learning English. Besides, English pronunciation compare with other languages is a bit more complicated, having into accound all those different sounds and the variants it has. 

Nonetheless, we practice and dedication you can improve a lot. I want to suggest 3 web pages that I think they are going to be beneficial for all us: First, On this web page you will listen to a word pronounce in context, so you will undertand how native speakes say those words in a natural setting. Second, On this channel, she specialiaes on American pronunciation, entonation, difficult words. and speech clarity.Third, he is a dynamic British teacher who will help you not only with your pronunciation, but also, with your grammar and your vocabulary development. 

I hope those resorces will help you and I would like to read your comments on other pages or resources we can use to improve our pronunciaton. 

Have a good one. 

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One of the goals when we are learning English is to put it into practice. Sometimes, it is difficult to achieve this goal due to the fact that we do not have someone to practice or because you feel stuck in the process. Here, I am going to comment on my personal experience in order to make English part of my life. Remember, the more you practice, the more you are going to improve.

The first piece of advice I would like to give you is to set all your devices into English. Your cellphone, your computer, a tablet, any kind of device you have, set it in English. I sounds something little, but it is going to make a huge and significant difference. You're going to learn lots of vocabulary and your mind will switch smoothly between your nativie language and English. 

Second, read out loud. We are at a time that searching for a piece of reading is easy due to the internet. Before, having access to resources in English was really hard. Nowadays, just with a click you will find thousands of material for any skill. If you don't have someone around to practice, you can look for a piece of reading, record yourself while you are reading out loud and then check, how you did it. Look for pronunciation or grammar mistakes, with hard practice you will improve a lot. 

Third, travel. I know, it seems impossible, but if you plan, set the goal, and work on it, you will accomplish. Money can be an issue, I know; however, from my experience, you can do it. 5 years ago, my friends and I planned on going to the USA, we opened up a bank account, and we start saving a little amount money monthly. Yes, it took us 5 years, but it was totally worthwhile. There I was able to practice my English every day, to challenged myself, and to see what I needed to work on my English. Here I going to share some pictures of my trip. Strive for your dreams, I know you can do it. 


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New year resolutions

Hi guys.

Today, I would like to drop some lines about our new years resolutions. Some of us would like to go on a diet, some would like to change job, some would like to move home, and some would like travel around the world. Those resolutions are great and I hope you will be able to achieve as many goals as you have. However, I know that many of us have set the following aim: by the end of 2015 I will have been speaking in English, as a matter of fact, that is why we are here. Then, the questions that pops up at ours minds is: how can I improve my English. Here I would like to share some ideas that will be helpful and it is highly recommendable if you add some more. 

First of all, set a realistic goal. For achieving this it is important to know what you are learning English for (studies, work, travelling, fun...) as soon as you get that clear, have a schedule that not only suits your goal but also your personal needs and requirements. For me, it is important that you study English every day at least 2 hours. Besides, make your world as English as it can be: set your cellphone in English, watch TV and movies in English, listen to English song, SPEAK in English, READ in English. The more practice the better results. 

Find a partner to learn English. I know that this can be a difficult issue but you have to try. Look for a person at your job or school who wants to learn English too and hang out with him/her as much as you can: have lunch together, grab a beer once in a while, go shopping together, but the most important SPEAK ENGLISH TOGETHER.  If there is none near you, use pages to find penpals or online friends like English Club. Try to e-mail or video calls using programs like skype, set a time for chatting, and practice English the more you can. 

For finishing this blog, we have to use technology in order to learn. There are thousands of places where you can go online an practice. I suggest logging up Duolinguo, there you can get free practice of any language. Also, our beloved English Club. I love this place. When I have time, I just stop by in order to write a blog or sign a song. 

In conclusion, may your resolutions come true, have a merry Christmas, happy new year. Learning English takes time and practice, let us make that dream real and true. 

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Good evening guys. 

Hope you are going really good. 

Today, I want to write about how can we use internet in order to learn English. First of all, the internet is not going to replace a English course never, it is a complementary tool for reinforce your English proficiency. Besides, there are lots of pages that you can use regarding what topic you want to review or a specific skill you want foster. 

Let's get started. 

Of course, the first webpage that I would like to suggest is It is a excellent place to practice English, it has a section for English skills and for the main features of English grammar. Besides, there is a teaching area with tips and clues for teachers who want to improve their teaching skills. Moreover, we can find MyEnglishClub area, a place where users can exchanges their experiences while learning English.

Another webpage that I really like where you can practice English is bbclearning English  here you can practice very much. One particular feature that I like is the possibility that you have for downloading PodCasts. Give a try. 

The last webpages that I would like to share with you is EngVid Here you can find lots of videos that are going to help you a lot. There are topics dealing with grammar, vocabulary, communications and exams. I really like them because they are easy to understand.

I just share 3 because I want you to start sharing which other pages you use.

Give them a try. I'm looking forward to seeing your suggestions. 

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Hello everybody. 

Direct to the point. Many people say that if you have fun while you are learning, you learn the most. However, many people find the process of learning English difficult, frustrating, and in some cases boring. The point is why not: you go to a class room, revise some grammar rules, rehearse some pronunciation patterns, and fulfill some exercises on grammar and vocabulary. Moreover, people, in several cases, don't have time to go every day for 2 hour to a classroom after a day of work. My suggestion to face this is try to use things that you like for learning. In my case, I use music and TV,

Using music helps me a lot with my pronunciation, English collocations and getting vocabulary. Also, music relax me a lot and there are some scientific evidence that shows up that music activates some parts of your brain that will help you to learn more and get more concentrated. My suggestions is that you must start with soft songs and then, try some more difficult. However, if you are particularly interested in a specific genre, go for it. What I do with music is very easy. First, I listen to the song and try to get a general understanding of the song. Then, I listen to the song and try to write down the lyrics. After that, I download the lyrics and compere with what I got. Finally, I sing the song many times and focus myself on any particular word I find difficult to pronounce or vocabulary I don't know. Sometimes, I pick a song and sing with a karaoke version to upload it on want my favorite groups here on englishclub.

Another way for learning English is using TV and TV shows. If you have a particular show that you like to watch, go online and find a place where you can see it on streaming. In my case I really like watching The Big Bang Theory. For me it is hilarious. Watching TV let you be exposed to real and authentic English. Besides, you are going to be exposed to different accents, idioms, expressions and slang. At the beginning you can have caption, in English of course, and going with the time you can  start watching the show without it. 

In conclusion, have fun while you learn. This is the most important thing. the more you are exposed to English the better. The more motivated you are the more you are going to learn. 

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Reflections on Pronunciation.

Hello Guys. 

I know that I have been away from my posting blogs quite a lot. The reason why is that I have been studying, teaching Spanish and running a English conversation club at my work place. 

Today, I just want drop down some lines and reflect on how to improve our pronunciation. 

First of all, we have to be aware that this will take time and practice. At the beginning, many people are afraid to speak and make errors. At this stage my suggestion is that you have to speak, it doesn't matter if you make mistake, the idea is start being conscious about how we move our mouth, how we deliver our speaking, and how our speech is understood. I also recommend to watch the following videos They are a collections of videos that explain how we have to breath, move our mouth and link our speech. 

While you are learning, you will find that the are some sounds and words that you find difficult to produce or that requires and extra practice from you. In my case I have identify th voiced and voiceless sound, st and xt combinations, and some plurals that takes /z/ pronunciation. When you have identify those sounds that you need to make a bit more practice you have to look in the dictionary for the right pronunciation. It will be good check a phonetic chart and learn the symbols and also listen to the pronunciation in a dictionary. Here you can start studying this

Finally, the most important thing is to get the more practice you can have. Listen to music, watch videos on youtube, sign up in a group where you can speak and practice English. Besides you can watch some videos that will help you with your speaking and pronunciation.

 My final comment will be. Practice. I have experienced this by my self and I have realized that the only way your are going to improve your pronunciation is by practicing. Of course you have to work on you accent but as soon as you improve your pronunciation the accent becomes something that is not going to affect getting across the message. Remember that in communication the most important issue is to be understood. 

Hope you like it. 

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Good afternoon everyone!

When I started to learn English I was a kid and the only motive that I had was to have fun trying to identify words in a different language and create codes with my friends in order not to be understood by some mean kids that bullied us. 

After some time, I wanted to learn English for having good grades at school. English in my country is an obligatory subject since primary school and everyone has to study. The issue is that the classes are so structural that everyone is a master in Grammar, but not many people speak English at all. 

As soon as I finished High School, I decided to be a teacher so I went to the language school for teachers and I started to learn how to teach English and Spanish. Of course I had to take English lessons. Since that moment my motive for learning English was transformed into the desire for other people to speak it. Besides, I have to be honest, it is the way I make my living. I've been teaching English for 3 years and I cannot complain. It has become an important vital part of my life. 

Currently, I may say that the most important motive that I have for learning English is that it has helped to develop myself like a holistic person. I can see things different and I have made friends here in my country and around the world. 

What's the motive you have for learning English?

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Hi everyone!


I know that I have not been as active as I would like. However, today I want to drop some lines on a issue that is on my mind and I cannot take it off.


According to my experience not only as a Student of English, but also as a teacher of Spanish; I came up with the conclusion that accent was not important in the process of communication. Besides, I thought that the most important thing when you are learning a language is communicating your ideas fluently and accurately. Actually, since I was at the college; I have always had this discussion with colleagues and students. Nevertheless, the last time I had that argument was on Sunday with  a friend of mine from high school. Afterwards, I realized that accent is an important  on the languages learning process.


Let me begin by saying that I am not totally convinced on what I’m going to write. This is just I reflection that is still  on the back of my mind. I am pretty sure this will be a never lasting discussion. As a matter of fact I have already written something about this on my previous blogs (by the way, thank you for the feedback).


First of all, I would like to clarify that I heal from Colombia. I lived in a country that is totally Americanized, and people sometimes do not realize on the influenced that United States has on us. Hence, the accent that most of people tend to use her in Colombia is American. However, we have to keep in my mind that English is speaking all around the world and it was spread by British speakers not by Americans Speakers. That is why I would like to talk a little bit about history: The island of Great Britain used part of the Roman Empire from 43 AD until c. 410, therefore; Latin was spoken in Britain. Gone with the time on the 11th Century there was an invasion by the Normans, as a result, French was spoken in Britain. And this information is just some instance for understanding that the development of English took a lot of time in Britain and it represents a very enriched and varied cultural legacy of people who strove defending their identity. (further information on


This is a fact that I cannot argue. English language was born and has developed in Britain. British people speak English because it is part of their background. Besides, thanks to English the United Kingdom is now recognized everywhere as a great nation. Nevertheless, American accent is spread all around the world and in my country is so used that I insisted on that. We have to learn both American and British accents.


In theory, it is true we have to learn both accents because they are equal important; in practice, we need to take into account that when you are learning accent is important when you are learning a language but it is not essential. Again, to my mind at this moment accent is not essential for the process of communication. Nevertheless, I am changing my mind. I have started to believe that if you want to improve and show off that you have learned English. It is better to practice more with British accent because that is English at all.


Shall I be honest? If you want to study, to live abroad, or to demonstrate you level of English; you are going to be assessed most of the times with European (British) standards. So the vocabulary, the use of English, or even your pronunciation is going to be evaluated under British patterns, so, of course it is important to learn English, but it is also important to reflect on your learning process and take exams and evaluate yourself. if the standards are given by British Patterns, we (the ones who studies American English) have to focus on British realistic English.

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Hello everyone. 

Today I wake up in a sad and blue mood. I don't know why I am down; so I decided to reflect on that.

We are in a world that have created for us needs and dreams. Sometimes, those dream and needs are real but most of the cases, they are just: created. Who says that you need a cellphone with lots of app, who told you that if you are no success you are not gonna be happy. Who considers that happiness may be just found on material think. Sometimes, I say to myself. The inner part of a person is the most important thing. I believe that spirit is over your body and over the materialized world. 

However, Sometimes, I feel like I am not happy because I lack of something. The possibility to travel, to study more, to go and hang out with friends and I realized that in most of the cases you need money for that. Yes, we need to enjoy the simple things of our lives. There are things that are priceless like your family, your significant other, your friends, your health among others. Nevertheless, there are lots of things that I would enjoy more if I could afford them.

It is well known that if you pursuit something you will have get it. Hence, what's the purpose for today: pursuit happiness. It is mandatory to do so: God brings us to be happy, so enjoy what you have, be amazed of giving, like receiving, love being surprised for little but meaningful things. Our only task on this beautiful world is to be happy.

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Hello everyone. 

One issue that makes people say they haven't improve their English is time. I know that we live in a world that seems to go faster. However, we have to find time for everything we need to do. If our goal is to learn English, we need to set a regular time for learning, practicing and revising. I had said this before: at least 20 minutes a day is better than nothing at all. Hence, let's see some alternatives that you can use for practicing your English.


Most of people have a MP3 device or a mobile phone with a music player so you can listen to podcast. you can go to BBC Learning English ( and you will be able to download for free thousands of  audio designed for learner. Then you can listen to then in your way to school or work. If you know any other page for free podcast. Let me know.


I like watching TV at night I usally spend one our watching TV. Pick up a favorite show and watch it in English. If you have internet and sure you also have satellite television so you can watch English speaking shows. I don't miss a episode of "The big bang theory" and I also like "Glee". Another option is going to the movies. Go and watch movies in English: Comedies, dramas, thrillers, whatever; I know that there will be subtitles but try not to read them; if you feel like not going out you can watch TV or movies at home with a DVD player or online. There are lots of pages where you can see movies online for free. 


I love reading, 30 minutes before bed...could be more I open a book and start reading. When you read you revise your vocabulary, you practice grammar in a way, and you enjoy a relaxing activity. I prefer reading actual books...but you can read them with your computer or a tablet. If you want to read literature. you can visit Project Gutenberg ( there you will find lots of books for free. Moreover, you can read about any topic you like...there are a lot of magazines taht you can check online so go for it. 


Make friends who are also learning English. Most of us take English lessons in our universities or we go to an institute. Make them friends and hang out with them. You can have a cup of coffee and chat in can go to a shopping center and chat in English and the best will be have an English conversation club. 

There is time for everything. Everybody listens to music, so from now on listen English podcast, everybody watches TV, then watch TV in English (don't cheat without subtitles). Everyone, in English. Everybody has friends...practice with them.

The most important thing is have fun while learning and set some time of your day for enjoying learning English. 

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Hello everyone. 

Currently, days seem to be shorter and in a winkle the day ends. People look stressed by their jobs, their relationships, money issues and education. Everybody complains because times goes by and you never finish what you are supposed to do. One thing that really speeds up our lives is technology, I cannot imagine my life with out computer, cellphones and other devices that make our lives easier,  but at the same time , a bit of stressful, and faster. However, we have to take advantage of the technology and make a good use of them in order to learn English. 

First of all, I have to reckon that I was raised in a environment where technology was forbidden and many people preferred to learn through the old methods: books, dictionaries, classrooms and the teacher giving the lesson. I have to admit that I like that way of learning. You go to the school, you ask questions, you exercise, you share with other students, you go home a practice and review what you have learn. Nevertheless, we need to take advantage of the new technologies and apply them for learning. 

Hence, there are lots of sources that you can use when you want to practice English. If you have a grammar doubt, you can go on google and write the topic you can to revise and there will appear plenty of exercises, practice and explanations that will clarify any question you may have. If you want to practice any skill you can visit services like the bbc learning English of VOA learning English...they have activities, tips, podcasts and resorts that will help you to study and practice English. If you have a smart phone check which apps you can download for practicing your English.

Besides, there are lots of CDs and DVDs that have exercises and practice for English learners. Moreover, you can also try books and dictionaries which brings multimedia help.

You can't be afraid of technology and if you know pages, materials or suggestions please write them down and we will use them.

Thank you.  

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Making Mistakes

Hello everyone. 

Last month I decided to make a blog entry and i read all the responses I got. I was a bit too much concern about people saying that they make mistakes and they said that they want to avoid making them. I have reflected on that, and I have draw the conclusion that mistakes make part of the learning process and if you don't make any mistakes, you are probably not learning because you are not taking challenges or you're over thinking a lot about the rules.

First at all, I'd like to comment that even native speakers make mistakes. My first language is Spanish and of course I speak it with confidence and I have a great command of it. However, I mispronounce a word or the words that I use are not the most appropriated or they don't agree. Sometimes, other people say Carlos you need to speak properly or what did you say then I think, yes I made a mistake and I am speaking Spanish, what do I have to speak perfect, free mistakes English. Therefore, I know that native speakers of English also make mistakes. For instance, the Beatles in one of their songs said "She don't care" and this happens in English (American or British) a lot.

Second, I remember myself learning English  and I wanted to speak perfectly, then I realize (realise) that being understood is the most important issue in the communication process. So, of course you need to be accurate and fluent but there are certain mistakes that don't affect the process of communication. Let's take as an example the following expression "who care, I agree with you".  If the other person listens to this he or she will understand the message, don't you think so?

Finally, when you make a mistake you are having a great opportunity for learning. If somebody listens or reads your mistake we can correct and you notice you have committed. Also, when your making mistakes is because you are processing the information and your are speaking or writing with your own ideas, with the vocabulary you know, with the grammar you have acquired and you are not following anybody's patterns and models. 

I know, we need to be good and practice is the key but. I have made mistakes maybe in this blog to, but I'm taking the risk and I prefer to do something in English than doing nothing. 


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Feeling Stuck

Hello everyone. 

When you are learning a language, not only English; there is a point when you feel that you are no learning anything new or that your level of English can go any farther. Sometimes, you study but you seem being learning nothing new. You think you are speaking at a natural pace and you believe you understand English not only with survival purposes but also with specific goals. Then, we question ourselves, what can I do if I am not improving?. 

Well, I think many people has been in this stage and there are plenty of things you can do in order to overcome it and successfuly keep your process of learning English. First at all, you need not to panic, it is normal, chill out...listen to some music or read something you like in English you are doing something you like and your practicing as well. At this moment, you can also going to a movie or watch some television in English good relaxing and entrataining way for learning English.

Second, review those areas and topics you find hard to understand in English. For example even though I have studied the subjunctive in English, some conditionals and phrasal verbs they are still difficult topics for me so...once a while I study those topics that have given me a hard time. It could be related to grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, or strategies for improving your communicative skills.

Third, you can find a partner for learning. You can set days and topics for practice. As well, you can share activities that both enjoy and speak in English. This give you the opportunity to practice, correct each other's mistakes and have fun while learning. 

The idea is to keep practicing and keep your process. I hope you like this blog and I am looking forward to receive your comments and suggestions. Thank you

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Finishing the year.

Hello everyone. 

The year is coming to an end. This time is great for new starting overs, for making new purposes and for learning something new. Plus, these days are ful of memories and remebrances, however, for me it is one of the happiest periods ot the year.

My resolutions for next year are: starting a Master program. I want to profesionalized the knowledge I have about English, Spanish and literature. I want to learn a new language. I've always dreamed of learning Frech for me it is so romantic. I want to learn how to play a instrument for intance the keyboard or the guitar. But the most important resolution I have is to keep getting along with my family, my friends and the people that is round me. 

And what about you...what are your resolutions for next year. 

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Thinking about Exams

Hello everybody. 

I've been learning English for more than seven years and I would say that my level of English is Advanced...but there's no other way of knowing it that that taking an exam that will certified what is the level of English you have.

The are lot of exam and with different purposes but here is the first piece of advice that I wanna give you: think about what do you want to get with the you want to study abroad? Do you want to work in an English speaking? Do you want to boost your professional skill? Having this in mind will help you which exam you need to take. For example if you want to study in America (it's just an example) you  will probably take the TOELF but if you're thinking of Britain you rather take the IELTS. 

If you work in Europe and you need to show that you have a good command of English you will think of taking the FCE from Cambridge.

However, something that we have to be really careful about is how to prepeare for those exams becasue they are what we will say... tricky...maybe we know English but we don't know what is down the mere structure...we need to go deep and consider many things like the intention, the use of the English, the purpose, etc. 

And finally, the biggest enemy when taking these exams is yourself. You need to be confiden, you know that you know so plese show it with confidece and don't go to the exam without preparation. 

Have any idea. 

Let me know. 

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Don't quit.

Hello everyone. 

I've been learning English for more than 10 years and I've been teaching it for 3 years more or less. I have to say that this is a process, thus, it takes time and a lot of effort. Some people get frustated and quit. I will say to them: Don't quit, you need to keep on this process. There are some things that you need to take into account in order to keep on the road. 

1. The little the better: Some times people think that studying a lot will help it faster on the process of learning the language. However, sometimes little is better. Read 10 minutes then in 5 minutes review what you have understood. Listen to a song and then check the new vocabulary or listen to the pronunciation of a word. You can keep a log of what you are learning or you can summarize the things you do or how you feel. You don't have to study 2 hours a day. If you are dedicated you can learn a lot just in 15 minutes. 

2. Think about the thinks you will do when you speak English: Want to travel, want to get a better job, want to study, want to have a cultural experience, want to improve youself. Well, have goals that are related to your process of learning English, make them realistic and remember that knowing English will give you a lot of opportunities in the personal and profesional field. 

3. Find a English partner: look for someone who has the same level and the same interest than you. Then you can fix meeting for going to a museum, for having lunch or even to have an ice-cream and of course you have to practice your English. Maybe, if you don't understan something he or she will help you. 

4. Use as many resources as you can: books are great for learning but nowadays with the technological advances learning something and having information from any source is as simple as clicking the mouse bottom. There are podcast, readings, dictionaries, exercises and many other items that will help you to improve your English skills. 

5. Trust in you: that's the most important advice that I will give you.

If you have any other advice please let us know

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New Year resolutions

Hello everyone.

Every year, we start it with some resolutions to change something about us or our evironment, to improve or to make things better. Some people say they want to lose some weight or thye want to start working out. Others say that they want to learn something like cooking, a language or how to do something like an art. 

However, many of our resolutions don't come up to reality. Some of them because we don't have enough time for them. Some others, because we lost the enthusiasm and we quit very soon, and sometimes, we have resolutions that are very difficult to accomplish. So, at the end of the year we finish our year full fo frustation. 

I think we shoud have a plan, but, one very realistic. We have to know how much time we have, which are our abilities and skills. 

For this year I plan: to read at least 30 minutes a day. To work ouk at least 30 minutes a day. To eat healthier, to write on my blog at least once a week. To learn a new language (French) and to improve my English. To spend more time with my family. To have a girlfriend (Hope God wants it also) And to go Mass every Sunday and to pray when I wake up, when I eat, when I leave home and when I go to sleep. 

I think they are realistic, let's see at the end what happens. 

So, Whics are your new year's resolutions. 

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Don't worry be happy.

Hello everyone. Today I would like to comment on something that is complete true.


When you have a problem, if you worry you will make it bigger. So, when you have a problem what we have to do is try to overcome it. Of course there are situations that we need to worry about but we cannot strees for them. If we cannot figure out a solution for the situation, let things happen.


I know that many people are undergoing for such as terrible situations but what we can do. We have to pray and beg God to give them confort and console. I think worrying is not the solution. Face you problems and cheer up.


There is a song that I really like and I made my version on the karaoke group. Want to see it go to


Don't worry and be happy. 


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Losing my religion

Hello everyone.


I think there's a moment in your life when you question your beliefs and policies. When you question who you are, what you are and many others things. 


In my case, I am a Catholic man. I think it is a personal decision but of course my family has influenced me on that. All my family is Catholic, I was risen by my grandparents and they go to mass every single Sunday, they pray every single day and they are very good people. So, I follow their example; however, when I was a teenager, I asked myself why I have to be catholic. I mean just because my family is. 


I started not to go to mass, to say that I believe in God but not in the Church and that I was losing my religion. But, one day I realized that I miss it, that I miss going to the Church, that I need to share that with my family and I need to recover my relationship with God.


Today, I sang a song, losing my religion by REM I really like it and I consider it is a classic, go and check the Karaoke group and enjoy our singings. 


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Feeling like loving.

When you are in love, you lost your mind because it flies wher the other person is. When you are in love, you just think of that person, you just live for him/her, you just want to have fun with them and love them. 


Today, I sing, "Every breath you take" by the police. I love this song because it express how a man can love a woman, how a man can give away his life for the love of his life. I would like to love someone that deep, give away everything for that person. 


I want to love someone with all my heart and at the end would like to say every breath you take I'll be watching you.  

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