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It's very sad to know that preparing grade in my country destroys our kids minds, deprives them of living their childhood and prohibits them from acquiring their cultural heritage, such as Arabic.
Could you imaging that this grade only teaches about 20 key words of the mother tongue in the whole year?! The rest is nothing but exersices, exersices and more exersices witch do not teach kids neither time nor places or experiances!!
Kids don't need school tools under seven years old, they only need to play, and play and play well and also discover their world, they need to taste their mother language and love reading from books, stories and poems.
I am very angry with those whom are responsible of this dangerous plan and l blame who knows and can do something to change and keep watching without doing anything in order to stop this big betrayal to our loved kids and beloved country..

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When I was..

I’m holding on your picture and remembering those times when..

When I was a baby of one year old, you were feeding me, cleaning me and I thanked you..

                By crying all night!

When I was almost two years old, you were helping me to walk and I thanked you..

                By escaping from you when you were calling me!

When I was three years old, you were preparing food to me with all your love, and I thanked you..

                By throwing down my dish!

When I was four years old, you were giving me pens and color pens to learn writing and drawing, and I thanked you..

                By writing and drawing on home walls!

When I was five years old, you were wearing me the best clothes you could buy, and I thanked you..

                By feeling ashamed between kids!

When I was seven years old, you gave me a ball to play with, and I thanked you..

                By breaking house windows and furniture!

When I was eight years old, you cooked a cake for me, and I thanked you..

                By making my dress dirty with it!

When I was nine years old, you bought me story books, and I thanked you..

                By ripping them!

When I was eleven years old, you were taking me to the Zoo, and I thanked you..

                By having fun with my friends all time!

When I was thirteen years old, you advised me to not put makeup.. and I thanked you..

                By saying: “You don’t know much about the mode!”

When I was fifteen years old, you asked me about my friends fearing for me and I thanked you..

                By shouting: “It’s not your business!”

Oh my! Why I'm being so mean like this! That’s not me!!

Ok, let’s continue.. But, I don’t want!  You do it if you want.. When I was twenty.. huh! Carry on!

Mt feelings are controlling me and my tears are not stopping from falling down.. I’m going to my mother to ask her to forgive me and to thank her..

                 By kissing and hugging her!



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Thoughtful Thursday #1

Hello and welcome to Thoughtful Thursday!

Today we’ll be trying together a title and a related quotation to the photo in the bottom..

Think about it and try to help me out! 💪 It musn't be from the net! 🚫 It must be from your thoughts! 🤔 That's the idea of our challenge! Even if it's funny, it's okay!.. Do you best!😉

The best title and quotation will be added to the photo as a motivational poster as this one above and with your name!🏆




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Hello and nice to meet you all!

My sweet friend Maggie is a lovely Lady from Switzerland. It was a great chance to meet her and I’m so glad! She is Swiss and a quarter Algerian as she said. She speaks many languages; English, German and others. She practices and teaches Judo, I discovered that during a discussion in Creative Minds group. Maggie is a friendly woman; she met me with her family, we talked to each other by Skype and shared many topics, but still I didn't hear her voice! Maggie, Have you fixed the mic dear?


Do you know Butterfly? I wonder where is she flying these days? Missing her! Annette is my Spanish friend from Dominican Republic. She speaks English and Spanish, I love Spanish language! And I love Annette! She is an enthusiastic girl like me! She loves to do everything she likes without any hesitation. I was surprised when she created her own video The Story Of My Name immediately after we discussed it in Video Speaking groupAnnette is kind and cheerful, and soft-hearted animal lover. The cute dog Peluzzo is her dear friend.


Cold Moon is my close friend from Gaza. She is Palestinian to the core! As me, Arabic is her Native language, she speaks English and French. We knew each other for two years ago at My EC.  Meeting her was one of my dreams came true. Although we recognized each other by the net, we feel like we’re true friends indeed! We contact each other by phone, we understand each other and we have similar feelings and interests.. and hopes, we pray that someday the occupied Palestine will be free!

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Meaningful Monday

Hello and welcome to Meaningful  Monday!

Today we’ll be learning how to share meaningful topics, through adding a photo we think that it’s expressive and has such importance in our life.

I’ll start this challenge by adding this picture:

Instructions :

  •  Give a short description for the photo. (less then 3 sentences).
  •  Give a meaningful title to the photo above. (don’t complex it, it could be simple and funny)

 The best title and description will be added to the photo and quoted by the name of member who has given them. 

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Sophia In The White City - Algerian English Novel


"Oh my God!! 9 am! I’m late!" said I. I’m missing the boat! I decided to visit the library this morning.. backward to my memory "Oh yeah! I didn't feel when I slept, the korean darama was so romantic!.. Oh come back to your sense girl! You have an hour in your hands! It’s Friday and the library will close early, you have to harry up!" I jumped from the bed and run to wash and wear my clothes, "No time for breakfast , let’s have a banana!".

I reached the library breathlessly, I immediately started searching.. Arabic, French and here we are in the English corner of books..What do we have? Novels, Tragedies.. Ah! Only old novels and Shakespearean books?! I feel like I’m 400 years old!!” I wonder if we have Algerian English writers? .. I don’t know, I think they just write in French, I explored again and again, and “What’s that? Sophia In The White City?! Belkacem Meghzouchene! ” I guess I was wrong, and then I looked inside the book "Wow! 2010! Now I’m 2 years old!! Just a little cute baby! I”ll take this!”I paid it and went to home.

After lunch, I checked the book summary "The story of the novel occurred, fictitiously, in Algiers (nicknamed The White City), the capital of Algeria. Ramice Taslent an editor of a trail-blazing scientific magazine, received in Algiers, during an International Bookfair, science German journalist Sophia Weize. She came along with her father Gerd Weize, who represented his Publishing House. Ramice and Sophia knew each other by internet, and then fell in love but something popped in unexpectedly.." mmm.. seems interesting! I would read more, and more.

Till now I got the 6th chapter, Sophia was welcomed warmly by Ramice in Houari Boumediene International Airport, and was brought to the Bayfront Hilton Hotel. He was her tourist guide, he talked a lot about Algiers and Algerian History, places, food, and even his own story, the good times and also the hard times he suffered from in the terrorism period.."My friend," she whispered in his left ear, then pillowed his indido-shirted shoulder, "life has plenty of colors, not only the red one you spoke of. Isn't Algiers called the White?"

Ramice’s good humor rekindled, he switched to History "A long time ago before the French Invasion of 1830, merchants drawing on Algiers from the sea could look up at the deflected white of houses and mosques of citadel’s slants. The Citadel, or Kasbah, was the old part of Algiers, some 400 feet above the sea level. Phoenicians had named it Ikosim, and Romans Ikosium. Ikosim means the “Island of Seagulls." I promise you to visit it all, Sophia.

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Get Started With Hibernation!


"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.Benjamin Franklin

So let's get started with Hibernate.. You know, it's winter and it's cold! I think you're asleep..If you're reading this, just don't! Go to bed, cover-up very well and sleep!

At least I know that you're sleeping, so I won't bother myself to write to you! Seriously.. What's the use of writing without reading?!

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My letter to Tara, about my visit to the Sahara

Dear Tara,

I am so glad you had an enjoyable trip to New York City. I can imagine how it was wonderful with your kids. I’m going to be a mother, and I know how it feels to be happy with your family in any place you put your feet in.

My husband Josef is interested in making Discovery Tours, for the first time he suggested visiting the Sahara last year in March, I thought he was joking, “What! A trip to the desert?!”… He insisted and I hesitated, however, I finally decided, he promised me to have a great time there!

Our travel was to Algeria, and exactly to the Hoggar which is situated in the southward. The way was so long for so many hours, we were with seven European tourists from different countries, and the tourist guide, they were exhausted, but for what? Any ideas?! … Maybe to see camels? Or to face fennecs, or else to dance with snakes on that wide carpet of sands, under the warm sun shining over our little heads!!

You know what Tara? Sahara didn’t use to be a desert. It used to be a green land with large rivers and big lakes which contained a lot of fish. It had vast forests, which were full of dangerous animals. People there used to live in caves. They painted many beautiful pictures of animals and hunters. They wore the skins of the animals which they hunted.

Guess the origin of the word Sahara!” asked Josef, “I know you will tell me that it comes from the Arabic word Sahra which means desert” he added, and then I replied “Well dear, that’s what we’ve learned at school! But It seems that I’m about to discover another thing”. He agreed and said “Yes you are, the word Sahara probably comes from Sagara which is a Sanskrit word for big sea.”

I took beautiful pictures of the cave frescoes in the Hoggar, and amazing photos of mountains and golden sand dunes in the sunset, I’m looking forward to showing them to you and our friends. I truly realized that the Sahara desert is a land of beauty, history, and adventure.

                                                                        With my big respect and best wishes of zest


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