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  • I responded too slowly.
    nice to meet you^^

    i'm not beautiful and smart
  • Hi Bamboo Nice to Accept your invitation !!!
  • So it`s pretty hard to find out people to pratice. I`m expecting travelling abroad soon. I was thinking about going to Toronto-Canada, stay over there during one month speaking english everyday with people coming from all over the world !! What do you think about it ?!?

    Kisses !!
  • Hi Bamboo!! I`ve been learning chinese since the middle of the last year.. for the time being I don`t have enough anowledge to have a conversation :( I`m struggling a lot to learn this difficult language.. I`ve too much contact with chinese people mainly from Ningbo, Shenzen and Hong Kong due to my work !! They speak english very well, different from people here in Brazil, unfortunately we don`t have so many english speakers as in China and other countries.
  • Hello bamboo !! Nice to meet you !! I`ve just requested you as a friend ok?? I as told by a friend from Hong Kong that all of you when start learning english receives an english name don`t you ? What`s yours ?? Have a nice night !!
  • Hi Bamboo.
    Thanks for add me as a friend.
    You are look so young in the pictures.
    Congratulation for your graduate. I'm happy for you.
  • Well...Actually I live on the 8 floor,so there's not much to look at...Instead,I uploaded a few photos of view from my window!!!:-)))
  • Hi Thank you, I appreciate you to joint me as a friend thank you very much

    we will be a good friends and I hope we gain a good ideas each other welcome
  • hello my friend . I think Bamboo to be your name .
    if so . Hello Bamboo and if not Hello my friend.
    Can i talk to you in skype (My Skype name is : WeAreLive2010)
    I'm waiting to your reply
  • Nice to meet you on this club. Thanks
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February 1


Bamboo. Pam left a comment for Pomachkie
"wow~u r english teacher, so am i !
maybe we can be friends, right?
I live in Shanghai China,…"
May 9, 2019
Bamboo. Pam left a comment for Jesús Antonio Gallegos Núñez
"Hello my friend!
How r u doing recently? What the news beside you, is there anything interesting?"
May 9, 2019
Bamboo. Pam left a comment for giancarlo
i love your picture :) !"
May 9, 2019
Bamboo. Pam left a comment for Caio dos Santos
"Wow~i also love very much!"
May 9, 2019
Bamboo. Pam left a comment for Filipe Navarro
"Yeah~at the beginning of learning english people like to choose a english name for themselves~
May 9, 2019
Bamboo. Pam left a comment for LALIT TOMAR
"Hi my friend~
thx 4 adding me as ur friend~
I am Bamboo from China~
very glad to meet you here~"
May 9, 2019
Bamboo. Pam left a comment for Ahad AlRashidi
"Honey ~where are you from?
I hope u won't mind i calling u honey~u know~in my company we call each…"
May 9, 2019
Bamboo. Pam left a comment for Oksana Lapchynska
"Wow~this kinda of place i dream about~
maybe you can put some pictures of your house online~"
May 9, 2019