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A new post friends

Hello everyone I come up with a new post regarding vocabulary of some actions.any mistakes please let me know
Action words related to smile :
1. beam : To express by means of a radiant smile
2. chuckle : to laugh quietly or to oneself
3. smirk :an affected,silly or self satisfied smile
4. deride :To laugh at contemptuously.
Action words related to sleep :
1. yawn : osticate,gape [to open the mouth wide because one is sleepy ]
2. drowsy : to be in a state part way between sleeping and waking
3. doze : slumber, a short light sleep
4. nap : a period of short light sleep especially during the day
5. power nap : a short sleep taken during the working day with the intention of improving the quality of work later in the day
6. snore : To breathe during sleep with harsh, snorting noises caused by vibration of the soft palate.
7. dog sleep : pretended sleep

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A tip from my own experience

In my view for the better understanding of English vocabulary  one should refer a dictionary and get the meaning in  one's own mother tongue i.e, check the meaning of the particular word in your mother tongue because:

1.First of all this improves our mother tongue

2.We can remember the meaning for a longer time 

thank you for sparing your time for reading my post and i would be glad to know if this post is informative

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Hello everyone I'm aditya from India.My sheer determination to improve my English has brought me to the EC.I sincerely thank my friends on EC who are very few in number presently.But i hope this number increases with in no time.Expecting good friends ......... Aditya 

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